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Child of the Dragon

Prologue: The Hunt Begins

Frieza sat in his chambers, feeling quite bored. His ship was heading to take care of a planet where his troops were having difficulty over-running the place. In the mean time, the Tyran of the Northern Universe had nothing else to do but hang around in his chambers. 'I could taunt the Saiyans,' he thought. 'But I have no reason to. They've been unsually good lately.'

He tought of other ways to amuse himself, but both Zarbon and Dodoria were away, leading his side of the war on the planet he was heading towards, and Vegeta was busy having some stupid little meeting with what was left of his people. Frieza had to adimt, he loved the spunk in that boy; the way he carried on it was as if he had never been told that his planet was destroyed. He held prep rallys with his remaining fellow Saiyans (all way older then the little prince himself) before they went on missions; meetings to talk about...well, whatever monkeys like them talked about; he spoke to Frieza about the concerns of his people. Yes, Vegeta was a very good leader, a very good prince and Frieza had often told him so.

Frieza began to wonder, what did Saiyans talk about during these random meetings Vegeta held? Frieza knew that when Vegeta was younger, around 6 or 7, these meetings were more of a recreational relaxation time for him and the others. He would want to play like all little children want to and, for the happiness of their prince, the others would act as playmates to the best of their ability and entertain Vegeta. But now the boy was grown up, 20 years old, and he shouldn't be playing silly little games. 'So what did they do now?' Frieza wondered. 'Well there was only one way to find out.'

He found his scouter laying inside one of his transport vehicles. The small device held a communicator which connected him with anyone else who had one. With a few presses on a button he had instant connection to Vegeta's own personal scouter, but the scouter of the Saiyan Prince was turned off. Frowning, Frieza pushed the same button a few more times and pulled up another connection with another Saiyan, but that one was turned of too. He tried again with the same results. Growing suspicse, Frieza was just about to storm Vegeta's room when he found Raditz's communicator open.

And he did not like what he heard at all.

"Raditz, are you sure?" asked Vegeta. "I don't want to take such a huge risk if this would only lead us on a wild chase with no fruit for all our hard work."

"Frieza hasn't been anywhere near that planet," came Raditz's reply. "The closest he ever got to even touching it was sending my brother there to dominate it. And my brother never returned from that trip."

"So what?" Nappa said. "No offense Raditz, but your family didn't exactly get the highest ranking in the gene pool. Your brother could've parished. The inhabitants could've been stronger then calculated, it's happen before."

"But," Raditz defended, "that planet has a full moon every month. And while the inhabitants may be stronger, how many times has that stopped Saiyans from carrying out what we were breed to do? I do believe my brother is alive on that planet, I say we go and get him."

"But why hasn't he come back on his own?" asked a female voice. "You'd think there'd be no reason to stay. What kept him away for all these years?"

"I don't know. One thing is for sure though: the satus on his ship reported that it was badly damaged in the landing, and left unintended since then," Raditz supplied.

"We don't blame him for not knowing how to fix the ship to get home, we blame him for not trying to return in the first place!"

"Torah, let me remind you of what would've happened to my brother if he did come 'home', although I think I should also remind you that our home was destroyed by Frieza nearly 15 years ago. He would've come back around the same time you and your crew did. Did you notice a little boy of about two years old among those that were what was left of us then? Was he one of the handful of Saiyans lined up to die that day? I doubt it. He wasn't there. And I know he must be alive on that planet. Frieza seems to show no special intrest on this planet so I feel as long as he's there, he's safe. I don't know why he didn't come back, I don't know why he didn't try. All I do know is that he's a Saiyan too, we shouldn't leave him out there to die alone."

"No more discussion," Vegeta said as the others opened their mouths to offer more protests. "We still need a safe place to hide when he do revolt against Frieza, so I propose this:

"When we do make our break for freedom, we crash first at this planet that your bother is staying on. I will spend no more then three days looking for him, so we'd better find him soon. By then Frieza will be after us and we will leave come the morning of the fourth day, perhaps even before then. Frieza will probably destroy the planet, so we'll have to find another close by that we can flee to. We'll get our bearings straight there. The pods are faster then his master ship, but Frieza has thousands of soldiers at his beck and call. Send enough and we all die.

"Raditz, what was the name of the planet he was on again?"

"Planet Earth," the Saiyan replied, earning a few grunts of "what the !" from the others. "And his name is Kakarot."

"Okay. We'll wait till our next big mission. That's when we move out. You'll all dismissed."

Frieza turned the scouter off. Nearly 18 years ago he had sensed that the Saiyans would be a threat to his reign over the universe. He had done everything he could possibly think of to ensure that wouldn't happen but no matter how hard he tried, something new always came up with them, posing a threat greater then before. He was reluctant to kill them all off; they were, after all, his best warriors and he had grown quite fond of Vegeta. 'Damn brat,' Frieza thought as he exited his room and headed towards the control room. 'If I'm not careful, he'll put me under the same spell he casted on his own father; manipulation

"Set a course for a planet called Earth after I finish this war!" Frieza barked as he entered the room making several people jump in their seats. Ironically enough, one of the guards outside the door was Raditz (Vegeta's quarters weren't fall down the hall) and he immediately burst out upon hearing this.

"But Sire, why!"

Frieza turned to him and smiled coolly. "Well, thanks to an annonmuse tip, I have reason to believe there is a Saiyan on that planet who hasn't come home yet. I think it'd be very rude to leave him there alone, don't you agree?"

Raditz swallowed and said as clamly as he could, "what are you going to do to him?"

"Well, truthfully, I don't know. I guess it depends on my mood when we find him. Better hope that nobody pisses me off if you want pieces of his body when I'm done. He is, after all, your brother Raditz. No, don't worry about delivering the news to Vegeta, I can tell him personally tonight."

End Prologue!