Manhattan Memorial Hospital – Wednesday – 9:00am

The sunlight was streaming through the window in Olivia's room. She looked out at the window and it looked like it was going to be a nice sunny day for late February. She hoped that there wouldn't be any more snow till next winter, but spring had not yet come, so they could always get it unexpectedly at any time.

Olivia looked down at the tiny little bundle she was holding. The nurses had brought Kaitlyn in an hour and a half ago and Olivia had just finished nursing her for the first time. It was a new experience with trying to get the baby to latch on, even though she would want to start a breast-feeding marathon with her mother. She thought that this would be the best option for the baby since it would be healthy and was going to continue with it. She smiled at her new daughter and became so wrapped up in bonding with her that she forgot about the soreness in her body. All she had on her mind right now was the baby and smothering her with kisses. She was too sweet to not be loved.

"Hey, sweet angel girl," whispered Olivia. "I'm your mommy."

Kaitlyn moved around in her mother's arms as if she were dreaming and let out a tiny grunting sound. She wore a pink cap and was wrapped up cozily in a pink blanket.

"Let me see what you look like."

Olivia drew her legs towards herself and scooted farther on the bed. She carefully turned the baby where her tiny feetwere nestled against her lower belly and her body was lying along her legs. She took off her cap, revealing a head of hair that was the same shade of brown like Elliot's. She carefully un-wrapped the blanket and saw her tiny arms and legs and touched her foot with the palm of her hand. Kaitlyn moved out her tiny hand and Olivia put her pinkie in it and the baby got a good grip on it. Olivia smiled at the sight of her baby grabbing her pinkie and saw her tiny fingers and toes, counting all ten of them and amazed at every perfect little feature of the newborn.

Kaitlyn opened up her bright blue eyes briefly and started to wail a little so Olivia tucked in her little arms and legs back into the blanket to keep her warm.

"Go back to sleep, baby," she murmured. She shifted a little and brought Kaitlyn back up to her chestand placed her head gently against her shoulder. She kissed the top of her head and touched the soft baby skin of her little button nose, realizing that the baby took after her mother on that part, and patted her back gently.

As Olivia held the baby close to her, she looked around her room and noticed all of the plants, flowers, and every other 'congratulations, it's a girl' gift basket that included cards, candy, and pink cigars.

There was a knock on the door and in came Elliot and the kids. He cracked open the door and stepped through so could come in there to greet Olivia. Elliot walked towards Olivia and the baby while the kids beamed at their new baby sister.

"Hey," whispered Elliot, giving Olivia a quick kiss. "How are we doing?"

"We're doing just fine," replied Olivia as Elliot brushed his thumbs over their daughter's cheek and kissed her on the forehead. "She's been bathed, cuddled, and fed, so right now, she's a happy, but a sleepy little camper."

"Hey sweetheart," Elliot said to his new daughter. About that time, the kids gathered around the bed so they could see the action. He kissed her again and she flinched, moving around her tiny arms and letting out a yawn before she opened up her big blue eyes to look at Elliot.

"Who is that?" Olivia softly asked the baby. "It's your daddy."

"She is so beautiful," said Maureen.

"She's so adorable," chimed in Kathleen, who stroked her new baby sister's hand with her finger.

"Feel like having any more company?" asked a voice from the doorway.

Elliot looked up and saw Cragen, "Hey Don, come on in."

Cragen came in the room, followed by Munch, Fin, George, and Casey, who all beamed at Kaitlyn. Olivia shifted the baby in her arms and cradled her so they could all see her face.

"She is so precious, Liv," said Casey.

"Thank you," replied Olivia.

"She definitely looks exactly like her mother," said Cragen, chuckling. "There isn't any resemblance that I can see of her father." He laughed again and slapped Elliot on the back.

"You guys did a great job," added Fin, glancing at the baby. He turned to Elliot, "So, is she going to be the last one or are you guys planning to go for an even half dozen?"

Elliot laughed, "Well, it's up to Olivia. If she wants to, we will."

Olivia pushed Elliot with her free hand and turned to Fin, "Odafin Tutuola, we have little ears listening," she said, referring to the twins.

Munch pulled down his glasses and looked up at Kaitlyn, "Awww, she's got a cute little button nose. I just can't believe how tiny she is."

"Tiny? I may add that this little one weighed eight pounds. That is not tiny," stated Olivia. "I've got to say, though, she was all worth the effort." She glanced down at Kaitlyn, who was now asleep in her arms.

"Congratulations, you guys," said George. "She's a beauty."

"Thank you, George," replied Olivia. "We're very proud."

The group left a little while later to get back to work and Elliot and the kids were the only ones left in the room. They said their congratulations and discussed about how beautiful their baby was, especially Munch and Fin, who were giving Elliot a "good job" pat on the back.

"Can I hold her, Olivia?" asked Elizabeth.

Olivia smiled at Lizzie, "Sure. You're one of her big sisters." She motioned to the chair across from the bed, "Sit over there and I'll hand her to you."

Lizzie smiled at Olivia and proudly held out her arms. Olivia slowly got out of the bed with Kaitlyn. She was getting tired of that bed and needed to walk around to get some strength and energy.

"Okay, Miss Kaitlyn, let's go see one of your big sisters," whispered Olivia. She handed the baby to Lizzie and grabbed another blanket to wrap around her daughter, "Make sure to keep your hand behind her head."

"Okay," said Lizzie. She began to rock her baby sister gently in her arms and said in a singsong voice, "Hey Little Miss Kaitlyn Serena Stabler. That's your name, isn't it?"

Kaitlyn opened up her eyes again and looked at Elizabeth, who thought that she was about to cry, but the baby seemed content in being held no matter who it was.

"Hi Kaitlyn," whispered Dickie, standing behind the chair where Lizzie was sitting. "I'm your brother."

A little while later, everyone passed the baby around to each other. Next was Dickie's turn to hold her, then Kathleen, and Maureen. They all went crazy over their new sister.

"She is so sweet," Maureen said to her father and Olivia as she was holding the baby and giving her kisses. "I love her already."

Elliot sat down in the chair next to where Olivia was sitting on her bed and linked his fingers with hers as they watched the kids with the baby. He turned to Olivia and smiled at her. They laughed at the kids being sweet to their baby sister and giving her all the love that any baby could possibly have.

"Thank you, Olivia, for giving me this," said Elliot. "Children are one of the most precious gifts that can ever be received."

Olivia rested her head on his shoulder and kissed him gently, "Thank you for giving me another little person to fall in love with. I'm crazy in love with her already."

Maureen went over to Elliot holding Kaitlyn, "Here she is, Dad. I know you want to hold her." She handed Elliot the baby.

Again, Elliot fell in love with his daughter just like he did the night before when she was screaming her lungs out after she was born. At this moment, he was proud as any father could be. No matter if this was his fifth child, these moments always made him happy. He looked at Kaitlyn and smiled at her as she moved around with her closed lids to snuggle in a deep slumber.

Olivia watched as Elliot was holding their baby and seeing the kids hovering around the two of them. Maybe all of this had happened for a reason, but in the end, Olivia had gained a family that she never would have thought she would ever have.

"I don't want to leave you guys out," she told Elliot's kids. "I just want you all to know that you'll have a big part in Kaitlyn's life and she's going to look up to you. I love you all very much as my own kids and I hope that you know that."

They all nodded and hugged Olivia, "We all love you too."

The End

A/N: There will be an upcoming sequel to this story entitled "Beautiful Life" so keep an eye out for it in the months to come. Thank you to everyone who sent me reviews and advice and a big thank you goes out to April for beta-aing this story. You're all the best!