This is a Fanfiction that is basically centered around Scipio, for obvious reasons. Ofcourse, all of the other characters are still in the fic, but, mainly, it's centered around Scipio, and his, "special friend." I do not own any of the characters of Cornelia Funke, obviously. She is just a fantastic writer, and I am simply writing a sequel to what is in my opinion, the best book ever.

Scipio looked around Victor's apartment, and placed his note on the table that served as a shelter for Victor's beloved turtles. He didn't feel the same as he used to be, so young, and so full of anticipation of becoming an adult. However, that had all changed, once he had become one, and rode on the fateful merry-go-round of the merciful sisters. And there was only one thing he could do to change his destiny: Fix and ride the carousel of the Merciful Sisters.

Scipio decided to take one last look at the note he left for Victor and everyone else.

Dear Victor,

I've decided to reverse what the carousel has changed. I plan to revert to my former self, and if possible, live with you and/or Ida, considering you two could wed soon. (I'm sorry to tease you with that, but Prosper, Hornet, and I have noticed you and Ida have been becoming very close lately.)

Please tell everyone not to worry about me. I shall find the carousel, and hope to fix it. Also, tell them to not follow me, or attempt to aid me in this excursion. I feel that I must do it myself.

Send my regards, I hope to see you all soon.



PS I especially detest that my writing and my speech have begun to sound like an adult's.

"A mediocre note perhaps, but atleast it's better than turning up missing with no trace." He thought.

And with this, he quietly exited Victor's apartment, and began on his journey.

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