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Now on with the story….

Catherine Gale opened her eyes, everything was a bit blurry still and not just her eyes. She couldn't remember where she was or even how she had gotten there. She went to roll over and fell off the bed hard onto the cold wood floor. "Shit!" she said rubbing her butt. She got up off the floor and grabbed onto the nightstand to support her, she was a bit unsteady this morning. She saw a man laying asleep on the other side of the bed, she started looking around the apartment, This isn't my apartment where the hell am I?! She cautiously walked around the bed to the other side, pulled down the comforter…Holy shit what the hell have I done….crap crap crap! Her eyes glanced the floor and she saw an empty bottle of Cognac slumped over, Well that explains why I don't remember…Now what to do about it, leave and hope he doesn't remember or stay an confront him about whatever happened last night?

At the DC police station, Admiral Chegwidden was discussing Mackenzie's assault and battery case with the detective in charge.

"Are there any leads as of yet?"

"No sir. We wiped down her apartment and couldn't find any unaccounted for prints. All of her wounds seemed to be inflicted by hands not any objects in the apartment. Whoever did it knew what he was doing and must have been enraged about something. Do you know if the Colonel has any enemies?"

"She's an attorney that has put many people into prison any of whom might consider revenge. She has also been on several classified missions that have not ended on the best of terms. So needless to say, yes there are people out there that could want her dead."

"Well, if I could get a list of everyone she's ever sent to Leavenworth, it might be a good start. We'll check out who has been recently released and moved to the DC area."

"Have you heard anything from a Clayton Webb?"

"Who is that?"

"He works for the CIA he has been on missions with the Colonel and they were seeing each other recently. I haven't been able to get into touch with him."

"I'll have my partner get right on that. The only man we were aware of was a Commander Harmon Rabb."

"Yes, he works at JAG as well, he is the Colonel's partner. He's at the hospital right now with her."

"We will still need to question him and see if he can give us any additional information. Anything else Admiral?"

"Yes, you may want to take a look at this tape. Whoever hurt Mac called Harm's apartment last night. The message also suggests that whoever it was thinks Mac died, and he was at the hospital." AJ said handing over the original version of the tape to the detective as evidence.

"I think it would be a good idea if we pretended that the Colonel did die in surgery she would be mostly like safer that way at least until we can find the perp that did this to her."

"If I may detective, once Mac wakes up she won't go for that idea. She is a marine and they don't run away and hide. However you might be able to use that to your advantage."

"How do you figure?"

"Well if the guy really wanted her dead, he'll come back to finish the job as soon as he realizes that he didn't do it the first time. This means you'll be able to set up a trap to catch the guy."

"I don't know about that Admiral that doesn't seem like the safest idea in the world."

"Think about." With that AJ walked out of the building and headed back to the hospital.

Back at Clay's apartment Catherine Gale was frantically searching the apartment for her clothing. Where the hell is my bra, dammit?! I can't leave without finding everything, leave without out a trace that is one of the first rules they teach us! So far she had managed to find one sock, her blouse, and panties. The apartment looked as if it had been tossed, lamps were knocked over, emptied bottles of booze were scattered across the floor, and clothing was strewn across the room. At one point Catherine stepped into a puddle of drool on the floor near the couch. There was some stirring in the bedroom that made Catherine freeze in her tracks. Well I guess there won't be any slipping out undetected today. My luck just keeps going from bad to worse. Just as Clay got up from his bed and walked out of the bedroom towards the living room where Catherine Gale was frantically searching for her pants, the doorbell rang. "Shit!" they both exclaimed simultaneously. Clay ran past Catherine wearing only his plaid boxers and checked the peephole. God, I hope that isn't Mac. Clay turned to Catherine and started to shoosh her towards the bedroom, if it was Mac he didn't want her seeing Catherine there in only her panties and blouse. He looked through the door and saw a uniformed officer. "Crap. What the hell happened?" Clay opened the door, "Hello officer. How may I help you?" As soon as Catherine heard it was an officer she came out of the bedroom to see what the problem was, hoping that they hadn't done something really illegal last night that they couldn't remember.

"Are you Clayton Webb?" The uniformed officer asked

"Yes, I am."

"And you are?" He asked pointing at the half-naked woman.

"Catherine. Catherine Gale." She barely managed to get out.

"May I ask what this is about?" said Clay.

"I have a few questions for you, first sir. Are you acquainted with a Colonel Sarah Mackenzie? And can you vouch for you whereabouts from approximately 7 until 1:40 last night?"

"Yes I know Mac. I cannot vouch for my whereabouts. I got drunk last night and don't remember a whole lot."

"What about you ma'am. Do you remember the approximate time you came over?"

"No I don't?"

"Why did you want to know if I knew Sarah? Has something happened?"

"She is in the hospital. Someone assaulted her last night in her apartment. Admiral Chegwidden called you several times trying to get a hold of you." The detective didn't care for Webb, something about him was rubbing him the wrong way. AJ had said that Clay and Sarah were dating, but he certainly wasn't acting very monogamous right now.

"Is she alright?"

"She'll be fine. Will you and Catherine please get dressed and come down to the station with us and answer a few questions for us?"

"Give us five minutes" Answered Clay as he walked back into the bedroom and dragging Catherine with him. Silently cursing himself.

Meanwhile back in at the hospital, Harm sat in a chair next to Mac just holding her hand. He was asleep at the moment, having gotten very little the night before. Bud and Harriet called him earlier asking about Mac, they said they would come by a little later after she had some rest. The Admiral still wasn't back, he decided to go get something to eat for Harm, knowing that he would not leave Mac's side, even for food, until she had woken up. Harm felt Mac's hand move, and woke him up. He sat up in the chair and looked over at her face, it was badly bruised, but she was still beautiful to him. He stood up and brushed a piece of her brown hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear. Her eyelids were fluttering some, a few seconds later she opened her eyes and looked up. She thought she was still dreaming, there was no way Harm could be standing over her right now.

"Hey beautiful…" Was all Harm could choke out, tears were starting to well up in his eyes.

What will happen when Clay shows up at the hospital?

What really happened that night between Catherine and Clayton?

How hard will Harm fight to keep Mac?