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The TV buzzed but no sound came from it. I had been muted for about 4 hours. Yuna sat cross-legged on her bed in her pajamas. She had an old notebook and she was scribbling furiously in it. Then in a huff she threw it to the floor, followed promptly by the pencil.

"Stupid song, I'll never get this finished in time." She slouched backwards only to realize she was a little closer to the wall than she thought. Her head connected with the wall and a loud thump echoed though the house.

"Bugger..." She cursed quietly as she rubbed it "That'll leave a bruise." Suddenly Rikku burst though the door.

"Are you alright? I thought a Bandersnatch was loose in your room!!"

Yuna smiled at her cousin's worried expression and wondered what would happen if the wind changed and the perky young woman had to look like a worried mother for the rest of her life.

"I'm alright. Just getting a little frustrated with this stupid song I'm supposed to be writing." She sighed and bent down from the bed to pick up the notebook.

"Well, you're doing it because you're the best! Duh! Now gimmie that!" She snatched the book from Yuna.

"Hey, no peaking!!" Yuna made a poor attempt to get the book back, but Rikku held it away.

"I wasn't! I'm gonna put it over here on the desk and your going to stop beating yourself up over it and get some sleep. We have lectures in the morning and then practice and then were playing at 8! So get some shut eye, that's an order!" Rikku put the book on the desk and watched as Yuna willingly climbed under the sheets.

"That's better," Rikku said as she turned and walked out, turning off the light and shutting the door after her. As much as Yuna knew Rikku was right about getting some sleep, she also knew that the song needed to be finished soon so the band could learn it.

I just need some inspiration. She thought to herself as she stared in to darkness. She blinked sleepily a few times as sleep nagged at her.

The next morning Yuna was up early. She was eating breakfast at the table when she heard a commotion upstairs. She wasn't really hungry but Paine would yell at her if she didn't eat.

"There you go, Yuna." Paine said as she placed a steaming mug of tea in front of Yuna's cereal. "White with two."

"Thanks Paine." She said as she picked it up and sipped it. "Perfect." She smiled and then frowned at another thump from upstairs. "Didn't Rikku have a lecture at 8?"

Paine smiled one of her rare but becoming smiles, 'She sure did..."

"But it's 8:45! Oh, she's going to be in trouble, how many times this week is it now?" Yuna put her tea down and took a mouthful of cereal.

"Lets see, today is Friday, there was yesterday, and Tuesday, and Monday she was late for work as well as Uni... So that counts as two." Paine counted on her fingers. "So all up, five."

"That guy is going to be the end of her." Yuna smiled and continued to eat.

"Not to mention our phone bill and our sanity. I think maybe we should unplug the phone in her room."

Yuna put on a mockingly shocked face, "But how would she live?" Paine laughed, if you could call it that. It was more like a snort. "But seriously," Yuna continued "When does Gippal get back from his trip? I thought it was bad enough living with Rikku when he was always over and the strange noises at night coming from her room... But I think its worse when he's not here." Yuna took another mouthful of cereal and nearly chocked on it as Rikku came flying down the stairs and into the dining room.

"Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap..." Rikku chanted as she ran to the fruit basket and grabbed an apple. Scooping up her backpack, she headed for the door. "Later dudes!" But before either girl had time to reply she was out the door and it was slammed hastily as Rikku ran to her car. From outside Paine and Yuna heard a 'sorry' called for slamming the door.

"She's certainly a strange girl." Paine added as she finished her toast and stood up. Picking up Yuna's empty bowl, she took it and her empty plate to the kitchen.

"You start at 10 today, don't you?" Yuna nodded. "You want a lift?" Paine asked as she finished her coffee. Yuna thought for a bit and then answered.

"No thank-you. I think I'll walk today. I need to clear my head and I can work on the song a bit more."

"Ah. Still lacking motivation?" Yuna sighed and nodded. She stood up and walked to the lounge to grab her books and bag. "Well, I'm off. I'll see you this afternoon." Yuna waved at Paine who plonked herself on the couch.

"Yep!" Paine answered and flicked the channel over to the cartoons.

"Now don't you be late because you got caught up watching the 'toons after all the hooha u just gave Rikku." Yuna laughed as Paine gave her a friendly don't-you-dare-compare-me-to-Rikku look. She walked outside and put her sunglasses on. It wasn't to hot this morning so that was a bonus.

Yuna took out her notepad as she walked and found a pencil in her bag. As she walked she hummed softly to herself and scribbled down words every now and then. She wasn't really paying attention until she went to cross the last road before the Uni. A motorbike came flying down the street and into the Uni, nearly taking Yuna out with him. Yuna took a step back and clutched at her chest.

"Oh my god," Yuna said to herself, "I think I've had a heat attack!" She checked her watch; it was only 9:30, so she still had time for another tea to calm her down. If it was one thing Yuna loved, it was tea.

She walked to the cafeteria and got her tea. Walking outside to the outdoor area, Yuna sat under her favorite tree. Leaning against the trunk she sipped her tea and closed her eyes, calming herself both mentally and physically.

When the time came to go to her lecture, she stood up and slowly walked there. It didn't matter if she wasn't early because Paine would save her a seat. As she walked into the lecture hall, she saw Paine sitting in the middle of the room. Yuna smiled and waved and made her way up to her.

"Hey." Paine greeted her, "How was your walk?"

Yuna sat down next to her and began to get her books out. "It was good until I was nearly killed!" Yuna said and quickly regretted it because Paine was always one to over-react when it came to Yuna's safety.

"What happened? Who was it?" Paine said almost angrily.

"It's alright, just some crazy guy on a bike. He was probably late for a class or something." Yuna replied.

"He's here?" Paine replied looking around.

"Well he headed into the car park; I don't know what he looked like because he had a helmet on. A bright yellow one." Yuna replied.

"I'll keep an eye out." Paine replied, and Yuna knew that she would. "Oh and have we decided on a play list for tonight?" Paine asked Yuna as she got out her own books.

"Oh poopie!" Yuna imitated her cousin. "I haven't even considered it. I'll do it over lunch."

"That's ok; I can do it if you want." Paine replied.

"Oh would you? That would be great because I was going to work on my song at lunch."

"That bloody song is going to the death of you, you know that don't you. I don't even know why you took it on. Always the one to help out I spose."

Paine then looked past Yuna at something, and Yuna turned around to see what she was looking at. After realizing that her eyes were crotch level with whoever it was that was standing beside her she looked up to face him.

He was perfect. Spiky blonde hair, olive skin well toned... The list went on as Yuna slowly looked him over. He plopped down in the seat beside her.

"This seat taken?" The guy asked. He would have been about the same age as Yuna,

"It is now..." Paine said sarcastically from behind Yuna. And that's when they both realized. He had put a bright yellow motorbike helmet on the desk in front of him. Both girls looked at each other, then to the helmet, then back to his grinning face. He extended a tanned arm and offered his hand.

"Hi, I'm Tidus. And you ladies are?"

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