Seven Years' Bad Luck in One Day
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Fear's scream echoed in the darkened cavern, as the other emotions and Titans shielded their eyes from the debris stirred up from her blinding terror. Trigon wrestled with her panic, trying to force her overactive emotions into some sort of usable control.

Beastboy looked towards Fear, trying to figure out a way to get close to her. She had created a force field around herself, and her powers were tearing the stone from the walls and throwing it wildly around the room. Beastboy tried to shout to her, but his voice was lost in the maelstrom of flying stone and razor sharp shards of black power.

Suddenly, the world turned black around him as Wisdom erected a small bubble of power around the huddled mass of Titans and Emotions. Stones and broken glass smashed into the barrier, but Wisdom kept it strong, and soon, her shield was bolstered by Bravery and Knowledge. The various emotions picked themselves up from the ground, dusting off and trying to find some way to help Fear.

Inside her mind, Fear ran. Her body was reacting beyond her control, though Trigon seemed unable to fully control her. She was running, madly scrambling to get away from Him, though everywhere she ran, he was there, eyes glowing and mouth slavering, ready to destroy what remained of her mind and take her forever. She was dimly aware of Beastboy shouting, then she could see, faintly, a shield form around the Titans. They were taking Beastboy away from her! They were leaving her to fight Trigon alone! Fear suddenly stumbled, and screamed out as she felt Trigon overtaking her.

Beastboy slammed his fists against the protective bubble that Wisdom and the others were struggling to maintain. "Let me out! I have to go save her! We can't let Trigon do this to her!"

Wisdom's voice was strained, concentration in the increasingly chaotic environment a near impossibility. "Beastboy... think... You'd die... Too much debris..."

Beastboy turned to Wisdom, and grabbed her wrists, looking into her eyes as they widened from the sudden contact. "You have to let me out! You said it yourself; I've surprised and impressed you today. Give me a chance to do it again. I have to help her!"

Wisdom was stunned by the force behind his request. She paused for a second, then nodded. "I... Very well. However..."

Beastboy's eyes got wide as Wisdom threw her arms around him, hugging him close for a second, before releasing him reluctantly. "Be careful."

A small hole in the shield opened, and Beastboy rushed out into the swirling winds and flying stones. He immediately changed into a large gorilla, using his extra weight and stability to stay grounded. He ignored the pain from the impact of stone and glass on his thick hide, moving quickly towards Fear, whose eyes were still clenched shut as her body tried to protect itself with her powers. Beastboy noted grimly that she had grown two extra eyes.

Fear hid from the overpowering red flames and terrible, staring eyes of Trigon. He was still wrestling with her powers, trying to control them as he had Anger's. Fear knew that her mind was different; that controlling her wasn't the same as controlling Anger. She only hoped that she could escape while Trigon was still wrestling with the differences. She saw Beastboy approaching, as a large ape, and his eyes looked angry when he looked at her. He was going to hurt her! Why was he going to hurt her? She hadn't done anything; it was Trigon!

Beastboy shielded his eyes as he moved towards the panicked emotion. Suddenly, he saw a bolt fire from her towards him, and he was barely able to dodge. Fear's eyes were wide open; she looked like she was terrified of him. Why was she scared? He was trying to help her!

Robin watched Fear attack Beastboy, feeling useless sitting inside this shield. "We have to go help him. He can't fight Trigon alone!"

Rage shook her head. "That's not Trigon attacking. He would have hit Beastboy effortlessly. It was Fear; she can't help but be terrified of a huge angry ape barreling towards her like that."

Worry had tears running down her cheeks as she wrung her hands with anxiety. "She's going to kill him. He's going to hurt her! She won't be saved! Trigon is going to take us all over and make us end the world!"

Wisdom took Worry's hands, and looked into her eyes, trying to comfort her. "Listen, you can waste your energy worrying, or you can focus it and protect Beastboy. Do you want to squander your emotional power, or do you want to use it?"

Worry looked over to Beastboy, who was trying to dodge the attacks from Fear while being pelted with small stones and other debris. Suddenly, she realized that she couldn't just fall into worry and wish for a better situation; she had to create one. She was able to focus her mind, and began to block Fear's shots for Beastboy.

Beastboy saw the shields appear, and was amazed that they were able to block Fear's attacks; she must be very powerful in her panicked state. He marched forwards, feeling guilty for adding to Fear's terror, but unsure how else to get to her. He changed back into a human, bracing himself against a large boulder on the floor. "Fear! Fear! Fight this! You can beat Trigon!"

Fear could see Beastboy, he was shouting to her. She tried to calm herself. She tried to fight Trigon's presence, but his grip on her mind strengthened while she'd been focusing on Beastboy. She could feel her body abandoning her as he wrestled more control over her raging emotions. She felt the fear creeping back into her, but she couldn't control it...

Beastboy's heart sank as he saw the change in Fear's demeanor. Fear was gone; Trigon had taken control. The flying debris and panicked power releases in the room slowed to a stop, as Trigon stopped Fear from wasting her power. Trigon sneered at the heavily injured boy in front of him.

Inside her mind, Fear cowered before the control of her father. She saw what was happening, but her terrified mind wouldn't allow her to even try to stop Trigon. She could almost taste the other emotions' fear, and she felt Trigon drawing power from the influx of emotion. He was too strong for her to beat, just too strong. It was hopeless.

Beastboy's eyes widened as he saw the change come over Fear. As the Titans and emotions watched, her skin changed from the pale gray of Raven's to a bright, blood red. Her violet hair grew pale and white, and large fangs extended from her mouth. Her fingernails sharpened and hardened into dangerous claws, and from her back sprouted two large, black, feathered wings, by all appearances formed from Raven's telekinetic power.

Trigon drank in the fear that this new form inspired in his foes, taking their emotions as strength for himself. If he had failed at controlling his daughter through anger, then she would know nothing but terror until he came to this world. He turned his view down to the resolute glare of the green Titan at his feet. This whelp has caused innumerable problems today, and Trigon wanted him to suffer for it.

"Child, you have proven to be a potent adversary. However, no mortal can match my power." Trigon blocked the thrown explosive disc from Robin's direction, and promptly encased the Titans and emotions inside a bubble of Fear's power, finding that he had strength to spare from this cowardly emotion that he was inhabiting. He resumed his speaking to Beastboy. "You deserve to suffer for your defiance."

Beastboy struggled ineffectually against the black power that quickly covered him and lifted him into the air. Still, he was nearly grinning as Trigon pulled him towards Fear's face, her four glowing red eyes looking into Beastboy's green two. "What would make you suffer the most, I wonder... Perhaps I will make you watch as I subdue my daughter's mind. Perhaps-"

Beastboy suddenly changed into a large bear, roaring in Fear's face. Inside her mind, Fear was startled by the sudden change, and tore herself away from the roaring animal. Beastboy was dropped as Trigon's control over Fear faltered, her own instinctual retreat causing him to step backwards momentarily. Beastboy changed back to a human, grinning darkly at Trigon. "You'll never control her! Can't you see? You're beaten!"

Trigon quickly regained control over Fear's body, scowling angrily. "I will not be trifled with! Your friends are unable to help you, child. They are contained inside a shield maintained by my will, and from there, they will watch you die."

Beastboy immediately changed into a rabbit, hopping quickly away from the shots of power that Trigon began firing. Even in such a quick and nimble form, Beastboy found that dodging was nearly impossible. He quickly jumped behind a large boulder. Before the boulder could be lifted, he changed back into human form. "Fear! Try to remember what I told you! Don't let your fear control you! You have to use it!"

The boulder turned black and Beastboy changed into a small bird, fluttering away as the huge stone was thrown across the chamber. Inside her mind, Fear tried to put Beastboy's advice into action. She tried to remember how she'd used her fear last time, to protect him. She concentrated, trying to use her emotion to ward off Trigon's control. She suddenly felt strong, as if she might actually win. She pressed against his control with her newfound power, and felt his grip begin to weaken. Suddenly, her vision was filled with Trigon's angry, snarling face, fire and demons behind him, and all of hell laid out before her eyes. Fear panicked, retreating immediately back into the corner of her mind allowed to her by Trigon. There she remained, cowering in fear of her Father's power. She couldn't win this; she couldn't fight him.

Beastboy felt his body tiring from the exertion of constantly dodging. He had noticed the momentary lull in Trigon's attack, and assumed that it was Fear trying to force him out. However, Fear seemed to have failed rather quickly, as Trigon was still firing at Beastboy.

"She's trying, but he's scaring her into submission! She can't stand up to him, Beastboy!" Wisdom shouted from inside the prison like bubble of power that Trigon had formed over the group. There was a desperation in her voice that seemed strange coming from an emotion that was normally very composed.

Beastboy stumbled as his sprained knee disobeyed him, fatigue and injury combining to slow him just enough to be hit. The blast knocked him powerfully backwards, and he grunted in pain as he slid across the stone floor. Worry covered her eyes, and Starfire gently held her, trying to comfort her despite the bad situation. The other emotions tried to remain brave, but things were looking grim. Fear floated slowly over to where Beastboy lay.

"Do you see now, whelp?" Trigon lifted Beastboy with his power, keeping him at a distance so that his various forms wouldn't be able to strike. "I am unbeatable. I will destroy this planet, and consume the souls of everyone alive here. I am Trigon the Terrible, and you cannot win. I can keep my dear daughter terrified beyond any ability to rebel. As long as she is more frightened of me than anything else, she has no hope of betraying me."

Beastboy stopped struggling against Trigon's power and grinned. "Well, if I can't free her, I guess I have no choice."

Beastboy closed his eyes, dredging up the primitive anger that had caused the transformation before. He could control it now, but he still didn't like doing this. He clutched his head as the unnatural form took shape, his arms lengthening and hair bristling all over his body as he changed into the primal beast. The bonds of power holding him faded, as Fear's eyes widened.

Fear could see the transformation and was horrified. He was going to kill her! She couldn't fight Trigon, and so Beastboy was going to kill her! She felt her body respond to her terror, stepping away from the green monster. She could feel Trigon angrily trying to restore his control, but her fear of the beast in front of her was too powerful.

Beastboy advanced on Fear, trying his best to keep control of his primal form. He swung his clawed hand at Fear, intentionally missing her face by only an inch. Fear screamed and leapt backwards, wildly firing bolts of power at Beastboy, though her shots were much easier to dodge than Trigon's. The bubble of force around the Titans and emotions faded, but Wisdom held her arms out, stopping them from moving to action. "Beastboy has a plan, and I think it will work. Please, just wait for him a moment."

Fear gave up attacking Beastboy and simply ran, her mind too chaotic with terror to handle levitation. Trigon wrestled with the chaos in her mind, trying to find some route back to control her, but was unable to find anything but the maddening terror. He felt his essence slipping from her, and redoubled his efforts in a panic.

Beastboy chased after Fear, despite the burning pain in his exhausted muscles and injuries. Whenever she would pause to look back, he would roar and swing his claws at her, trying to keep up appearances. It pained him to terrify her like this, but he couldn't see any other way.

Fear stopped running as she came to a corner of the chamber. She turned around and faced the snarling beast. Beastboy stepped towards her slowly, growling deeply. Fear shook her head, unable to speak, never taking her eyes from Beastboy. Suddenly, he leapt towards her, roaring loudly and with claws outstretched. Fear screamed in abject terror, and the sheer force of her emotion blasted Trigon powerfully from her mind. The beast halted himself before harming Fear, as the black cloud over her head hung in the air for a moment, and then disappeared.

Beastboy changed back into a human, reaching out to the cowering, crying girl in front of him. Her skin was back to its normal shade, her fangs and wings gone, and her eyes returning to a deep violet. She sobbed uncontrollably on the floor as she awaited death, scared beyond any semblance of thought. Beastboy put his arms slowly and carefully around her, trying to smile despite how badly he felt for doing this to her. "Shh... shh, it's ok. He's gone. I'm sorry, Fear. I couldn't see any other way to free you. I'm sorry. Please calm down."

Fear threw her arms around Beastboy, crying into his neck as she tried to compose herself. She was free again; Trigon was gone. "He's gone. Don't kill me! He's gone; I made him leave. Please don't kill me, please!"

Beastboy simply held Fear, reassuring her of her safety in a quiet voice. He looked up and saw the other emotions carefully approaching, and felt Lust's arms slide around him from behind. However, she didn't seem to be aiming for anything lustful, just holding him in relief that he was ok. Before long, the other emotions were all around Beastboy and Fear, sharing their happiness and relief, finally free of Trigon.

Raven stood outside the hug, catching Beastboy's eyes as he looked around. She smiled weakly, beads of sweat on her forehead showing that she was still feeling ill from her splintered mind. She mouthed the words "Thank you".

Beastboy grinned, happy that she was still happy with him. "You're welcome."

The mood in the tower was somber as Knowledge prepared the components for the casting of the spell. Beastboy was sitting on the couch, holding Fear, even though she was completely calmed down by now. Lust and Romance were sitting beside Beastboy, leaning against him with distant looks on their faces. Wisdom was meditating quietly in front of the large window. Happiness and Friendship were tasting a small celebratory dish that Starfire was cooking, mostly to pass the time. Worry was pacing anxiously, worried that the spell would fail somehow, and doom Raven to death. Rudeness was playing gamestation, though she'd been convinced to keep the sound off. Embarrassment was idly watching her, having already worn herself out from being so self-conscious all day. Bravery was talking combat tactics with the three Red emotions, all of them trying to keep their minds off of what they knew was coming. Raven was sitting next to Romance, holding her head and looking forwards to the peace of getting these emotions back into her mind.

Robin nodded to Cyborg, who had just finished splinting his ankle. "How is that coming, Knowledge?"

Knowledge continued mashing the Xander root with the pestle. "I'm nearly finished, but this all must be done in a precise manner that requires a great amount of concentration."

Her pointed suggestion well taken, Robin turned towards Raven. "Raven, are you going to be able to hold together until she gets it done?"

Beastboy grinned. "Of course she is. Knowledge said we had a few days, anyway."

Raven looked at Beastboy, but didn't want to burden him with the knowledge of how closely they were cutting it. "Beastboy... is right. I'll be fine."

Raven paused a moment. "That was weird, agreeing with Beastboy."

Beastboy's grin grew, and the group heard Happiness and Friendship giggle from the kitchen area. "C'mon, Raven. You have to be nice to me now. I'm being nice to all of these other yous."

Raven smiled weakly. "I know. That doesn't make it any less weird, Beastboy."

A bright flash came from Knowledge's direction, and the room filled with the smell of melted glass. She held up the mirror, and a red and black portal formed against the wall. Her voice was filled with sadness as she spoke. "It's... time."

All of the emotions looked at the portal, sadness in their eyes. Rudeness turned off the game system and stood up, walking towards the portal, looking at it doubtfully. "Eh, what if we-"

"We can't stay out here, Rudeness. You know that." Wisdom's voice was stern, and allowed for no dissention. She stood near the portal as well, her normally stoic face filled with longing for a different life.

Lust hugged Beastboy, and stood up, offering him a hand. Beastboy took her hand and stood as well, a little shaky on his overexerted sprained knee. He hobbled towards the portal, leading Fear along beside him, leaning heavily on Lust and Romance for support. The other emotions crowded around them.

There was silence for a moment as everyone waited for someone to break the tension. Wisdom's voice sounded loud in the silence. "Since someone needs to start this, I'll go first."

Beastboy looked up at Wisdom, the finality of the situation finally sinking in. She pressed a finger to his lips to silence him. "Beastboy, thank you for being our knight in shining armor today. Despite how embarrassing it is to require saving like this, I want you to know that I am happy that this happened, and that you and Raven finally have realized what you feel for one another. I will be watching your relationship with the keenest of interest. Please don't change, Beastboy."

Wisdom bowed, hesitated, then put her arms around Beastboy and hugged him for a moment. She turned towards the portal, took a deep breath, and stepped through. There was a flash of light, and she was gone.

Rudeness shrugged, trying to appear casual. "I guess I'll be next." She grinned lopsidedly at Beastboy, lightly punching his shoulder. "It was fun, y'know? Try to keep Raven on her toes; don't be too nice to her all the time. Also, sorry for wrecking all your clothes, Star. Beastboy here will buy you new ones. Bye!" Before Beastboy could protest being told to buy new clothes for Starfire, Rudeness was through the portal and gone as well.

Knowledge sighed, stepping towards Raven and handing her the mirror. "The portal will close when the last of us goes through. There's nothing else left to do to fix it but for us to go back."

She walked over to Beastboy, smiling at him sadly. "I... don't know what to say. I know we didn't talk much during all the chaos today, but... you showed me that I can't know everything, and that honesty isn't always the best policy. Thank you, Beastboy." Knowledge awkwardly hugged Beastboy, and he smiled at her.

"Thanks, Knowledge. I hope you won't stay all separated from everyone else in Raven's mind. Go and talk to the others, ok?"

Knowledge smiled. "Ok, Beastboy." She stepped into the portal, and was gone as well.

Happiness took Friendship's hand and helped her walk to the portal, smiling sadly. Friendship was still a little dizzy from her earlier concussion, but understood that she had to go. Happiness winked at Beastboy. "It's... it's hard to stay happy when I have to leave you like this. I liked being out here in the real world, meeting all of you and getting to play video games."

Friendship looked around at all the Titans. "I won't forget you guys. Keep talking to Raven, no matter how much of a shut-in she is. I'll be watching, ok?"

The Titans smiled and nodded, each trying to figure out whether it would even be possible to talk to Raven if she didn't want them to. Beastboy grinned at Happiness. "Hey, just 'cause you're going back into her mind, that doesn't mean that you don't get to play games. I'll make Raven play sometimes, just for you, ok?"

Happiness smiled, her eyes moist. Friendship smiled at Beastboy as well, and tried to find the words to say. "Hey, Beastboy, even though you and Raven aren't exactly just friends anymore... um... I'm sort of glad that I'm not the only thing she feels for you now. I like the idea of being a girlfriend better than just being a friend anyway, so keep us company, ok?"

Beastboy nodded, smiling widely. "Hey, if Raven decides to be my girlfriend, she'll still be my best friend too, ok? Don't worry. I'll be around her a lot more after today."

Friendship laughed at Raven's mock irritation with the idea of more Beastboy. Happiness and Friendship both hugged Beastboy tightly, then stepped backwards as they disappeared into the portal.

Embarrassment hugged Beastboy from behind, nervous about making a big speech of things. "It's hard to stay here with everyone watching us say goodbye... so, I'm going to go now. I'll miss you, Beastboy."

Beastboy smiled at her. "Hey, it's ok. No reason to be embarrassed. I'll try to make sure Raven isn't too embarrassed on dates with me, ok?"

Embarrassment giggled slightly, then looked around, panicked that someone might have thought less of her for it. "Goodbye, Beastboy." A flash of light, and she was gone.

Romance hugged Beastboy closely, letting the hug linger, feeling the warmth between them. She spoke into his ear while her arms were still around him. "I'll miss you, Beastboy. Know that I'll still love you, no matter what, ok?"

Beastboy held Romance tightly, trying to make her happy before she left. "I know, Romance. I'll love Raven, too, ok?"

Romance nodded. "You'd better. Convince her to let you come visit us sometime, ok? Goodbye."

Romance smiled beautifully and disappeared into the portal.

Bravery strode over towards the portal as well, though her confidence was rather obviously a front. She had an almost worried look on her face. "Hey, BB, it's kind of weird to be going back like this. It's going to be really lonely there without you."

Beastboy smiled. "But it's ok, Brave. I'll be around Raven a lot, plus you've got three red emotions to battle with rather than just the one, and it doesn't matter if you lose now, right?"

Malice grinned darkly from the back of the room. "Oh, we'll make it matter. What's the fun of fighting if I can't gloat over winning all the time?"

Bravery grinned at the overt challenge. "You're on, Malice! I'll go set things up on my island!"

Bravery threw her arms around BB and hugged him tightly. "Come visit me sometime, ok? You can help me beat them up."

Beastboy laughed. "Ok, Bravery. I'll visit sometime."

She grinned. "Bye, everyone!" Bravery stepped through the portal, looking eager to rise to Malice's challenge.

Worry stepped forwards next, as no one else made a move to. She looked towards Beastboy, then averted her eyes as if she was afraid of getting caught doing something wrong. "Um... You won't... leave us... right?"

Beastboy reached out and took Worry's hands, pulling her closer to him and smiling at her. "Worry, I promise, I won't leave you guys. That's one thing you never have to worry about, ok? Even though you are Worry and all, you need to learn to have confidence and faith in some stuff, you know? Everything will usually work out on its own."

She looked into his eyes, and then smiled, her normally anxious face calming slightly. "You're not lying. I don't have to worry about you leaving us. Thank you, Beastboy. Maybe I can learn not to worry about other things too. I'll see you soon, when you visit the others, ok? Bye, Beastboy."

Worry looked towards the portal, obviously concerned over her return. She turned towards Beastboy, smiled, hugged him, and then passed into the portal.

Beastboy heard Lust almost purr into his ear as she slowly snaked her arms around his neck. "I guess I have to go too, Beastie. I won't forget you..." She lowered her voice to a whisper, speaking directly into his ear. "... Or your promise to me."

Beastboy grinned, trying to maintain his composure with Lust being so forward again. He felt her nuzzle her face to his neck, and tried to find something to say to get her to hold up her end of the bargain. "Um, I won't forget you either, Lust. I'm... uh... sorry we couldn't do what you wanted to while you were out here. Hey, ow!"

Lust pulled her lips away from the small red hickey on Beastboy's neck. "You didn't think I'd let you get away without a little something to remember me by, did you?" Lust leaned in and kissed Beastboy's cheek. "See you again soon."

She smiled, and swung her hips slightly as she walked into the portal. Beastboy looked around at the other Titans, embarrassed and blushing madly, but trying to keep his cool. Cyborg grinned and gave him a thumbs up. Robin looked like he was about to laugh also. Even Raven had a vaguely amused look on her face.

Malice grinned as she walked forward, making a big display of looking at Beastboy's new mark on his neck. "It's cute. I'm sure no one will notice it every time they see you for the next few days."

Beastboy laughed nervously. "Hey, c'mon Malice. She won't get the chance to see me again for a while."

Malice smiled. "I know. I just like to tease you. Plus, you'll have to come visit us sometime soon anyway, or we'll possess Raven and tear up the place."

Beastboy smiled, but could tell that Malice was only half-kidding. "Uh... Ok. I'll see you guys soon. Promise."

Malice gave Beastboy an over tight hug, smiling, and then waved as she stepped into the portal.

Hatred hugged Beastboy close, holding the embrace for a moment, savoring the feeling she'd grown to appreciate so much. "I hate the idea of leaving like this, but I know I have to. Thanks... for... you know... freeing us from the mental compulsion we've felt all our lives."

Beastboy laughed. "Hey, what are friends for, right? Don't worry. You won't be alone in there. You have all the other emotions to pick on."

Hatred smiled awkwardly. "You're right. I'll see you soon, Beastboy." She stepped into the portal and was gone as well.

Rage stepped up to the portal, then looked around the room, her eyes finally settling on Beastboy. "It's weird... not to be angry. I guess the seriousness of the situation kind of changes me."

She stepped towards Beastboy, grinning darkly. "But I can promise that if you don't come visit us pretty often, I'll get mad again. So, don't be a stranger, ok?"

Beastboy laughed. "Ok, I promise. I'll visit as often as Raven will let me. But if I do that for you, you have to promise not to let her get too mad at me making stupid mistakes. I don't exactly have a lot of experience dating."

Rage grinned, and then laughed as well. She hugged Beastboy fiercely, then let him go. "Bye, Beastboy. See you soon." She stepped back, and was gone.

The room was silent for a moment, as Fear looked at the portal with tears in her eyes. She put her arms back around Beastboy, clinging to him tightly. She spoke quietly, with a voice that cracked with emotion. "I don't want to go, Beastboy. I want to stay here with you."

Beastboy held her comfortingly, smiling and gently rubbing her back. "Hey, hey, calm down. You'll be ok. You have all your sisters to protect you. Plus, your father isn't there anymore. You'll be fine."

Fear pulled away, slowly. "I'll try to be brave, for you, Beastboy. You'll always save us, right? You won't let Raven get hurt?"

Beastboy smiled widely at her. "I promise. She'll never get hurt or lack anything ever again. I'll come and see you soon, ok? Don't let Malice and her sisters bother you, ok? Tell Wisdom or Bravery if they do. Don't be afraid, I'll always be here for you."

Fear smiled, hugged Beastboy again, and then turned towards the portal. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and stepped into it. Another bright flash lit the room, and the portal was gone, Raven's mind finally back together.

The room was silent for what seemed like forever. Finally, Starfire's saddened voice broke the stillness. "I shall miss them. It was fun to have so many people in our tower."

Raven, looking much more composed and much more alert, nodded. "Fun might be overstating it. Still, I'm... glad that it happened."

Cyborg grinned. "I bet BB is even more glad, heh."

Beastboy laughed nervously again. "Of course. I mean, we all got to know Raven better, and plus, I got to see you get your butt kicked a bunch of times."

Robin laughed as well. "Speaking of getting our butts kicked, this has been the longest day I have had in a while. I'm going to bed. I assume everyone is ok?"

Everyone nodded their agreement. Cyborg stretched widely as well. "Yeah, I'm gonna hit the hay, too. Y'all don't stay up too late."

Starfire watched the boys leave through the doorway to the hall, and smiled at the slightly apprehensive Beastboy and Raven. "I am most happy that you two have spoken of your love. Raven, if you ever need to talk about your relationship, I am always here, ok? Do not just hide your emotions anymore. Pleasant shlorvax!" Starfire flew quietly through the hallway, leaving the two Titans alone.

Beastboy scratched the back of his neck nervously. "So... uh... what now?"

Raven and Beastboy walked side by side down the hallway, both feeling a bit awkward. Despite having told each other of their feelings, they were still unused to the idea of being more than friends. They still hadn't spoken as they reached Raven's room, and Raven pressed the switch to open the door. The room was dark and foreboding, like normal. Raven stepped inside, and motioned for Beastboy to follow her.

Beastboy stepped inside, and the lights came on, dim as they were, as Raven's powers pulled the switch. She stood in front of her bed, arms crossed nervously. "Beastboy... I... I'm not sure what to say now. It's weird... to suddenly have such strong feelings for you."

Unsure of what to do, Beastboy shuffled his feet nervously, looking around the room. "I know what you mean, kind of. I mean, it's strange to me as well."

Raven smiled slightly, despite her discomfort. "Hey, it's not sudden for you. You've been thinking about it for years, judging from your journal."

Beastboy grinned. "C'mon. It's different thinking about it and actually hearing you tell me that you... um... love me."

The words hung in the air for a moment as both people tried to understand everything that had changed. Raven noticed the mark again on Beastboy's neck. "That thing that Lust left on your neck really stands out. You're going to have to cover it up if we go out of the tower. We don't want it too public that... um..."

"That we're dating?" Beastboy covered the mark nervously, and looked to Raven for confirmation.

"It feels weird to hear that. I guess we're dating. I don't think most couples start out their relationships with a declaration of... love... followed by the freeing of one of them from a lifetime of demonic servitude." Raven smirked slightly as she spoke.

Beastboy smiled. "So, you did mean it, right? You didn't just say you loved me because I said it to you, right?"

Raven nodded, trying to contain the rush of fairly unfamiliar emotions. "I do love you, Beastboy, but you have to understand that being free of Trigon's influence doesn't mean that I can be free to show all the emotions I want. My powers are still driven by my emotions, and we have to be careful because of that."

Beastboy nodded, stepping forwards and sitting down on the edge of Raven's bed. She still stood, nervously, in front of him at the foot of the bed. "Raven, it's ok that you can't be brightly emotional and everything. I like everything about you, and the way you are kind of withdrawn is part of that. As long as we love each other, everything will work out, right?"

Raven hesitated a moment, then sat next to Beastboy. "Yes... yes, I think it will. I think... even though some bad things might happen because of me, in the future, with you beside me, we might make it through."

Beastboy reached out and took Raven's hand. It still felt weird to be in her room, and so close to her, without her showing irritation. Her hand felt cold, and he could see a blush on her cheeks, even in the low light.

Raven felt Beastboy's warm hand holding hers, and couldn't help but smile. Despite the unfamiliarity of being this close to someone, she was enjoying the comfort she felt around him. She turned to look at him, and found that his green eyes made her feel... lighter.

Beastboy felt like the air around him was becoming electric. Being alone with Raven was so unfamiliar, but definitely something he was enjoying. He looked into her eyes, and there was a strange emotion there. He could almost tell what she was thinking as he felt himself moving closer to her.

She felt herself moving closer as well, not intentionally, but just following what her emotions were leading her towards. She instinctively closed her eyes as their faces closed in.

Beastboy felt a shock move through him as he felt his lips touch Raven's. He could tell that she felt it too, as her hand tightened around his. Beastboy pressed closer to her. The kiss was simple, but felt as though it could last forever. Raven pulled back, slightly embarrassed after only a second or two. Beastboy blushed darkly, but couldn't help from smiling. Raven smiled back at him.

"That was... new." Raven was having trouble finding words.

Beastboy grinned. "Yeah... I didn't really expect... I mean, I did sort of at the last second, but you know what I mean."

Raven nodded. "It was unexpected for me, too. I... liked it."

"Not too bad for a first kiss... right?" Beastboy scratched the back of his neck, unsure of what to say.

Raven smiled, amused by his discomfort. "You know, you seemed pretty embarrassed when Lust gave you that mark. I can still embarrass you in front of Robin and Cyborg by doing similar things, you know."

Beastboy laughed. "Yeah, right. Like you'd ever do that in front of people. I know you better than that, Raven."

Raven looked down at her hand, still holding Beastboy's. She squeezed lightly, smiling to herself. "It's strange to be like this with you."

Beastboy nodded, looking down at his hand as well. "Yeah, but we'll get used to it. I plan on being like this for a long time, Raven."

"So do I, Beastboy." Raven smiled at Beastboy, and squeezed his hand once more in a farewell fashion. "I've got to meditate and get settled again, and it's getting late. Breakfast tomorrow?"

Beastboy nodded. "Tofu eggs and fake bacon, you have to learn to like them! I'll bring you a plate, so don't get up in the morning, ok?"

Raven smiled. "That's nice of you. I'll stay here until you bring the food. Goodnight, Beastboy."

Beastboy paused for a second, unsure, but then went ahead and leaned in, giving Raven a quick peck on the lips, smiling. It wasn't as electric this time, but feeling her lips and then seeing her blush afterwards still made him happy. "G'night, Raven."

Beastboy stood up and walked over to the door, looking back for a second and smiling before walking out of Raven's room and into the hallway. Raven pulled her legs into a lotus position, concentrating and levitating into the air. She could still feel his lips pressed against hers... It was so strange to be this way, but for the first time in a long time, she could honestly say that she was truly happy.

She calmed herself slightly, beginning her rhythmic chant, meditating and soothing her emotions. Though she may have to start meditating more often to keep her emotions in check, she found herself looking forward to the future, and to her future with Beastboy.

Raven smiled. Even though broken mirrors were supposedly bad luck, today had proven to be a perfect day.


A/N: This fic was first posted October 29th, 2004. Given that the current date as of this writing is October 11th, it's quite likely that actually writing this has taken over a year. I'd like to say that it was delivering quality work that took up so much time, but basically, it was various periods of writer's block, followed by various periods of being too busy to write. Thank you for reading for so long, and I hope you all enjoyed this final chapter, short as it was. I'm not sure when or even if I will be continuing to write, but I hope you at least enjoyed this one. Thanks for reading!