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After I witnessed the two cheesy ordeals I walked up to the bow of the airship.

Sighing, I placed my hands upon the railing and gazed out at the beautiful sky set before me.

It was a gorgeous cerulean blue, with a few puffs of white clouds floating amidst it.

Admiring the scene, I blinked dreamily and smiled. Seeing the beautiful scenery really comforted me, and filled me with a sense of peace.

I began to ponder on everything that had commenced in the course of the entire night. It was so strange. In the course of one night I had rendezvoused with a feisty fairy among other wonderful people, I had worn a Cinderella gown, flown down a heating duct while escaping the police, vanquished evil creatures, and had rode a large dragon.

I was completely in awe of it all. But I still did admire for most of the night for what it was; a stupendous and magical experience. (Not including the encounter with the gnomes of coarse.)

As I continued to stare intently at the sky, Kuja suddenly materialized by my side.

"WHOA!" I jumped, startled by his sudden appearance.

Kuja laughed upon my fright. "Sorry Kate." He then folded his arms and leaned against the railing beside me.

"It's okay." I assured him, turning back towards the beautiful scenery.

We both stood there in complete silence, admiring the view. After a few moments Kuja spoke.

"Watchya thinking about, kid?" He asked nonchalantly. He looked down at my face, awaiting my response.

His sudden question caught me by complete surprise, and I did not quite know what to say as an answer, for there was a whole lot consuming my mind.

After a few moments of deliberation I finally discovered what I would tell him.

"I was thinking about…" I began. Kuja waited patiently. "Dreams." I finished stupidly.

"Dreams," He repeated in an incredulous voice.

I nodded.

He smiled, and looked down upon his long pale fingers. "What about them?" He asked.

I took a deep breath, and suddenly no longer needed to pause to consider what I would say next.

"Well, I've been thinking about them, and I think that they are basically illusions, to temporarily distract us from our normal lives. Sometimes this can be a bad thing, but other times it can be good. Especially when someone is currently enduring a very difficult stage in their life. The dream can be a temporary escape from all hardships, and it can give them an opportunity to finally relax, and maybe even feel happy. Well… At least only the good dreams anyway."

Kuja nodded in agreement, clearly intrigued.

"I've just been wondering… Is that what all of tonight was? Just a wonderful moment to do just that? Just like a beautiful dream that shall eventually end?"

I ceased speaking, and studied Kuja's expression. He was staring at me intently, wearing a firm poker face. He urged me to continue, somehow perceiving that I had more to say.

"…The thing that frightens me…" I continued. "Is that you rarely have the same dream twice. You.." Tears began to form in my eyes. I gulped, trying my best to suppress them. "You usually never see the wonderful people you met in dreams ever again…"

Now I know that it may sound foolish, but right then and there I began to sob uncontrollably, feeling that the same theory would apply to tonight, andI would lose all the new friends I had made.

"Oh Katie…" Said Kuja sympathetically, his face marked with sorrow.

He suddenly embraced me in a tight hug.

I gasped from the sudden movement, and at Kuja's strength.

"It's okay." He said, soothingly, softly rubbing my back.

I blushed deeply, for after all, he was a VERY gorgeous man.

It then suddenly dawned on me that Lucida could be nearby, watching the entire scene.

I stiffened at the thought, and immediately tried to break free from his grip. However, he tightened his arms around me, making escape impossible.

Darn it. I can't actually believe that I am saying this, but being four foot eleven sucks.

"Katie…" He whispered again, stooping over and placing his head upon my shoulder. His white soft mane brushed upon my skin, immediately giving me warmth.

He then began to speak. " I agree, this night was just like a dream. A break for you guys, from you're hectic lives…I also see it as a way to make up for all the bad moments that you all went through, during the entire time of your existence. But…It was also a way for you all to mature, and to discover that there is more to all of your personalities than you think… Cheer up Kaitlyn. And don't worry, the night isn't over yet. And I have a feeling that the best part is yet to come."

I managed a grateful laugh, and he finally broke our embrace.

I began to smile at him in gratitude, when I suddenly realized that he had not addressed everything that I had said.

"Kuja…" I said slowly, eyeing him with firm determination. "Will we ever see each other again?"

His face flinched, and he immediately averted his eyes down towards the floor.

My heart immediately sank. I think I knew the answer. But… I did not want to make any more assumptions. I had to hear him say it.

"Kuja…" I began again, taking a quick breath. "Will we ever see each other again?"

He still did not reply, his eyes still staring at the wooden-planked floor.

However, I was feeling very patient.


Before I could continue, Lucida's voice cut in from the background. "Kaitlyn! She shouted. "Kuji-kins! Come over here! It's time to go!"

I looked over towards her direction; which was at the other end of the airship. Everyone had formed a straight line, staring over at us, curiosity marked in all of their faces. Lucida was in the back, beckoning towards us.

Before I could say anything, Kuja immediately headed towards her direction, gliding agilely.

I jogged after him, attempting to keep up with his long strides.

"Kuja!" I called out to his retreating back.

He ignored my frantic cry, and enhanced his pace.

I then leapt towards his direction, flailing out my arms. I caught only his wrist.

"Kuja, WAIT!" I gasped. "I-"

He then stopped abruptly and veered down towards me; almost causing me to fall back.

He flashed me an angry glare, his eyes flaming like heated black coals.

I immediately cringed, and released his hand.

"Not…Here…" He hissed behind gritted teeth.

I cowered from his fierceness, and he then proceeded walking towards his lover.

Appalled by his sudden change of behavior, I slowly walked towards the location of my beloved friends Debbie an Ariel.

"What happened?" Debbie asked as soon as I sauntered over, clearly worried. Her twin easily wrapped her arm upon my shoulder.

I felt so peculiar being practically the same height as them. When I was in my normal form, she always had to stand slightly on her tiptoes in order to place her arm upon me.

"What did Kuja do?" Debbie spoke again, gazing into my eyes, looking for an answer.

I tried to prevent myself from shaking.

"N-Nothing…"I stammered. "He d-didn't do a-anything…"

By the look on her face, I could tell that Debbie was not convinced. But before she could say anything, Lucida called out again.

"Ooooookaaaay!!" She shouted, clearly excited. "The Bahamut Express is now a LEAVVVVVVVIIIIINNNN!! Sooo everybody hop on!"

I then noticed that right beside the airship was a floating Bahamut.

His beautiful black scales gleamed in the sunlight, as the vast dragon awaited our arrival.

Zell, the first one in line, bravely stepped onto Bahamut, and lowered himself upon his soft back.

Goddess of the Bishounen was next, and Zell held her hand as she slowly sat right behind him.

Bahamut then slithered forward a little, to give more space for the next passengers, which were Emzies and Mogs.

As the line continued, Marcus, Orlando, and Blank ran right up to us.

"It seems that we're arranging by twos," Said Marcus, grinning down at Ariel.

"Would you ladies mind pairing up with us?" Orlando asked, in his charming British accent.

"No, not at all!" They both blurted simultaneously.

I simply nodded meekly in reply, feigning a smile.

"Alright then…" Marcus grinned, grabbing Ariel's hand. "Let's go."

It was then their turn to sit, and before Ariel could advance towards Bahamut Marcus literally swept her off her feet with a quick ease.

While Ariel squealed and laughed, he stepped towards the awaiting dragon and gingerly set her down upon him.

Ariel beamed with gratitude.

I chuckled at the sight, pleased to see Ariel so happy.

Then, just as I was watching her, two big hands grabbed my upper waist, and before I could react, I was suddenly hoisted in the air.

"AHHHH!" HOLY SHIT!!" I screamed, as Blank positioned me into his arms and against his chest.

Blank laughed at my surprised reaction, as he rearranged his arms around my body.

He then proceeded towards Bahamut's direction and then, as if he were holding a delicate glass doll , he carefully placed me upon the dragon's back, just as Marcus had done for Ariel.

He stood there looking down at me, grinning.

"Humph. Don't feel so proud." I told him in a scolding tone. "Because you definitely wouldn't have been able to do that if I were in my REAL form."

He immediately scoffed, and arched an eyebrow. "That is definitely not true Kaitlyn."

Rather than arguing with him, I merely rolled me eyes and turned straight ahead. I knew that I was right.

A few seconds later, I felt him plop down behind me.

I then laughed, and turned around to face him.

"Thank-you though…" I said, beaming at him. "It was incredibly sweet of you."

Blank smiled back, and moved back a lock of hair away from my face.

I suspected that he was preparing to kiss me, and I even closed my eyes and pursed my lips, my heart bursting with anticipation…

"Not yet…" He murmured into my ear.

My eyes immediately snapped open, and I shrunk back, feeling mortified.

I couldn't even imagine how red my face must have been.

"Don't be embarrassed." He said, gazing into my eyes. "The only reason I don't want to kiss you yet is because you don't look like your true self right now. I don't want to kiss Kelsey, I want to kiss Kaitlyn, whom I prefer way more…"

The way he slowly spoke the last four words was so charming…So alluring.

He then placed his head upon my neck, his breath warming my skin.

I closed my eyes, and sighed upon this compliment, all of my past troubles fading away.

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