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This story is about Chibi Hinata and Naruto... maybe they're around eight years old.

As usual "......" means they're talking.

'......' thoughts.

( ) opinion.

Here goes the story......

In the hidden village of Konoha, at the northern part lies the Hokage's stone monument. A little girl at the age of eight was there; with her was her mother who really looks like her. She has dark blue hair, pale skin, timid voice and their trademark; the pearly white-eyes.

She's Hyuga Hinata, the heir of the Hyuga clan. She's with her mother today who is sick at the moment and who could barely stand and walk. Together they spend the day looking at the sky, looking up to where their dreams are.

"Hinata, dear... if ever mommy's going away, please don't look for me ok?"

"Huh?" she looked at her with an innocent look.

"Why is it mama?" she added with her timid cute voice.

Her mother patted her head slightly and embraced her.

"I-I... don't know why Hina. But... just hold tight ok? Never let things made you cry. Promise me." She couldn't help but cry as she held her little hime on her arms. Silence then arouse as they watch the sun set. Who knows it might be the last.

"Come now Hinata, we have to go home, the sun's already setting you'll catch cold." Her mother displayed a fake smile at her daughter.

Yet deep inside Hinata's heart she could feel pain arousing and her loneliness rising. What could a little girl do? She, an innocent girl not knowing what other things might happen around her.

After that incident her mother's condition got worse. She couldn't even get up of bed. Her lips were very pale and her eyes gone swollen it's as if she's starting to loose her eyesight.

Little Hinata went beside her mother's bed sobbing as she sees her mother's suffering. It all begun after her mother gave birth to Hanabi four years ago, since then her mother became weak. Her mother became very sick and maybe... it's her time to go now... maybe it's her chance to be free from her illness and from the compound of the Hyuga estate.

"Mama,... please don't leave me alone... I-I don't want to feel alone... I don't want to lose you,... please mother fight for me..." she begged and cried. Her tears seems to be endless, she couldn't help but sob and cry as she saw one closes to her heart slowly being condemn in another world, leaving her behind.

"Don't cry... you promised mama you won't cry right? cough You know dear, my only wish I have for you is to be strong unlike me, have a great man that will stand before you and children that will comfort your angst. But,... I'm afraid I already fought too long to be alive. Soon, I'll be with the souls in heaven... nothing to worry cough little one promise... I'll watch over you." After that long last sentence her coughing became rough, soon she coughed out blood and her breathing became shorter. Hinata's eyes widen with fear as she stood there frozen, not knowing what to do.

Soon help came. Her father with maids came rushing with a doctor. Everything went so fast. People shouting, crying, sobbing, whining and yelling at one another. But all the little poor girl could do was stand there... she bites her thumb, trembling and terrified.


Everything went black...

The noise fainted and all she hears is her heartbeat.

'Why? Why is it that I have to suffer this much? Doesn't God know that I need my mother most? It's as if my heart sinks. It's as if I were stabbed straight through my arteries and all the memories we had together just keep on comig back. Nande? Nande? Why!?'

The next morning Hinata woke up at her bed. She had this terrible headache and her eyes were dim, blinded by the sunlight.

"Are you awake Hinata-sama?" The lady asked her.

But she couldn't find her voice to speak. She just nods to indicate yes.

'Poor little angel.' The lady thought. 'Her, experiencing such tragedy.'

The lady helped her change clothes and clean herself. She then guided her to her father who's at the living room, quiet as she is. Pained as she does.

He looked at her daughter and sighed. She resembles all about her mother, which adds the burden on admitting her death.

"Hinata, come closer."

She went closer as her father said. Though she hesitated a bit, but soon kept the hesitation away from her mind.

"Hinata, she doesn't wish for you to see her out of life now. After her last breath, we immediately said farewell to her. She must have readied you long before this could happen. Tomorrow we'll bury her and after that,... everything will be back to normal. Yes, back to normal...you'll still continue your training or else Hanabi will surely defeat you. I know it'll be hard to accept the truth Hinata,... but we can't fight destiny. Life is cruel sometimes and you just don't sense why. But son you'll know that when someone says farewell another one will come. And you know she'll always watch over you, right?"

The words Hiashi used were cold and cruel. She could sense the emptiness her father might be feeling at the moment though he doesn't show much, she could feel his heart shouting and roaring with pain. Besides, she was once part of him- though he suddenly turned cold; he'll still be her father no mater what happens.

She came close to him and touched his hands, her head resting on her father's arms, eyes closed. 'Though I told those words to her she still respects me as her father. Yes, you are truly my daughter. YOU raised her well.' He thought as he pats her princess' head.

That's all for now. Next chapter will be Hinata meeting Naruto to the most unlikely place. I know it's quite a bad start. But don't worry it'll have bunch of romance and humor later.

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