The Leap of Faith

By: Mist
Category: D/S (a little MS)
Rating: PG Languge
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Summary: Scully finds Mulder....dead. She tells herself she has nothing to live for so she jumps.

Sunday, 11:00pm, Highway 909

"Oh Mulder," said Scully, a red headed female, who is 5 months pregnant. She started to sob and turned away from her desiesed partner.
"Are you OK Scully?" asked Doggett, a muscular male with light brown hair. He wrapped his arms around his partner and she sobbed hard in his chest.
He let go of her and she looked at him.
"Agent Doggett, I'm sorry but I loved Mulder more than life itself," stated Scully, "I have nothing to live for. Maybe I should just..just..jump."
"Dana, you have family. Mulder wouldn't want it this way," said Doggett.
"How'd you know what Mulder wants?!!? He's DEAD! You didn't even KNOW him," cried Scully, "It's been a pleasiur working with you."
And with that, she ran by the belt of the highway(they were on a mountain).
Doggett ran as fast as he possibly could and got there just as Scully was about to jump.
"Don't try to stop me John," said Scully.
She lept off and Doggett did too. He grabbed her waist with one hand and with the other grabbed the edge of the cliff.
"What the hell did you just do," asked Scully.
"I just saved you from making the biggest mistake of your life," replied Doggett.
"WHY?? I have nothing to live for," screamed Scully.
"Yes, you do. You have a kid in you. You'd want it to be born," said Doggett, "And even if you jump, I'd jump too."
"Why?" asked Scully.
"'Cause if you jump, I'd have nothing to live for," said Doggett.
"I'd kiss you right now if we weren't in this place," replied Scully.
"Let's change that then," said Doggett.
He held her up with all the strength he had and she pulled herself to saftey. A few minutes later Doggett was there too.
There, they kissed passionetley.