Chapter 2

Alister turns to the young red haired girl. And sees Varon their too.

"May I help you?" Alister asked really nicely.

"I want to see you dad" the red haired asked

"Is that you AJ" Amelda was happy

"Yes it is, I'm 14 now and mom died last week, so I came all the way to find you" AJ smiled

"I happy to see you again AJ, the last time I saw you, you were only two years old" Alister cuddles his daughter.

"Hey mate, I didn't know you had a daughter" Varon asked confused.

"AJ, this is my boyfriend Varon, and Varon this is AJ" Amelda greeted

"She looks a lot like you Alister, who's her mother" Varon looked at the girl

"Her mother is Serenity Wheeler, we both gots drunk and woke up naked, we won't going out with each other either she was a friend, and I gots her pregnant, then I had to move away to America since I gots this Job" Alister replied

"Ah I see, come AJ, I greet you to my son VJ, his mother died too and he found his way to me too" Varon took AJ off

"Who's his mother" AJ asked

"Tea Gardner, she was a big mistake, it's the same as your fathers story, me and her gots drunk too and was just a friend, weird throw that I gots her pregnant" Varon took AJ to his and Alister's Flat.

To be continued.