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Chapter Nine: Storytelling

Sakura continued to gape at the portrait of the beautiful woman in front of her. "H-how?…I mean…" She was at a loss for words, the whole ordeal felt unreal and impossible--was it a dream? It had to have been a dream…this was to…

She shook her head, "What is…who are you?"

'My name is Uchiha Mikoto…Sasuke's mother.'

The young woman was silent for a moment, "The hell?"

Mikoto's laughter rang in her ears.

'I'm sorry to have surprised you like this. But the moment you entered the palace I knew it was you…the one person who could hear me.'

"Whoa, whoa, whoa… the only one who can hear you?"


The woman then sighed.

'I think you should know the story of how I died, about our family, about Sasuke, and about the future…because a black shadow has befallen on our kingdom, one that I believe only you can defeat.'

"ME?!" Sakura squeaked out. "M-me?!" She repeated, pointing to herself. "How can possibly save an entire kingdom…a certain kingdom I was raised to hate and fight against!"

'Let me begin the story…'


Sasuke frowned as he searched for his missing slave. The Uchiha castle was large place, some towers going up eight stories high, over a thousand rooms, many secret passages--some even hidden from the family, then there was the garden and the woods.

He froze, 'She wouldn't have…shit!' He cursed as he picked up his speed, hoping to reach his room as fast as possible, hoping to find her trail if he began there. 'She didn't escape…she couldn't have escaped!'

Another swore escaped his lips, his eyes flashing red. That girl was not allowed to leave him. He bought her, he owned her, she had no right to leave him.

A growl escaped his throat as he arrived back at the room they shared, his eyes burning. When he got his hands on her…his fist clenched. She was going to be locked in his room for the rest of her life.


'There is a prophecy that runs in the Uchiha family--a child will be born that holds a mark on his right shoulder. A certain seal that shows that inside his body is a great and terrible dark power…it's a sign of his power. This seal is able to contain his power within him, but as time passes the seal weakens…it won't be long until it breaks.'

Sakura frowned as she listened, "Let me see if I understand so far. A child will be born with a mark--a seal on his right shoulder…this shows he is a powerful warrior of dark power…the seal keeps it contained…but soon the seal will break…I got it so far?"


The spirit answered her.

'This power poisons one's mind…it twists them completely. Once the seal breaks a new king will swipe against the lands…and none will be able to fight off against him.'

"Whoa…you mean that this Uchiha will be able to take over the world?"

Mikoto seemed sad,

'Yes…he has power none can control. When the seal breaks the marking will spread over his body giving him the ultimate power. When that happens a monster of bloodlust and formed of pure twisted darkness will rise.'

The small girl was silent for a moment.

"He…will become a monster?" She bit her lip. "It's Sasuke, isn't it?"

'Yes. Sasuke was born with the mark…and…'

The woman paused.

'He's stronger then any being…he's already been controlled by the mark.'

Sakura's eyes flew opened wide, "But I thought you said that only happens after many years! When did this happen?!"

'When he was a small child. Something happened…and we got a mere taste of the power he holds.'

She sighed.

'I didn't survive the encounter.'

"Sasuke…Sasuke killed you?"

She could hear the sobs from the woman,

'Yes. He lost control and killed me and five other servants. His father and brother lied to him saying they were the ones who killed me…this ways he could be consumed with the need for revenge and want to become strong.'

"They're using him?!"

'You must understand, Sakura…let me finish the story before you jump to conclusions.'

Mikoto sighed.

'There is another man…another person with a power like Sasuke's…he's a powerful tyrant who is trying to take this world over.'

"And let me guess…Sasuke is the only one who can fight him." Sakura snapped sarcastically.

'Smart girl. Yes--Sasuke is the only one able to fight him.'

She sighed again.

'Sasuke is stronger then anyone predicted…he holds so much power. His father and brother had to raise him the way they did or they would've taken a chance of him snapping once more.'

"Ok…a prophecy of an Uchiha born with ultimate power, him not being able to control power, becoming monster, has to fight off other evil man born with ultimate power…where the hell do I fit in?"

"I need to find someone of pure light?"

She chuckled,

'No, sweetheart. You are the person of pure light…it is you who must help him.'

"Me?!" Sakura squeaked out again. "How am I a person of pure light? What does that even mean?!"

'That you can help him…you can break him of this curse.'

"No…I mean what does me being…er…pure light mean? And what does that have to do with helping him?"

'Sakura--pure light is pure innocence. You are innocent while he is tainted. He is searching for a balance. Which is why he is so consumed with being around you, touching you, breathing you in.'

She chuckled at Sakura's mortified and blushing face.

"You were watching us?!"

'No…but I know what is going on. He has no love in himself…only lust. The darkness within him is demanding to claim you, to keep your light for himself.'

"I…I don't think I like how that sounds." Sakura confessed.

'You used a bird as a metaphor recently…I believe I will do the same thing. You are a bird, Sakura.'

"Eh?" She blinked in confusion. "A…bird?"

'A man may capture a bird, clip it's wings, and place it in a cage of solid gold…he has the power to crush it with his hands, does he not?'

"Yeah…a man does have the power to…do that." She cringed at the thought of a poor bird in the hands of Sasuke.

Kyuubi mewled a bit, slowly sniffing around the room, his ears perked up.

'Now why would he keep it in a cage? And not just a cage, but one of that finery?'

"I…well…I don't really know."

'He wants to be that bird…to have that freedom and ability. But in his twisted mind he understands he can't have it and can't be with that bird…so he does the next best thing. He cages it.'

"So…oh…this palace is my gold cage, right?"


"And Sasuke wants…what I have…not just the freedom or anything like that but…the light?"

'Go on.'

"Er…" Sakura paused. This was getting extremely complicated and rather creepy--she did not like how this was going to end. "I…don't want to do this anymore."

'Sakura…he will use everything in his power to cage you, to clip your wings, for you to become his pet and to give him light and happiness.'

"No! I will not do that! Th-that…isn't right…"

'You have to.'

Sakura growled, "You're telling me that I have to become a-a-a pet?!"


"NO!!" She snarled out, standing up. "This…isn't making sense…"

'You have to stay with him…and you cannot let him marry Kin.'

Green eyes went wide, "He's…engaged?…Oh…well…I-I'm happy for him."

'She's the daughter of the other man.'

Sakura chocked in shock.

'Once he marries her, he will be apart of the other man's army…he will snap sooner then expected and tear everything down. You are the one for him…'

Sakura shook her head, "No…"

'I know you are scared…'

"Scared?! Scared doesn't cover what I feel! Confused…terrified…I have to be going insane…I'm talking to a portrait of a dead woman being told I have to be a pet bird to the prince, who is part of the family which killed my family, and I have to help him not become a monster…" She swayed a bit. "I don't feel so good."


Mikoto sighed.

'Well…I have told all that is needed to be known now. You should go rest and be with Sasuke…he is already going mad with worry.'

And with that the room went silent.

Sakura gazed at the portrait in shock and confusion, 'What just happened?'

"What are you doing in here?"

She gasped in fright at the voice of the newcomer. "W-who…are you?"

"Uchiha Fugaku…now what are you doing in this private sanctuary?"

Her eyes went wide at his name, 'The king…' She thought. Clearing her throat she looked up at him. "Would you believe me if I said talking to Mikoto?"


"Damn it, Sakura." Sasuke hissed, looking around the palace. "Where the hell is she?!"

"Lose something, little brother?" Itachi asked, leaning against the wall--his red eyes shinning with a sadistic mischief.

"If you touched her…" Sasuke snarled.

"Now, now. Its very rude to accuse when you know nothing about the situation." Itachi smirked. "While I do so love the thought of me being the one to take that adorable little flower you call your own--I'm afraid I haven't done anything to her."

"You bastard…" The younger sibling snapped. "Stay the hell away from her."

He chuckled, "My-my, little brother. She is just a slave, nothing more. How long has it been since you have bought her? Two days? Have you not already taken her to bed?" He smirked. "I am very surprised. You want her and yet you hold yourself back--actually I am very amused…you have feelings for her or something?"

Sasuke pulled his face down into a snarl, "Just stay the hell away from her." And with that stormed away, his black eyes looking over--trying to find the pink-hair of the girl.

As soon as his little brother disappeared Itachi's smirk dropped, "So…he does…" He sighed as he rubbed his forehead, 'Mother…I am almost afraid that things are not going as we had hoped…the feelings are confusing him…and Sasuke cannot be confused like this…'

He walked the opposite direction from Sasuke, keeping his face in that usual stoic mask of his, showing nothing of his inner-turmoil to those servants who passed him.

'You must be turning over in your grave…you sacrificed your life to keep Sasuke happy and this kingdom at peace…by the way he is going it seems he will be blackened by this power.'

A small sigh escaped his lips, 'I hope that girl will be able to handle Sasuke…'


"Excuse me?" Fugaku asked, his eyes narrowing. "What did you say?"

Sakura inhaled, "I said I was talking to Mikoto. She has been talking to me for a little while now…"

The king's face went stony, "Mikoto is dead. She has been for a long time--she can not be talking to you."

"Tell that to her." Sakura sighed out only to squeak. "I'm sorry--that was really insensitive of me…I have just had one hell of a trying day. Being led to this room, seeing that the woman from my dreams was actually the queen, I have to live like a canary, Sasuke killed his mother, I have to make him not go cu-cu--"

"What?" Now Fugaku looked shocked, stunned even. "What?"

"What-what?" Sakura repeated, now at a lost from being interrupted from her rambling.

"How do you know all of this? How could you possibly know all of this when Sasuke does not? Answer me, child." He commanded.

"I'm probably going insane…but I keep talking to this voice in my head that claims to be Mikoto--she led me here and told me of a prophecy about Sasuke and how neither you nor Itachi actually did not harm her…" She sighed and slumped back down on her butt. "It was a really sad story…and now, it turns out, somehow I have to help Sasuke…"

He glared down at her a moment before he went into a kneeling position, his back straight as he looked at her confused stare.

"Please tell me more."

Sakura blinked, "You believe me?"

He nodded gravely, "Though it seems completely impossible and anything but rational I see no other explanation on how you know all of this. No one outside Itachi, myself, and our dear late Mikoto knows anything about this. My son and myself barely discuss it. No one would know about this…while it might not be Mikoto there is some power taking place here that has allowed you an insight to our plans."

The green-eyed girl glared at him, "I don't like this plan at all. Using Sasuke like this seems terribly cold and cruel."

Fugaku nodded his head in agreement, sighing, "It is. But at the very least I will receive justice--Sasuke will take my life. His aim is also his brother, but I do hope that before the end something can be rekindled between the two and Itachi's life will be spared…Itachi was just a child as well when he was dragged into this scheme. Once Sasuke hears of it, surely he will have some mercy towards him."

The man licked his suddenly dry lips looking very old, "I on the other hand do not deserve such kindness. Forcing my son to live a lie and to become a weapon--slowly twisting him and forcing him to do all of this is not something that should be forgiven."

Sakura pursed her lips, "But you're his dad…"

"No. I am not. We are just in that relationship by blood. I am not his father--no father would put all of this unto their child."


"No. I am not a father but a monster."

"That's not true…"

Fugaku's head snapped up and looked over at Sakura. Her eyes were dull and half-lidded, almost limp in her sitting position.

"You have done what needed to be done. Had we done anything differently I'm afraid something else would've happened--something more terrible then the night where he took my life."

"Mi-Mikoto?" He gasped out, looking close to tears.

"You--we did what had to be done. I hated it, I still do. But Sasuke could loose control so easily and kill everyone if he didn't have control, and to have control he needed an ambition--something he would do anything to obtain…and the best way was for him to hate." Sakura chocked this out. "Imagine…had he had no hate and lost control…killing everyone? Do you know what would've happened? Do you know what that could've done to him?"

"But…this is sick and wrong, Mikoto."

"Yes it is. But to keep him as sane as we can for as long as we can and to ensure that Orochimaru does not take control. Thousands upon thousands of lives would be used for experiments, forced into slavery…he will make everything that we have done seem like a paradise."

She then sighed, "I have used this girl's body too long--it is draining her. I'm afraid I won't be doing this again. But Fugaku--do not think that you are a monster. And if you are then you are not alone in this…" She smiled. "I love you…take good care of them."

And with that Sakura's eyes rolled before she closed them and fell limply to the side.

Kyuubi cried out and hurried to her side, nuzzling against the face of the unconscious girl.

"Calm down." Fugaku commanded. "She is alright." He then sighed. "I don't know for how long though…"

With a grunt he picked the unconscious girl up and hurried out the passage.


Sasuke had that same maddening look on his face, glaring at all who crosses his path. "Sakura…you moron."

He was so close to jus ripping the spine threw the mouth of the next person who comes next to him. His fist clenched as his teeth grounded against one another, red slowly leaking into the black, the mark on his shoulder was beginning to pulse. 'Where is she?!'

Growling he decided to start over at his room--the palace was just to large. He kept breathing, trying to keep his temper down, Sasuke found himself wanting more and more to see blood spattered on the walls…

Arriving back at his room he tried to think of where to start only to pause. He tore the door open and hurried inside only to find Sakura fast asleep on his bed.

A loud sigh of relief escaped his mouth, she was alright--she hadn't left him. Storming up to her he glared down at the sleeping figure his hand reaching out and grasping her locks. He was so tempted to just pull them, to shake her and scream at her for worrying him.

But he couldn't, his grip loosened and he settled for just combing his fingers threw the thick pink waves.

'For all I know she had only left the room for a moment, maybe to the kitchen and we kept missing each other…she probably has been asleep here the entire time.'

His anger melted at the thought, 'No…she would never leave me…she can't leave me…' The red molded back in as the obsessive line of thoughts continued to play over and over in his mind.

A small twisted grin went on his face, "Don't worry, little rabbit…I won't let you escape…you have nothing to worry about…"


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