Wealth and Love

Chapter 4:

Bracelets and Kisses



Chapter Summary:

Rae finds out. Rae gets kissed. But . . . is it by Beast Boy?


Raven followed Beast Boy and . . . well, she had forgotten the names of his friends. But she followed them all across the convention, twirling her hair around her fingers boredly.

Beast Boy was supposed to be paying attention to HER! But instead, he was paying attention to. . . Bob, Bob, and. . . Michael! . . . or whoever he was. . . but it was causing jealousy to bubble within her stomach, and she finally let her head hang as she followed the 4 boys around the huge arena.

Raven would glance up every now and then to make sure she wasn't about to run into a brick wall or a costume or concession stand, and she sighed to herself, scuffing the linoleum floor with her combat boots which 'clunk-clunk-clunk'-ed as they hit the white tiles.

Beast Boy was laughing and carrying on with Lou, Jeff, and Marvin, waving his arms around excitedly as they darted to and fro, chasing each-other like children rather than teens.

Several people glanced up at Raven, letting out whistles at how hot she was, but Raven would reply with a death-glare in their direction, letting her cloak whip in their direction as a sign to leave her alone.

Was she wrong? Wasn't this supposed to be a DATE between her and Beast Boy? Raven folded her arms under her breasts as she stopped walking, watching as the boys continued, ignoring her, and she sighed sadly, feeling goosebumps trail up and down her arms. She was right near a bathroom, so she flung open the heavy door, darting inside.

Pink stalls awaited her as she reached over to the paper towel dispenser and yanked 3 times to get 6 paper towels. (A/N: Yes, 6. Cause I said so. xD)

Raven sighed once more, and looked up at her reflection in the mirror. Since there were, like, a hundred bafrooms in this place, this one was empty. She lifted her navy blue cloak, stepping to the side to get a profile of her curved spandex-clad figure. She peered up at her facial reflection again, before looking away, bitter tears stinging at her eyes.

'How weak am I? Crying over a boy I never thought I liked?' Raven thought to herself, leaning against the sick olive-green colored trash-bin. The stalls were scuffed and graffiti-ed with pencil marks about superhero couplings. Raven reached over and delicately dragged her fingers slowly down the cold, smooth surface, reading each one.



"Figures," Raven murmured under her breath, looking down more.



"O-kay. . ." Raven looked again.


So twisted, and yet so perfect. xD

Raven choked on a gasp, falling backwards onto her butt, which knocked over the trash-can, sending the contents strewn over her small body as she yelped in "

The Goth Titan stood up, brushing the trash-bin contents off of her, and looked in the mirror. Goose-bumps grazed her skin, as she sighed again, lifting a tampon off of her cloak with a disgusted grimace.

"Maybe I DO deserve all of this. . ." she muttered, referring to being ignored by BB, being ugly, and having a trashcan dumped on her.

Raven stepped over the remaining trash, and, after taking one more sad glance at the mirror; which made her declare herself hideous; she stepped out of the bathroom.

Scanning the area for any sign of Beast Boy or his nerdy friends, she sighed. "Greeeeat. . . now I got to run around this WHOLE friggin' convention to find a guy who doesn't even know I'm gone, probably." And with that, she trekked off.

The building's area was HUGE, and it made the Azarath's feet exhausted, so she muttered: "Ah, what the hell?" And levitated the rest of the way.



"Okay, so where's the 400?" Beast Boy asked anxiously, leaning against the dark wall of a dark corner. . . yay darkness? O.o

"Relax, relax," Jeff clasped a hand on BB's shoulder. "Okay, well err. . ." He turned to Marvin, who nodded.

"Klingon macht, klingon macht," Marvin said between nods.

Beast Boy gulped. "Does that mean . . .?"

Lou reached into his nerdy straight-legged jeans' pocket, and pulled out a thick wad of green cash. "Here ya go, Garfield!" The nerd exclaimed in his nasally voice, holding it out to Beast Boy.

Beast Boy reached out his hand, hesitantly at first, then looked up at the 3 other boys in a shocked manner. "You mean . . . I can have it!?"

They nodded.

"We SAIDDDD. . ." Lou rolled his eyes. "And we don't lie to our best good buddy-pals who are 4 pods in a cantaloupe!"

". . . Right . . ." Beast Boy was grinning, and he hugged each of his friends. "Thanks, guys!"

". . . One question." Jeff said.

"Ya?" Beast Boy raised an eyebrow as Jeff blinked and continued.

"Where's your lady-friend?"

Beast Boy's eyes widened in realization. "Oh. . . Heh. . . I think-I think she went off to the lady's room," he said in a low whisper. "She, uh, looked a bit constipated earlier. . . ya know?"

The 3 nerds exchanged glances.

"TMI, dude" Lou said snobbily, making one of those cool kid hand motions that REALLY freak me out.

Marvin blinked. "Nooknacht," he stated, pointing in the direction behind Beast Boy.

"Eh?" Beast Boy slowly turned around, and his eyes widened as his ears drooped. "Oh . . ." he gasped.

Raven was standing there, eyes wide, hood down, letting her face become a display of pure hurt.

"R-Raven. . ." Beast Boy began. "I-I can explain. . ."

Raven shook her head slowly, backing up into a concession stand.

The 3 nerds took a step away from the Changeling, as he gulped again.

"Raven, please!" he whimpered. "D-Don't. . ."

Raven continued shaking her head, then turned around and broke into a run.

Beast Boy held his arm out, fingers extended, and he bit his lip. "Oh God. . ." Suddenly, the money didn't feel like such a good thing.

"Guys . . ." Beast Boy turned around. "I'm gonna go for a walk. Bye." He walked away sadly, head lowered.

As he walked away, his heart sank with each thud of his boots against the floor. He felt like he was going to cry, and yet he didn't know why. There were the angel, and the devil, sitting on each of his shoulders.

"Go find her!" The angel cried, dangling his legs over Beast Boy's shoulder, and strumming his harp that rested against his left hip.

Beast Boy blinked. "But WHY? She hates me now that she knows WHY I asked her here."

"Eh. . . don't go find her, ya fucker!" The Devil shook his head. "She's a measly, ugly BITCH! She doesn't deserve ya. And she don't even like ya."

"Yes she does," The angel stated wisely. "And Beast Boy likes her tooooooo" it sang the last part.

"Love?" The Devil scoffed. "What a load of bologna shit."

The Angel glared. "What would YOU know about love? You hateful, spiteful creature!"

"Wow. . ." The Devil blinked. "I am SOOOOOO hurt by your name-callin'."

"Guys. . ." Beast Boy's concentration was so intent on those two, he didn't even notice that he had walked into a brick wall.

The shoulder angel & devil disappeared without a trace, leaving Beast Boy to rub his forehead.

There was something about Raven, that he couldn't put his finger on exactly, that made him want to just please her. He wanted to impress her, and do anything he could to do that. But those somethings made no sense.

Beast Boy stood up, and walked around again, examining the stands. There were gift shops everywhere, and he suddenly got an idea as he looked down at the wad of cash in his gloved-hand. Maybe. . . he should buy her a gift, and try to explain his feelings.

Maybe, the shoulder-Angel was right. Maybe she loved him . . . and maybe, he loved HER.

The changeling entered one gift shop, looking around. Then, he saw a rack of 'SUPERHERO NECKLACEZ'.

He went over to the rack, and found out that the necklaces had names of REAL superheroes.

He held his breath, looking for the name 'Raven'.




'Hawk Girl'


. . . BEAST BOY!!

He squealed.

And then remembered the reason why he was there, and mentally slapped himself. "You asshole-loser," he muttered to himself, looking for that one special name.

They didn't have it, and he felt his heart sink. He lifted his head, and directly next to the rack, there was another one: 'SUPERHERO BRACELETZ'

And there was one bracelet, which was black with silver writing, and a raven charm, that said: 'RAVEN' in fancy calligraphy.

Beast Boy's heart did a flip, and he snatched the bracelet, glancing at the price tag.


"100 BUCKS!??!" Beast Boy's eyes widened. But then he remembered the purpose of this, and mentally glared at himself, handing the bracelet to a cashier and flipping through the 400 dollar bills. He pulled out a few that equaled out to 100, and slapped them down on the counter. The cashier blinked, but nodded, ringing up the bracelet in the . . . cashier-machine-thingy-of-ultra-doom.

The cashier wrapped the bracelet in black tissue paper, placing it in a narrow, navy, velvet box, and handing it to Beast Boy with a receipt.

"Thank you, come again," The cashier said boredly, but Beast Boy had darted out of the shop without hearing that remark.

He stopped for a moment to catch his breath, then carried on, looking around.

In a restroom area, he crossed over to there and laid his head against the girls' bathroom entrance, using his unique hearing to pick up any noise.

There were choked sobs coming from inside, and Beast Boy felt his stomach flop again. It was probably Raven.

The changeling opened the door slowly, and whispered "Raven?"

No answer. The sobs had stopped, and were replaced with eerie, restrained silence.

"Raven? Look. . . it's me . . . Beast Boy. And I'm really, REALLY sorry about what I did." Beast Boy rubbed the back of his neck. "I got you a present. . . I hope you like it. . . and I'm really REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry. . ." He rooted around in his suit to find a pen, and grabbed a piece of paper towel from the dispenser.

He clicked the pen on, and scribbled a message onto it; confusion and doubt.

Then a muffled sob escaped from one of the stalls, and he looked underneath it quickly to see a navy-blue cape dangling.

He slid the note inside of the box, along with a wad of something, and with one quick motion, thrusted it under the stall, darting out of the bathroom.

Raven lowered a shaking hand, and lifted the box.

She slowly opened it, and the paper towel note fluttered down to the bathroom floor. Raven took notice of it, but she carefully rummaged through the tissue paper, when her hands came in contact with something cold and probably made of metal. She slowly slid it out, and let out a gasp.

The most beautiful bracelet she had ever seen. She absentmindedly stroked it, feeling a tear travel down her face, and carefully placed it back in the box, snapping it shut.

Raven lifted her hand down and picked up the paper towel note, which was scrawled in messy writing.


I want u 2 kno I am sorry about wut I did. I didn't meen to hurt u. . .

I hop u can forgiv me, cuz I wanted to tell u somthin that I hop is tru.

Raven I thik I mite. . . o I'll juss tell u in person when u forgiv me.


Gar (aka BEAST BOY)'

Raven blinked, and slowly raised an eyebrow.


A slow gasp emitted from her lips, but she shook her head.

A kind of glow, or aura, surrounded her, and she smiled at its warmth.

And then something cold felt like it was right next to her, and suddenly with each pound of her heart, the blood pulsed harshly.

She gulped, and opened the stall door, sliding the bracelet's box into her cloak pocket.

"Comon, my pretty. Do not be afraid. Love was not meant for you from him. But come with me. . . and we will reign."

The cool voice echoed, crisp and warm. Raven felt so attracted to it, she slid out of the stall in a daze, floating towards the source.

A man with long, flowing black hair, and black eyes, with a beautiful pale complexion and a dreamy smile.

"Raven. . . my, Raven," The man said, cupping her cheek. Raven didn't protest as he pulled her closer into a long kiss.

Just then, Beast Boy had opened the door a crack, to check on Raven. And what he saw made his ears droop once more. "Oh," he said silently, closing the door and turning away.

He blinked rapidly to try and stop the tears that threatened to come. But the shoulder Angel whispered: "Something here is not right. Go find out."

Beast Boy ignored it, but the words echoed as he heard a scream echo throughout the bathroom, and pound against the air out where he stood.

He gulped and gasped, his eyes wide. "Raven!" he whispered.



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