This story is about nerds coming together.

This story is about nerds coming together and bragging.

This story is about one green changeling.

This story is about how that changeling bragged.

This story is about how that changeling got dumped.

This story is about how...oh...nah you'll see.

No, I don't own Teen Titans. I don't own this idea. Miranda Otto donated it to me I feel special about's a big word...OKAY I'll SHUT UP. I don't even own AIM....oooh but I go on it every day, every night...every waking hour...oh yes...okay maybe not every hour...

The Legacy of the Unloved

By AzarathMetrionZinthos12

Idea from Miranda Otto


Chapter 1: ITalkToGeeks


February 12...

It started out on a boring, oh so blah day. The weather was all gray and strange. The Titans were seemingly all bored.

Except Beast Boy.

He bounced into the Main Room wearing a grin much resembling that of a little boy celebrating his first Christmas.

"Ahhh...too...bright...." Cyborg winced. Yes, Beast Boy's facial expression was much to bright and cheerful for the half-robot, who was literally dying of boredom. Or at least acting like it. He was lying on the floor, hands over his eyes.

Beast Boy was also carrying his wireless laptop, which made the annoying 'ding...ding' noise every 5 seconds. Okay, it was really fast between the beeps. Maybe it was 3 seconds?

He positioned himself on the couch, and Raven anime-sweat-dropped.

"Will you PLEASE shut that thing off?" She pleaded monotonously, rubbing her temples.

Beast Boy rolled his eyes, and adjusted his screen to read what all of his 'friends' were talking about.

Yes, Beast Boy was in a Chat Room on AOL Instant Messenger...

Here's how it went:

StarTrekMaleMaven: Ooooh man did you hear about the new season of Star Trek?

ISpeakKlingon: Nooknacht?

StarTrekMaleMaven: No, Marvin, not cream cheese bagels. Though those are quite pleasurable to ingest and/or consume, also.

GreenSmurf(BeastBoy): This conversation confuses me deeply. :-/

ImANerd: Oh, and it is implied that you are in a state of thorough developmental confusion? If so, I might be able to interpret what our friends are conversing of.

GreenSmurf: o.O;; Uhhh...yeaaaaaaaa...

StarTrekMaleMaven: Let us change the subject!

GreenSmurf: raises hand Please...


GreenSmurf: Female sperm? O.O

ImANerd: means the female species. Preferably, in this case...oh, let me put this into terms a simpleton like you would understand. It means let us talk about girls.

GreenSmurf: Oooooh!!! I especially love the tall babes with the blonde hair....anddddd

ImANerd: Someone use the excellent invention and warn this lowlife.

ISpeakKlingon: Meckzot

ImANerd: Klingon Macht.

ISpeakKlingon has left the chat room at 10:34:05

GreenSmurf: Okay...what'd you say to the poor, non-english speaking dude?

ImANerd: That there's food in the kitchen.

GreenSmurf: ....I won't ask.

ImANerd: So, about girlfriends...has anyone ever had one?

StarTrekMaleMaven: Herehere! Stacy Donut is so hot...she was the best female nerd!! I'll send you a picture.

(StarTrekMaleMaven wants to direct connect. GreenSmurf accepted request.

A picture of a girl with Garth Algar resembling glasses and gray hair appears. xD)

GreenSmurf: Oh...yea, man, she'

StarTrekMaleMaven: -hugs her girlfriend-

GreenSmurf: o.O Computer hugging? Whats this world coming to!!!???!????

StarTrekMaleMaven: Oh you're just jealous. You never told me YOU had a girlfriend.

GreenSmurf: Well...

ImANerd: Sally Shoes rocks my little toes. She's been my girlfriend for a week. We celebrated this past Thursday by eating appetizers and main course meals including Veal Scaloppini.

GreenSmurf: Nice...

ImANerd: Well, Garfield, tell us about your girlfriend! From your perspective, you seem as though you are quite the 'stud'!

GreenSmurf: Well yeah but...

ImANerd: You DO have a girlfriend, yes?

GreenSmurf: Hell yea!

StarTrekMaleMaven: Okay, who?

GreenSmurf: Ummmmmmm her name is

StarTrekMaleMaven: ...

GreenSmurf: Well I can't tell you. You see she don't want me bragging bout her cause she's so damn sexy.

ImANerd: My impressive IQ has just dropped 10 points.

GreenSmurf: Yeah, should. She's drop dead gorgeous with wide hips...

StarTrekMaleMaven: Awww, Gar, can't we see a picture?

GreenSmurf: scoff No! She's MY girlfriend for MY eyes only!

StarTrekMaleMaven: Alright, then bring her to the convention tomorrow.

GreenSmurf: WHAT!?

ImANerd: Bring your lady friend to the convention tomorrow.

GreenSmurf: Why!? She don't like to be in public ok???

StarTrekMaleMaven: Tomorrow's Day Before Valentine's Day, dorkbrain. It'll be romantic, hello?

GreenSmurf: What's so romantic about the DAY BEFORE Valentine's Day!? Besides, I can do romantic things without even lifting a finger!

ImANerd: ...That's what worries me so.

StarTrekMaleMaven: Just stay for a little while, okay?

GreenSmurf: Absulotly not!

ImANerd: Ugh, I hate your typos, Garfield.

GreenSmurf: Well they hate u!

ImANerd: --;;

StarTrekMaleMaven: I'll pay you personally with my own money.

GreenSmurf: ...How much u talkin?

StarTrekMaleMaven: $100.00

ImANerd: And I shall personally add $100.00

GreenSmurf: Okay, why are you paying me?

StarTrekMaleMaven: :-D I bet you $200 that you don't have a real girlfriend.


ImANerd: Then tell us her name....XD

GreenSmurf: Ummm I can't.

StarTrekMaleMaven: ...exactly.

GreenSmurf: Fine! You know what? Tomorrow, I'll PROVE that I have a real girlfriend! I'll prove it and shove it in your nerdy StarTrek book reading faces so badly it'll hurt worse then heroin injecting needles!

StarTrekMaleMaven: o.O

ImANerd: Alrighty then...


ImANerd: Yet again...Alright.

GreenSmurf: Smartarses! See you tomorrow at the stoopid fair!!!!!1!!

ImANerd: Alright, Garfield. Go rest your imagination up.

StarTrekMaleMaven: Hope you get laid tonight by Anonymous, Garfield.

GreenSmurf: BYE!

GreenSmurf signed off at 10:52:46

Back in the real word, Beast Boy hastily shut the lid of his laptop down, fuming.

Oh yes, he would show them.


It turns out all of the Titans had eventually found something 'fun' to do. At least it was fun in their own minds.

That evening they all sat around the dinner table, finishing their dinner.

At least most of them were, unless they were Cyborg and were on their 7.5 serving.

Raven was quiet, as usual, picking at her strange-looking dinner.

Starfire had cooked tonight's meal, and had actually made it good. At least it was good to Beast Boy and Cyborg and Robin.

But of course, Robin was just pretending. He adored Starfire possible manner.

Adoring can sometimes mean you will do anything to prove to a person you love everything.

From their bad their good looks.

Beast Boy wasn't scarfing down the meal. He was thinking.

How could he find a girlfriend in less than 24 hours?


What would be the easiest route?

Of course!

One of the titans...

Beast Boy beamed randomly as an idea formed, making it visible on his face.

Okay, but which Titan?

He couldn't just ask Robin or Cyborg to dress up as a female.

Too...scary and too much like the song 'Lola'.

Instead, he would have to use a Titan girl.

Not Starfire. Noooo the naivety of the Alien Princess would strike his friends in a very strange way.

Besides, Robin would get really pissed and territorial and be all against it and not allow it. Seeing as he DID have a thing for her...

The only other choice was Raven.

And sadly, that would be the hardest choice.

Wait, why was he doing this? Painting Raven as a scary, evil invulnerable goth girl.

Maybe, deep down inside, she wasn't.

Oh well, money was at stake!

Beast Boy looked over at Raven, and noticed she wasn't eating.

Maybe she wasn't hungry?

Or maybe she knew what this food was made of?

He paled.

WAS IT MEAT?!!!? ?!?!

Mental note: NEVER eat Star's food without checking with Rae to see if it's safe...he thought.


After dinner, Beast Boy walked down the bedroom hall, straight towards the dreaded Raven's room.

Raven's room...

He'd only been in it officially, in human form, once.

He'd been in it at all about a handful of times, in fly form, watching over her when Malchior was visiting Raven while bound to his book.


Beast Boy shrugged. Maybe it would do Rae some good to go on a 'date'. Malchior broke her heart, so yea, right?

He raised his fist and knocked lightly with his knuckles.

The door opened slowly with an ungreased squeak. "Yes?" Raven's monotone voice asked.

Beast Boy gulped, sweat rolling down the back of his neck. "Yeah, uh, Rae I uhh wanted to say...hi..."


"And ummm ask you something....?"

Raven opened the door slightly more, revealing all of her face now. "Well?"

The moon's light was pouring in through her only bedroom window, as Beast Boy could see in the background. There was a window behind him, too, so the moonlight was gracing Raven's face.


Beast Boy never noticed this...

This being how beautiful Raven looked in the moonlight.

It showed each depth of her face wonderfully, giving her a radiant glow.

Why didn't he ever notice that she was the only Titan who never dealt with a blemish before?

"Well...?" Raven repeated.

Beast Boy straightened. She was getting impatient; bad thing.

He didn't want to annoy her or anything, so he had best just get this all over with.

"Raven?" he asked, tugging at his shirt sleeve.

"Yes?" Raven replied, folding her arms and leaning on the doorframe impatiently.

" doing anything tomorrow? You know, got any plans?"

"I've solely reserved myself to being confined to my room with a boring book that you wouldn't understand," Raven stated.

Beast Boy looked at her blankly, searching for a hint of sarcasm upon her face. "Umm...Well I was hoping...Oh nevermind, you'd say no anyway." He turned to walk away.

Raven, curiosity arousing inside of her body, reached out and touched the Changeling's shoulder. "What?"

"Ummm, I was maybe hoping that you'd accompany ?" Beast Boy gulped.

"A what? Convention? About...?"

"C-Comicbook S-Super heros..."

Raven anime-sweat-dropped. "Okay..."

"And umm I need you to go because my friends really wanna meet a real superhero!"

"You'll be there..."

"But a FEMALE superhero!!"

"I..." Raven looked at Beast Boy's face. It looked so innocent, so hopeful, so desperate. "I...fine. But only for a little bit, okay? I won't stay for long."

Beast Boy beamed, and hugged her tightly. "Oh, come on, Rae! It'll be a lot of fun! You and a place in public where we'll fit in! Oh thank you thank you thank you!!" The changeling pecked her cheek and skipped off, shouting "It starts at 12:30! Meet me outside at noon!"

Raven stood there, shocked, and put a hand to her cheek.

Never had a guy who she knew well pecked her on the cheek in that manner.

She could still feel his numb touch there on her skin.

Oh...and it felt nice.

The only reason Raven agreed to go was not only for superhero fan purposes. At least not now, anyway.

What if this was secretly a date?

Raven, the most monotone, emotion-lacking teenage girl had a desire.

To be loved by a guy.

To have a boyfriend.

To be...happy!

Because lately, the introvert had become jealous of the love in Robin and Starfire's relationship.

And lately, she had been becoming more and more empathetically understanding of guys. Beast Boy in particular.

She didn't want anyone on earth to find out that she was a boycrazy teenage girl.

No, it would NEVER be made public! EVER!

Raven was still standing in the door way.

Still taking in his scent, his feel...

She was too perverted. --

But would the next day be a dream come true?

Or a living hell?


Author's Note:

More to come from the mind of Beans and Miranda Otto lol

Wellllll I'll continue rping and talking to my friends tonight...

I feel mellow right now..



--Mary Beans