Bakura walked slowly down the street. What was wrong with him? He knew it had something to do with Isis Ishtar, he just wasn't quite sure what 'it' was. Bakura did, and then he didn't, it was all very confusing for the former, and possibly present, thief king.

What was he supposed to do? He could go back to Shadi's, with Shadi, Ankh, and the keeper of the Scales. But he was fairly certain that the guards haven't stopped investigating. And if Senui was any help like he used to be, he would have no problem selling him out, even if Shadi and Ankh didn't. Of course, he would sell Scales out in a second as well.

Bakura growled a bit and shook his head in frustration.

Isis sat on her sofa after lunch trying to decipher what had happened. What was about to happen with Bakura? Isis blushed a bit after that thought, trying to convince herself that nothing was about to happen. But she couldn't help but blush a bit.

Malik and Marik had long since left, as had Rishid and Kelly. Isis never got the feeling that Bakura was the 'social' type.

She then heard a knocking at the door. Sighing, Isis stood to answer it, she didn't really want company at the moment, just to be alone with her thoughts.

"Yes? Hello?" She asked exasperated as she opened the door. Isis stood momentarily shocked; Bakura stood outside her door looking in at her.

"Bakura…" Isis stated as she moved aside for him to enter.

Bakura walked inside, brushing against Isis a bit as he did so. Upon entering, Bakura stood across from Isis as she shut the door behind him. Both stood in an uncomfortable silence for a moment.

"Um- Bakura?" Isis started, deciding to speak up. Bakura abruptly snapped his head up at the sound of her voice. Isis trailed off a bit and walked towards the sofa to take a seat on it. Bakura followed her lead, taking a seat on the cushion beside her.

It was getting even more uncomfortable, the air between them grew thicker.

Isis looked up at Bakura's face. What was she supposed to say? What was she supposed to do? Isis had no idea what she would say to Bakura. At times like these, Isis wished that the Tauk had its powers strong like it had before, controllable.

Looking at the clock she found it to be 4:30 pm, a few hours after their lunch had ended. Malik would be gone until at least six o'clock with his friends, Rishid would be with Kelly, and she had no idea about Marik, but he wouldn't be back until late. That left just her and Bakura, for at least two hours, alone. Isis turned her head as her cheeks were tinged pink again, not wanting Bakura to see it.

Bakura watched as Isis turned her head, she was blushing, he was sure that he caught a blush on her face. What was she blushing about? Not knowing bothered him.

"What?" He asked her frowning a bit, his voice calm but demanding.

"Nothing." Isis said, trying to regain herself, put herself back together. Bakura continued to stare at her.

Isis couldn't help it, he had a very strong gaze, she broke down and turned to look him in the eye again. As soon as she did so, she felt the blush return to her cheeks.

"Bakura?" She asked quietly, looking up at him.

"Hm?" He mumbled, looking down he saw her eyes differently, like they had been before in the kitchen.

Isis continued to stare up at him. Both subconsciously moved in a bit closer.

Isis blushed more, she could feel his warm breath on her. Bakura continued to move closer, though, he had never been more confused. Soon Bakura and Isis' lips met in a small kiss. Pulling apart as quickly as they had come together. Isis and Bakura were both a bit read in the cheeks. Isis turned her head in embarrassment. What had she done?

"Sorry…" She mumbled as her head was turned to the side.

"What are you sorry for?" Bakura asked, more confused than before. Had they really just kissed? What was she sorry for? Isis was so damn confusing! His mind yelled out question upon question, along with an insult/statement or two.

Bakura resolved that he could trust her. It wasn't every girl that would let a five-thousand year old tomb robber help them alone in a museum after closing, or live in their house, or kiss them.

Bakura grabbed Isis' shoulder, turning her to face him.

Isis thought to herself, "He's not mad? What does that mean? Could we?" Isis let her brain shut down as he leaned forward while still looking at her. She let her left hand come up to his right scarred cheek and brush it gently as they leaned into another kiss.

Later that day, Marik came home. It was approximately seven o'clock, a bit early for him, and Malik followed close behind. Both boy s shed their jackets and made their way into the living room area, there didn't seem to be anyone but the two of them there.

"Hey, where's Isis?" Malik asked as he spoke up.

"I don't know, I haven't been here all day." Marik replied coldly, mixed with a bit of sarcasm. Malik frowned at Marik's comment.

"I know that!" He started, yelling out at the other boy who could have passed as his twin. "But she's always here…" He finished as he trailed off a bit, calming himself down a bit.

"Well, go check in her room." Marik said indifferently as he had a rare moment of helpfulness.

"Oh yeah! Thanks Marik!" Malik said happily as he ran/trotted to his older sisters room. Slowly opening the door, he saw a sight that would haunt him forever.

Coming back into the living room, Malik's eyes were wide. Marik noticed this and wondered what exactly was going on. He roughly breathed out and growled,

"What is it?" His voice held a sharpness that he would occasionally still use when he was annoyed or angry.

"It's Isis." Malik spoke softly as he sat himself down beside Marik who had flipped on the TV.

"What about her genius?" Marik asked again, holding a repressed anger in his voice, he didn't like beating around the bush.

"Bakura's in her room." he said as he lowered his head. This caught Marik's attention.

"Really?" He asked, this was worth his checking into.

Marik got up off of the sofa and walked slowly and quietly towards Isis' bedroom.

Opening the door, he saw something. Isis was sitting on her bed with Bakura next to her, and they were kissing.

Marik growled as he closed the door. He had to think about his. Marik wasn't quite sure what to do. He loved Isis, he did, Malik's feelings for her had rubbed off on him a bit. He hated Bakura, he had never liked him, wishing that he had killed him in Battle City when he had the chance.

Marik simply joined Malik on the sofa to watch TV.

The next day, Isis woke up next to Bakura, they had fallen asleep together. Her black hair mixed with his fluffy white. He looked so sweet sleeping there, she smiled. He wouldn't be unhappy for a while.

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