Author's Note:
Happy Halloween! (Hands out candy and other treats.) Have a safe and fun time trick or treating those who still do. : ) And enjoy the Halloween fic featuring the Teen Titans! XD

-Raven A. Star

The Annoyances Begin
"You have got to be kidding me."

Raven blinked under her hood as she waited for a snappy comeback from the changeling.

"Nope. We have it all planned out." Beast Boy took out a scroll of paper and opened it. The paper rolled out across the floor like toilet paper unraveled from the roll.

"Alright, first we're gonna go on a hay ride, then go to the apple picking. Oh! And we can't forget getting our costumes ready! Plus we..."

"And when was I going to be notified about this?"

Beast Boy sweatdropped. "Later...after breakfast."

Raven nodded. "Uh huh, and what will happen if I say that I'm not doing any of that because it's pointless?"

The green Titan thought for a moment. He then dropped to his knees, eyes watering and hands clasped, he pleaded with her. "Please Raven! It's a little fun stuff to do before we go trick or treating on Halloween!"


Beast Boy hopped to his feet. This was his chance to impress her and change her mind.

"Yeah, Halloween. The holiday where kids and other peoples dress up and go around getting candy! Plus, you get to go around and scare people. It's fun."

Raven crossed her arms. "Now why would you think that I would think that THAT is fun? After all, I don't do fun. And that's not Halloween is all about."

Beast Boy scowled. "Oh yeah, well, then, what IS the point of Halloween?"

Raven smirked. "It's far too much for a tiny brain like yours to comprehend. Let's just say that the word Halloween is derived from the term 'All Hallows Eve' which occurred on Oct. 31, the end of summer in Northwestern Europe. 'All Saints Day,' or 'All Hallows Day' was the next Day, Nov. 1st. Therefore, Halloween is the eve of All Saints Day."

Beast Boy's eye twitched. "What? OH MAN! MY BRAIN HURTS!"

The empath smirked and turned away with a slight strut in her step. "Well, of course it does. That's too much information for a peanut sized brain."

"Who has the brain of peanuts?" Starfire flew in with a confused expression. "Tell me, when did peanuts become brains? I thought that peanuts were edible and delicious treat. Are brains edible now?"

"Only if you eat meat like Cyborg." Beast Boy narrowed his eyes and hissed out 'meat'.

"I heard that B. Watch it." Cyborg came into the room with Robin following behind.

"Hey Titans, what are you doing?"

Beast Boy jumped up and down. "I told Raven about our plans for-"

"You mean your plans." Cyborg corrected.

"Whatever. Well, I told her, and then, she said, 'no! That's not what Halloween is!' and then she like, said a bunch of stuff, and my brain hurt for a little, and then it stopped when Star came in and asked if brains were eatable."

"Edible." Robin corrected with Cyborg grinning.

"Whatever. So, are you gonna come with us Rae? Huh huh huh?"

The empath sat down on a nearby couch and picked up a raggedly covered book and lazily opened it towards the middle. "I don't know, I don't really do apple picking or hayrides…"

"I can take out the apple picking, but we gotta include the hayride." Beast Boy debated.

"Take out the apple picking, take out an hour of trick or treating, keep the hayride and add a trip to the haunted house?" Starfire chortled while bouncing with clapping hands.

Raven raised an eyebrow irritably. "What haunted house?"

Beast Boy's scowl quickly dissipated and a grin replaced it. "There is a haunted house in the outskirts of Jump City where only the bravest people go and prove that they aren't chicken," Beast Boy revolved on the heal of his shoes and crossed his arms with a gleeful smirk on his face. "But, I can understand if you're took scared to go there…"

A pale hand was placed on both of his shoulders and swiveled him so he was face to face with a sneering girl, violet eyes now replaced with a flame of determination burning brightly. "Alright, BEAST BOY, I'll go on the hayride, cut an hour out of trick or treating, and I'll go to the haunted house. But under one condition…"

The green Titan's eyebrow snuck up under his hairline. "What?"

"We spend an ENTIRE night at the house."

"You're on!"

The two Titans held out their hands and shook, both shooting lightning bolts at each other through their eyes. Unbeknownst to the two, Cyborg, Robin and Starfire looked at each other with devious expressions plastered on each face. This was going to get very interesting for the trio.


"Okay, Raven, say hi to Mr. Ed!"

The perturbed Titan rotated so she had her backside facing the chocolate colored animal. "Forget it. It's an animal. I don't talk to animals. Except for you."

A vein throbbed on Beast Boy's temple. "I'll show you animal," he mumbled under his breath. Straightening himself up again, he replaced the annoyed expression with his usual mischievous devil grin. "Just say that two lettered word. Now, repeat after me…'hi'."

"I can't believe this," Raven sighed. "Hi, Mr. Ed."

The horse made a neighing sound, alarming the cloaked girl. She turned just as a tongue slipped out of the mammal's mouth and ran up her face. The tongue went back into the horse's mouth, and it made a sound again.

Taking a single hand, the girl peevishly wiped off the trail of drool left behind. "And I thought that alien dog was bad enough."

Starfire leaned over the railing to the cart hitched to the horse. "Come on friend Raven and Beast Boy! We are, as you say, ready for lift off!"

Robin and Cyborg both sweat dropped. "That's, ready to go Star."

Starfire sheepishly rubbed the back of her head as a rose blanket crept on her cheeks. "Oh, my apologies."

Raven climbed into the cart and looked around. "Where are the seats?"

Beast Boy leaped up and landed face first in the heap of hay/straw that layered the cart with a thick padding. "These ARE the seats Rae! Silly girl!"

"That's it, I am not doing this. This is absolutely pointless, and I cannot believe I actually agreed to anything this annoying and this stupid and time consuming." The Azarathian was about to climb off when the changeling made a coughing noise that sounded awfully a lot like 'You're nothing but a coward.'

She turned her head and narrowed her eyes to slits. Taking a seat on the padding, she bore daggers at the giggling boy. "You won't win THAT easily."

-End of Chapter 1-