A Night to Remember

Foreward five years after first publication-"Wow...I am completely stunned when I look at this fanfic. I have changed SO much since I first wrote this when I was thirteen, both in writing prose and my personal confidence within myself. This piece holds so much sentimental value to me, in a way, it has preserved a younger version of me that has faded. Although it may seem silly, I am going to resume working on this, to finally finish what I had begun. It just feels so wrong to leave a story that is so important to me unfinished..."

Queen Dagger: "I'm kind of a beginner so PLEASE be nice in your reviews. If you did not like something, then just simply tell me. Please don't swear at me. Well anyway.... Enjoy! "

Chapter 1:Prep Territory

I thought since last year's school dance was awfully fun, then this one would prove to be very enjoyable as well. At first I was wrong, but then... something happened. Something that would change my entire life forever... My story begins now.........

"Hey there's Ariel!" I said, spotting my friend in the far distance.

I got out of my Mom's light green car.

"Bye Mom!" I said, slamming the car door shut.

I ran after Ariel, but she was already in the school building.

I felt awkward compared to the other girls because I was the only one wearing a jean skirt, and each and every one of them was shorter than me.

I found Ariel right after I got my hand stamped by one of the school gym teachers.

She was standing in the middle of the large auditorium, with her arms wrapped around her upper waist.

She wore a white shirt labeled: WOW! Over light blue jeans.

"Hey Ariel." I greeted her.

"Where's Debbie?"

Ariel has a twin sister and they are ALWAYS together. Sometimes they're like CatDog. I was surprised that Debbie wasn't with her.

"Debbie didn't want to come for some reason." She said.

We stood around waiting for any more of our friends to arrive. But we didn't see any of them.

I immediately knew that this dance was going to suck.

We looked around desperately for someone we liked to talk to. But all we saw were preps. Preps here, preps there, preps everywhere!

Ariel and I finally gave up looking and sat on a wooden bench, while everyone else danced away.

"This dance sucks." I said.


"It sucks even more than sucks."

"Yeah. I'm so bored."


French Narrator from Spongebob: "An hour later past and Kaitlyn and Ariel were still bored..........

Ariel and I were in the weight room where the snacks were served. We were checking our heights on the height measurement for probably the third time. My height was five feet and seven and a half inches, and Ariel's was five feet and one inch. Then, I thought of something to do.

I walked over to the weight equipment, away from the other people in the room, who were too busy snacking on brownies to notice me.

"Ariel. Come here. I want to tell you a story."

She did what I said, and sat down next to me.

I don't even know why I said that I had to tell her a story, for at first, I had absolutely nothing in mind.

But then I immediately thought up one, and telling it out loud changed our night, and eventually our lives forever......

Story: Once apon a time, there was a girl that was 5'7. 5 and a girl that was 5'1. They both went to a school dance, but it turned out to be boring. The two girls of different heights watched boys and girls from their school as the students slow danced together as couples. "I wish I had someone to slow dance with." They both said. Meanwhile a fairy was inside the snack room being invisible. The fairy had come for the delicious brownies. In fariryworld, brownies are rare to find. The fairy had heard that the school dance had delicious brownies, so she had come to earth to try some.

OK OK! I'll cut to the chase!

The fairy decided to grant these poor girl's their wishes, so she took her special "Make Princes in two seconds" wand out of her cloak. She waved it in the air, like a concert pianist, making glitter fly everywhere. But nobody could see it. And POOF! Two princes were made in two seconds. They walked up to the two girls and slow danced with them. And the dance turned out to be really fun after all.


Ariel ended the story with a big HOORAY!!!

Queen Dagger: "What will happen next? What changes me and Ariel's life forever? And what does the made up story have to do with anything? You may find out in the next chapter: A fantasy comes true?

See you then!

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