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Time is a funny thing. You can always feel it but never touch it. It's always in motion, whether going forward or backward. And no matter what you do or how hard you try, there is never enough of it to do everything you want to accomplish.

Harry believed that two years would be long enough to prepare for the final confrontation with Voldemort. Sadly there were several factors that Harry did not count on to set him back.

The evening that the Ministry scheduled to execute all of the imprisoned Death Eaters just happened to coincide with the evening that Voldemort went to collect the prophecy. Finding the prophecy was already destroyed he settled for freeing his few remaining followers. None of it was planned of course but that one evening cost the 'Order' six members lives. Crouch Sr. managed to run away when Voldemort's attack began, but Percy stayed and fought. He fought very bravely but died very quickly. Kingsley Shacklebolt and Nymphadora Tonks were both killed at the hands of their prisoners, but not without taking at least one of them with them. The other three Aurors that died that night were also members of the 'Order of the Phoenix'. Dumbledore said it was an 'unlucky coincidence' and they had no way of knowing that Voldemort was planning for that.

It came as a major blow to the 'Order' but especially to Harry's wife's family. Harry remembered the first time Percy died it had really torn up the Weasley's because he was on bad terms with his family at the time. Harry hated having to watch his wife suffer through it a second time. The only thing Harry could be thankful for was that Percy was on good terms with his family at the time. Beyond that there was nothing good about the situation in the slightest.

That was the first of many setbacks that followed over the next two years. With Voldemort's coming out party having been so successful, he was filled with ranks of witches and wizards from pureblood families. The war started up with much more fervor than the first time around. Voldemort adopted a much younger and more proactive inner circle this time and as a result created a wave of terror unlike anything Harry or the 'Order' had seen before. All of this came before that first summer even ended.

Neville and Luna were scheduled to be retrieved and brought into the safety of Potter Place right after the Voldemort's come back massacre. Neither of them lived long enough to come. Bellatrix Lestrange tortured Neville just as she had his mother and father. To make matters worse, Luna had been with him at the time. They were being escorted together by an Auror when the attack came. Both died a week after their torture when Voldemort's new inner circle massacred every patient at Saint Mungos in a single evening. No one knew until the next day. Dumbledore and the 'Order' along with most of the Aurors were responding to an attack in a Muggle neighborhood, Harry and Hermione's Muggle neighborhood.

It was decided then that Hogwarts would change. The Sorting Hat was to be put to use once more to resort the school, the difference this time was that the hat was sorting students into three groups: trustworthy, untrustworthy, and questionable. Then they were sorted by power and natural talent. Dumbledore hated it but he knew that it had to be done. He just kept hoping that the two years Harry planned for would be enough to end this war once and for all.

The dawn of a fourth year of training came on slowly after several losses. The Ministry and all its resources were eliminated. Gringotts Diagon Ally branch was taken over and all of its resources claimed by Voldemort. The only upside was that it unified the Goblins entirely against Voldemort. Hogwarts became the last bastion of hope in the war against evil. All warriors of light stood united behind Harry and Dumbledore for the inevitable attack on Hogwarts.

"Good evening people," greeted Dumbledore at the outset of the meeting, "Thank you all for coming."

There was a murmur of greeting returned to the headmaster by those assembled.

"Things are grave now and we are all that remains standing between Voldemort and the end of the world as we know it," said Dumbledore, "Voldemort will be coming for us, it is only a matter of time now."

"We need to discuss what we will do when he does come," said Dumbledore taking a sip of his tea, "Harry."

Harry stood. Since the 'Order' restarted Harry had been looked to as something of a general and tactician for the 'Order'. "It is likely that when he comes he'll want to make a big production of it and talk us all to death. For that reason it is likely he will attack Hogsmeade first as it is the most logical staging point for an attack. Once there he will probably capture the residents first then execute them where we can watch from the castle. But this is where he will lose once and for all." Harry motioned to a wall which came to life showing a map of Hogsmeade with several black dots showing all the people there. It even showed several tunnels under the city. "As you can see this is a map of Hogsmeade. Now, all throughout Hogsmeade are several tunnels leading between buildings and to and from Hogwarts. Our Goblin allies will be enlarging the tunnel network for us to hold an army." Harry pointed to the center of the town, "They will be putting an underground barracks here for us to station as many willing fighters as we can. Bill has already agreed to live there full time so that when the attack does come he will erect all the necessary wards and barriers to prevent the Death Eaters from fleeing."

"But won't that trap the towns folk as well?" asked Remus.

"Unfortunately yes," said Harry sadly, "But Bill will only put up the wards if Voldemort shows his ugly face. Once the wards go up alarms will sound through the castle and the tunnel system. At that point everyone is to move into the city and fight. We're going to end this thing once and for all. Dumbledore, Ginny, Alastor, Ron, Hermione, Minerva, Severus, Sirius, Remus, Fred, George, Charlie, and Arthur, I need all of you to concentrate on keeping Voldemort busy while I prepare the 'Time of Death' spell. I need you to buy just ten minutes. After that, it is all over."

"You want the dozen or so of us to keep Voldemort busy for ten minutes?" asked Fred incredulously.

"Think of this as getting in your last prank on the bastard before I end his ability to survive," said Harry with a grin at the pair. It was a very serious discussion but Harry always tried to lighten the mood a bit so they remember what it was they were fighting for.

"We can give you ten minutes," said Ginny confidently, "Just don't screw up."

Harry took a deep breath, "Ginny, you and Hermione will be guarding me directly while I prepare the spell. Some of you will probably die in this crazy plan but it's our best chance at peace. If I'm right once Voldemort has been removed all those baring the dark mark will be hurt badly and hopefully lose consciousness. After that, kill them all."

"I have never condoned Killing," said Dumbledore, "but I must agree with Harry this time. Any one of the remaining Death Eaters could step up at any time to take Voldemort's place and with this army already in place that could be very bad for all of us."

"That's all I have for you, let's get to work," said Harry.

The room nodded.

Three months were spent digging the tunnels with the help of the Goblins. It was a bit slow going simply because they had to be careful of the buildings above the tunnels. It was also slow going because everyone involved was still required to train intensely for the coming battle.

"Ginny love is everything alright?" asked Harry as he came up behind his wife, proper.

"Wonderful," said Ginny though tears.

"What is it? Why are you crying?"

"I'm pregnant," she sobbed into his shoulder holding him tightly to her.

Harry now understood the tears. If she was pregnant than she wouldn't be able to help with the final battle but more than that she would have to be hidden away someplace safe. Luckily, Voldemort was still unaware of Potter Place, meaning it was still safe there. Harry would send his parents and wife there during the final battle now.

"It's alright Ginny," whispered Harry kissing the top of her head.

"We've been so good about using protection charms to prevent this," said Ginny, "this wasn't supposed to happen. We didn't want to have children until after Voldemort was gone."

"It was the will of magic Ginny," said Harry soothingly, "This was meant to be if the protection charms failed. We will be fine."

"But I can't be here to protect you in the final battle now," said Ginny, "We won't have enough time with out me."

"We'll manage," said Harry, "You having a child is a wonderful thing. We are going to be parents just as we should have been before. This child will bring hope to the world should I fail."

"You won't fail Harry, I just know it," said Ginny sobbing less than before.

"In that case we should go see Poppy and make sure that everything is okay," said Harry soothingly.

Ginny nodded as Harry led his wife through the castle to the hospital wing.

"Poppy," called Harry as they entered.

"What have you done to yourself this time Mr. Potter?"

"Not me this time," said Harry.

"Mrs. Potter," said Poppy looking at her sternly.

"I'm pregnant," said Ginny weakly.

"Oh, that's a wonderful thing," said Poppy, "Why are you so sad?"

Ginny sniffled and sobbed a bit more.

"She's worried about the future," said Harry simply guiding his wife to the bed that Poppy was waiting for them at.

Poppy performed a few spells, "You are pregnant. I'd say three months along."

"Three months?" asked Ginny in surprise, "But I've only missed one period."

Poppy checked again, "Oh my," she said in surprise before casting six more spells.

"What?" asked Harry being the concerned father already.

"Well, I've read about this but I never thought I would see it," said Poppy, "Your wife is very blessed, just like your mother was but I wasn't her doctor."

"What are you talking about?" asked Harry confused.

"Your mother only carried you for four months before you were born," explained Poppy, "She was gifted with a rare magical gift that increases the rate in which the fetus grows. It would appear that your wife has the same gift. Oh, this is wonderful. There has not been a case of this in more than two hundred years before your mother and now Ginny too."

Somewhere in the back of Harry's mind something twitched giving him the urge to check the 'Book'.

Ginny was all smiles now, "This is wonderful Poppy, I should have the baby in plenty of time to protect Harry."

"We can only hope," said Poppy, "Anyway, everything is perfectly healthy and growing properly now. I expect to see you here every Friday for a check-up."

Ginny nodded but not before pulling Harry into a very healthy kiss.

Together Harry and Ginny went to find their family to announce the happy news. What better way than to have a nice family dinner at Potter Place?

Dinner went very well. The house elves cooked an amazing feast for the family. At the end of dinner Harry stood, "Well, first, thank you all so much for coming today and for all of your hard work and effort the last few months."

"It's not like we had much choice," joked Ron earning him a smack on the arm from Hermione.

"Well, the real reason Ginny and I asked you all to come is because we have an announcement to make," said Harry looking at Ginny to see if she wanted to tell the group.

Ginny decided to stand next to Harry, "In about two more months, I'm going to have a baby."

Harry saw that everyone at the table was either doing math in their heads trying to figure out the months or else looking at Ginny's stomach to see if she really was pregnant.

"I don't understand," said Ron first, "She doesn't look pregnant."

"Well, we saw Poppy today and she informed us that Ginny has been blessed and the fetus is developing rapidly. She's only a month pregnant but the baby is already developed to about three months," explained Harry to the confused group.

"Oh Harry this is wonderful," shouted Hermione first giving the couple a hug, though she was very careful in hugging Ginny.

Hermione's shout seemed to shake the group out of their befuddlement and soon Harry was receiving hugs and handshakes and Ginny was getting he belly rubbed or patted along with delicate hugs.

The night was very pleasant and the family all spent the night in Potter Place. Harry and Ginny snuck off after dinner to tell the portrait of his parents. Lily was ecstatic of course and James was rambunctious about it. They were both very pleased though.

Harry and Ginny eventually retired to their room.

While Ginny was changing for bed Harry sought out the 'Book'. He stood the book on its binding and let it fall open.

Birth of the Time Mage

The first Time Mage was created through several dark rituals and since that time has been born randomly. There has been no trace of bloodline that would explain the appearance only that the Time Mage would come when needed. The earliest sign of potential to become a Time Mage can be seen in the duration of the pregnancy.

In general a child born from a short pregnancy (3-4 months) is very powerful already. This kind of birth has been a sign for the potential of a Time Mage, though it is not a certainty.

Harry read it a few more time to be certain.

"Ginny love," called Harry, "You may want to read this."

Ginny came over to Harry to see what he was reading.

"You don't really think?" asked Ginny looking at her husband.

"With our luck," said Harry looking pointedly at his wife.

"Fair enough," said Ginny closing the book, "Now enough of this, I feel the need."

Harry remembered the first time she was pregnant was wonderful even if only for a month for the simple fact that her hormones just could seem to get enough of him. Eventually he took to hiding in the library to get some rest but that never lasted long.


"Okay, now push Ginny, we're almost done," instructed Madam Pomfrey to Ginny.

Harry's poor hand was purple and blue from the grip that Ginny had on him. It was easily broken, Harry had no doubt of that. He was more worried at this point about the shattering glass all over the place from Ginny's wild magic.

"Just one more big push Ginny," coached Poppy.

Ginny screamed one last time before falling back on the hospital bed panting. A second later Harry heard crying of a baby. Not even a moment later Ginny let go of Harry's hand to accept the white bundle of blankets from Madam Pomfrey.

"Congratulations," said Poppy as she handed over the baby, "It's a baby girl and she is perfectly healthy."

"Hello baby," said Ginny to her beautiful little girl. She had her hair but Harry's vibrant green eyes.

"I told you she'd get your hair," said Harry, "My mum's hair was red so the genes were there in both of us."

"And she's got your eyes just like I told you she would," said Ginny giving her husband a kiss.

"Let me see that hand Mr. Potter," insisted Poppy.

Harry absently held his hand out to the woman but he was more concerned with his little girl.

"What should we name her?" asked Ginny.

"Hope," said Harry with a faint smile, "I think Hope would be a good name."

Ginny smiled too, "Hope Lily Potter."

Harry smiled brightly that Ginny chose to use his mother's name for their daughter's middle name, "Perfect love."

"Yes it is," said Ginny looking to her little girl, "I'm your mummy Hope Lily Potter, and this is your daddy."

Harry smiled at that. "Hello love, welcome to the world, we've been waiting for you."

The little girl squirmed and yawned.

"I know, you're tired after all of that aren't you," said Ginny.

Poppy meanwhile was checking Ginny over completely and cleaning up the mess that always comes from childbirth.

"Mr. Potter," said Poppy, "Why don't you take your daughter to meet her family and let Ginny get some sleep? Just come right back here when you're done."

"Is it okay?" asked Harry to Ginny.

"Yeah," said Ginny, "I'm a bit tired anyway. Giving birth to a child is hard work."

"Yeah, but you did great," said Harry carefully accepting his little girl. Harry stayed a moment until Ginny fell asleep.

"Don't worry Mr. Potter, Ginny will be up again soon to feed her, now go introduce her to the family before the family goes crazy waiting," ordered Poppy.

Harry left the small hospital ward that had been built in Potter Place to the sitting room where all of his family was waiting for him.

Harry entered the room, "It's a girl, Hope Lily Potter."

"Damn," said Sirius, "You've just been born and already you've cost me ten galleons."

Fred, George, and Remus all held out their hands, "Pay up."

Harry and the other laughed heartily. All of the women of course had to hold the baby at least once and coo at her. Harry made sure to show the baby to the portrait of his parents.

"I can already see your mother in her," said Jane looking between the portrait and Hope.

"It's the eyes," said James, "I get the feeling those eyes are going to flow through generations of Potter's for years to come."

"That's a good thing," said Henry, "They are brilliant eyes."

"Thanks," said Harry with a smile, "Anyway, I think it's time I get back to Ginny. I do believe someone is getting a bit hungry."

"No I'm not," said Ron.

"I wasn't talking about you," said Harry flatly as he collected his daughter to go back to the small hospital wing. On the way he ran into someone unexpected.

"Hello Harry," said Dumbledore with a bright smile, "So, this would be young Hope Lily Potter then?"

"Who told you?" asked Harry.

"The list for Hogwarts told me. Her name is already on the list in bright green letters," said Dumbledore, "I could feel the magic of her birth all the way from Hogwarts anyway."

"Well, all the family is in the sitting room but I think Hope is hungry so I have to be going," said Harry.

"Indeed," said Albus, "Take care."

Harry nodded before leaving the headmaster behind.


Harry and Ginny were content during their mid-afternoon patrol of the halls at Hogwarts. They were very thankful that Harry's adoptive parents and Ginny's mum were willing to stay at Potter Place and look after Hope. They were expecting the attack any day now and if it didn't happen soon then there would be a lot of aggravated people just waiting for the shoe to drop. As it was people were on edge with anticipation.

Harry and Ginny would take turns going to Potter Place to see their daughter. They both agreed that it wouldn't be safe for either of them to leave the castle at the same time.

Suddenly the alarms went off through out the halls signaling that things had begun.

Harry and Ginny were among the first into the tunnels going to Hogsmeade to join the battle.

Harry and Ginny emerged in the basement of Honeydukes' to wait for the rest of the 'Kill Voldemort' team as was preplanned.

From the charmed basement window Harry could see the Goblins attacking ferociously. Their blades danced happily in the twilight as they cleaved limbs off of Death Eaters. It was twenty minutes before all of the team was assembled in full battle regale.

Harry checked the map to located Voldemort. A little dot reading 'Tom Riddle' was battling a large group of goblins back. The goblins were quickly disappearing from the map due to death.

"He's outside of the Three broomsticks," said Harry, "You all know what to do so let's do it."

There were several solemn nods.

Harry led the group out of the broken down shop and into the main street. He and everyone else were firing curse after curse at anything in black. Finally Harry saw Voldemort cutting through the goblins.

"Harry, I'll attack him first, everyone else buy me time from the Death Eaters before you attack him with me," instructed Dumbledore, "Ginny and Hermione, don't let anything near Harry at any cost."

Everyone nodded and fanned out to begin their work. This group was not above using killing curses to ensure the Death Eaters didn't get up again.

Harry though erected the most powerful shield he could around him and then placed himself in a time bubble. Then both hands began to weave a very intricate pattern while he began chanting inaudibly. Now that he began, he could not stop until it was finished.

Dumbledore went forward towards Voldemort.

"Ah, so you finally came out to play," cackled Voldemort, "I must say I'm impressed that you've planned so well. I'm even more impressed that your precious 'Order' is actually killing my followers and not being merciful."

"Well Tom, I do aim to please," said Dumbledore as he sent a barrage of deadly curses at him.

"I must have really pissed you off," said Voldemort showing a bit of being impressed.

"You're going to die here today Tom," said Dumbledore confidently.

"Not likely," said Voldemort, "I am curious though, how did you know about all those ritual items. I was quite surprised to find a vault in Diagon Alley filled to the brim with so many of the items I was trying to procure."

"Call it a hunch," said Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eye, "Though none of them will help you today. You will not survive the night."

Voldemort didn't like the twinkle and fired the killing curse several times at the old man without breaking a sweat.

"Worried Tom?" asked Dumbledore with a knowing smile.

"Not at all," said Voldemort as he ducked a killing curse from Ron.

"You're going to lose Snakeface," said Ron confidently as he joined in the fight with Dumbledore.

"Won't it be grand to kill you," said Voldemort, "I think I'll kill you and your troublesome wife first and then your baby sister."

Suddenly Voldemort's hair turned bright pink and his robes yellow with purple Pokka-dots.

"Sorry, couldn't help but get in one last prank before you die today," said Fred.

"Who would have ever thought that anyone would be laughing at old Snakeface in the middle of a battle?" asked George as he avoided the killing curse and a curse that would cause castration.

"I must say, going after a man's manhood is just not cricket," commented Sirius trying not to laugh as he sent a few curses at him.

Voldemort though was incensed that he'd been pranked. Worse though was that he couldn't get rid of the affects. "I'm going to kill you all," he screamed in rage causing them to laugh at him. They all laughed but inside they were terrified. Harry always told them that making Voldemort angry was dangerous but it also made him very sloppy and miss important details.

Details like the Reductor curse that exploded at his feet from Dumbledore.

Unfortunately Voldemort was able to take advantage of the dust to send the killing curse towards Sirius.

Sirius stared wide eyed at the oncoming curse. He knew he couldn't dodge it or avoid it so he was very surprised that it never it him. Lying on the ground before him was his only remaining friend, Remus Lupin. He was gone, completely dead, and yet there was a small smile on his face. It almost looked like he was telling Sirius it was okay and that it was his turn.

Voldemort smiled victoriously for only a moment before he was hit by the Crutiatus curse from behind. Despite all his modification and ceremonies he was not immune to its effects. When he saw the source of the curse he'd never been angrier.

"Time for a little pay back you son of a bitch," said Severus Snape gleefully, "I owe you for twenty some years of torture at your hands." The other knew that Severus wouldn't be able to keep it up for very long because Voldemort was already starting to move.

Suddenly Voldemort realized something. None of them were trying to kill him. Only delay him. Then he saw Harry in the distance, his hands and lips moving rapidly. "So, you were trying to delay me for Potter were you? It will do you no good. I am immortal now, nothing can stop me. Let him finish his foolish little attempt." Voldemort was going to continue his rant when he felt a massive surge of magical energy come from Potter.

Harry had his eyes closed in order to focus on the task at hand. He knew that if he watched he would be tempted to act and thus ruin the opportunity. Finally he finished. Magic surged through him. He could feel times movement and fabric that created it. He was part of it.

Harry's eyes snapped open glowing blue focused only on Voldemort. He walked directly at the man.

Voldemort was afraid. His anger had clouded his judgment. He fired the killing curse at Harry only to see it vanish harmlessly into thin air and Harry continue on at him. Voldemort was in a panic and then he saw Ginny behind Harry. He fired the killing curse toward Harry but at the last moment it curved around him a straight at Ginny.

Harry saw the curse go around him but there was nothing he could do this time to stop it, he had to leave it up to fate and magic to protect her.

Harry didn't slow in his approach towards Voldemort. Harry waved his hand at Voldemort and he froze, stuck in time. Harry jutted an arm into the air pointing over Voldemort's head. A black hole opened as if the air were simply ripped open. Harry moved his arm towards the ground and the hole dropped right over the top of Voldemort before vanishing completely along with him. Harry felt the magic leave his body along with his consciousness.


White. That was the first sight that greeted him. Specifically the white of the ceiling he was staring up at. The very white ceiling that he knew what in the small hospital ward in Potter Place.

Harry looked around to an empty room, "Hello."

No one answered.

Harry tried to sit up but found he lacked the energy. The most he could manage was to lift his arms a few inches before falling back.

"Hello," he called again.

Finally he heard the door opening.

"Hello," he said unable to see the door because of the curtains surrounding him.

"Oh good, you're finally awake," said the familiar voice of Madam Pomfrey.

"Where's Ginny? Is she alright?"

"She's fine, she up feeding the baby right now. I believe she's on her way down now with Hope," said Poppy with a smile at the young man.

"So what's wrong with me?"

"You're tired," said Poppy, "You've used just about every drop of magic you had in you and now you need to rebuild your energy stores. It will probably be a month or so for you to do that. It will be at least a week before you can even consider walking around again."

"But I'll be alright?" he asked only slightly worried.

"You'll be fine," said Poppy.

"Good," said Harry with a sigh of relief. The door opened again.

Harry heard a small gurgle of delight from one of his two favorite people.

"Shush, daddy is sleeping," whispered Ginny.

"Oh, I don't know," said Harry with a smile, "I think daddy would like to hear his little girl."

Faster than a blink of an eye Ginny had attached herself to Harry's lips despite the small cry from Hope.

"Thank goodness," said Ginny as the kiss broke, "You had me so worried."

"Are you okay?" asked Harry, "I saw the killing curse go past me heading straight for you but there was nothing I could do once the magic took hold of me."

Ginny sniffled and wiped her eyes a bit, "I'm fine, but . . ."

"What?" asked Harry, "What happened?"

"My dad, he saved me," said Ginny crying now, "I didn't even see him approaching me. He was just suddenly there. He saved me Harry."

Harry cried a bit to but put a soothing hand on her cheek, which she happily embraced. "How's your mum taking it?"

"She's so sad but . . . but she says that my father would have been happy to die saving me just as she would be," said Ginny, "I think I finally understand it though. Because I would die for you or for Hope if meant keeping them alive."

"I would too love," said Harry caressing her cheek, "Did we lose many people?"

"Remus died saving Sirius," said Ginny choked up, "Alastor and a lot of other 'Order' members died. By some miracle all of my family save my father survived. We were really very lucky. If Voldemort had fought seriously and not played around he may have killed us all."

"We were very lucky," said Harry through some of his own tears, "But it is over now. He can never return and I can finally live."

"You've always lived Harry, but now you know it," said Ginny kissing him fiercely.


Years Later . . .

"Hope Lily Potter, you better get your butt down here right this instant or you're going to miss the train," screamed one angry mum.

"But mum, why can't I just take the port key?" protested Hope.

"Because, riding the train to Hogwarts is very special," said Ginny, "Did you I met your father for the very first time before he rode the Hogwarts Express in his first year? Just imagine, you might me your future husband today."

"Ewe, mum, that's gross," complained the little girl earning a laugh from her mum.

"You say that now," said Ginny.

"Is daddy coming with us?" Hope asked hopefully.

"I wouldn't miss my little girl's first time off on the Hogwarts Express," said a male voice, "What kind of father would I be if I did?"

"Daddy," squealed the little girl tackling the man in a hug.

"Now remember," said Harry, "Despite what your uncles tell you about playing pranks it is not acceptable behavior."

"I know, so I'd better not get caught," said the girl in monotone as if she'd heard the lecture a hundred times before.

"That's my girl," said Harry with a grin.

"You're incorrigible," said Ginny to her husband.

"Oh come on," said Harry, "You know you love the pranks as much if not more than we do."

Ginny tried not to smile but failed, "Just don't get caught, especially by your aunt."

"But Aunty Hermie loves pranks," said Hope defiantly.

"She does, but not when you do them during her class," said Harry sternly.

"Where is Evan? I left him with you," asked Ginny looking at her husband.

"I'm right here mum," said a small boy with unruly hair and bright green eyes coming along side of Harry.

"You're much too serious," said Harry to his son.

"If I weren't I wouldn't be able to keep hope out of trouble," said Evan.

"But you're only five years old," said Harry.

"Since when does age matter? Grandma and Grandpa said that you and Aunt Hermione were always like this when you were younger," defended the little boy.

"Yeah, but even we knew when to have fun," said Harry to his little boy slightly exasperated.

"Give it up Harry, the only time he relaxes is when his cousin Percy is here to play," said Ginny with a grin.

"Speaking of Percy," said Evan, "Can he come over to play after we get rid of her?" He finished pointing at his sister who stuck her tongue out at him.

"You know you'll miss your sister," said Ginny trying not to laugh at Hope's response.

"No I won't, she has couties," he complained.

"Enough, let's go," said Harry giving up the fight.

Together the four took a portkey from Potter Place directly to the Leaky Cauldron and from there they took a taxi to the train station. As they got closer to the train station it was harder to tell who was more excited, Harry or Hope.

"Mum, dad, I don't see Platform 9 and ¾ anywhere," said Hope looking around expectantly.

"You don't?" asked Harry and Ginny together.

"Where is it?" she asked excitedly, it was obvious that she was getting very excited.

"Okay, do you that wall?" asked Ginny pointing at the barrier between platform nine and ten.

Hope nodded.

"Run at it," said Harry in her other ear.

"What?" she asked, "But I'll get hurt."

"I guess she's too afraid to go to Hogwarts," teased Harry.

"I am not," she said taking a run at the barrier. She closed her eyes just before she hit but found that nothing stopped her until she ran head first into another girl.

"Owe," complained Hope rubbing her head. She could hear her mum and dad laughing in the background. "It's not funny," yelled Hope but she was surprised to find out that someone else yelled with her at the same time.

Harry picked his little girl up, "Help your friend up and apologize for knocking her down."

Hope reached her hand out to the other little girl. The girl on the ground took the hand.

"Sorry, it's my first time on the Platform and my mum and dad played a prank on me," explained Hope.

"It's okay, it's my first time too," replied the little girl, "I'm muggleborn so all of this is rather new to me."

"Really?" asked Hope. She had never met many muggleborn children because of where she lived and her father's job. "I'm Hope Potter, nice to meet you."

"Jenny Grant," replied the other little girl with blond hair and bright blue eyes.

"Maybe . . ." hesitated Hope, "Do you wanna sit together on the train?"

"Sure," said Jenny with a giant smile.

Harry and Ginny smiled warmly at the pair of new friends.

"Oh no," complained Evan, "Now there are two coutie wielding girls to worry about."

Harry and Ginny both laughed.

"To think, in six more years we'll finally have an empty next," said Harry with a found smile.

"Oh, I think it will be at least eleven more years," said Ginny with a smirk.

"Huh? But Evan will start school in six year," said Harry stupidly.

Ginny took his hand and placed it gently on her stomach, "What about this one?"

Harry went wide eyed for a moment before fainting.