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Hinata went to her room defeated by the laws inside the Hyuga estate. She sat at her corner of her bed, and sadly looked at he clock.

'Oh no... it's already quarter before 4, I wonder if... he'll get angry at me... I could still remember his eyes... those blue crystal eyes. They were filled with sadness and loneliness just like mine... though, I could sense his strong urge to fight that away... he really intrigues me... maybe, maybe I could sneak out and... but, what if I get caught? No, I'll go. I-I promised him...' she stood up slowly creep out of her room.

She went to the garden and walked a little. She checked if there're any people around and lucky her there was none. So she went near a bush that could help her get out, since what's behind it is the road towards the city. As a child she easily went out and ran.

She went to the place where they met yesterday and saw him sitting there. Hinata then walked close to him panting and tired.

"N-naruto-kun... Panting I-I'm sorry... I was late... you see..." But before she could finish her sentence, Naruto grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him.

"Hinata-chan! I-I thought you'll never come here... -I –I'm very sad just a while ago.... I'm really worried about you... I thought I'd never see you again."

"Huh? Um.... You-you see I had troubles sneaking out of the house and that's why I'm late..."

"You sneaked out?"

"Huh?" She blushed and looked at the ground, then smiled at him.

Naruto then started to laugh at her. "hahahah... I never thought you'd do something like that just to see me. You are really the best friend I have right now!" He grinned at her and rubbed his temple.

"But... what are we going to do?" She shyly asked.

"Hm... now that you asked that. What and where do you want to go now?"

"Me? Um... wherever you want to I'll go."

"You know there's this ramen stand called Ichiraku and it's not far from here I- I'm kind a ---"but he was cut by the loud sound from his stomach.

Hinata giggled and looked at him. Naruto blushed a little and felt embarrassed at the girl.

"giggles I think your stomach talks faster than you mouth..." She shyly smiled.

Naruto's blush went even redder as he saw her 'cute' looking like that, giggling like an innocent little girl.

"So Hinata-chan, will you go with me?"

"Hai. Why not?"

Naruto then grabbed her hands and they walked towards the Ichiraku.

At the Hyuga estate

Hiashi is ringing the bell, calling their servant.

"Yes sir?" a man entered the room bowed and asked.

"Did you see Hinata?"

"No sir. But one of the maids told me that she saw her and tried to go out. She might be at her room at the moment."

"She wants to go out?

"Yes sir."

'Hmm... but why? That girl isn't the type to go out without permission.'

"Do you have anything to ask other than that sir?"

"Ah... maybe you could tell a maid to make me some tea."

So the man went out of the room leaving Hiashi behind.

At Ichiraku

"Hey old man! Give me three orders of miso soup!" He shouted at the counter.

"So Hinata what would you like to eat?" He asked.

"Um... maybe pork ramen." She timidly said while playing with her index fingers.

"Old man! And add a pork ramen."

"Hai... hai! You don't have to yell at me like that. I may be old but I could still hear." Then the old man or should I say the owner looked at Hinata.

"You got a pretty cute friend here boy."

"Hm? Who? Hinata? Of course she is!"

Hinata turned red like an apple and played at her thumbs sucking them a little.

"Hahaha... yeah, yeah, kids these days... Ok. Here's your order. And for that Naruto I'll give one bowl for free."

"Really? Arigatou!" Naruto then took a chopstick and started eating.

"mmm.... Delicious.... Nyeh Hinata...vhy don't ye start eatin? It'll get cold soon." He said as he eats with his mouth filled with noodles.

"Arigatou..." She whispered that he didn't even hear.

'I wonder when will this last....' Hinata thought and started eating her food.

End of chapter.

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