Where are you.

15 years after yu gi oh had ended, a young short red haired girl is heading off to America to find her long lost father. The only thing she has on his is a photo. She looks at the picture with her grey eyes, her father had red hair like hers and grey eyes. She was told his name is Alister from the doma three swords men.

Over in America Alister is now working for Kaiba along side with his 16 year old brother Mickey. His job is to teach kids how to duel in a duelling school.

"Yuki, please stand forward and duel Askua" Alister said pointing to a brown haired boy.

"Yes sir" Yuki got up and walked up to the duelling ground where Askua stood. Askua looks a lot like Kaiba. But she has no relations to him.

"Go and get her Yuki" Sho shouted over, She looks a lot like Yugi but he has blue hair and grey eyes, he also wears glasses.

"Oh I will my friend"

After duel. Alister asked Yuki and Sho to stay behind. But a unexpected visitor turns.

To be continued.