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Chapter One: The Life that Ended

A young sixteen-year-old girl gave off a small huff as she picked up the heavy basket that held her family's food. She growled when some of her naturally pink colored hair fell into her line of vision. This was a weekly chore for Sakura Haruno. Once a week a farmer would ride into town and sell his products. It was her duty to get the food that was in the heavy basket.

Now don't get the girl wrong. She's not poor, or at least not dangerously poor. It was just her parents weren't farmers. Her mother was a housewife and her father was a warrior in the 'Rebellion'. You see Sakura lived in a nameless village, on the outskirts of the Uchiha, the land named after the royal family. The family was made up of tyrants. Cruel, heartless, and complete heartthrobs of tyrants. Her father was part of a group of warriors who wants to over throw the Uchiha's tyranny once and for all.

Sakura could only snort at the thought of the family of gorgeous power-hungry men. She really didn't see how women could just throw down their female pride and dignity as they begged, begged, to be bedded by one of the princes.

Itachi Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha. The two bother princes who held the most beautiful faces. Sakura snorted again as she continued to haul the food to her home. She just didn't get it. Now Sakura was a tomboy at heart. And the way she was raised it was no surprise. Her father training her to fight and her mother beating her dad to a bloody-pulp with her bad temper.

She groaned out. Now was not the time to be thinking about jerks and her family. Right now she needed to concentrate on bringing the food to her home. Now, once again, don't get the girl wrong. She actually loved to work. It made her feel useful and needed. She gave off a heavy sigh of relief when she saw her home up ahead.

After she placed the food on the floor of the kitchen she slowly rubbed her aching shoulders. "Mom! Got the food!" She hollered out as she walked into the living room. She smiled as she saw her mom who was cursing out many profanities at the needle and thread she was using to sew up her daughter's pants.

"You know you can never win the battle with the needle." Sakura stated in mock serious. Her mother growled and threw the pin down while stomping on it. "I hate it!! Curse it!! Curse it!! Curse it!!" Soon she was screaming bloody murder as the pin jabbed her foot. Sakura stifled a laugh as she saw her mother jump up and down on one foot cursing even more profanities.

Of course Sakura wasn't in position to laugh. She got her attitude, well as her hair color, from her mom. They were alike in so many ways that her father always pointed out when they get into a rant he could never tell them apart. "Hey mom! Got the food! Can I go play before we start diner?" She begged as she stuck her lower lip out and made her beautiful emerald green eyes water.

The woman looked at her daughter before letting out another curse. "Damn it Sakura. You know I can't say no to that face!" She complained as she rubbed her foot. The girl giggled. "Yeah I know. So is that a yes?" She asked as she jumped up and down already knowing the answer.

"Yes! Go! Ugh! I hate that face!" Her mother continued as she picked back up her needle and began to stitch again. Sakura squealed and began to run off when she heard a familiar deep voice coming from the front of the house. "Daddy!" She squealed even louder than before as she ran out and jumped into her awaiting father's arms.

He laughed, his green eyes sparkling, as he hugged his daughter. "Hey there sweetie! Going out into the fields again?" He asked as he ruffled up her hair. She giggled as she gave a nod with a big grin. "Well, have fun! And don't forget to come home soon! I don't want to have to choke down your mother's cooking."

He yelped when a heavy book came hurling towards him. "I heard that!! Misuchi!! Get your ass in her now!!!" She roared towards her husband who winced at his wife's bad temper. "Well better go see what the harpy wants." The black-haired warrior never stood a chance as the whole basket of food came right at his head.

Sakura rolled her eyes. Her parents loved to tease each other. Well, her dad loves to tease her mom, her mom on the other hand loves to bring pain and suffering to her husband. She grinned as she sprinted off towards the fields near her village. She laughed as she did a few cartwheels in the lush green grass. She gave off a sigh as she leaned on her back on the ground.

She giggled again when a butterfly came fluttering next to her and landed on her nose. She wiggled her nose a bit and the insect fluttered up a bit only to land on her forehead. Sakura scowled. "What are you going to make fun of my over size head too?"

With a small snort the small female allowed her thoughts to travel. "I don't get it. Why do the Uchihas hurt people? I'm sure if they tried to be fair rulers the kingdom would be in much better shape. And daddy wouldn't have to risk his life for the right of the land. And he could teach martial arts like he wants too! And maybe I could own a library of books!" She gave off a dreamy sigh at the thought of hundreds of books all belonging to her.

Sakura adored reading. She adored learning. She was a very intelligent girl which is saying something, considering the fact women were looked down upon as creatures to be owned, do house work, and produce out heirs, namely boys. Sakura and her village were not like that. Women had enough rights as the men did.

But she knew her village was at a major risk. If the Uchiha army, or the Uchihas themselves, ever discovered the village's freedoms they would all be in serious trouble. "Well we just have to pray that they never find out!!" She thought out optimistically. "And besides! No one can take me on! Grrrr!" She growled out as she flexed her muscles.

She gave off a sheepish grin when she saw tiny sticks she called arms try to produce muscles. "Ok. So I'm not built, but I have strength! Hell yeah!!" She roared as she jumped up and down, the butterfly had already flown off in fright. "Hmmm. . . I wonder if daddy will let me join the Rebellion? Fighting for the good of the land and kicking ass at the same time sounds like fun!" She laughed out as she punched an invisible opponent.

She continued to jump around until she heard something near the edge of the woods. It was a whimper, a cry almost, in sever pain. Now while Sakura had a short temper and a bit of an attitude problem, she was not one to sit around and allow something/someone to be in pain. Without think she ran off towards the forest.

"Hello? Hello? Who is making the noise of pain and suffering?" She asked to no one in particular. She squeaked when she heard rustling in the bushes. With tiny steps she peeked over the bush and felt her heart break. Right there was a tiny baby fox. And right next to it was most likely its mother, obviously been in some sort of a fight considering the fact she was bleeding profusely.

"Oh you poor thing." Sakura whispered as she made her way into the den. She very gently began to stroke the fox's fur as she helped her pass out of the living world. She nearly screamed when the fox picked itself up and walked over to her baby. She picked up the kit and placed it on Sakura's lap.

Sakura blinked as she saw the mother fox nuzzle her baby, probably for the last time. "You want me to take care of him?" The fox only nudged the kit further into the girls lap. "Alright. I will." She stated. She felt tears gather in her eyes as she saw the mother fox fall over dead.

"Come on sweetie. I'm your new mommy now." She stated as she scooped the fox in her arms trying to soothe its loud whimpers. "Come on lets go home." She stated as she walked off towards her home.

Four days later the baby fox, now named Kyuubi, never left Sakura's side. He followed her like a baby chick to its mother. "Come on Kyuubi! We need to go buy some clothe for mom!" She called back towards the baby fox who gave off a yip and sprinted towards his 'mother'. With a gigantic leap he landed on her shoulder, after struggling for a bit.

She giggled when her 'baby' nuzzled against her cheek. "Good boy." She cooed as she scratched his ears, which made Kyuubi purr. Sakura blinked when Kyuubi stopped and his ears perked up and a frighten and angry hiss erupted from the foxes throat. "Kyuubi? What is it?" She asked. She soon got her answer as a warrior came running threw the village screaming his head off in terror. "Its them! It's the Uchiha army!!"

"W-what?!" Sakura gasped out loud in fright. She looked around too see the rest of the villagers beginning to panic.

"How did they find out?!"

"We're not ready for them!"

"We don't have enough strength or men!"

Sakura tighten her grip on Kyuubi and tried to run threw the crowd trying to get home. But with everyone running around it was real difficult. She screamed when she heard the battle cry of the men form the army. With a burst of strength she lunged into a tiny alleyway sheltering Kyuubi in her arms. Her green eyes could only absorb the images of the Uchiha army slaughtering the men, women, and children of her village.

'N-no!' She screamed in her mind at the horrific sight of the mutilated bodies fall to the ground. "Well! Look at what we missed." A gruff voice barked out. With a loud whimper she looked up to see a hefty man with mission teeth and a balding head. He bent down and wrapped his large and hard hand around her tiny arm.

"Let me go!! Let me GO!!!" She roared at the man as he lifted her up to her feet roughly. Kyuubi was yipping and growling at the man who was hurting his 'mother'. "Don't think so sweetie. I have special plans for you." She could only think in the worst-case scenario. 'He's going to rape me!! Oh God no!! I'd rather die!! Some one!! Mommy!! Daddy!! Help!!!'

She closed her eyes in fear but they snapped open when she felt the man's grip loosen and him scream in pain. Sakura blinked as she saw Kyuubi bite the man's arm.

"Good boy Kyuubi!! Come on!!" She ordered as she body slammed the man out of her way and ran into the corpse filled streets. The tiny fox whimpered as he was held in the arms of the pink-haired girl.

"Stop that girl!! I want her alive though!! Bring her alive!!" The fat-man roared towards the soldiers. 'I don't stand a chance! What do they want with me?! Damn it!!' She cursed in her mind as she felt her breath cut short. Her chest was throbbing, her legs felt like noodles, and she knew she was going to faint at any second. Seeing your village slaughter before your eyes, almost being raped (she thinks), and running like you have never ran before was not a good combination.

With a painful gasp she allowed her legs to crumble beneath her. 'I can't. I just can't.' She thought as her vision went dark.

When Sakura woke up in a dark small wooden room. She was sitting on a wooden bench with her wrist and legs shackled. She also took notice that not only was the room moving but also there were other occupants in the room. "W-what? W-where am I?" She asked as she tried to move her throbbing and sore shoulders.

Before any other person had a chance to answer Sakura went rigid in fright. "Kyuubi?! Kyuubi?!! Where are you?!" She cried out in anguish as she looked for her baby fox. She nearly cried in relief when she heard him give off a yip,

"Your fox is in a cage near my feet. Don't worry he's fine. And to answer your question we are in a slave cart. On our way to the capitol to be sold." A young man with wild looking brown hair and marks under his eyes sighed out.

Sakura gasped. 'That man didn't want to rape me! He wanted to sell me! Damn it all!!' She hissed in her mind at her foolishness. 'I didn't notice his tattoo. Damn it again!!' She knew that on the left arm of slaver drivers there was a tattoo of a snake that formed a cross.

"So. . .I'm going to be sold? Feh. Yeah right." She ground out between her clenched teeth. The young man, who appeared to be slightly older than her, chuckled. "A spirited one I see. One doesn't see those often. The name is Kiba. Yours?"

Sakura blinked at him then grinned. 'Like I'll let anyone brake my stubbornness and damn optimistic cheerfulness Hell Yeah!!' "My Name is Sakura. Haruno Sakura. So the capitol, eh? Well I can't wait to get there. While I'm there I will carry out my village's purpose and destroy the tyrants and bring peace to the land! Hell yeah!!" She laughed out loud with a bit of a psychotic edge to it.

Her new friend blinked before laughing as well. "You? Save the entire land? All by your self? Feh. Good look." He stated. "You both are so troublesome." A new voice piped up. Sakura looked over to see another man with his hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. His eyes were a bit beady and Sakura got the impression he was on the lazy side.

The man, who reminded Sakura a bit of a dog, growled at the other man. "Can-it Shikamaru! Your not exactly a paradise either!" The other man rolled his eyes. "How troublesome." He muttered as he leaned his back against the rotting wood of the cart.

Sakura sighed and leaned back as well. She then took a look around and saw a few other people. Three men, four women , and two children. All of which looked frighten beyond words, and Sakura didn't blame them. "We're here! All you slaves look alive back there! We don't want the customers to see lazy slaves, now do we?" Then a voice, which Sakura recognized as the fat man, laugh out. She took it as a sign that they had arrived at the capitol's market place.

There was a loud bang and a sudden jerk of the cart told the occupants that they had stopped. The door was then ripped open and Sakura was able to see that all the slaves' chains were connected too each other. "Hurry it up! Pinky! Get your damn animal!"

'Don't kill. Don't kill. Don't kill.' She chanted in her mind as she reached over, with much difficulty, and picked up the cage and walked out into the bright sun. She found herself behind a stage, hidden behind a big cloth. She could hear shouts and talk of excitement at the festivities that were about to take place. With clenched fist Sakura tried her best to calm her temper. 'They are looking forward to this!' The faith man began speaking again.

"Now each of you will come out one at a time. And you will be sold to the highest bidder. No you! Dog boy!" Sakura watched as Kiba was dragged onto the stage and the man stating a bit about him before he started the bidding. She winced as she saw him being forcefully shoved into his new owners arms. Shikamaru was next. He didn't get a very high bid. Soon everyone had been bought except her.

It was her turn.

"Now I saved the best for last! A beauty of that is not of this world! Hair like the cherry blossom tree, eyes like emeralds, skin like silk, body of a goddess, stubbornness and spirit, and pure." She shuddered when she heard the excitement of the crowd rose. 'I take it virgins are hard to come by.'

"I present you the finest slave there is!!" And with that she was pulled hard out into the crowd. Her green eyes took in the thousands of people that gaped right back at her. Soon the market place was in an uproar with many bids.

"I'll pay 3,000 for her!!"

"No! 10,000!! I'll pay you 10,00!!"

Sakura looked like a frighten animal caught under the gaze of a ruthless predator. 'Help me! Help me please!' She cried in her head as she felt tears come down her cheeks.

"30,000." A calm voice said that made the crowd come to a frighten silence. "Oh God." The man whimpered as he bowed deeply as a sign for respect. "And sold!! To prince Sasuke!"

Sakura felt her blood run cold and her heart stop. 'Uchiha. Prince Sasuke Uchiha.'