Hello, everyone! My name is Bruna, and I'm the creator of Forever and now. I'm Brazilian, so, my english its not very good.I'm very sorry for of the problems you may find in the story.

Its going to be a story full of adventure, but i'm afraid that I shall not put lemon... and take easy at the begining because its goin to be a little slow... sorry... again.

Its my first fic, so don't kill me... please. And the couples are: Kurama x botan, Yusuke x Keiko, Yukina x Kuwabara, and i think I may put Hiei x Mukuro.

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Two months.

"Two months" he thought. It should be 5:00am. His room was still dark, unless for some light that was passing through the curtains. "Two months" he thought again. It has been two months since he and his friends fought against Yakumo after coming back from the Makai tournament.

All that horrible fights against Karasu, Sensui and Yomi they went through in the last years were very dangerous. However, he seemed to miss it. He missed his friends who he hasn't seen since their last adventure. But above all, he missed Lady of Death, the girl with a blue hair and purple eyes. He missed Botan.

He started to remember the first time they saw each other. They used to be enemies. "Enemies!" Who could imagine that from that moment on, they would become closer and closer? Despite, he always omitted his feelings for the ferry girl, even when Keiko inadvertently told him about Botan's concern over his fight against Karasu. In that occasion, he had to hold his horses and avoid showing his content.

"Botan" he whispered, turning to the other side of his bed. He could barely sleep or stop thinking about the deity. The first time he realized that he was in love with the ferry girl was during the fight in Kaitou's territory. When Botan's soul was taken, all he could think about was saving her. He realized that he liked her more than any other girl he ever knew. Maybe it was because he has never met any girl like her. Although she was the Lady of Death, she was always smiling. The only time he saw her really sad was when Genkai died.

Above all else, she was a very brave girl. She has never run away from the gang's problems and always protected the others, especially Keiko, her best friend. When Yusuke was fighting against Hiei at his first job as Spiritual detective, Kurama was surprised with Botan's disposition in save Keiko's life, even if her self died.

But after that, Kurama never came back to surprise him self again. Even when Botan was fighting against the zombies to save Keiko's life again, during his and Yusuke's confrontation with the three monsters and Suzako. Or, when she flew on her oar, abdicating her disguise and safety, to help him. And, of course, when she protected, risking her body and soul, the Power Sphere from King Yakumo.

He and Kuwabara, with Hiei on his back, were going up to the roof of the building. The fight had already begun. "I hope Yusuke and Hinagheshi are fine... and Botan... Please, be OK"

When they arrived to the top, everything was different, looking likes a castle; and on the ground, Kurama recognized a redhead girl. Hinagheshi. Under the girl's arms, there was some unmistakable blue hair. Botan! She didn't move. She looked very pale. It looked like... she was gone. He ran to them in shock, without words, without action. "Please Botan, don't do this to me" He started to cry. "If she dies, I will die too".

After the fight, Kurama was incubated of taking care of Botan. "She looks so weak" he thought, running his hands through her blue hair. "Rest, my beautiful deity, you worked too hard during this fight". He forgot about the time, when he was looking to the ferry girl. He decided to leave her alone, and when he got up, she started to wake up. She gave a moan, before slowly opening her purple and lost eyes. After a moment, she stared at Kurama.

"Kurama" she called him, putting out one's hand on his direction. He sat down on the bed again, holding her hand that was still cold. But, he was surprised that she was shaking.

"Don't leave me alone, please. I'm still a little scared". She closed her eyes and Kurama saw a tear going down her left cheek. "Why are you crying, Botan? You should be proud of your self after the work you did"

She opened her eyes. "Proud? I didn't protected the Power Sphere, and you, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei and the girls almost died because of that. Who would be proud in my place?" She tried to smile, but all she did was cry more.

"Stop with that, Botan". With his right hand, he wiped her tears and with the other, he held firmly her weak hand. "None of us would be able to do the same that you did. You were wonderful, my deity" Kurama didn't realized what he have said and the impact that his words caused on Botan, until her purple eyes met his green ones, making them both blush.

"Hm... I will get something for you to eat, OK?

But before he could get up, she held on his wrist. "No. Please, stay with me"

In that occasion, he almost admitted his feelings for the ferry girl. But he had been to coward. And now he was doing the same, refusing him self to look for her.

"Tomorrow, I will go after Yusuke. He will have to tell me where Botan is".


She was running and was terrible injured. Her pink kimono that she always used was torn and stained with blood. Her blood.

"Somebody helps me!" she screamed before stumble and fall on the ground. She felt the test of blood in her mouth.

"I shall take the power sphere inside your body, deity of death" a voice said between the darkness. Botan started to cry. She knew Yakumo was coming to kill her. She wanted someone to help her. She needed someone to save her, to protect her. "Kurama..." she whispered, tears on her face. "KURAMAA!"

"Stop calling for help, stupid girl" Yakumo said, getting out of the shadow. He was with his amour and with his crown. " Nobody is going to come" . He moved to his left, showing Botan four bodies on the ground. With despair, she recognized her friends.

"NO! Kurama! Guys!". She ran to them, only to be caught by Yakumo.

"I killed all four" he said into her ear. She tried to get free, but she was weak and he was very stronger. "And I'm going to kill you now". Botan felt a horrible pain in her abdomen. The king of Netherworld was trying to get the power sphere that was hidden inside the ferry girl's body.

"Foolish girl" the king said, before he complete removed the power sphere. Botan fell on the ground, her blood spreading around her, she was hearing Yakumo's laughter resounding in the darkness.

"Kurama...". She tried to get at him, but she couldn't. She was shaking. She was in pain. She was dying. "Kurama". The laughter was higher than before and everything was getting dark. " KURAMAAA!"



Somebody was shaking her.

"Botan! Wake up!"

The ferry girl opened her eyes. She was sweat. She was scared. And staring at Ayame's worried face she started to cry.

"Botan? What happened?". Since the Renkai Tantei's fight with Yakumo, Ayame knew that her friend was passing through a bad moment. All the night, in last two months, happened the same thing. Realizing that Botan wasn't able to speak, she hugged her friend and spoke for her. " It was a nightmare again?"

"Y- Yes..." she said loudly, recuperating her voice. Then, an image came to her head. Four bodies. Her friends. All dead. " Kurama! Yusuke!" she screamed. "Are they all right! Where are they!". She started to get up, but Ayame held her.

"Botan! It was a nightmare! They are all right, OK?". She pulled the blue haired girl back to her bed. Ayame noticed how Botan was disturbed. "You need to rest. I could hear your screams form my room" she said, before walking on the door's direction. Then, she turned around and gave a friendly smile.

"Botan, Yakumo is dead" she stared at the girl's purple eyes. "It's over, but if need someone to protect you, go look for your friends. They miss you. Be hiding here, won't resolve anything"

"Thank you, Ayame" Botan whispered.

"Your welcome. I'm your friend Botan. I will always be here for you. Good night." she said, turning of the lights and closing the door.

Botan lied down on her bed. She knew that she couldn't sleep, so she started to think at Ayame's words. It was obvious that her friend was right. She couldn't stay at Renkai forever. She had to see her friends. Yusuke, Keiko, Kuwabara and Kurama.

"Kurama" she thought smiling. He always brought her good memories. And even been all the time so mysterious and serious she had feelings for him from the first time they spoke to each other, during Yusuke's fight versus Hiei.

Her hand was beginning to bleed, because of Hiei's third eyes' power. She wouldn't resist for to much time. If Yusuke didn't run, she would probably die.

But, for what she could see, the spiritual detective was having a bad time. Hiei was pointing his sword on his direction. "Oh my good! Hiei is going to kill him!" She wasn't able to do anything for him, so she turned her face away, not wanting to see what would happen. "Yusuke!"

But she didn't hear anything. "What happe...?" she fought, but when she turned her face back to the fight, what she saw made her voice die. Kurama was bleeding as he protected Yusuke from Hiei's attack. " Kurama! What is he doing here!" she was surprised, but her attention came back to Keiko's third eye, when she felt a horrible pain on her hand, that was completed hurt. She closed her own eyes, crying, as she started to fell weak.

"Are you OK?" someone asked her touching her arm. She opened her eyes only to stare inside big green ones. Kurama knelt beside Botan and she saw how much he was bleeding, but he didn't seemed to care about it. " Do you know that you can die if you continue to do this?"

"Y-Yes, I do". She noticed that he was surprised because of her action, but she couldn't just abandon Keiko like this. " Is the only way" she said. The power got stronger making Botan sway a little. Kurama seemed to realize that, and he put his right arm around the ferry girl's shoulder, trying to support her.

"Let me help you". Kurama put his free hand on top of Botan ones. He started to use his own energy in order to amplify the medicinal power, and the ferry girl felt the warm of his body. She didn't have memories of any one being so sweet with her before, and that was sufficient to make her blush behind Kurama.

"Thank you" Botan whispered.

From that moment on, a new friendship rose. They become closer and closer after the fight at Maze Castle, when they talked a lot to each other, while Yusuke was still unconscious. They even awoke Kuwabara's jealousy.

" What Am I kidding of? He will never like me." she thought. It was true that of all the gang, he talked more with Botan, but with all that girls running after him at his school, he should already find someone.

But even knowing this, Botan couldn't stop loving him. The first time she realized how much he was important to her was during Kurama's fight against Karasu. When she saw the red hair dying and suffering in front of her eyes, the she felt was killing her heart.

And it was always like that. All the times Botan presented one of the gang's fight she felt like she was never going to see her friends again. At the Makai tournament, the despair was so much that she abandoned her safety and disguise to help Kurama's injured body.

"Kurama... can't you see?" she realized that she was crying. She was crying as she did when she was about to die at Yakumo's hands: Thinking about Kurama. She was afraid to die and didn't see him one last time.

Now it was the same thing. She was crying because she wanted to bee at Kurama's side. She needed to see him. She needed his protection.

"Ayame is right. Tomorrow I will see my friends"