Heh –grin- so, this is a short lemon fic I started a while ago. It is written in first person, through the eyes of Iduke Sansadu (who, I will tell you all now, is pretty much just a female version of Seto Kaiba). So, there's really no point in this header except to warn readers that if you are offended by any sexual content—THIS IS NOT THE STORY FOR YOU. –ahem- I am currently in the process of writing the third chapter, and as the story progresses there will also be a lot of… well, slurs and snotty remarks about the middle class, as well as all classes below. Believe you me, I am FAR from anything considered rich, and the only reason for that kind of talk will be to reinforce how stuck up some rich people can be-- it also goes the other way, this story does not mean that I think all rich people are that way. So if you'll take offence to any of that stuff, I suggest you don't read much further than chapter 2. Alright! Now that I've hopefully cleared up any possibility of people getting mad at me for what's in here, onward!

Chapter 1

"Oh no, young lady, you are not going in that."

"Come on, Mom, I think that if that jerk can wear something as flamboyant and flaming as he wants, I should be able to wear this!"

"We're trying to lay a good impression on him; I don't want him thinking of our family as one that lets their daughters dress up like whores at formal business gatherings like this. Take that off!" My mother made a shooing motion at me while trying to put in an extremely bright and dangly earring.

"I'm not going to impress him for you, Mom. If you want to get on his good side, you hit on him. I'm not your puppet," I growled back, folding my arms.

She stood up straight and glared at me. As ticked off as I was, I had to admit she looked very nice. Her dark hair was pulled back into an elegant bun, her turquoise dress bringing out her figure, jewelry sparkling from her neck, ears, and wrists.

She snapped her small black purse and came toward me, her high heels clicking on the ground, and grasped me by the arm, pulling me out the door. "Fine, you'll just get his attention with your breasts practically falling out of your outfit," she said. "You're lucky we're running late."

I got into the BMW heavily with a sigh, half-relieved that I hadn't been forced into some stupid, frilled dress. I liked my outfit just fine. A black bandana held my short brown hair back, matching my black, sleeveless pleather trench coat and black, very low-cut halter top that wrapped about my neck at the top, making a sort of cloth choker. I had my black partial sleeves on that went from my elbows to my wrists, where thin straps of cloth wound their way around my middle fingers. I had finished it off with a short, red plaid skirt and knee-high buckle-up boots. My nails were painted black, (filed down to points, done the previous night when I couldn't sleep), and a few silver rings and earrings glinted out. Classy? Yes, in a whore-ish sort of way. So sue me. I'll dress however the hell I want when my mom drags me to one of Seto Kaiba's business meetings.

My mom had brought me to every single one, in hopes that I'd elope or something with Mr. High-and-Mighty, because it would "benefit" her company if she had a close tie to the biggest businessman in Domino. Hell, he's not even a man yet. He's 18, and thanks to my mom's train of thought, her 17-year-old daughter is the answer to stopping the rivalry between hers and his multi-billion dollar companies.

At every meeting--they're more like parties, really, with a short time at the end for that jerk to yap about how great his company's stock is--he makes everyone empty their checkbooks trying to bribe him for some. But not my mom, oh no. I'm the bribe. Every time, she tries to make us talk to each other, but recently she's been becoming less and less inconspicuous about it. In the last attempt, she practically shoved the two of us into a crowd where we had almost no space to move around, and we were stuck.

We can't talk, me and him. He's stuck up, arrogant, egotistical… I swear to Kami it seems like his head inflates every time he speaks. And me… well, I'm the same way. Hence why we hate each other so much. My mom gets pissed because I can't do as my brother does with Mokuba. They're best buds. Whoopty-shit, Mokuba's nice. My little brother's 12, and sitting in the back, looking too adorable for his little suit.

By the time we arrived, he was nearly writhing with excitement and my mom had to hold his hand to keep him from bounding into the mansion and "ruining our image". Once the valet guy was given a lecture about not scratching her precious paint job, my mom led the way up to that huge-ass house. As soon as we were inside, my little brother ran forward and practically leaped onto Mokuba when he saw him. I smiled warmly as he and the younger Kaiba sibling pushed their way through the crowd and disappeared. The smile was wiped from my face just as fast when I heard his voice.

"Well well, welcome back, Sansadu." The prick came up to my mom and slightly bowed—she bowed back with a big, happy smile bared at him. Kami, I wanted to smack it off her.

My mom's such a machiavel… She'll suck up to anyone as long as she gets something out of it. She'll make me suck up to get what she wants. And there she went, patting me on the back a little too hard before leaving me and that sneering jerk Seto near the edge of the crowd.

"Fancy seeing you here, Iduke," he snickered at me.

I merely made a noise of contempt and pushed my way through the crowd after my mother. Grabbing a cup of water, I leaned up against a wall, letting the smooth marble cool my skin. I watched all of the fat aristocrats cracking business jokes at each other for a time; my silent brooding was interrupted by my mother only a short while after. Without a word, she pulled me along after her.

"Mom!" I said, trying to pull out of her grip. "Where the hell are you—"

"I got him to go upstairs; if you hurry you can catch him," she interrupted.

"Whoa wait a minute!" I yanked a little harder on the arm in her grip, but she refused to let go. "Mom, give it a rest! Face it, we'll never get along, nor do I want to!"

"I'm not asking you to," she whispered dangerously back, for by then we had gone up the stairs and it was pretty damn quiet compared to downstairs. "As long as you do something to get an edge on him."

"You can't expect me to try that hard," I growled back, having given up trying to win against that stupid death grip of hers. "The way you're putting it, you're making it seem like I should go so far as to sleep with him."

She pulled me to the outside of a room and glanced inside before turning back to me and speaking in a voice that was really concealed well by the yacking downstairs. "It wouldn't hurt to try, Iduke." My eyes went wide with shock, but oh no, she didn't stop there. "You have to admit, he's pretty sexy for someone his age—"

"Mom!" I cut in. "I will go in there if you swear you will never say that again." The mental image that had entered my mind was just too scary. Funny how easily I lose my ground like that.

Without a warning, my mom nodded and pushed me into the room. I stumbled only slightly, but she pulled the doors closed so fast that the noise made me whirl around. In that quick turn to face the sealed doors, I glimpsed Kaiba standing with a book in his hand and a bed. Yeah, that made me fret just a little bit, so I banged on the doors.

"What the hell! Let me out!" I yelled, hitting my fist against the doors again. Alas, my efforts were in vain, something I realised when I heard her sliding a deadbolt. Why the hell did this door have one on the outside? I gritted my teeth and kicked the door hard; all that did was make a loud noise. I heard the clicking of my mom's heels fading away—shit, she was going to leave me there with that jerk until I made some sort of bond with him.

I could hear him laughing to himself behind me. "Honestly, if you wanted to talk to me that badly, I'd have had my secretary make a private appointment for you."

Turning to face him, I watched him put his book down as he smirked at me. I immediately saw what my mom meant about him being sexy. I had always seen it. The way his clothes fit tight about his fine-toned chest… and his legs were so long… but he was such a jerk. Hot men always have something wrong with them. Kami, how I hate him. "You think I wanted to come here?" I shot back at him. "You must be pretty thick not to notice that my mom's been trying to force me to get you to like me so that her stupid company can get a leg up."

"And I suppose she made you dress up for it, too," he said, eyeing my array of clothing and chuckling slightly.

"You say that as though yours is perfectly normal," I sneered back, folding my arms.

He laughed. "At least I don't attempt to make myself look better by wearing a pushup." He made a slight wave of his hand to gesture to my chest.

"Believe it, buddy," I said. "I happen to like how they feel on me; I don't need assistance in that department anyway." I wore a D-cup, and really, I just like how pushup bras feel. Though, I didn't feel like hearing his retaliation concerning my breasts, so I pointed at the door. "Don't you have a spare key or something? Sitting here and insulting each other is annoying."

He laughed again, coming towards me. "I don't. Why you think I'd have a key to my guest bedroom, I've no idea, but if you're so tired of insults, what are we supposed to do?" He stopped in front of me and gave me a piercing stare.

"A deck of cards would be nice, Seto." I hissed the last word out. "I love Solitaire."

"Now why would I have cards?" he asked. "You're really not as smart as your mother made you seem, Iduke. Stuck in a room with me and we're both bored out of our minds…" He raised a slender hand and trailed a finger down my neck and down towards my chest. "What on Earth could we do to pass the time?"

I felt the heat rising slightly in my face as I pushed his hand off. "You pervert," I hissed at him. "Sex to pass the time?" (I can't say I was disgusted by the idea.)

"Admit it, Iduke," he said, coming towards me again and wrapping an arm about my waist. "You've wanted me since the day we met. Why don't we satisfy that with a little game?"

My hand came up this time to try and smack him, but he caught it with his other hand, sneering. "Funny, I always took you for the masochistic type."

I broke away from him, a smirk now forming on my face. "Just somewhat, but I tend to lean towards sadism quite a bit." Why the hell did I say that? Was it to give him options? No, no, it was to… warn him. Yeah, that's it. "So, if we do play this little game of yours, you'd better be prepared for some pain," I said, delicately flashing my sharp nails at him.

"That is, if you can compete with me," he said, circling around me so that I was between him and the bed. He said it as a challenge, making me realise I had just agreed to having sex with the man I hate more than any other just to pass the time. I think someone had spiked the water.