My second fic! Oh joyous day! So it's not that great of a day but I did get to go on a field trip! The couple will be Bakura and Isis, because there simply aren't enough of them! I've seen like three fics on them! And two of them were plotless and filled with stupid humor! (Not that there's anything wrong with stupid humor... ) I just wanted to see a serious fic about them, so I'm writing one!

Summary: Anyways this fic is going to be non-yaoi. The couple is Bakura and Isis. I can't really give a good summary on this without confusing people so if you could read the first chapter maybe you could come to your own conclusion about this fic.

Rating: Pg13, for a bit of violence, language, and romance scenes.

Genre: This is going to include Angst, Romance, Humor, and Fluff. An Epic!

Disclaimer: I do not the own Yu-gi-oh characters or Indigo Tantarians characters (Ankh and Scale) If your reading this Indigo please tell me if you don't want me to use them and I'll take them out ...But I do own this plot! Go me!

Note: This will contain Information from the manga, if you find yourself confused I should be getting some back info. For my fics up soon on my bio. Sorry! ;

Chapter One: For Me

Bakura was walking through the corridors of Shadi's home; grant it, it was his home too. Kuru Eruna. This was where the sennen items were made. He'd been depressed ever since he learned the truth about the pharaoh, Kuru Eruna, and Zork. He hated the man that he had once called master now. Zork Necrophius, bastard.

"I don't need you anymore Bakura! I am all-powerful! Muahahaha!" Zork screamed malevolently, laughing insanley all the way through.

"You want to know what really happened to your precious Kuru Eruna?"He asked in a taunting manner. "It was me! I tricked the pharaoh into attacking! I killed them all! I made the sennen items, bathed in your peoples blood! I have all I need! I am Pharaoh!" Zork's confession boiled the blood under Bakura's blood, he shook his head at the memory. The man he had been following for so long, he'd been deceived.

"How could I be so stupid! Gragh!" He screamed into the tablet that once held the sennen items.

"Bakura." A voice said from the door. Bakura turned and there before him stood a tall man in an off-white robe and turban, it could only be Shadi.

Invading my privacy! Again! Bakura thought bitterly as he continued to look at the tanned guardian.

"Well what the hell do you want?" He spat. Dammit I feel more like a fricken teenager rather than a grown man! His thoughts screamed out.

"I'm going to have to ask you to leave the tablet alone. It is for only guardians to see and use." Shadi commanded monotone as ever.

"Bite me Guardian, I was born here!" Bakura yelled taking one last look at the tablet before swllowing his pride andstorming out.

"Shadi?" A small voice asked, seeming to be worried. "Maybe you should go after him, it is his home after all..." The voice of Ankhare finished softly.

"No Ankh. He must calm down on his own, and learn to accept the past for what it was, and live in the present." Shadi replied quietly.

"This from a man who lives in the past every day of his life!" The scales laughed at his retort, every word dripping with sarcasm.

"...Be quiet.." Shadi commanded sheepishly.

Damn, stupid Shadi! Kick me out of my own home! Fuckin pig!Bakura walked away from the guardian's temple for a long ways, while his mind raged on. He soon found himself in front of the Cairo Museum.

"Didn't realize I walked this far..." He mumbled under his breath as he looked up at the giant building. Yet subconsciously he knew why he had come there. Bakura had been going to the museum a lot lately, whenever Shadi or Senui (Scales) would catch him in the temples, mostly to remember his home.

A young woman watched as he came in, she had long black hair and wore a white/off-white dress. (I'll give you one guess...NO! It's not Anzu!)

"He walked in again. He always comes here to see the Egyptian wing of the museum, look at the artifacts. Mostly things from his time-period I believe. He looks so sad as he looks at different things from his time. I guess he misses it." Isis wondered as she thought to herself.

"Yet, I wonder why he chose to stay here, and not go after the sennen items?" She thought as he approached her desk.

"Hello again Bakura." She said in her usual ominous manner.

"Tell me, why do you choose to die in here, when you could live out there?" Sheasked as she took his money and stamped his hand. "I do wonder where he gets his money..." She silently thought.

"I choose to live in here, when the world out there wants me dead." He said smirking at his retort.

"Of course that's what you'd say..." She thought dryly. Bakura had a way of getting under her skin when he acted so cocky. "I just don't understand him...there he goes of to the Egyptian Wing again. And he will most likely stay there until he has seen everything once more...hmm..." She thought as she got an idea. "Although I suppose that if I were taken from my time and thrown into another world, I would want to stay as close as possible to it as well..." Isis thought as an after thought.

Isis followed Bakura to the Egyptian wing; this was unlike all of the times before though when she simply left him alone.

Looking around, she didn't see him anywhere insight, so she called out to him

" Bakura?" She asked, unsure of where he was.

"Yes?" He said looking up from an exhibit to her left. He seemed surprised that anyone there new him at first.

"Just Isis...What could she possibly want from me?" He thought aggresivley, he wasn't in a particularly good mood and didn't want to talk to the museum keeper.

At first Isis simply stood there lookin at him.

"Well? You didn't come in here just to stare at me!" Heyelled harshly at the day dreaming Isis.

"Oh yes, I apologize." She said after she realized that she had been staring. And a small blush graced her features.

"What is it Isis?" He said sounding very uninterested in whatever she had to say.

"I was wondering if you wanted to see the new edition to the museum but..." Isis trailed off, letting her eyes wander to the floor.

That had caught his attention right away. Looking over to her from his current position at the Pharaohs tablet, which had been taken back to Cairo from the Domino Museum.

"What new edition?" He demanded rather than asked.

"There are a few new artifacts and tablets that an archeologist has recently uncovered." Isis replied.

"I didn't hear anything about any new artifacts." He said in a way that told Isis that he wanted more out of her.

"He hasn't changed all that much.." Isis thought at this. "It is not yet open to the public, but I thought that you may be interested." Isis said coyly as she walked past several exhibits toward a door towards the back of the Egyptian wing. Turning she motioned for him to follow her.

"So why would you show these artifacts to me?" He asked wondering about her motives, suspiscion evident in his voice.

"I already told you, I thought you might be interested." She stated simply.

"What is it with her today? Why can't she just leave me alone like everyone else?" Bakura thought about this for a moment before he came to a conclusion, "Because she's related to Malik. How annoying...Though I do have to say, I am interested." He finished his thought before following behind her.

"What do you think Bakura?" Isis asked as she opened two large doors and led him inside.

Looking around Bakura seemed to be impressed. He went to look at the artifacts first and mumbled off something about merchants. He then walked over to two tablets that were leaning against the wall. Coming up behind him Isis said, "We have been having a hard time translating them. Some of the characters are different, and some of the writings don't seem to make sense.

"Ah. So that's it." Bakura thought, catching onto what she was saying. "I see..." He said, smirking again, looking very much like the Bakura Isis remembered from Battle City, not the Bakura that she had seen lately.

"So you wanted me to...translate for you, that's why you led me here." He said still smirking his heart out. Though he had yet to look at her in the eye.

"If you could it-...the museum would greatly appreciate it." The mischief starting to sound in her voice. So coy.

"What's in it for me if I read them for you?" He asked, smirking at how devios she was being.

"The museum would pay you for your help of course." She stuttered, trying to tell him the up points of it all.

"But, I could make just as much, if not more, by stealing it!" He retorted, still smirking at Isis.

"If you were to translate them you would be looked up to by thousands? She replied, seeming to ask him if this was alright or not.

"But, a thief belongs in the shadows, not the spotlight!" Bakura spoke with a coy voice, smirking the whole way through as if he couldn't stop.

"You could be anonymous?" Isis asked, seeming to be defeated.

"I suppose...but there's still nothing in it for me." He said.

"That cocky, smirking, malevolent, horrible little devil..." She thought to herself, he had tricked her!

"That mischievous, coy, deceitful, girl!" Bakura's mind sceamed out, though, enticed to stay, it could be interesting. But what was in it for him?

End of chapter one!