Chapter One: That Special Someone

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Chapter One: That Special Someone

The sun was placed just above the horizon as it slowly descended. The shy was painted in a swirl of yellow, blue, and fiery pink. The sound of rushing water from the river vibrated through the cool air while the birds sand other creatures talked amongst themselves. Honey orange eyes scanned over the forest canopy. The owner of these eyes sat perched up in a tree... arms crossed over his chest while his legs were stretched out over a branch. Tasuki slowly inhaled the springtime's last air. Soon autumn would come and instead of the scent of blossoming flowers, the air would be filled with the fresh scent of pine.

Feh, I never really liked spring anyway thought the young red head.

Many things had changed since that fateful day... the day Nakago was destroyed. So many of his friends and fellow senshi had lost their lives. Even little Chiriko fell victim to the cold breath of death. Only he, Chichiri, Miakia, and Tamahome had survived. However it was only Chichiri and himself who had been left in the past. Tamahome had gone on to be with Miakia in her world. Just remembering those times Tasuki and his friends shared pierced his heart. To many live were lost.

Nuriko Tasuki thought has he dwelled on the past. He missed Nuriko more then anything. He was like a brother to Tasuki.

A brother who liked to cross dress.

A faint smile crossed Tasuki's lips as that thought came to his mind. The young red haired senshi lifted his eyes to the sky. Deep in his heart he felt that Nuriko was watching over him from the heavens It was Nuriko who was always kept him in check and now his former friend and brother at heart was gone.

Nuriko I know you're up there and I know you can here me. I miss you buddy. Me, Chichiri, and even Koji. We all miss you...

Tasuki shook his head. It wasn't like him to talk to someone who's just pasted away let alone think they can actually hear him.

"I must be going crazy. That's the last time I stay up all night drinking with Koji", Tasuki said aloud.

Ever since Miakia and had gone back to her world he, Koji, and Chichiri had been living together. It was never quite in their household. Koji and Tasuki would wrestle all the time while Chichiri stood there shaking his head at how stupid the two could be. Tasuki smiled showing his fangs as he remembered the good times they had shared. However it did get lonely. Chichiri was always off somewhere meditating while Koji chased after the village girls.

Feh, girls! Who needs em", the red head thought.

"You need that special some Tasuki", Tasuki heard Nuriko tell him that one-day.


"What's wrong with the way I dress?!", Nuriko yelled irritated. Honey orange eyes looked just had irritated.

"You dress like a girl. That's what's wrong you baka", Tasuki replied sternly. Nuriko's porcelain skin flushed with red from anger.

"And what wrong with that? Don't like girls? What are you? GAY?", the purple haired senshi replied putting his hands on his hips.

"Noooooo! Kami, you're such a baka. I just don't like em. That DOESN'T mean Im gay!", Tasuki shouted.

The red head closed his eyes and put his hands up in defense. Nuriko was known for throwing shoes at him, but the blow never came. Tasuki opened one eye cautiously then opened the other.

"What?! Not in the mood for torturing me today?", he asked sarcastically.

Nuriko just laughed while ruffling his friend's red hair.

"You know what you need Tasuki?"

The red haired senshi eyed his friend.


"You need a woman. One that will love you for you and keep you in check because I always wont be around to", Nuriko replied smiling.

Tasuki rolled his eyes.

"Feh, I don't need a woman. Especially if she plans on abusing me like you do. One Nuriko is to much already."

Nuriko smiled and punched Tasuki in the arm lightly.

"I still think that you need someone special and not just any old whore off the street", Nuriko replied twisting up his face in disgust. The red haired senshi laughed at his friend's facial expression.

"I promise you Tasuki... I'll help you find that special someone. Not even death can keep me from it."


"Well Nuriko, what happened to that promise? I still haven't found that special someone."

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