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Watch Out She's Got A Cane!
Cyborg flicked on a switch in a pitch black room only to have the light flicker on brightly at first, but dim to become an annoying buzzing with the beam flickering on and off constantly. He snorted at the light above his head in annoyance.

Stepping into the room, a clang was heard as he accidentally hit something with his leg. Looking to his left, he realized he had hit a table with his leg and it skidded a couple inches on the hard floor.


He stepped around the obstacle and realized he was in a kitchen. And it didn't look too shabby for it not being used for so long. Or was it?

Cyborg realized that there was a fridge that looked incredibly and suspiciously new. Opening up the door, he gaped at what he saw. Food. Tons of spoiled food due to the fact that the power was out in the entire house.

"Look at all that wasted food." He tisked. Closing the door, he looked around at the cupboards and opened various doors. Non-perishable foods were stored within them. Canned foods, boxed foods, Ramen noodles. Someone was living here but was gone. But who?

He then sighed and crossed his arms. What was he doing looking in the kitchen? He was looking for something that would help fix the T-Car.

Just then a lightbulb appeared over his head. Opening up a compartment in his arm, he pulled out an odd looking tool that looked much like a floppy disk.

"Duh, I had what we needed with me all along! I can have the T-Car fixed in no time, but where are the others?"

However, his amusement was cut short when he felt someone poke him on the back of the head. He turned and his human eye widened in fright.


Beast Boy dragged Raven deeper into the backyard through the thick and itchy grass that remained. Raven shook her legs every once in a while to get some picky grass that clung to her skin off. Even some stuck to her costume and feet.

Beast Boy was having no problem going through the brush. He just ran right through it. He stopped when he finally realized that he reached the wood's edge.

"Beast Boy, what the heck are you doing?"

The changeling scanned the overhead night sky. "Finding a wait to overthrow that vicious Tamaranian; she killed an owl for crying out loud!"

"It's an owl. Let's go home. I'm cold, getting tired, and I feel so dirty from this brush and from the dust and dirt in that house we were in," she complained.

"Wah wah wah, tell that to someone who cares." He tested the stability of a tree branch to another beside him.

Raven blinked. "I didn't hear what I think I just heard, did I?"

"What? The wah's?"


Beast Boy realized what he had just said and turned to spot Raven holding a broken tree limb and was tapping it on the palm of her hand with an evil smirk on her face.

"I was just kidding, you do realize that, right? Raven? Rae?"

She approached him without saying a word. The changeling backed away in terror, but then turned and started running into the woods screaming his head off. Raven ran after him swinging the branch around.






Creak. Creak. Teeter. Groan.

The attic door came down in slow motion only to land with the loudest crash. Robin stood smirking in the doorway holding his tool kit.

"And you said we would never get out of here."

Starfire peeked out and then her green eyes widened in joy. "Robin! We are saved!" She grabbed his hand and flew out only to have his head smack hard off the doorframe.

Starfire, however, never noticed him all whacked out. She was too busy trying to fly as quick as she could to the exit.

However, when she entered the kitchen, she froze when she flew into Cyborg.


Beast Boy hid in the trunk of a tree and peeked out timidly and in horror. Raven had chased him around in circles, and was still trying to beat him to a pulp.

"Ooooh, Beast Boy."

Her voice came as a sing-song tone, and it caused the changeling to creep deeper into the trunk away from view. This, one could say, was his worst day in his life. Almost.

"Beast Boy…" She walked by the tree and the changeling gulped. He saw the branch dragging along the ground.

While he was running earlier, Raven had managed to whip his behind several times with it and it stung like a bee. And it still hurt to sit down. But it was either hide or be stung a zillion more times.

Beast Boy peeked out when he heard her footsteps fade away only to meet face to face with her.

"Why, hello Beast Boy. Fancy meeting you here, eh?"

He gulped. "I didn't mean it, honest. I'm sorry…"

Raven grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the tree. He gulped waiting to be thwacked but instead heard a soft thud and looked down to see that the branch she held fell to the ground.

"Look, I'm tired, you're tired, we're all tired, let's go home."

Beast Boy nodded in agreement. "Let's go find the others."


Robin regained his senses after a few minutes to find himself being clung to by the timid alien. His gaze followed her's and Cyborg's to find the figure they were staring at.

It was an old lady and she was holding a redwood cane with a metal tip. She had an annoyed expression on her face.

"What are you whipper snappers doing on my property?"

"See, our car broken down and-"


Starfire cringed. She then whispered to Robin. "She is not very nice."

The lady turned to her. "You got something to say missy?"

Starfire shook her head.

The old lady nodded in approval. She then held up her cane. "Now I want all of you out of my house and off my property! Got it?"

Robin nodded. "Yes ma'am…"

"I THOUGHT I MADE MYSELF CLEAR THE FIRST TIME! SPEAK ONLY WHEN I SAY TO!" She took the cane and bopped Robin hard on the scalp. He yelped and rubbed the tender spot.

Starfire glared. "You are not permitted to hurt Robin!"


Starfire rubbed her tender head and winced in pain. "OW! She is most painful with the cane!"

The old lady glared. "GET OFF MY PROPERTY! NOW!"

The three turned to run out of the house only to be pummeled on the heads and/or on their behinds by the furious woman.


Raven and Beast Boy were just arriving at the front door only to witness the doors fly open and the three other Titans zoom out. Starfire grabbed Beast Boy and Raven and threw them into the car as Cyborg began to work furiously trying to get it to work with the floppy. After seconds of fiddling, the car's engine roared to life once more and they zoomed out with the lady still waving her cane on the porch.

Beast Boy looked over at the three panting teens. "What was that all about?"

Robin shook his head. "You don't want to know."

Starfire nodded in agreement. "Yes, let us just go home and sort out candy instead and forget about all of this."

Raven leaned over the seat. "Did that lady attack you three?"

"…no…" They muttered barely audible.

Beast Boy and Raven turned and faced each other with smirks. Beast Boy then began to sing way off tune.

"Three little Titans were in a house one day,
thinking it was empty they decided to play.
Only to their dismay an old lady came,
Oh no guys look out, she's got a cane!"

He snickered only to look over and see Raven covering her ears with an eyebrow twitching.

"Please don't sing anymore songs."

Beast Boy crossed his arms and scowled. "You ruined the song. Now, just to get even with you, I'll spill the beans…"

Raven looked over at Beast Boy worriedly. She wrapped her arms around herself because the heater had yet to kick on in the car. "What do you have to tell me?"

"I had a super glue like substance on the inside of your costume that feels just like silk. Only…it won't let anything be removed easily."

Raven went bug-eyed. "You what?"

Cyborg quickly turned on the radio and turned it up and Starfire slid into the front seat and sat beside Robin. "You know, this Halloween wasn't that bad?"


Starfire nodded in agreement. "The apple picking and candy collecting was most enjoyable."


Robin smiled as the next song came onto the radio. "Maybe we should do this again next year."


"No Raven! Have mercy! Please!"

-The End-