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Affairs of the Heart

Chapter Sixteen

Syaoran blinked with surprise when Tsuchida fell on the floor, face-down. His leg twitched before he became still, his fist slowly opening and releasing the gun.

"What the-"

"Couldn't let him kill you."

Syaoran struggled in a sitting position, still holding his wounded shoulder. He looked at the bullet hole on Tsuchida's back, blood slowly seeping from it. Syaoran looked at the gunman who had apparently been standing right behind Tsuchida. "Where did you get that gun?"

Haru lowered his arms, his hands relaxing on his gun. If Syaoran hadn't been looking at Tsuchida's face, then he would have known that Tsuchida hadn't been the one who had shot his gun. "I've had it for a couple of years. As soon as you guys began fighting I ran and got it. I came back as soon as I came." His eyes went to his employer's shoulder. "But not soon enough. You have to go to the hospital."

"Damn right." He struggled in order to stand up, and Haru immediately went to his aid. "But not for my wound. We need to stop Lydia."

"But Xiao-Lang, your wound-"

"Sakura comes first" he hissed. "Sakura always comes first."


"Mrs. Tsuchida . . . Wake up Mrs. Tsuchida . . .Please wake up . . ."

Someone was calling her. She tried to open her eyes, but they didn't budge. She tried to move her body, but nothing moved.

"Is she dead?"

"No. You came just in time. A moment longer and she would be dead."

Something poked her arm, and she knew it was a needle.

"Will she have a concussion?"

"No. The wound in her head isn't deep. It'll heal."

"When will she wake up?"

"Soon . . . Wake up, Mrs. Tsuchida. I know you can hear me. Do not be frightened but it'll take a couple of seconds for you to move, okay?"

Three people were in the room, talking. Two men, one woman.

Was she dead?

"Mrs. Tsuchida, I-"

"No" she whispered. It was a struggle to talk; her throat was hurting badly, but she made the effort to speak. "D-don't . . . don't call me . . . That . . ."

Slowly she was getting her senses back, and she was able to move her fingers.

"What should I call you then?"

"Sakura . . . Call me . . . Sakura . . ."

She struggled to open her eyes, and very slowly they opened. Her vision was blurry, and for one panicked moment she thought she was blind. But her eyes slowly focused and the first thing she saw was her doctor's face. He looked worried.

"Tell me, how is your vision?"

"Fine" she whispered, her voice hoarse. Her doctor aimed a flashlight in her eyes, examining them.

"You've suffered quite a blow in the head."


The doctor frowned. "Yes. You were pushed off the bed and banged your head. Do you remember?"

She shook her head, her movement very slight, but the doctor was close enough to know her answer. "Hmm . . . The bang must have caused temporary amnesia." The doctor nodded at a direction before looking back at her. "The nurse is going to give you some ice-chips, okay? It'll soothe your throat."

"What's . . . what's wrong with my throat?" She coughed, trying to make her voice go higher than a whisper, but she winced at the pain.

The doctor hesitated. "Mrs. Li had come in and nearly choked you to death. Your throat is just sore, and bruised, but you'll be fine."

"Choked me?" Sakura tried to remember, but the last thing she remembered was Syaoran leaving the room. Anything after that she couldn't remember.

A nurse came forward and inserted one ice-chip into her mouth. She sucked on the cold solid, sucking in the liquid. It soothed her throat, but it still hurt at the same time.

After a few minutes the doctor said that was enough and asked her if she could move any other parts of her body besides her head. It was several minutes before she was able to move at all.

She sighed with relief when she was able to move her legs and arms. For a few moments she had thought she was going to be paralyzed. She struggled into a sitting position, her doctor helping her. "Any dizziness?" he asked.

She shook her head and for the first time she noticed two people who weren't part of the medical staff. They were standing near the door, out of the way. A man and a woman. The man she has never seen before, but the woman looked familiar. She gave them a quizzical look.

"Sakura, these two people saved your life" her doctor explained.

"We'll explain when they are done" the woman said.

Sakura only nodded, her face still holding her baffled expression.

Five minutes later, the door closed behind her doctor and she stared at the two people.

"Hi, my name is Tomoyo" the woman said as she came forward. "We had talked in a bathroom months ago before someone called for you."

"Yeah . . . I think I remember."

"Yes. This is my husband, Eriol."

"Nice to meet you Ms. . . .?"

"Call me Sakura" Sakura invited, her throat sore but she was now able to speak without much pain.

"Okay Sakura. Well, you must be wondering why we are here."

Sakura nodded.

Eriol cleared his throat. "We came because we thought Xiao-Lang was here. Syaoran is his Japanese name."

"Yes, I know. He had told me that once. Are you friends of his?"

"We were. Anyways-"

"Wait" Sakura interrupted. "Before you say anything else, I need to know how you saved my life."

Tomoyo nodded. "We came in just when we saw Lydia choking you. Eriol grabbed her off you while I went to get security and a doctor. Lydia is now being taken to a police station."

"Do you know for how long she was choking me?"

They shook their heads. "Sorry. We have no idea why."

Sakura placed to hands on her temples, trying to remember. Why did Lydia choke her?

Eriol said "We know about you and Xiao-Lang and your marriage . . . Problems"

She looked at them for a moment. What he stated reminded her of when Haru told them that Lydia knew about her and Syaoran. That's most likely why the woman came in and tried to kill her.

"I see . . ." She was silent for a moment, and then said "Thank you. For saving my life."

"No thanks needed. Anyways, since Xiao-Lang isn't here, we'll be on our way. If he comes tell him that we are-"

He was interrupted when they heard yelling outside the door. It suddenly burst open.

"I said I don't need any help!" Syaoran exclaimed rushing into the room, followed by Haru, two nurses, and a doctor.

"Syaoran!" Sakura gasped, seeing his shoulder that was bleeding quite steadily. "Wh-what happened?"

"Nothing." He ran to her side and knelt by her bed. He grasped her hand. "Are you fine? Did anything happen to you?"

"Mr. Li, you need to-"

"Who cares!" He snapped at the doctor. He looked back at Sakura, and immediately saw the bruises around her neck. "Damn it, did Lydia hurt you?"

"That's what everyone is saying, but I don't remember" She answered frantically. "Syaoran what happened to your shoulder?"

"Just a little scratch."

"Scratch!" Haru snorted. "That's a bullet wound."

"Bullet-!" Sakura pulled her hand out of his and pointed out the door. "Syaoran, go get that checked out!"


"Mr. Li, if you don't come with us we'll be forced to sedate you" the doctor growled.

Syaoran sighed in frustration and stood up abruptly, seeing how everyone in the room was glaring at him- except for Tomoyo and Eriol, who he hasn't noticed yet- and hissed "This is all your fault Haru" and marched out of the room.

"He blames me for asking for a doctor to check his wound?" Haru grumbled. "Next time I'll let him bleed to death."

"What happened to him?" Sakura asked anxiously. "Why does-"

He sighed. "Tsuchida shot him."

Sakura paled. "What?" She asked faintly.

"We went into his mansion, and Tsuchida was there waiting for us with a gun. They fought, and I was forced to shoot your husband. He's dead."

Sakura stared at him. Kiyo . . . Was dead? She couldn't believe it. She had loved that man, and he had been a part of her life for over four years, if you include the five months she had been dating him before she had made the stupid decision of marrying him and if you include the past several months- months of pure hell. Knowing he was dead left her feeling . . .

Actually, she didn't know what to feel. She hated him, yes, but he had been someone she could turn to before he had showed her his true colors. They had had fun, and she truly did love him, until she fell for Syaoran. How should she feel? Glad? Happy? Sad?

"He can't hurt me anymore" she whispered. Then she smiled. She wasn't going to grieve for him- that man didn't deserve it for what he put her through. She wasn't going to be sad. Instead, she was going to be happy over the fact that he couldn't hurt her anymore, and that she no longer has to worry about him.

She heard the door close and she saw that Tomoyo and Eriol were gone.


Syaoran scowled throughout the whole time they were taking out the bullet. It was a whole half hour before they were done- he ended up getting seven stitches- but when he tried to get off the examining table he was sitting on the nurse pushed him back.

"Nuh-uh. You are not leaving until we set up some ground rules, or else you'll end up popping a stitch and coming back here" she scolded and she began wiping the dry blood off his shoulder. They had needed for him to remove his shirt in order to remove the bullet so he was currently bare-chested, which was heavily muscled.

"Fine. What are they?"

"Rule number one: Don't lift anything heavy with this arm, including your girlfriend. I know she is small, but she is still too heavy. Rule number two: If you need to move your shoulder, do it slowly or carefully. Any fast movements will result in you popping a stitch. Rule number three: Avoid getting your stitches wet, if possible. Rule number four: If you do pop a stitch, come back here immediately. Do not wait. Do you understand these rules?"

"Yeah, yeah."

She finished wiping away the blood and watched as he began to put on his shirt quite quickly. She glared at him, and he froze. "Rule number two?" She snapped.

He blinked, and then more slowly began to put on his shirt. "Rule number two" he repeated as he slowly lowered his arm after putting his shirt on and began to button it.

The nurse shook her head and walked to the door. "There are two people who have been waiting to see you." She opened it and in came Eriol and Tomoyo, surprising Syaoran.

The nurse left the room and closed the door, leaving the three alone.

Syaoran opened his mouth but Eriol was the first to get a word out. "We've been waiting for the past half hour and we'll be damned if you kick us out before we say what we have to say: Good-bye. Me and Tomoyo are leaving Tomoeda because we have nothing left here for us. Moreover, we had warned you about Lydia and we had wanted to let you figure things out on your own but because you are taking your sweet time with it I'll just tell you that-"

"Lydia and Sheng plotted to kill me?"

"Yes, I-" Eriol paused. "What did you say?"

Syaoran sighed. "I know about Lydia and Sheng. Haru confessed it all. I also understand your warning about not getting Lydia pregnant. You don't have to worry about that anymore: Lydia's baby isn't mine."

They did nothing but stare for a moment before both of them sighed in relief. "Thank God!" Then they froze. "We're so sorry" they apologized in unison, then both began talking at the same time, saying that neither of them should be happy for him not becoming a father and that he must have been excited over the prospect of being that baby's father and there they were expressing great relief that he wouldn't be a father and other things.

Despite himself, he smiled. "No apologies needed. I must admit that I'm relieved too that the baby isn't mine."

They were silent, not knowing what to say. Finally, Tomoyo said "Well, we're glad it's not yours. Good-bye, Xiao-Lang."

They turned to go before Syaoran stopped them. "Wait!" They stopped and watched as he got off the examining table and walked over to them. He gave them a regretful look. "I'm sorry. For not believing you. You guys were right. And if you guys were telling the truth about Lydia, then you guys were telling the truth about being blackmailed. I'm so sorry for demanding you guys to go away. I love you. The both of you. I shouldn't have been taking Lydia's side over yours when I've known you longer than her and I should have realized that you weren't using her as a way of getting back on my good side; you're just not those kind of people. And I shouldn't have dismissed your explanations so easily. And I'm hoping that you guys stay here, so we could start over, and make up for those two years we were apart."

Tomoyo stared at him, her eyes going watery. "Oh, we would want nothing more" she whispered and she hugged him, tightly, as he wrapped his good arm around her. When she stepped back, she watched as the two men grinned at each other and hugged, thumping each other on the back.

"You are my brother, Xiao-Lang" Eriol said. "I'm sorry for not being there for you."

"You are my only brother, Eriol" Syaoran said in return, putting emphasis on the word 'only'. "And don't be sorry. You have good reasons."

When they separated, Tomoyo said: "Lydia was taken down to the police station. She nearly killed Sakura, but we stopped her."

Syaoran nodded. "Do you know where Sheng is?"

"Isn't he in Hong Kong?"

"No. It seems that he is in town, and is staying somewhere. I'm hoping to God that Lydia will give him up, because she probably knows his location."

"Because Lydia is a prostitute, I have no doubt that she will."

Syaoran raised an eyebrow. "How much, exactly, do you know about her?"

"Everything. We overheard her talking on the phone with Sheng. When we confronted her about it, she retaliated by blackmailing us." She sighed. "Xiao-Lang, can you trust Haru? I mean, he was part of the plot."

"I know." He knew Haru was with Sakura, but he trusted the man. But whether Syaoran turned him in to the cops or not was still undecided. "But I trust him. He saved my life. And he wouldn't hurt anyone I know because he wants my help." He opened the door to the hallway.

"Why?" Eriol asked.

Syaoran glanced at them before heading towards Sakura's room. "Lydia's baby is his."

Tomoyo and Eriol looked at each other, shocked, before following him.


Lydia looked at the policeman as he walked around the interrogation room. "Mrs. Li, now why would you want to kill Mrs. Tsuchida?"

Lydia shook visibly, clutching at her stomach. "She slept with my husband. She had to pay."

"Why not divorce your husband?"

"I-I can't."


"Because. I can't."

The officer raised one single eyebrow. "You know, Mrs. Li, you are looking at years of prison for attempted murder, Ms. Yao. Years of prison."


"Years. And the women in prison will tear you up. They ain't nice as the friends you have around here. And they love fresh meat."

Lydia bit her lip. "Wait, what if I give you information, would you give me a deal?"

"Information? What information could you possibly-"

"A lot of information. So long as you give me a deal."

The cop stared at her for one long moment before saying "Give me what you got."


Sheng whistled as he walked over to the mirror in his hotel room. He ran a hand through his hair, which, to his dislike, was the same color as Syaoran's. They looked so much alike, almost like twins, but Sheng knew they were as different as night and day.

How he has hated his brother for so long!

Syaoran had gotten everything from his parents: attention, toys, books, whatever that brat had asked for! His parents had never been like that with him. Oh no, he was a damn mistake, a mistake they had almost given up. He had been born a bastard, out of wedlock, and he wouldn't have known any of this if he hadn't overheard his parents talking about it when he was ten. Such fools they were, talking loudly about the situation, thinking he wouldn't hear them.

His parents had wanted to give him up when he was born, but had decided to keep him only because their parents, his grandparents, made them keep him as punishment for not waiting until they were married to have sex. And they had kept him, all right, but they had been aloof with him more often than not, even though there were times when he had seen love in their eyes.

When his four sisters came into the picture, he tolerated them because his parents had enjoyed seeing him take care of his younger sisters, praising him for being such a good older brother and for loving his siblings and whatnot.

Then his brother came. His cute, attention-taking little brother. At first, Sheng had been going to treat him the way he treats his sisters, which was to protect the Little Wolf and be a good older brother. Then Sheng had noticed how his parents were treating him, giving him far more love than they have ever given to their first born. His little brother became a menace, a threat, and a rival.

And when his mother had stated in her will that she was giving the company to Syaoran, Sheng had then and there decided to get rid of his little brother once and for all, and get the company that he so rightly deserves. And when Syaoran built up Li Corps, Sheng had made it a mission to get that company as well.

He had formulated his plan, had found the perfect wife for Syaoran, and his plan had gone into motion. Sheng hadn't expected to fall in love with Lydia, even though she was a prostitute, but he figured it was because she was like him, in everything.

He couldn't wait to marry her and live happily-ever-after with her.

With a sigh, he began to pack his clothes. Lydia had called him on the phone saying how a guy named Tsuchida was going to kill her husband, and that she couldn't stop him because he was insane and had a gun. She went on to say that she was on her way to kill Syaoran's mistress, and that Sheng should get ready to leave Tomoeda with her in case people began to suspect them.

Sheng really didn't want his little brother to be killed yet, but if an insane man was going to do it, then Sheng wasn't about to protest, especially when that insane man has a gun.

Sheng glanced at the door when someone knocked on it. Rolling his eyes, and running his hand through his chestnut hair, he walked over to it.

"What?" He called.

"Room service" came the answer.

He frowned. He hadn't ordered food service. Shrugging, he opened the door.


"What the-"

Two men walked into the room and one of them swung him around and grabbed his arms behind his back. "Li Sheng, you are under arrest."

"For what!" He demanded.

"You're girlfriend rattled you out."

"My girl-" It struck him. "That bitch!" he roared. "That good-for-nothing-whore!"

"Careful what you say in front of us sir."

And they took him out of the room, with him still cursing out the woman he loved, the same woman who gave him up.

(Sakura: Next Day)

"Looks like you'll be going home soon" the doctor said as he checked Sakura's charts.


"In a few days. We just need to do a few final check-ups."

Sakura nodded and she looked at Syaoran, who was sitting on the chair by her bed. "What happened to Kiyo's body?"

"The coroner came and took him. So far no one knows who shot him."

"Are you going to turn in Haru for being involved with the plot of you getting killed?" She inquired.

He shook his head. "After a lot of thinking, I decided not to. He shot him to save my life. Not turning him in for this is my way of saying thanks. Besides, I could that he was only involved with the plot because he loved Lydia."

Someone knocked on the door and in came Chen, his face serious. He looked at Syaoran. "I did what you told me to. I dug around Tsuchida's past."

Sakura blinked at Syaoran, knowing what Chen said since he spoke in Japanese. "Why would you do that?"

"I wanted to know why he was the way he was. Don't you want to know?"

"Well, now that you mention it . . ."

She looked at Chen, waiting. Even though he was the one who actually gave the pictures to Kiyo, the very pictures that caused Kiyo's rage, she couldn't blame him. He did it only because Syaoran threatened him to, and like she had said before, she couldn't blame Syaoran for what had happened either.

Chen cleared his throat as he looked over the papers in his hands. "It seems that Tsuchida's father was as controlling as Tsuchida himself. Tsuchida's mother had killed her husband when Tsuchida was seventeen because not only was he beating her, but he was also beating their child. She got parole and is now living somewhere in Australia. Anyways, before he was killed, Tsuchida's father was 'teaching' him on how to care for a wife, telling him that the best way was to control them subtly before coming out of their shells."

"And he learned well" she murmured. "I hadn't even known I was being controlled until a few months ago." She looked at him curiously. "Kiyo had told me that his family was dead. Why would he say that, knowing his mother is alive?"

"Because he blames her for the shooting of his father. He doesn't care if it was because she was protecting him. His father was his mentor, and his mother was nothing but a useless woman. He cut all ties with her, and that's when she hit for Australia." He sighed. "There is more. It seems that Tsuchida has five children scattered around the globe, having impregnated five different women, the youngest being all of fourteen."

Sakura felt sick. Her husband was not only an abuser, but an adulterer and a molester. "I'm glad he's dead" she hissed. "If he wasn't dead all ready, I would have killed him myself!"

"So would these mothers. All of them were being blackmailed into silence, except the fourteen year old. He, instead, threatened to beat her if she so much as spoke a word of it."

"How do you know all this?"

"Contacts. I may have lost my company, but I still have contacts who can give me information."

"Thanks Chen" Syaoran said. "I'll call you later."

When he left, Sakura sighed heavily. "I can't believe I couldn't see the monster he truly was."

"He hid it well. From you, from the public, from everyone."

Sakura nodded and looked at Syaoran, and took a deep breathe. "I've been thinking. I don't want to lose you again. Ever. I love you, and I want to be with you. Whether that's for just a few months, or for several years, I want to be with you. When Haru told me that you had gotten shot, I realized that I could have lost you, and I grew scared. There's no more obstacles between us. None, and I want to start a brand new life- with you."

Syaoran grasped her hand, and caressed her cheek. "It's about time" he said softly, and smiled.

(Tomoyo and Eriol)

Eriol cooed at his child that was forming in his wife's body. How happy he was! This baby would never replace the one they lost, but he would love it just as much, and take good care of it.



"I have something to tell you."

He looked at her, at her worried expression. "What?"

She twiddled her thumbs, looking at anything and everything but him. "Our son . . . When I said that we took a DNA test while you were in a coma . . . Well, when we did the results said-"

"Tomoyo" he interrupted. He cupped her cheek. "I know he wasn't mine, biologically."

Her eyes widened as his confession shocked her to the core. "What?" she asked faintly, unsure if she heard him right.

He sighed. "One of the nurses had told me accidentally, and when you came in trying to be happy, telling me that the baby is mine, I understood what you were trying to do. I didn't want to strain our relationship more than it already was, so I kept quiet. Not only that, but I cared for him like my own child, and even now, in my heart, I think of him as mine."

"So all this time you knew?"

He nodded.

She looked at him with worry. "Are you mad that I hadn't told you?"

He couldn't help but smile at that. "If I had been mad, then I would have said something about it a long time ago. Tomoyo, you don't have to keep secrets from me. You don't have to try to protect me and let me think that the baby was mine when in truth it wasn't." He took her hand in his. "We shouldn't keep secrets from each other. Okay?"

She nodded, smiling a little. "I'm sorry for not having told you."

"I know you were only trying to protect me."

He drew her in his arms, hugging her to him tightly. "Just never keep secrets from me again."

She nodded again.

They stayed like that for a few minutes before Eriol drew back, a frown on his lips.

"What's wrong?"

Eriol's frowned deepened. "I was just wondering when we should tell Xiao-Lang about our baby. I don't want him to feel depressed about losing his daughter while we gloat about our own baby."

She sighed, remembering when Syaoran told them about Sakura's baby being his baby as well after telling them that Lydia's baby was Haru's baby. Talk about surprises. "I don't know when the right time will be" she said. "Maybe we should tell him when I could no longer hide it. I don't want to destroy the happiness he feels."

They looked at each other, and smiled, thinking of their best friend who had finally found his soul mate, and the happiness he rightly deserved.

(Four Months later: Sakura and Syaoran)

Syaoran held Sakura as they watched the news together in their bedroom.

"It's over, darling" Syaoran said softly, kissing her forehead.

"Finally" she whispered, enjoying his arms around her as they lay on their bed.

Their bed. Their bedroom. Even now, she couldn't believe that they were actually living together in a small house, a little isolated from Tomoeda. When he asked if they could live together a few weeks ago, she hadn't hesitated. Living in her mansion, alone, had made her feel lonely. And Syaoran just couldn't stand it in his own mansion, having nothing but bad memories in it, not to mention the reputation of having a man getting shot in there. But mostly, they couldn't stand not being together. It was as if those six months, while they were apart, had made them realize that being together was the only way they could survive.

With a smile, Syaoran watched as the news reporter declared that the jury has found Sheng guilty, and that he will now get life in prison. His smile grew as the reporter announced that Lydia will get fifty years in prison. A shorter sentence only because she gave Sheng up.

Syaoran had already filed for divorce from her, and it would be final in just a few months. He couldn't wait.

"Will Haru get custody of the baby?" Sakura asked as she looked up at him.

He nodded. "Yeah. If the court takes their sweet time doing it, I'll try to speed up the process."

"That would be great. You could tell how much Haru loves his son."

Yes, Haru absolutely loved his son, which he named Yasuo. Lydia ended up giving birth in jail, and she had been all too happy of getting rid of the child. She hadn't even cared who it went to, so long as she didn't have to deal with it. The courts had thought that Syaoran was the father, so they had all been prepared to give him custody when he announced that the father was Haru, who had looked shocked when he found out that Syaoran wasn't going to pretend to be the father. Because it was unexpected, the courts hadn't given Haru full custody of the baby, but had allowed him to take care of the child. They had said that they would wait until after Lydia's trial was over, although nobody knew why. Haru was just glad that he was getting his son, and that Lydia will remain out of their lives for good.

Syaoran had kept quiet about Haru shooting Kiyo, who's murder was still left unresolved. Syaoran had been asked questions by the police, of course, because the murder had happened in his home, but the cops couldn't find anything suspicious, so they left him alone. To Syaoran, it felt like the cops weren't trying very hard to solve the murder of the former Cabinet member; maybe because they knew what the bastard had done to his wife and her baby.

Syaoran looked down at Sakura, who looked sad. He knew the reason why. Every time she spoke about someone getting a child, or raising one, it would always remind her that she will never be able to raise their daughter, which made her depressed. He hugged her tightly, reassuring her.

"Jia Li will always be in our hearts, Sakura" he whispered.

"I know. But I just wish that she was here, with us, right now. If I had come to full term, if Kiyo hadn't hurt me, then she would be two months old. I just . . ." She sighed, and he knew she was remembering the funeral they had for their daughter, which had been beautiful and worthy for Jia Li. "And it's worse because I always see Tomoyo, who always reminds me of Jia Li because she is pregnant."

And how hesitant Eriol and Tomoyo were when they told them. Sakura had immediately been welcomed into their circle of friends. Tomoyo, having thought Sakura as being adorable, had began to make clothes for Sakura to suit her looks. Eriol- who Syaoran has made a partner out of for Li Corps- had turned into a somewhat protective brother, warning every man to back away from Sakura when Syaoran wasn't around to do it himself. They all knew she was wary around any man except Syaoran and Eriol.

Syaoran remembered how they found out that Tomoyo was pregnant. They had all been at Eriol and Tomoyo's place- a nice condominium that they bought- eating when Sakura noticed how round Tomoyo's stomach was. It wasn't very big, especially with how she was wearing baggy clothes, but it had been noticeable. Tomoyo hadn't wanted to say anything at first, knowing that Sakura would be depressed because she, herself, knew exactly how it felt to lose a child. But then she told them how she was four months pregnant, five now.

Syaoran and Sakura had been shocked, but then became thrilled, and were delighted when Tomoyo asked if they wanted to be the baby's Godparents. It wasn't until later when Sakura confessed that she had envied Tomoyo, and had cried over the lost of Jia Li.

"You'll move on. Tomoyo had, and you're just as strong as she is."

Sakura nodded. "I know, but I hate feeling so depressed. I'm happy for Tomoyo, though. I really am. Mai, too, now that I think of it."


Sakura let out a sigh. "My brother got her pregnant again. She told me yesterday"

Touya and Mai had moved back to Canada three months ago. They had returned to Tomoeda upon finding out about Kiyo killing her child as soon as they could. Much to her relief, they had also forgiven Syaoran for lying to Sakura. She suspected it was only because she had done the same thing to him, and Touya could not hate someone for doing something that his baby sister did as well. They had stayed in Tomoeda for a month as they helped her back on her feet before leaving her in the hands of Syaoran. But during that month, Touya had complained so many times about how he wished that he was the one to kill Kiyo.

Kari, too, had been a great help. She even helped out with the funeral arrangements. She still felt guilty for having supported Kiyo, and promised herself that she would never meddle in anyone's business again.

Sakura thought that was a good promise, but she was unsure if her best friend would be able to keep it. But she was sure that Chen would help Kari keep her promise.

Sakura smiled as she thought of the two lovebirds. It was obvious at the attraction those two had felt when they first met, which had been accidental when they both had visited Sakura at the hospital. They were now living together in Kari's apartment as he started to rebuild Wong's Stocks, with the help of Syaoran and Eriol.

Syaoran turned off the TV, plunging them into darkness since it was past near midnight, and snuggled Sakura closer to him, loving the way her body felt in his arms. He never wanted to let her go again.

"I've got something for you" he murmured in the dark, the moonlight being the only thing lighting the room. "Two things, actually."

"And you are going to give them to me at this hour?" She asked in amusement.

"Think of it as celebration gifts for the jury's verdict."

He twisted around and opened the nightstand drawer that was on his side of the bed. He extracted a piece of paper and handed it to her. Sakura gave him a confused look as she reached for the lamp that was on her nightstand and turned it on. She grabbed the paper and read it.

She gasped and sat up on the bed as she reread the paper. "S-Syaoran . . ." She whispered, not knowing what to say. It was a document of ownership, stating that the building that she had put up for sell months ago, the same building that had once been Blossom Petal, was now hers again.

"I know how much you loved Blossom Petal" he stated softly, sitting up and wrapping his arms around her waist. He placed his chin on top of her shoulder. "When you told me how Tsuchida made you close it down, I saw how much you missed the store. You're good at interior decorating, Sakura, and you deserve your store. Moreover, you can start next week. I had called all of your old employees, and all of them, including Kari, are ready to come back. They've made sure to see to it that the inside of the store is the same as before. You're a boss again, sweetheart. And you don't have to worry about anyone taking it away from you again." He smiled. "I've only made one change to it. I've changed the name from Blossom Petal to Jia Li. It's a tribute to our daughter. They've already put the sign up. That's why I made sure you never drove on the street where the building was, so you wouldn't see it."

Sakura smiled, holding her tears at bay. "You are so wonderful" she whispered. "So, so wonderful. Thank you so much."

He kissed her temple. "I was glad to do it. Now for your second gift-"

"Wait. I have something for you too." Leaving the security of his arms, she got out of bed and walked over to the closet. She opened it and reached for a box that was on the shelf that was on top of the pole where all their clothes were hanging. She took the box down and opened it, and then took out a big yellow envelope. Placing the box back, she walked over to the bed and crawled to the middle of their queen-sized bed and faced him.

"What, did you also buy me a store?" He teased, grabbing the envelope.

"Something better, I hope."

With a smile, he opened it and extracted some papers. Curiously, he looked over the first page and froze. Shocked, and with disbelief, he read over it again, unsure if his eyes were playing tricks on him.

They weren't, and something like happiness burst inside him.

Miraculously, his divorce to Lydia was finalized.

"How . . . How did you do it?" He asked. The divorce shouldn't be finalized until months later, so he had to ask.

"Kiyo used to blackmail all these judges so he could use them whenever he needed something legally done. I didn't know about it until a couple of months after Lydia's party. Anyways, when Kiyo was killed, I went to all of them, told them that I would destroy everything Kiyo had used in order to blackmail them, and asked each of them for a favor, which was to finalize your divorce as soon as possible. One of them finally pulled through, and I got those papers yesterday. I was going to give them to you later today." She smiled. "I know how badly you wanted your divorce over with, and you've done so much for me that I wanted to do something for you."

Syaoran didn't know what to say. This was the one thing he has been wanting for the last few months, and she gave it to him. He was finally a free man. He no longer has to deal with Lydia, because she was no longer his wife.

"Thank you, Sakura." He cupped her cheek and kissed her softly, showing her how much he loves his gift.

"You are welcome. Now, what's my second gift?"

He smiled and took out a small box from the drawer. It looked like a ring box. He glanced at her face, which was pale. "Don't worry. It's not an engagement ring." He knew neither of them were ready for marriage again. They wanted to take things slow, which meant he won't be proposing to her for a long time.

He opened the ring box and there, sitting on its velvet bed, was a beautiful square-cut emerald.

"It's a promise ring" he stated. "A little high school-ish, but I wanted you to have something that would always remind you that one day I will propose to you, and that we'll live our lives together until the day we die."

Sakura looked at the ring, but she hadn't touched it. "Syaoran, you shouldn't have. What if we don't last?"

He took out the ring from the box and said "Read the inscription."

She took the exquisite ring and read what had been engraved within the band.

"Sakura, we went through so much together" he said softly. "I know we didn't go through all that hell to be together only for us to break up. We belong together. We're perfect for each other. Everyone sees it." He caressed her face. "If we start to fall apart, I'll strive to put us back together again. I'll make sure we last until we're old and gray. Of course, we'll both be wrinkly, and weak, and slow, but at least we'll be together."

She giggled and said "You're right. We are perfect for each other. And I'll strive too. I don't want to lose you."

"Me neither, so . . ." He took hold of the ring, grabbed her left hand, and slipped the ring on her finger. "I am making a promise to always be here for you and that one day, I will give you an engagement ring. I am making a promise that one day, we will be husband and wife."

Sakura stared at the ring, smiling. He was hers. Not completely, but this ring said that one day he intended to make himself officially hers, the way she was his. Always.

She went into his arms and hours later, as she lay naked in his arms after their lovemaking, she heard him say "L'amo, i Fiori di ciliegio"

She lifted her head off his naked chest and looked at him in puzzlement through the darkness. "What?"

One side of his mouth twitched. "Je vous aime, la Fleur de Cerise."


He smiled. "Wo ai ni, Ying Fa."

"Syaoran! What are you saying?"

"I'm saying, in Italian, French, and Chinese, this- I love you, Cherry Blossom."

She smiled. "Why didn't you just say that in Japanese in the first place so I could understand you?"

"Because it's more romantic if I tell you in four ways."

She giggled, her eyes shining, and said "I love you too, Little Wolf."

She rested her head on his chest again and together they watched the sun rise through the window.

They knew that when the affairs of the heart are concerned, anything can happen and nothing can be predicted. But they also knew that their hearts only belong to one person- each other.

That made them different, made them the exception from the rule. And as the sun rose, filling the room with light, they knew that they were going to be together until the day they die. It was just like what her engraved ring said:

The Cherry Blossom and her Little Wolf- Forever.

The End

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