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While I've made enough changes to officially separate it from the original idea, this story is originally based so heavily on an episode of Angel that you can practically taste the broody wings.

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Warnings: Shonen-ai, ghostly possession, and occasionally risqué thoughts. I suppose this is very borderline PG-13.

Night of Souls:


There was a house in China that had stood in immaculate condition for over two hundred years. It was a gigantic affair, spanning almost half a city block and soaring to three stories, not including the functional basement and attic. Broad windows, reinforced periodically as time lurched on, scattered around the house and bore silent witness to the storms, revolutions, and murders that had plagued the area.

Yet, whatever the tragic circumstances surrounding the house, it had remained in astonishingly good condition. It was as if there was in invisible force surrounding and protecting it. No-one could have told you what it was or where it came from, but everyone who'd ever been in the house would have said that there was almost an eerie feeling at first – a sense that you weren't the only one there…

There was a time, a little over a century ago, where things had gone horribly wrong, and the eerie feeling of watching eyes had turned into a malevolent hatred, or of irrepressible sorrow. It all depended on the room where one was.

At first, the house was avoided – it was possessed by demons, the villagers would say. However, as the decades passed and the world grew increasingly skeptical, a wise and wealthy entrepreneur bought the house and jazzed it up. Within a few months, the old house had been turned into a tourist attraction, where a group could spend the weekend in an authentic haunted house – for a price. The business was a huge success, and soon the place became renowned around the world as one of the most realistic haunted abodes.

Underneath it all, though, a problem was developing. The restless spirits within gradually grew more perturbed. Doomed already to a seeming eternity caught between their painful reminder of mortality and the unattainable promise of heavenly bliss, the spirits began to strongly begrudge the visiting mortals. The fleshy mortals seemed to begin invading, with goggling eyes and gaping mouths – much resembling pairs of dumb fish out of their element.

As time progressed, the spiritual incidents increased and the imposed emotions began to become almost manifest.