By Jonathan Urban

February 26, 2001

(The character's Hannibal Lecter, Mason Verger, or any other ones from the novels by Thomas Harris are all property and copyright of his. I recommend all of the author's great novels: Black Sunday, Red Dragon, Silence Of The Lambs, and Hannibal)

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--(Takes place between Red Dragon and Silence Of The Lambs)--


Driving through the curvy roads, surrounded on either side by dense trees and foliage, Dr. Lecter made his way to the Verger estate. He casually tapped his finger to the rhythm of the classical music coming from his radio. The drive was a beautiful one, void of the stress of driving on a busy interstate or highway.

Dr. Lecter pulled into the circular drive and stopped in front of the main entrance. He was greeted by a butler, who introduced himself as Charles, and two Dobermans. "And how was your drive in Dr. Lecter?"

"Quite peaceful, beautiful day my good man."

Charles was tall and thin, with graying hair, ghost-like paleness in his face. "Right this way Dr. Lecter—the state troopers have already brought Mr. Verger in and they have him in the study."

Charles and Dr. Lecter entered the study. The two troopers where not the same ones as before, back at Dr. Lecter's office, but two new ones. "Good morning officers..." Dr. Lecter smiled. "I believe I'll take it from wait outside..."

They left, followed by Charles, and Lecter could hear one mumbling to the other, "Who the hell is this guy?"

"So good to see you rested, Mason. I take it, you feel relieved somewhat being home for this temporary visit?"

"Actually Doctor, I hate you for it—one would probably think you deserve thanks for arranging this outing, but I consider it cruel punishment—dangling my home in front of my face, the life that could have been if I was not caught..."

"Ah...the lack of remorse is quite intense Mason. I would think you might just have some remorse—or at least fake it. That's what happens with wishful thinking," Dr. Lecter frowned a moment, then walked around the study. Verger was seated firmly in chair near the two windows that looked out onto the west side of the estate grounds—hands cuffed.

"Impressive...did daddy work here, or was this room a trophy to his ego?" Dr. Lecter lashed his tongue-sword at Mason.

"Fuck you Doctor. To answer your question, yes, my daddy did often work here—I know, you wonder what kind of work; since he was already rich by the time he was five. Well, to be honest I don't know if he did real work—of course he acted busy whenever my sister or I wanted to do anything."

"And this made you hate him, did it not?"


"Do you still hate him Mason?"

"Hell no, he's been dead for years."

"Mason, hate does not die—it either remains or fades."

"Can we get on with this Doc?"

Dr. Lecter removed from his coat pocket a small bottle of pills. "I retrieved these from the dispensary before I left the hospital to meet you here. I believe this is the correct prescription," Lecter held it in front of Verger's face.

"Yeah Doc, the old going to overdose me with them?" Mason laughed.

"That's not quite what I had in mind. Here take your normal dosage—let me call your butler to get a glass of water."

"That's ok Doc, just give them to me."

Mason swallowed the two pills and smiled, "How'd I do Doc?" The statement was more of a sarcastic joke than a question.

Dr. Lecter drew the curtains, which appeared odd to Mason. He proceeded to turn on the lights in the study. "There, better..."

"What are you doing?"

"I thought this would be more roomy...remind you of when you were small—does it Mason?"

"No, should it?"

"When did you first get a hard-on? Do you remember that fateful day and the stimulus of it?"

"Yeah, watching my sister take a shower one day—had to run to the bathroom and jerk it...then it was a neighbor down the street—she was maybe ten—must of came three times in a row that afternoon. I later fucked her you know..." Mason said proudly.

"Why yes, that would be Virginia Ann Meyes—how should I put it—victim number one."

"Had to kill her Doc—she would of told and I was seventeen and she was ten..."

"And again I detect no remorse. When you penetrated her young vagina, how did it make you feel? Did it make you feel superior—like you controlled the young girl?"

"I did it because it felt made me me off—got to a point my hand was not know how that is, don't you Doctor?" Mason smiled his wicked smile. However, it did not faze Dr. Lecter.

"As you got older, the number of women you raped did not remain consistent—there were long periods without a rape—what did you do at those times to remain at to say?"

Mason laughed, "Do you want me to teach you Dr. Lecter—how to fuck yourself?"

"That is not necessary Mason, but thank you for the offer. I was more curious as to how you satisfied your urges during these periods without women—and I know already for your distaste for using the hand method."

"Buy me a drink and I'll show you," Mason laughed, but Dr. Lecter only smiled and walked out of the room.

"Where are you going?"

"Be right back Mason."

A moment passed and a million thoughts entered Mason's mind. The Doctor was a strange fellow—almost as strange as himself, Mason mused. Dr. Lecter soon re-entered the room carrying two glasses of what looked like wine.

"Not the most aromatic, but these will have to do—" Lecter looked down at the handcuffs, set the glasses down next to Mason and took a key out—it was the key to the handcuffs. "Now if you try harming yourself or me, the officers are right outside the door—so do be a good boy Mason." He handed Mason a glass of red wine.

They both sipped on the wine, Lecter refilled several times—Mason wondered why he was becoming drunk and the good Doctor was as sober as always. An hour passed, then another, Mason was feeling quite energetic and carefree. "...the story you told me...sure got a hell of a kick out of know I smashed some bitches head in with a baseball bat...they pinned that one on me..." Mason laughed, and to his amazement, Dr. Lecter laughed as well.

"Mason, it's time for me what you did to satisfy your urge."

Mason got up and walked to the closet in the room. He removed a strange-looking apparatus—Dr. Lecter figured it was some kind of autoerotic sex device—and of course he was correct.

"This is it..." Mason giggled almost like a girl, the combination of medicine and alcohol were having quite an interesting effect on Mason Verger.

"I does it work?"

In no time Mason secured himself in the device, and dropped his pants to begin beating off. Dr. Lecter curiously watched. It appeared after a few moments Mason climaxed around the same time he was gasping for air—the exact purpose of such a crude device—to give the person a sense of choking if that was what turned them on. With the release not far from reach, Mason tugged loose. He fell to the floor for a moment, gasping.

"Here Mason—something to take the edge off—it's a popper," Mason laughed, the Doctor was now giving him hallucinogens. It's great to have a Doctor who's a walking pharmacy; Mason laughed out loud and took the popper. "Can you dance for me Mason? You know the history of dance don't you?"

Mason started swinging his hips—Dr. Lecter was surprised he could even stand up, much less attempt to dance. "How's this," Mason laughed.

"Very good—so good in fact, I believe we should have an audience—one moment please," Dr. Lecter walked to the door, opened it, and two shadows emerged—the two Dobermans.

"Dance for the lads here Mason," Dr. Lecter laughed again which was out of character. "Even better, why don't you get in your noose again and give the dogs some entertainment."

"You read my mind Doc, here give me a hand," Dr. Lecter helped to secure it around Mason's neck and anchored it to a full standing mirror behind them. "Hey Doc, that's too tight!"

As a reflex Mason kicked the bottom of the mirror and a shatter could be heard. Dr. Lecter carefully removed a long glass shard and held it in front of him and Mason. "What's this for Doc?"

"How would you like to change your identity—be someone else Mason?"

"That would be cool..." Mason was so drugged he had no clue as to what he was saying. "Give it to me."

"Here Mason—why don't you cut off your face, change your identity?" Dr. Lecter smiled.

"Won't it hurt Doc?"

"Oh no...I have complete confidence that it will be quite painless."

Mason took the shard and dug it sharply into his face—he didn't even wince. "It didn't hurt..." Mason said puzzled.

"Mason, why don't you start at your left ear and cut to your other ear—then peel your face off," Dr. Lecter watched in amusement.

Mason did as Dr. Lecter suggested and within minutes he was peeling off his face—blood profusely dripping down his neck and chest to the floor. Dr. Lecter knew Mason would soon pass out, and then die.

"Mason, the dogs are hungry—please feed them your face."

As if in a trance, Mason picked pieces of his face and fed them to both Dobermans, and soon passed out on the floor. Dr. Lecter called for an ambulance and had already prepared a cover story. Mason was faking a heart attack--Dr. Lecter went to the troopers and called them into the room. They released Mason's handcuffs and he went mad, running around the room. He slammed into the mirror, picked up a shard of glass while the troopers tried to restrain him. He then stabbed both troopers and tried to kill himself in a demented sort of way. The good Doctor, for fear of his life ran to call for help...

This was the story that would be used; Dr. Lecter smiled to himself. However, the truth about the troopers and Charles, the butler, would be a truth only the good Doctor would know himself.

--Few Days Later—

"Doctor, please come in, the patient is finally coming out of his sedation. You'll note the skin grafts took well..." A slim blonde nurse said as she led the Doctor to see his patient.

"Indeed they have—would you mind leaving us for a moment—he's liable to say some filth which I would hate your innocent ears to hear," the Doctor smiled.

She left the room, and the Doctor walked to the bed. "Hello Mason, how are you?"

"You did this to me Lecter! You better pray I never get out of this bed—I will kill you!"

"Well Mason, I assure you that you won't get out of this bed ever, because I broke your neck in the noose—you are paralyzed. I am regretful our sessions were not very helpful to you—perhaps another time..." Dr. Lecter strolled out of the room.


At the sound of the scream, two nurses came in and sedated Mason Verger. Meanwhile, Dr. Lecter had a practice to return to and a new patient to tend to. He whistled on his way to his car and smiled. Perhaps this time he would not be alone in the world when looking in a mirror and seeing the face of evil—because Mason Verger would have to live with a face so evilly disfigured, that all who saw it would see the true Mason Verger for what he had been and will always be...

--The End--