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Crossing the Line

Special Victims Unit Squad Room-Friday night-8:00

The SVU detectives were just completing the reports of the last case. The case really had hit home for Elliot Stabler because it had involved a couple who had beat their own 5-year-old daughter and kept her in a small room with very little food or water. She had stayed in the hospital for a week and was released in foster care. During the days that little Mikayla was in the hospital, Elliot and his partner, Olivia Benson would take turns and sit with her there just incase she would wake up and there would be a comforting person at her bedside. Olivia would sit with her for a couple hours during the day while Elliot would go and sit with her at night, even though Liv insisted that she could stay at night so Elliot could go home, but El always told her that he would stay until midnight, then go home and get a few hours rest and see his kids before they left to go to school and then head back to the 1-6 for another long day.

Captain Donald Cragen came out of his office to congratulate his detectives for their efforts that were made and for a job well done on Mikayla Barron's case.

"Elliot, Olivia, you guys did good work on this case," he tells them, "and to you guys too," pointing to the other two detectives, John Munch and Fin Tutuola, who gave each other handshakes and a pat on the back.

"Thanks, Cap," replied Elliot, "it's a good feeling to know that Andy and Barbara Barron will be locked up for the rest of their lives, thanks to the jury, Casey, and the physical evidence brought against them, and little Mikayla will never have to suffer any more at their hands." He sniffs a little, but keeps his emotions to himself.

"Yeah, the social worker called today and said that Mikayla's grandparents from California are flying to New York to pick her up first thing in the morning and let her come live with them," said Olivia.

"I wish all of our cases had a happily ever after ending like this one," said Munch, pausing, "but I guess they all can't. Well, I'm headed out for the weekend. Elliot, I will have something for the twins for their birthday on Monday."

"OK, John, thanks, I'll see you Monday." Elliot wondered what he would get them this year. Last year, he came up with the bright idea on getting Elizabeth and Dickie each a book on how to become a comedian and once he got Maureen and Kathleen a comedian kit. "Speaking of the party, I guess I'm headed to the party store to buy some tape. I don't think the twins and their friends would like it if I used crime scene tape."

"That could make them want to become big bad cops like their father," jokes Fin, giving Elliot and pat on the back.

Elliot grins and says, "Yeah, it might not be bad to have them follow in my footsteps as cops. Then, there will be three Detective Stablers, unless I'm retired by then."

"Oh, hey Elliot," says Olivia, and Elliot turns around after hearing his partner's most familiar voice, "I got the posters for the twins that you told me about, the Bratz one is for Elizabeth and the Digimon is Dickie's. I hope they will like them."

"Thanks, Liv, I appreciate you thinking about them. They always love everything you get them."

"Anything for a friend."

Elliot walked out of the precinct and headed to the party store to buy the tape. The last thing that Olivia told him tonight stayed on his mind as he drove home to see Kathy and the kids. Sure, he loved his wife, even though they had their ups and downs. She is the mother of his four beautiful children, but Olivia is his partner and she is beautiful in every way possible, no matter how she looks. Hell, she sheds light in the dark precinct. Sometimes when he and Kathy had an argument, he fantasized about kissing Olivia, but Elliot knew that if they ever crossed that line beyond their friendship, things could change in their lives forever.

Olivia sat in her lonely apartment watching late night TV. She was thinking what it would be like to have Elliot more as a partner and friend, but would never intend on breaking up his marriage and tearing his children apart. If we cross that line, what would happen between us, she thought.