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AU, as if you were expecting anything else… ;)

"Angel ran as fast as he could. A demon was soon to be killing some chit, and he had to the hero. Screams were emitting from an alleyway, and he had to save the day, because he was a big stupid pouf with dumb hair…."

"Spike! Stop telling Connor that I'm a stupid pouf!" Angel said, taking Connor out of Spike's arms. The bleached vampire merely rolled his eyes. "Awe, it's no harm, why's it got yer knickers in twist?" he asked.

"Because" Angel said, getting some formula for Connor. "I don't want him to be calling me pouf, instead of daddy or something" said the dark haired vamp. He checked the milk, and gave it to Connor. Spike walked over and began to stroke the baby's soft cheek.

"Yeah, well it'd be more appropriate. Tuh, to think if I had to call you dad, I'd right shake meself" Spike said, letting Connor grasp his finger. Angel sighed, and shifted the bottle so Connor could hold onto Spike as well.

"As I recall, you did call me that… when you were first turned" Angel smirked. Spike sighed now, but had a smile on his face as well. "Cuz I didn't know you'd be such a wanker…" he laughed kindly. Angel set the bottle down , and took Connor over to his crib, then tucked him in. Spike walked over, and stroked Connor's head.

"He's beautiful, you must be so proud." Spike said. "No, we are" Angel said, holding Spike's hand. They smiled at another. "I'm so glad you came after he was born… if you didn't, and if Holts had, and…" but Spike cut Angel off. "Never mind that now. And he never would have Convinced Wesley. You know that"

"I know, I'm just so happy you're here." Angel and Spike locked stares and smiled. "So am I, pet" they kissed…


Cordelia shut the door softly. She had heard voices earlier from the room, and now she knew what it was… Angel. He really had lost it. Cordelia had seen him re-enact motions like check the formula, or cuddle Connor. But there was no Connor. And no Spike…

She walked quietly down the steps. She promised herself that she'd keep this to herself. Angel deserved that much at least…


THE END! Did you like it? I hope, but if not, you can tell me that too, just no mean flamers! Thanks!