Got this idea when I was watching a Ino and Sakura flashback, you know when they used to be friends? Well I'm always shooting for new things and what could be more odd than this? Hope everyone enjoys it and gives it a chance!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, if I did, Sakura would be with Sasuke or Neji, Hinata would be with Naruto or run off with Itachi or Kiba, Temari and Shikamaru would finally get together, and Ino would either be with Naruto or some other hot bishie no one expected, but of course since this will probably never happen, this must mean I own nothing! Oo hmm Maybe I'll send those ideas in.

They were very different. She was loved and popular. He was detested and shunned. Everyone wanted to be friends with her. Everyone wanted him gone. She wasn't very powerful. His power was a curse. Yet some how they came together, she was his protector despite her weakness, and he looked up to her, because she was one of the only people who didn't flinch when he was around.

When they met it was memorable, he was trying to make friends again, and she came with her father to the sand. The kids teased him merciless, the word monster coming out of their mouth constantly along with other insults. She stepped in when he was about to lose control over his sand, they didn't stop; instead begun their insults had been now directed at her. Yet she never budged, a look of stubborn determination upon her face, she struck them, all of the children. Shocked they left. That was the beginning of their friendship; she was always like that, helping instead of bullying. They had spoken, exchanging names, she told him he reminded her of a friend she had, who was self conscious about her forehead, and he told her he'd like to meet her friend. She asked him why would they teased him, and reluctantly he had replied, he was cursed with sand, he didn't like sand. Instead of running away, she had grabbed his hand with her own and made him run with her. To a corner of town, where there weren't many people around, this is where they had finally stopped. She told him she wanted to show him that sad wasn't all bad. To his curiosity he watched, she had built a sandcastle, soon telling him to join in as well.

The time they spent together that day was magical, he got a friend unconditionally, and she gained a friend for life. When departure came, and her father called out for her to come to him to return to the leaf. He didn't want her to go; she wanted to take him with her. The power of children is small though, so she gave him a gift, a white sash she had been holding her possessions in, and in return he gave her his most precious possession, his slightly beaten teddy bear, his formerly, only friend. He asked if they would meet again, she promised they would, he asked if they would still be friends, she told him without a doubt. She left but he still felt as if she was still there. She had left, but she promised herself to go back and get him. When they met again, they wouldn't recognize each other at first, but the lingering friendship would be there. Her present to him would be worn around him, and his bear lied upon her bed as the precious gift it was.

The flames friendship never die out, they are buried, but can be rekindle.