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Chapter 5: Finale

We slept most of the following day, but that afternoon found us back at the deserted spot on the beach where the waves crashed on the jagged rocks. Marik swam near the rocky shore, wearing dark green, almost knee-length swim trunks, but I still wore my jeans and a T-shirt, though I grudgingly had taken off my shoes.

I sat cross-legged on one of the rocks overhanging the pounding ocean, sharpening my knife against the rock's surface, when Marik climbed up beside me, dripping ocean water and grinning widely. "Bakura, why won't you swim? There's no one else here," Marik breathed, still panting slightly from exertion. I watched him wring salt water from his long, blond locks and shook my head.

"I don't swim," I replied shortly, holding out a pale forearm. "I'm too fair-skinned; I'd just get a terrible sunburn, which I'd rather not put up with, thanks."

Marik gestured to the setting sun. "You won't burn now. Come on, it's no fun swimming by myself," he whined, tugging on my arm.

"Don't be so immature," I snapped, and clicked my switchblade shut and dropped it far away from me on the rocks (just so I wouldn't be tempted).

"I'll show you immature!" Marik said, and suddenly yanked me into his arms, bridal-style. I twisted and kicked at him angrily, but the muscular boy held tight and leapt from the rock, straight into the ocean below.

I screamed, and a great deal of salt water ran down my throat. I really hate Marik.

As soon as we hit the water I scrambled from Marik's grasp and floundered back to the rocky beach, with my sodden clothes clinging to my miserable, bedraggled form. "Marik, I will kill you!" I hissed, wringing water from my T-shirt. "Where's my knife? Great, it's still up on that rock... Marik, I will KILL you for making me forget my knife!"

Marik climbed onto the shore beside me, ignoring my vindictive threats. "Ready to go back in the water?" he teased. I glared at him, imagining the most rewarding ways to eviscerate him once I got my knife back. "Come on, you're already wet anyway, and you can stay in the shallow water. Just swim with me for a little while," Marik pleaded.

I ignored him and pulled the sodden T-shirt from my dripping chest, wringing from it all the water possible. The sun had vanished, and my pale skin glowed slightly in the moonlight, with beads of water glistening on my skin and the ends of my hair. Marik suddenly grew very quiet.

I felt his gaze on me and hurriedly pulled my shirt back over my chest, though it still clung to my slim form. Marik cleared his throat and added with a raspy voice, "What... What's the point in coming to the beach if you won't even swim?" I looked down at him from the rocks (I was going after my knife- next time I wanted to stab him I would just give in to the temptation) and scoffed.

"I told you this wasn't a pleasure trip. We're hiding out, remember?"

Marik sighed and headed back for the water. "Fine. Have it your way, Bakura." He dove below the water and disappeared from sight, and I picked up my knife and trudged sulkily back to the house. Marik, the fool, had locked the door, so I had to waste my time picking the lock before I could stomp inside and take an extremely long shower.

After about forty-five minutes, I finally got rid of all the salt and sand and emerged from the shower, still dripping but considerably refreshed. At least, I was until I got to my room. Marik lay sprawled on his back across my bed, snoring; and the white residue of ocean salt caked his skin and hair as it dried. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY BED?!" I cried in horror.

Marik just rolled over sleepily and snored louder. My face reddened in anger- how dare he DEFILE my bed with that disgusting sea salt? Ra, I wish I could kill him! I stomped to him and slapped him hard across the face, leaving a red mark and a scratch from my fingernails; but when the scratch started to bleed I felt slightly guilty. "What are you doing on my bed like that?" I growled once again, a little less viciously.

Marik's eyes cracked open and he winced. "Ow, Bakura, you didn't have to slap me," he grumbled. Involuntarily my hand went to his cheek and I gently wiped the blood from the little scratch with the pad of my thumb.

"Sorry," I muttered. Marik leaned into my touch and I pulled my hand away in embarrassment. "Why are you here?" I asked again.

"I wanted to tell you that you forgot your shoes on the beach, and I brought them to you," he yawned. "But you stayed in the shower so long I fell asleep." I felt a prickle of guilt at that statement, but quickly shoved the feeling down, since it was Marik's fault that I needed such a long shower in the first place. The idiot.

Marik plodded to the bathroom to take a shower while I inspected my ruined sheets. That stupid Egyptian had gotten salt over everything, and I really didn't feel like changing the sheets right now. I sighed. It looked like I would have to sleep in the fruity canopy bed tonight.

A few minutes later I heard pounding on the locked door to Marik's room, as well as the annoyed shouts of its rightful occupant. I ignored them and covered my head with a pillow as I drifted into a light doze, smirking to myself even in my dreams.

The feeling of arms wrapping themselves around my back brought me back to awareness, though I kept my eyes closed, feigning sleep. If Marik thought he could push me from the bed like that, I'd just shock him at the last moment... But the arms didn't try to push me away. Instead they drew me closer to a warm body and held me gently.

My breath hitched as Marik's slim fingers threaded through my long hair and traced my cheekbones. I'd done the same thing to him, yesterday... Well, we both were probably certifiably insane, so I suppose we had an excuse for doing such crazy things. Cheered by my (flimsy) excuse, I shifted in my 'sleep' and burrowed my cheek into his bare chest- he still smelled like the ocean.

Marik's arms tightened around me and he kissed my forehead softly, barely a brush of his lips against my skin. But the spot burned on my skin long afterward. "Good night, love," Marik murmured softly, and rested his head back against the pillows.

My eyes sprang open in disbelief. Love? Love? That must be some fruity expression people like Marik use all the time, right? But then; I'd never heard him say it before- except, of course, with Anzu.

Marik's soft snores began just above me as he entered a deep sleep. But sleep evaded me that night.

As soon as the sun crept over the horizon the next morning, I slipped from Marik's arms and went for a long walk along the beach. I couldn't get that phrase out of my head- had he meant anything by it? Did I want him to?

Good night, love.

I had to admit, it sounded nice. I could get used to hearing that... Wait, what was I thinking? Marik was the fruit, not me! So what if I liked holding him and hearing him call me 'love'? So what if I wanted him around? It didn't mean anything- nothing at all.

Yes, I'm perfectly aware that I'm in denial, and I'd like to stay that way, thanks.

I slipped off my shoes and crept down the rocky shore to the edge of the water, letting the sea foam swish against my ankles. This was a nice place, even though Marik had suggested it; the only thing wrong with it was the frilly furniture, and I couldn't really hold that against him. Stupid Marik- how did he keep gaining my respect?

As I stood, lost in my thoughts and gazing over the deep blue water, a pair of tanned arms crept around my waist. "Are you swimming today?" Marik whispered huskily, and I could feel his breath gust across my right ear.

"No, and you'd better not throw me in, either!" I snapped, struggling from his grasp. "Let go! I have my knife today."

Marik withdrew his arms but shook his head, smirking. "No you don't," he said, and held up my switchblade triumphantly.

"You picked my pocket?!" My eyes narrowed dangerously and I lunged at him, but Marik dodged me. He dangled the knife just out of my reach, laughing, and I ran after him. I missed again, and soon I was chasing him all over the beach, cursing when I stepped barefoot on the sharp stones.

Taking a deep breath, I charged at Marik at full speed, expecting him to dodge again, but he froze, staring at the condo. I couldn't stop, and I tackled him, sending the two of us rolling indecently over the sand. Marik, of course, landed on top of me.

I lay on my back in the sand, staring into Marik's violet eyes just above me. Panting, he slowly propped his palms on either side of my face and lifted himself slightly. I could feel his pounding heart against mine as he gazed into my eyes and whispered my name. "Bakura..."

"Hmm?" I murmured, watching a wisp of Marik's blond hair slip over his forehead as he lay above me.

"There's someone in the house."

"Yes... Wait, what?" I gasped. I shoved him off me and leapt to my feet. Sure enough, a royal blue BMW was parked in the driveway, just behind Marik's motorcycle. My eyes widened in fear. Had Yugi-tachi found our hideout? "Marik, do you recognize that car?" I asked over my shoulder.

The Egyptian stepped close behind me and rested a hand on my shoulder as he examined it closely. "I don't think so, but it does seem rather familiar," he replied. I sidestepped out of the reach of his arm and crept up the rocky shore to the back of the house.

"We didn't hide well- all our stuff is lying around in there," I whispered. "They already know someone's been staying there."

"Yes, it was rather obvious," a deep voice commented dryly. I whirled to see a tall brunette with flashing blue eyes glaring down at me.

"Kaiba!" I gasped.

"Kaiba!" Marik cheered. I glared at him.

"What are you doing here?" I snapped at the tall CEO.

"I happen to own this condo," Kaiba replied snidely, and I glared harder at Marik.

"Marik, you took us to Kaiba's beach house? We're supposed to be in HIDING," I groaned.

He shrugged. "I didn't think he'd ever come here. I mean; does Kaiba seem like the type to go on vacation?" Marik said.

"I have business out here," Kaiba explained shortly. "And I must say, I didn't appreciate coming to my beach house to find mud and sea salt all over the furniture."

A thought occurred to me. "Hey Kaiba? Why does your furniture have flowers all over it?"

After a lot of Marik's whining, Kaiba agreed to let us stay in his condo for a while longer, as long as we cleaned up after ourselves. (By the way, he never answered my question about the girly furniture.) That night, however, sparked a huge argument over sleeping arrangements, since neither Kaiba nor I wanted to sleep in the stupid canopy bed, and neither of us would sleep on the couch, either.

Finally I relented. "Fine, I'll sleep on the canopy bed and you can have my room," I sighed.

"Actually it's MY room," Kaiba retorted, and I opened my mouth to respond scathingly, but Marik interrupted.

"Where am I supposed to sleep?" Marik whined.

"The couch," Kaiba and I replied simultaneously, and snickered at Marik's irate expression. Kaiba and I nodded curtly to each other and retreated to our rooms, leaving Marik sulking on the couch.

After a few minutes I started to feel guilty and walked back into the living room to tell Marik he could sleep with me, but to my surprise he wasn't on the couch. I looked all through the house and even checked outdoors when I couldn't find him. His motorcycle was still parked in the driveway, but Marik had disappeared!

Panicking, I rushed to Kaiba's room and pounded on the door. "Kaiba! Get up, Marik's missing!" I cried. I heard a thud and footsteps slowly approaching the door, and I pounded on it again. "Hurry up! We have to find him!" I shouted.

"Bakura, shut up!" Kaiba grumbled. The door swung open to reveal a sleepy, annoyed Kaiba glaring down at me. "He's right there," Kaiba continued, pointing to the bed where Marik sat, rubbing his eyes.

"Ba...(yawn)...kura, what's wrong?" Marik mumbled.

"What are you doing in Kaiba's bed?" I gasped. Kaiba crossed his arms impatiently, but I just gave him my most threatening glare and returned my attention to Marik.

"Seto said I could sleep with him, since the couch really isn't that comfortable," Marik replied.

"But... Seto?" I said stupidly.

"Just go to bed, Bakura," Kaiba snapped, and slammed the door in my face.

I stared at the door in shock for a moment until hot fury spread through my limbs and I started shaking in rage. Not stopping to think about what I was doing, I kicked the door with all my might and it sprang open with a resounding bang. Kaiba and Marik jumped to a sitting position in the bed and their jaws dropped in surprise.

"Did you just break my door?" Kaiba snarled. I ignored him and stalked across the room to Marik's side.

"Bakura, what are you doing?" Marik gasped, furrowing his brow in confusion. I grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the bed, and he hit the floor with a thump. "Ow! Bakura, stop it!" Marik grumbled. "What do you want?"

"LET HIM GO!" Kaiba yelled. I flicked open my switchblade threateningly, sure to catch the moonlight on its sharp surface, and pulled Marik to his feet.

"He's sleeping with me," I growled, and yanked an extremely surprised Marik out the door. I pulled him into my room and locked the door behind me. "That should stop Kaiba; I doubt he knows how to pick a lock," I muttered to myself, and turned away from the door.

I met Marik's shocked gaze, and suddenly I blushed furiously. "Er... I don't trust Kaiba. He was trying to seduce you," I said in an attempt to justify myself. Marik just grinned, and his white teeth flashed in the moonlight.

"Whatever, Bakura," he said, shaking his head, and climbed into bed. "I do like this bed better," he sighed and stretched luxuriantly. I crawled in beside him and wrapped my arms around him protectively, and Marik raised an eyebrow but allowed it. Allowed it; right. He was the one always trying to touch me.

I pushed back that thought and hugged Marik tighter, and he sighed and rested his cheek against my shoulder. I took a deep breath. "Marik- Kaiba didn't...try anything, did he?" I asked nervously.

Marik chuckled. "I told you he has a thing for the Pharaoh," Marik replied. "Too bad, though- Kaiba's really cute. And rich," he added teasingly, and I growled.

"That arrogant jerk! We're leaving tomorrow," I snarled. "We've been out of town long enough."

"Why Bakura, are you jealous?" Marik asked in a high-pitched, 'innocent' voice.

"No..." I said slowly.

"That was convincing," Marik snickered. "I think you are. You're jealous of Kaiba," he teased in an annoying sing-song.

"Shut up!" I growled. "You're getting on my nerves."

"Well, I didn't have to sleep in here, you know," Marik reminded me smugly.

"Yes you did," I replied shortly. Before he could make another snide remark, I tilted my head down and kissed him gently on the forehead, letting my lips linger against his skin. Marik lifted his face closer to mine, obviously wanting more, but I panicked and pulled away quickly.

Marik sighed. "Good night, Bakura."

"Good night," I replied. Good night, love, I added silently.

The next morning I awoke to find Marik gone, and I hurriedly dressed and ran downstairs to see him chatting flirtatiously with Kaiba over the kitchen table while sipping a cup of coffee. I snuck up behind Marik and slipped my arm around him possessively, glaring at Kaiba, who rolled his eyes.

"Oh, good morning Bakura," Marik said, glancing at me in surprise. "I just made coffee, if you want some," he told me and pointed at the coffeepot. I stared at the coffee longingly, but caught Kaiba's smirk and just clung tighter to Marik's waist.

"Well, I've got to go; I have work to do," Kaiba said (as if anybody cared), and stood. "Goodbye, Bakura; see you soon, Marik." He reached over and ruffled Marik's hair, and quick as a flash I whipped out my knife and threatened him with it. Kaiba just rolled his eyes again and strode rapidly out the door.

"Ra, I hate him," I growled as soon as Kaiba was gone.

"I don't see why," Marik chided, slipping from my grasp. "He didn't tell anyone about our plots, and he's letting us hide out at his house."

"Yes, but..." I trailed off, trying to think of a plausible reason to hate Kaiba's guts. "But he only did that because he has a crush on you," I finally said.

"For the last time he does NOT!" Marik groaned as he poured me a cup of coffee. "He told me this morning that he and Yami are together, or at least they will be as soon as they can figure out how to separate the Pharaoh and Yugi."

"Hah, the Pharaoh can't figure out how to do what I did months ago," I snorted. Suddenly my eyes widened. "Marik, that's it!" I gasped. "You're brilliant! I love you so much!" I jumped up and wrapped my arms around him in glee, knocking the coffee cup to the ground. "That's how we can get my..."

I trailed off at Marik's wide-eyed stare. "What?" I asked, suddenly aware of our proximity. The air seemed to heat up several degrees, but I didn't back away- instead, I drew him closer and tilted my face toward his, steadily closing the few inches that separated us. "What's wrong?" I breathed, staring into Marik's glazed violet eyes.

"You said... You said you loved me," Marik replied in a tiny whisper.

"Did I?" I smirked. Marik frowned and tried to shove me away, but I drew him tighter against me and planted my lips on his in a firm kiss. He gasped and I plunged my tongue between his lips, barely touching his tongue with mine before pulling away again. I lifted my head and examined his face for a moment, smirking at the dazed look in his eyes, before plunging back into another passionate kiss.

Marik suddenly responded, running his hands up and down my back as he sucked my bottom lip into his mouth and nibbled it lightly. My breath hitched, and Marik slipped his hands under my shirt and drew up my chest, breaking away from me briefly to slip the fabric over my head. He lowered his face to my pale, lean chest and ran his tongue over my nipples, eliciting a gasp from me, and he grinned and continued making wet trails across my chest with his mouth.

The heat in the room by this time had risen to an unbearable level and I was finding it hard to breathe. Reluctantly I pushed Marik away from my bare chest and he frowned, but I grinned shakily and took his hand. "Let's go to your room," I murmured huskily, and my grin turned into an evil smirk. "I knew that fruity canopy bed was good for something."

I collapsed on top of Marik and he lifted a shaky hand to brush back the hair from my sweaty forehead. "I love you," he whispered, and I laid my cheek against his chest, listening to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat.

"I know; I heard you say it before when you thought I was asleep," I replied smugly.

"What! Bakura, I can't believe you..." I cut short Marik's lecture with a slow, languid kiss, and eventually he relaxed and sank back into the mattress. I pulled away for air and Marik smirked at me. He rolled us over so that he lay on top of me...

A long time later, I awoke to lengthening shadows stretching across the bedroom walls, and the hazy orange afternoon sun beaming in a square the shape of the window against the carpet. Marik lay beside me, with his platinum locks twisted in sweaty ringlets and a blissful smile on his sleeping face. I felt my face stretch into a (nauseatingly) appreciative grin, and I slipped out of bed and dressed, careful not to disturb him.

In the living room, I met the most disgusting sight I'd ever seen. Kaiba leaned back in one of the flowered chairs with his legs stretched out and propped against the armrest of the sofa, and he held a photo of the Pharaoh, staring at it with a lovestruck expression in his blue eyes. I made a face.

Kaiba suddenly noticed my presence and quickly hid the photo, but a telltale flush spread across his cheeks. "Having fun?" I taunted.

He scowled, but his frown quickly turned into a knowing smirk. "Not as much as you and Marik have been," Kaiba replied.

If he thought that would embarrass me, he was wrong; I wouldn't waste any opportunities for rubbing in the fact that I had Marik and he didn't. "Three times," I informed Kaiba proudly, and then it was his turn to make a disgusted face.

"More than I wanted to know," he grumbled. I opened my mouth to give Kaiba more unwanted details, but just then I heard Marik's soft footfalls as he stumbled into the living room, yawning and rubbing his eyes. Hurriedly I rushed to his side where I hovered protectively, glaring at Kaiba.

"Honestly, give it a rest Bakura," Kaiba snapped. I ignored him.

Marik plopped tiredly onto the couch and I immediately sat beside him, close enough for our thighs to touch, and slipped my arm around his shoulders. Marik glanced up at me and gave me a gorgeous grin, and I fought to keep from smiling in reply- Kaiba was watching, after all. "Bakura, didn't you start to tell me something this morning?" Marik randomly asked; his brow furrowing. He gave Kaiba a furtive glance and added, "Or is it private?"

"No... Actually, I think Kaiba should hear this, since it concerns him, anyway," I replied slowly. They both gazed at me curiously, and I took a deep breath before elaborating. "Well, I have a new plan for getting my Sennen Ring back, and I think it's foolproof."

Kaiba snorted. "Aren't you ever going to give up on that thing?"

"No, not like you'd understand, though," I said scornfully. "Anyway," I continued, "It's all about a deal- a fair, even exchange; and those goody-goody Yugi-tachi freaks are all about fairness. The Pharaoh has something I want, and I have something he wants." I stared meaningfully at Kaiba. "I know how he can have a body of his own."

Kaiba's eyes widened and an expression of hope mixed with disbelief spread across his face. He ran a hand through his thick brown hair and took a shuddering breath. "Bakura, are you serious?" he breathed.

I nodded curtly. "Bring the Pharaoh here tomorrow. Alone. And tell him to bring the Sennen Items."

"No! I won't do it!" the Pharaoh whined, as Kaiba tugged on his arm in an attempt to get him to come inside. I watched from the flowered sofa with a bemused smirk when Kaiba groaned loudly.

"Yami, what's wrong now? You said you wanted this!" Kaiba snapped, sounding a little hurt. The Pharaoh reached a hand to Kaiba's face and cupped his cheek lightly, and his crimson eyes stared longingly into Kaiba's ice-blue ones. "I do want to be with you," Yami breathed. They inched closer, and slowly their lips met in a chaste but passionate kiss, full of desperate desire.

I gagged.

"Shut UP, Bakura!" Kaiba snapped, wrenching his face away from the Pharaoh's (who blushed, much to my amusement.) Kaiba finally succeeded in dragging his spiky-haired lover inside and turned to me expectantly. "Well, get on with it," Kaiba said impatiently.

"Not until I get what I want," I replied nonchalantly, whipping out my trusty knife and testing its sharpness. Beside me, Marik nodded emphatically and crossed his arms, giving the Pharaoh a threatening glare. We'd agreed not to act like lovers in front of him, since he would probably try to use it to his advantage somehow.

"I'll never give you the Sennen Items, Tomb Robber!" the Pharaoh snarled. I raised an eyebrow at him and didn't respond, instead returning to the careful examination of my weapon. After an excruciating silence (at least on his part- I was having fun tormenting him), Yami ground his teeth together and groaned. "Fine. I'll give you your Ring back, since it's yours by right, AFTER I get my own body."

I sat for a moment, contemplating this, and watched the Pharaoh turn his head slightly to converse with the phantom of his other half that only he could see. Hmm, he looked crazier than Marik OR me. Speaking of Marik, he scooted slightly closer to me than was decent and whispered huskily in my ear. I had to work to keep the heat from rising in my lower body at his proximity.

"Bakura, why don't you take it? You only really wanted the Ring, anyway, and we can steal the rest of the Items later," Marik murmured softly.

"I don't know," I whispered back. "If I tell Yami how to do this, the Sennen Puzzle will be useless to me, since the Pharaoh's power will be separate from his Item." Marik just gave me a clueless look, and now I had to will my fingers from stabbing him with the knife in my hands. Interesting, how quickly my moods shift. I wonder if it annoys Marik. I hope so.

"Well?" Kaiba snapped impatiently.

"Keep your pants on, Kaiba," I replied indifferently. Then I smirked, eyeing the Pharaoh, and added, "However hard that may be."

Yami blushed, scowling, and said, "If you're not going to do this, Bakura, then I might as well leave." He crossed his arms defensively and glared at me, until I finally sighed.

"Alright, then. But first give my Ring to Kaiba," I gestured to the tall CEO staring moony-eyed at the stupid Pharaoh, and Kaiba started a little in surprise. Marik and I snickered.

Yami handed over the Sennen Ring and I snapped my fingers carelessly. Immediately a shorter version of the Pharaoh, with violet eyes instead of crimson, appeared beside him, blinking in surprise. I snatched the Ring from Kaiba's grasp and gestured to Marik, and the two of us headed for the door.

" that it?" the Pharaoh stuttered. "What did you do?"

"You'll never know," I replied mysteriously, opening the door for my blonde Egyptian lover. "But that's not quite it; there's a bit of an aftershock," I added with an evil grin.

Suddenly the Pharaoh yelped in pain and doubled over, clutching his stomach; and Kaiba rushed over to help him. I rolled my eyes and turned to Marik. "Ready for another ride on my motorcycle?" he teased.

I shuddered. "No. I hate that thing," I said. Then I paused and ran a finger along Marik's tanned, muscular torso. He was still wearing that button-up shirt. "Although, I do like the seating arrangements..." I added seductively. Marik wrapped his arms around my neck, forgetting our pretext for the Pharaoh, and we kissed passionately amid the background cries of the Pharaoh as he tried to adjust to his new body.

Eventually, I pulled away to breathe but Marik leaned in again and sucked my bottom lip lightly. He then began making a wet trail down my neck with his kiss-swollen lips, until I pushed him away. "Let's get out of here before the Pharaoh quits feeling sorry for himself and tries to take the Ring back," I grumbled.

"Is what you did really permanent?" Marik asked curiously.

"Unfortunately, yes," I sighed.

"How long will it hurt him?"

"Only about two weeks or so," I smirked evilly. Marik chuckled and slid onto the motorcycle, and I climbed on behind him, slipping my hands around his torso, teasingly close to the waistline of his pants.

"Did it hurt you that much?" Marik asked huskily, obviously trying to ignore my roving hands.

"Of course not," I replied scathingly. "But the Pharaoh just said I had to give him his own body. He never said I had to do it the easy way."

"You are pure evil," Marik laughed. I rested my chin on his shoulder as he started the motorcycle and nipped lightly at his neck.

"Some things never change," I answered smugly.

Aww... Well, that's the end. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks again to everyone who read this!