Well everyone, that time has come. It's been a long road, but we made it. Finally, the end of the line . . . the last and final chapter. Thank-you to all who have stuck with me through this whole adventure and thanks for the incredible reviews.

Happy Holidays!

Next Day – DA's Office Conference Room

By a unanimous vote, all who had been invited decided to put off the 'victory' party for the night. Due to the overwhelming amounts of stress and emotions unearthed by the trials, all anyone wanted to do after the verdicts were rendered was sleep. Putting the party off for the night gave everyone the opportunity to finally put to rest all the demons awoken during the past few months.

With the help of many other people who were more than happy to help, the whole squad was able to get Saturday completely off. Most of the time, it was nearly impossible to find another captain and four detectives to take over a unit for a day. Multiply that by a hundred and you get how hard it is to find cops to cover SVU. But today was different. It actually seemed that people wanted to help today. In fact, so many people had volunteered to cover SVU's shifts that the squad got the whole weekend off. This was definitely one for the history books.

The activity in the DA's office greatly reduced on the weekends, making it the ideal place for their celebration. There were a few attorneys still around that had meetings, needed to use the law library, needed to access the legal computers or just preferred to do their work at the office rather than at home. Whatever the case, Casey's wins were both particularly high profile and made the DA's office look exceptionally good, so they stayed out of the squad's way.

Due to the lack of activity, Casey was able to book the biggest conference room for this get together. The music was playing, the food and drinks were set up and all that was lacking were the guests of honor: Casey, Alex, Olivia and Mackenzie. Well, Cragen also hadn't shown up, but he wasn't ask important as the four ladies of the squad.

Elliot, Fin and Munch were all standing around the food table when Casey walked through the door. "Okay boys, guy talk is over."

"Hey Casey, we were wondering when you were gonna show up."

"Well thanks Munch. It's great to know that I was missed."

Fin took the bottle of wind. "Hey, you brought alcohol. You were greatly missed."

"Now we can call this a party." Elliot chimed in.

Casey made her way over to the drink table and Fin pored her some wine. "So," She turned to Elliot. "Where is your better half?"

Elliot scoffed. "Better half? I am the better half." Everyone stopped talking and stared at the seasoned detective. "I have no idea where she is."

"Well you know," Munch began.

"Don't even start John."

As soon as Munch stopped complaining about the government turning Casey against him, everyone's attention was pulled to the radio, which had stopped playing music and was now telling of the latest news story.

"…about twenty minutes ago. Four were killed in this accident, two adult females and one teenage girl. Nothing is yet known about the driver of the other vehicle responsible for this."

No one uttered a word, but they were all thinking it. Before anyone had the chance to say anything, Cragen walked through the door very quietly with a solem expression on his face. "Turn on the television."

The weight of their captain's words hung in the air like a five-hundred pound pedophile. Everyone knew what the TV had to show, but no one wanted it to actually be real. It was like when toddlers cover their eyes and think nobody can see them. It was that same 'if I can't see you, you can't see me' mentality, only this was a very real adult situation.

Serena walked in behind Cragen, eyes read and swollen from crying. It wasn't unexpected that she was there. She was Mackenzie's lawyer and played a major part in getting Mackenzie ready for her trial. Words were not needed, Serena simply walked over to the television and pressed 'on.'

"The latest news, the victims of the Upper East Side accident have been identified." The camera cut to the scene of the accident as the reporter continued to talk.

Casey looked to Serena who had tears rolling down her cheeks. "No, it can't be. It's a coincidence. How can three people who have a whole team of FBI agents assigned to them be killed in a car accident?"

The scene in front of them was more than anyone should be forced to see. There was obviously no censoring in this news segment. A large black SUV was no longer an SUV. The whole right side was smashed in, as was the front where the vehicle had been forced into a brick wall. Well, where the vehicle had been forced into what was once a brick wall. A close up of the totaled vehicle showed blood and hair on the shattered windows, seats and steering wheel. There had been no mercy in this accident.

The camera cut back to the reporter as she was handed a sheet of paper. "The decedents have been identified as 38-year old Detective Olivia Benson of the Manhattan Special Victims Unit, 32-year old former Special Victims Init Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot, who had just recently returned from almost two years in federal witness protection, their…their?" The reporter looked confused for a moment. "Their 16-year old daughter Mackenzie Cabot-Benson was also killed, and Special Agent Jared McGrath who was driving the vehicle is listed as being in critical condition."

All, men included, had a steady stream of tears flowing down their faces. Casey kept shaking her head, trying not to believe it.

"Two years ago this October, Alexandra Cabot's death was faked for her own safety, but there is no doubt in anyone's mind that this time, it is for real."

The camera slowly turned from the reporter and focused in on the scene of the accident once again. One of the ambulances peered off, revealing three occupied stretchers.

"Damn it!" Elliot cursed.

Those thin little sheets they put over the bodies didn't hide anything. Olivia's signature boots poked out from underneath the first stretcher. A few wisps of golden blonde hair waved from under the second gurney. Those two clues in themselves, but they third body held the clue. An arm had fell off the third gurney revealing the tell tale clue.

Casey looked to Serena. "We gave her that bracelet."

Serena nodded. "Yeah we did."

2 Days Later – Somewhere over Missouri

The flight attendant walked down the aisle and stopped in front of a tall blonde-haired woman. "Excuse me, Ms. Taylor? . . Ms. Taylor?"

The blonde slowly picked her head up. "Me? . . Yes, sorry, what is it?"

"You have a phone call."

"Thank-you." She looked over to her sleeping daughter and then to her brown-haired partner. A silent nod spoke volumes.

The flight attendant showed her to the phone and then headed back up to the head of the plane. "Jenn Taylor speaking. . ."

"Alex, its Hammond. I just wanted to tell you that everything is set here. The accident worked and the funeral was . . .it was a nice funeral."

"Thank-you sir. I'll have to check my schedule once I get home, but I don't think there will be a problem."

"Good girl Alex. Give Olivia and that cute kid of yours my best."

"Will do sir." She lowered her voice "And thank-you, for everything."

"Not a problem."

"Bye" And with the click of the phone, Alexandra Cabot was no more.

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