By Guardian795


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Author's Note: This fan fiction is rated Mature for love between siblings, violence, and disturbing themes. Please, don't be alarmed, just stop reading if you don't like it. This fan fiction is about Fatal Frame 2, from Akane and Azami all the way to Mio and Mayu, and maybe a bit further. These are POV, and other opinions. If you fear spoilers, please stop reading. Thank you.

Anything said by a ghost will be in italics. Thoughts will be in bold.

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Chapter 1: Akane's Sorrow

All my life, they say I was destined to be a Twin Shrine Maiden. All of my young life, I was told that I was special. Frankly, I wish now that I wasn't. I stare into the mirror at myself, and I see Azami, my sister, in me. I see her looks, and mine, I see her kindness. I think about her fate, my destiny, and what would happen. Azami is such a happy girl, why must she die…? I'm so upset. She loves me, would do anything for me…and yet…she will die because of me.

"Hey!" Akane looked up at her sister's voice, and closed her journal. She turned around, and Azami walked into the room. Her feet made a slight noise on the wood floor, but she was practically silent in walking. "Do you want me to brush your hair?" she asked. Akane slowly nodded, and Azami bent down behind her, pulling out a brush and slowly pulling it through her sister's long hair. Azami smiled, feeling the softness of her sister's hair in her fingers. She lost her smile then, as she saw Akane's expression in the mirror. She looked so sad. Looking at her other half, Azami softly sighed. She was putting her sister through so much pain, forcing Akane to soon kill her.

"Azami…?" Azami looked down at Akane.


"You…stopped brushing.." Azami looked down at her hand; Akane was right. "Oh…" she said. "Sorry." She continued to brush, until Akane reached back and stopped her. Azami paused. "What is it?" she asked gently. Akane said nothing, but shot out and grabbed her sister around the waist. Azami gasped in surprise, but then kneeled down and hugged her. "Akane…what is it?" Only her sister's sobs answered her. More worried than surprised, Azami clutched her tightly.

"Don't leave me! I don't care about the village, or the people, or the butterflies! I want you, Azami, I want you!!" Akane cried, burying her face in her sister's chest. Heartbroken by her sister's words, Azami sniffled a little, but stopped. Akane - her reflection - couldn't see her cry. "Is that all, silly?" she asked Akane. Sniffling pitifully, Akane looked up at her.

"You'll always have me, sister. You and I will become one forever…"

"No! That's not what I want!! I want you to stay with me as you are now!" she yelled.

"Girls?" The two sisters looked up to find their father, Yoshitatsu Kiryu, in the window, looking at them. "Papa!" Azami cried as she ran to the window, Akane dutifully following. "Azami, Akane, the priests will be here soon. I came to tell you that I am very proud of you both," their father said. Behind Azami, Akane sniffled. Taking her hand, Azami looked up at her father. "Will you walk with us to the shrine, Papa?"

"Of course," he replied, putting a hand on both of their heads. "I'll be back to walk you both in a little while. Stay strong, Akane." He smiled, a fake smile, to both of his little girls, then left. Azami looked back at her sister, who had stopped crying and just stood there like one of their father's dolls. Azami bent down to look into her face, and found Akane breathing heavily, eyes closed. "Are you…?" she began, but Akane lifted her head and nodded. Akane glanced behind her, hearing the sound of the priests coming. Hearing it too, Azami held her older sister's hand.

"Akane? Let's make a promise." Akane gazed at her sister questioningly. "Let's promise not to cry, for Papa. Let's show them how strong we are. They can't pull us apart – we'll always be together." Akane smiled softly and nodded. The two girls hugged each other tightly, both of them secretly wishing that it didn't have to be this way.

§ § §

The clanging of the priests' staffs soon began to be nerve wracking and annoying, Akane found. Every few seconds, all of them would clang to the ground at the same time as the two girls and their father walked to the Kurosawa House. Azami, beginning to lose her will, began to falter slightly on the path, sometimes jumping at the loud sound of the staffs. Akane took her sister's hand in hers as they walked across the bridge. The priests nodded in approval, which worried Akane. It seemed as though her looking out for her younger sister was looked upon well. Azami got closer to Akane when they started to cross the bridge, fearing the water. She could not swim, and almost drowned when she was younger. Akane slipped an arm around her, the red cord between them symbolizing their infinite bond. Azami smiled at her sister, resting her head on her shoulder.

The house came into view through the evening fog, and the two girls stiffened. Two priests stood at the doors, awaiting the girls. Akane walked up the steps first, followed closely by Azami. The two girls in unison opened the door, then walked down the hall, a bit quicker than the priests. Akane stayed close to the inside of the hall, looking frightened at anything that moved. The house was old, large, and threateningly scary. Azami held onto her sister, trying to comfort both her and herself. The priests led the girls through a series of hallways and paths. They walked down the path quietly, on the sound of the staffs bouncing off of the walls. As they rounded the corner, Azami gasped and grabbed her sister. A Mourner walked forward, then stopped, feeling the presence of the twins. He moved aside to let them pass, but the girls were frozen in fear.

Yoshitatsu stepped forward and nudged the two. Frightened, but glad that their father was with them, the two girls stepped past the Mourner and made their way into the next room. Candles were lit everywhere, their flames dancing in the dim light of the room. The priests took their positions around the room, clanging their staffs. Akane and Azami walked to the center of the room. "The two chosen to heaven…" Azami whispered to calm herself. Akane glanced at her a moment, then saw the head master walk towards them. "Face each other," he said sternly. The girls jumped at his tone, but did not move. "Do as I say," he growled. Azami and Akane glanced at each other. A sharp piece of revelation hit them – these people didn't care. They only wanted to be saved. They didn't care that someone would die here.

Akane quietly whispered, "Everyone's…"

"…gone." Azami finished. Gripping the others hand tightly, they slowly turned to face each other. The head master cut the cord closest to Akane, so it dropped and hit Azami's side. The staffs of the priests began to become louder, quicker, in perfect syncopation with each other. Akane looked at Azami, feeling angry that she had to kill. If she had to kill, why not kill those around them? It would spare them the pain. Akane slowly reached out to her sister, placing her hands on her throat. Azami nodded. "Do it."

Akane began to slowly squeeze, feeling the pulse of her sister beneath her fingers.

It was soft, warm…alive…

Azami nodded and smiled, but as Akane squeezed, wetness appeared on her hands. She gasped and looked up at the crying Azami. Angered by her sister's reaction, the promise she broke, and how she didn't want to kill, Akane continued to squeeze, but soon, overcome with sadness, she lessened. The priests skipped a beat in their procession. The ceremony master frowned angrily. Nodding, a veiled priest stepped up to Akane, placing his hands on hers. He pushed down, helping her kill Azami. Akane let go of her sister and hit the priest. "Don't you touch her!!" The man stepped back, awed.

"Akane…I want you to do it…be my salvation…" Azami said. As though in a trance by her sister's words, Akane took hold of her sister's neck and squeezed. With the pounding of the priests' staffs, she began to squeeze harder and harder. Azami gasped below her. Looking at her sister, with her last breath, Azami said, "Thank…you…" She shuddered once, then lay still. Akane slowly let go of her, staring at her lifeless form.

The priests walked forward to take her body. Akane kneeled down and grabbed her sister. "No! I won't let you take her!" Yoshitatsu ran to his daughter. "Akane…"

"NO!!" she screamed. Sobs wracked her body, but the priests took Azami anyway. Akane looked up, only seeing the butterfly marks on her throat. Yoshitatsu helped his daughter up and took her with him to the Abyss. There, as Akane softly sobbed, the priests threw Azami into the dark, gaping hole in the earth. Yoshitatsu took his daughter's hand. "Akane, look," he said quietly. Akane, through eyes filled with tears, saw a small, crimson butterfly leave the Abyss. A ripple of satisfaction and relief went through the priests and ceremony master. Yoshitatsu nodded, walking with the priests to leave.

The butterfly fluttered over to Akane, gracefully touching her cheek. Akane wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled at the butterfly. "Azami…you are…beautiful...Papa was right. You look wonderful…" Akane sniffled. "Oh Azami! Can you ever forgive me?!" The butterfly dipped in the air, and landed on her neck, outlining the new butterfly mark on her throat. It laid there happily for a minute, and Akane took it off, holding it in her hands. Akane fell to her side, holding onto the butterfly. "Azami…I'm so sorry…"

She began to sob. "Forgive me…I love you…"