Chappie Two: Damsel in Distress

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Chappie Two: Damsel in Distress



"I promise you Tasuki I'll help you find that special someone. Not even death can keep me from it"

End of Flashback

"Well Nuriko what happened to that promise? I still haven't found that special someone."


The red haired senshi sighed heavily. His honey orange eyes filled with sadness from the loss of his friend and the emptiness he felt in his heart. Tasuki was so lonely. Of course he had Chichiri and Koji to keep him company but he still felt like something was missing.

"Maybe Nuriko was right. Maybe I do need a woman," the red head sighed. After a few moments he let what he just said sink in.

"Feh, yeah right," Tasuki replied smartly. The red haired senshi descended from the giant Sequoia tree he was perched in.

The walk home was calm and quiet.

Too quiet he thought to himself. He couldn't hear the birds singing or the other forest creatures communing amongst themselves. The young senshi felt a cold draft run through his entire being sending a shiver down his spine. Something just didn't seem right. It was like he could feel some unspeakable crime taking place.

"Why do I have the strange feeling that someone's in trouble?"

At the exact moment a loud scream echoed through the calm forest.

"Oh, yeah… that's why," Tasuki replied as he ran toward the direction he heard the scream come from.


"Ahhhhhhh," a young woman about nineteen screamed out in pain.

She had bright sea green eyes and caramel skin. Her long tree bark hair was pulled back into a high, yet loose ponytail. Her pink kimono was ripped into pieces. The green eyed beauty cried out in agony again as she pulled the snake shaped dagger from her side. Almost instantly her red nectar of life began to flow from her wound, staining her pink kimono. She was drenched in sweat and her kimono and face were coated in dirt and blood.

"Now I told you before wench, you cannot escape me," a hideous looking fat man replied. His skin was scaly and his yellow eyes were that of a snake.

"Now come quietly and I might spare your life. I paid good money for you so you are my property," the man hissed.

"Stay away from me you scaly asshole," the young maiden shouted in anger.

The snake-like man hissed at the girl before him.

"Fine! Have it your way," he hissed again as he attacked the girl.

"Ahhhhhhh," she screamed once more.


Tasuki had heard the scream once more. His pace began to pick up. He dodged in and out between the giant trees until he reached a clearing in the forest. Tasuki's honey orange eyes settled on a snake-like man holding a young woman by her throat. The young maiden could sense the presence of another stranger.

"Don't just stand there baka! Help me," she yelled at the stranger. At first his features were concealed from the shade of the trees. Tasuki stepped out from the shadows. The young maiden's eyes settled on a fiery red head with honey orange eyes.

He's cute… What am I saying! My life is on the line and I'm staring down complete stranger the girl thought.

"First off onna I aint no baka. Name's Tasuki and second is that any way to talk to your rescuer," the senshi smiled cockily revealing his fangs.

The snake man hissed in annoyance. "This doesn't concern you boy so be on your way before you get hurt."

Tasuki stared wide eyed at the snake-like man. The senshi had never seen a creature like that before.

"What the hell are you," the red head yelled.

"Watch it boy or you might lose your head," the green, scaly man growled.

"Is that a threat," Tasuki replied in a dangerously low voice.

The man leaned back his head as a laugh erupted from his chest. Tasuki didn't like that at all.

"Ha, you amuse me human, but your ignorance blinds you. For you see, I am a youkai. A snake youkai to be exact," the great demon hissed.

Suddenly the snake man transformed into his true form. His body grew longer as a tail sprouted from his back. The snake youkai's fangs dripped with venom while he still held the girl captive. Tasuki's eyes grew five times their normal size.

"What the hell, was all the stunned senshi could mange to get out.

The girl being held in the youkai's clutches starred at Tasuki in disbelief.

"You mean to tell me you don't know what he is," she shouted in disbelief. "Kami, why did you send me such a baka to be my rescuer. The fates have dealt me a cruel hand." The girl turned her head toward the youkai.

"You mind as well just kill me and get it over with because there's no way in the seven hells that this baka is gonna save me."

"Hey onna, I AM still standing here," the red haired senshi yelled in anger.

"And WHY are you still standing there? You're just gonna get us both killed. Mind as well not waste the man's time."

"Watch it onna!"

"Yeah, I'll watch alright… watch you get utterly destroyed."

"SHUT UP," Tasuki growled.

"ENOUGH," the snake youkai roared, "BOTH of you shut up and let me kill you… starting with the girl." The youkai's fangs pierced the young maiden's neck poison leaking into the bit. Tasuki has seen enough. The young senshi reached for his tessen. Unaware to him, Tasuki's senshi symbol began to glow.

"Hey ugly!"

The snake youkai looked in the direction where Tasuki called him, but he had disappeared.

Where did that baka go? The young maiden thought to herself.

Just then she fell to the ground as the youkai's grasp on her loosened. The young woman dropped to the forest floor. Looking up she saw the young stranger beat the demon into the ground with a huge white fan. The youkai hissed in pain.

"It wont be so easily to destroy me you little punk," the snake demon lunged toward Tasuki.

"Oh yeah? Chew on this," Tasuki raised his tessen and unleashed his fire attack.

Instantly the youkai lit up on fire. It screams of pain echoed through the forest. Tasuki stood and watched as the demon's body was burnt to a crisp. His flaming red hair danced in the wind as his eyes met with the girl's for the first time. Honey orange reflected sea green. Suddenly the young maiden felt her entire body do numb.

Damn the youkai… poison was the last thought that ran across her mind as darkness consumed her.

"Ah shit," Tasuki said aloud as the girl collapsed into the forest floor.

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