Prologue: The Arrival

Frank Parker, Olga Vukavitch, Nathan Ramsey, Bradley Talmadge, Ballard and Isaac Mentor stood in the briefing room watching a news brief from Washington about the visit of Ten-Year old Celtic Countess Bridgett O'Mearin.

"I can't believe all this Hoopla is over some kid." Muttered Ramsey.

"That kid," said Talmadge, "is sitting on top of a giant Carbide aridium deposit the biggest ever found that stuff is invaluable to the space program. If they can get her to sign that agreement NASA will be set for life." Just then there was a beep from the fax machine heralding the arrival of a memo. Talmadge walked over picked up the memo and scanned over it.

"Okay people listen up," he said, "there is going to be a party and the Palace hotel in Vegas tomorrow night in honor of Countess O'Mearin's Eleventh birthday, top brass feels that this would be prime time for any attempts to sabotage the space program. So as of right now we're on alert for Backstep should it be necessary."

When Talmadge was finished they turned their attention back to the news commentator.

"Officials have learned that the Countess actually had an ulterior motive for her visit. According to our sources Countess O'Mearin has an American Godfather that she hasn't seen since she was four years-old she said that she hopes to see him again on this trip."

"Wow," said Olga, "I wonder why her godfather would be so hard to find?" as if to answer her question the commentator continued.

"All that we currently know about her godfather is that he works with some sort of hush- hush government agency and that he disappeared on some sort of secret operation years ago. Currently officials have had no luck I tracking him down."