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Chapter One

Everyone had heard of the masquerade themed Halloween party that was been thrown in a mysterious mansion by someone unknown. Ryou was no exception and like all the others he was planning on attending.

The rules for the party were simple, come in a costume, complete with at least a half-face mask and you weren't supposed to let anyone know who you were. You were to pair up with some one during the party and get to know them as much as you could without revealing your identity, at midnight the masks would come off and you were to see who you had chosen to be with without seeing their face. What happened from there was your choice; the fliers gave no time for the end of the party.

Ryou sat on a bit on the sidelines of the group as they chatted among themselves, they were all in the arcade together at a table, including the darks who'd gained bodies sometime ago thanks to Yami. The once pharaoh had also done who knows what to the other two darks and made them into better, though not exactly sane or normal, people. Making them regret what they had done to their lights and vow to protect them instead. Things were still rocky, but getting much better between them all.

"So are ya commin' Ryou?"

Joey's voice snapped him from his thoughts and he gave the blonde a sweet smile while nodding, "Of course, I would not miss it for the world."

The honey-eyed teen sent a nervous glance to the two darks that were currently making out in the booth between their lights, unconcerned about the public setting, and asked, "What about dem?" The two Egyptians had only been back in town for a short while after having gone to their home country for almost half a year, but that did not matter to the darks who had hit it off and found out they had much in common. They were the only people paired up in the group so far, though everyone was out in the open about how their tastes tended to run the same way and a few held hopes that the party may provide at the very least an opportunity for a date.

"Yeah, they will be going too. Marik has been wanting to ever since he saw the fliers." Malik reached out and poked his dark in the side, snickering at the annoyed growl he got. "So of course Bakura will be there as well."

"Do you guys all know what you are going to wear tomorrow night?" There were affirmatives all around except from the two too busy to notice the rest of them and Téa clapped her hands, "Me too! This is going to be so much fun, no one has ever done anything like this around here." After a bit more conversation and a quick bite to eat they went their separate ways, the two foreign lights having to practically pry their darks away from each other.

At home Ryou went to his room to work on his costume, it had a few final touches that needed to be done before it would be ready for the next night. Thankfully the fliers and announcements had begun almost in the middle of the month before, giving him plenty of time. He was sitting on his bed with his back to the door, humming softly while stitching on some of the tiny beads that were part of a pattern on the shirt.

The teen was unsurprised when Bakura came in and sat behind him, the thief's arms curling around his waist and chin on his shoulder. For some odd reason his dark had been a lot more affectionate as of late, but he wasn't going to dwell on something he considered a good thing, mostly because he had a small crush on his dark along with one on a certain sandy blonde teen that had developed since the tomb robber was taken.

"Why have you put all this effort into something you're only going to wear once?" Ryou blushed lightly as the words ghosted over his cheek and held the shirt up for a brief moment before continuing his work.

"Because I want to look nice, and I really do not mind doing this." His blush deepened a little more when he was pulled back against the strong chest of his dark and Bakura's face pressed into his hair against the back of his neck.

"Your hair smells good." Though odd comments like this were becoming frequently more normal as of late, it still shocked Ryou, making him slip and prick his finger with the sharp needle.

"Ow!" Ryou held his finger up as blood began to bead up from the pinprick, just as he was about to go with the automatic reaction of putting it to his mouth, the dark behind him beat him to it. Taking his hand and bringing it up over the teen's shoulder to suck softly on the injured digit, tongue soothing the minor sting and curling in a sensual way around it.

Ryou's face was red by the time his finger was released and the dark pressed back into his hair, he wiped it off on his shirt, noticing that the tiny wound was gone now, before returning to the task at hand while trying to will the color from his cheeks. Having never understood the spirit to begin with, the teen just added this to a mental list of odd things he'd noticed about Bakura and pushed it from his mind.

"So what is this supposed to be?"

"You are not supposed to know Bakura!"

The dark snorted moving to rest his chin on the teenager's shoulder again, "Like it matters, I'll be able to tell it's you anyways and you are not walking there by yourself. So just tell me."

"Alright then, I am going as an angel. I have even made myself some wings…" He was a little hesitant; fearing his dark would scorn the idea and when Bakura did began laughing he hung his head, not pausing in his work.

"How perfect." Ryou's head lifted and he turned slightly in the other male's arms to look at him, loving the smirk Bakura wore that made him look so good as the dark elaborated. "You are going as an angel, while I'll be going as a demon… Rather interesting don't you think?" The teen gave a small laugh, nodding as he returned to what he was doing, leaning back a bit more into Bakura when insistent arms tightened about his middle.

"You will not cause too much trouble I hope?" Bakura snorted again, reaching for the little container of beads and holding them where they were in easier reach for the light. "Thank you."

Ignoring the thanks, Bakura answered the teen's question, "No more than usual. Though Ishtar has some stunt planned, or so he says. Dumb ass will probably forget and just get drunk." Ryou shook his head a little while carefully tacking on another shimmering white seed bead.

"That can be just as bad though." Finished with the line of beads, Ryou held up the now completed shirt by the shoulders, idly asking as he looked it over himself, "What do you think?"

"I think, that you need another set of lines to go right here." The dark reached foreword and traced a line from the shoulder near the collar that went down along it before curling over where his heart would be beneath it.

"Hmm, yes you are right there should be something like that there. Thank you." Setting the shirt down Ryou turned, giving the spirit a quick hug before facing back and picking up a special pencil that would wash out of the fabric to trace the lines onto the shirt. Smiling softly when Bakura pressed to his back and helped him map out where the beads would look best.

When Ryou sat back again against his dark to begin sewing on the new lines of beads and Bakura nuzzled his face into the pale column of his neck, his cheeks pinked. The spirit was making it very hard to concentrate by pushing the snowy white hair out of the way without the use of his hands, which where resting on his sides in the embrace.

"Why does your hair smell so good?"

Flustered, Ryou tried to concentrate on getting a bead onto the thin needle he was using, "Um, I suppose it could be the shampoo I use…" The teen was relieved that he did not stutter like usual when nervous, though there was a small tremor beneath the quiet words.

"No, I don't think so." Ryou squeaked when the spirit's face pushed aside the collar of his light green shirt and pressed into where his shoulder met his neck before continuing. "You smell good besides your hair."

"B-Bakura y-you are m-mak-king it di-difficult to w-work."

The thief moved more silken strands out of his way to nuzzle his nose to the back of Ryou's ear, asking nonchalantly, "I am?"

"V-very." Chocolate eyes fluttered closed briefly when Bakura's lips grazed over a sensitive spot just below his ear, and then he leaned foreword away from the thief. "P-please s-st-top, or I'll n-never get th-this done." A mental sigh of relief passed through Ryou's mind when the other male's chin came to rest on his shoulder once more and began to work again with only slightly shaking hands.

"You stutter when you are nervous. I make you nervous?" Bakura's voice was set in a mildly curious tone and quiet as he reached for the small square bead container to hold it within easier reach of his light.

"Thank you… and, only sometimes." Pale fingers brushed over ones that were slightly darker since Bakura did not burn like Ryou did, in a quick caress.

"You know, even with a mask they will recognize you as soon as you open your mouth."

"I do not think so…"

The thief snorted, "And why's that? Your accent is a dead giveaway."

Ryou smiled slightly as he tacked on a bead and spoke calmly with no trace of his accent, "Because I won't have one." A laugh escaped when he felt Bakura reel back in shock and the teen turned to look at the spirit, "It takes a little concentration but I can talk without my accent." When Bakura still did not say anything, the light closed the container of seed beads then set it and the shirt out of the way before turning almost completely.

Letting his accent return, Ryou put a hand to Bakura's cheek with a small laugh, "Are you alright Bakura?"

"How long have you been able to do that?" When Ryou just shrugged he pounced the teen to the bed, surprising Ryou by gathering the light's slim wrist in one hand above his head with a slightly wicked grin. "So what else are you hiding from me?" Those doe eyes widened, so did his smirk and when the teen shook his head, Bakura's slim fingers poised over his flat abdomen. "Alright then, tell me why you are so nervous around me lately." Much to the former tomb robber's delight, the porcelain cheeks flushed and Ryou looked the other way, refusing to answer. "There are ways of making you talk you know," His fingers touched lightly against the now terrified looking teen's side, "So are you going to answer?"

When Ryou still wouldn't open his mouth Bakura began tickling him, grinning at the way he squirmed and how his laughter filled the room. His lithe body arch upwards and to the side in a desperate attempt to get away from the torturous fingers and he fought to speak, "No! Please stop! Bakura!" When Ryou began to turn colors from the lack of air, Bakura let up, snickering when the teen rolled onto his side facing into the room while panting harshly.

Ryou blushed when Bakura settled behind him on the bed and he was pulled flush against the dark's body, one of the thief's long legs sneaking between his own. Strong arms were curled around his chest and warm breaths puffed over his neck as Bakura once again nuzzled behind Ryou's ear.

"You know, I am glad that idiot pharaoh did whatever he did. I like being near you and not seeing fear in your face."

A soft smile graced the teen's sweet features as he put his arms over Bakura's and pressed lightly in a hug, "I like that I no longer have to be afraid."

There was silence between them for a few moments, when Bakura did speak his voice actually sounded hesitant, as if he were unsure of himself for once. "I… I don't know if I ever said it, but… I'm… I'm-"

The thief's sentence was cut short by a soft hand over his mouth, Ryou had reached back and put his fingers to the dark's lips, "It is all right Bakura, you do not have to try and force yourself to say it. I know and that is all that matters." When his fingers were licked he yelped and pulled his hand away, half pouting at the dark's chuckling.

"Good, but do not cut me off again." Bakura pressed his face to where Ryou's neck and shoulder met once more, making the teen blush, though he managed to pale beneath it when he could feel Bakura's face twist into a wicked grin. "So, why are you so nervous around me? You never answered."

"No reason really…" The teen ducked his head a little, trying to hide from the sharp, dark cinnamon brown eyes.

"Oh?" Ryou squeaked in surprise when in a sudden movement by the spirit he was on his back beneath him with Bakura between his legs and their bodies pressed completely together. "I think I know why." The normally pale teen was now flushed brightly in his cheeks and was hiding beneath his bangs along with his thick lashes as best he could while still keeping an eye on Bakura. His arms were trapped at his sides and the light could feel every inch of the former thief's more muscled form pressed to his own.

Bending, Bakura put his face close to the embarrassed teen's, smirking at how he could feel the heat from the bright red cheeks before brushing a kiss across Ryou's forehead and rolling off, "You're just too much fun to mess with you know that?" From his place on his side near the wall, the spirit pushed Ryou into an upright position, "Don't you have to work on your costume?"

"Yes." His voice was quiet while reaching for the shirt and beads, when Bakura pulled the teen backwards against his stomach; Ryou jumped in surprise but leaned back.

A strong arm came to rest on Ryou's legs dangerously high and he had to fight a blush and try to concentrate on what he was doing, which was difficult.

"So are you at least going to try and get a date out of this party?" Bakura sounded almost uninterested and bored, along with muffled somehow.

The teen glanced at his dark; the spirit had his eyes closed and his face buried in one of Ryou's dark green covered pillows, explaining why his voice had been unclear. Turning back to his work, his answer was soft spoken and uncertain, "Um, I am not really looking for one…"

"Why the hell not?" Ryou's shoulders hunched a little at the incredulous yet still muffled tone.

"I am really just going because it sounds like fun and the others are." Another bead was sewn to the shirt, his pale fingers had gotten adept at putting them on and Ryou was already about halfway done with the lines on the right.

"And if someone asked you out?"

"I do not know, I do not think I would like to go on a date with someone I barely know…"

"You're just saying that because you'd rather screw Malik." Ryou gasped, his face flaming and hand jerking in his surprise, knocking the container of beads to scatter in a glimmering little lake in the middle of his forest green comforter because of his typically clumsy nature.

Hiding behind his hair, the teen began gathering the beads as best he could into the little container, mumbling his thanks when Bakura began helping.

"You're such a klutz sometimes you know that?" The spirit's tone was mild and slightly amused, rather than scornful as it used to be, as his long fingers gathered up the beads.

"Yes, I know." His voice was soft and staid that way as Ryou elaborated on his earlier statement, "I am saying that because it would be a date solely based on looks, I am not even going to have my natural eye color…" The teen stood up carefully, then knelt to gather the tiny beads that had managed to make it onto the dark, gray blue carpet.

"You bought contacts?"

"Yes. They are a blue only a few shades away from being white, I think they are rather eerie actually." The shy teen had bought them just for that reason, and that they also went well with his costume, because it was his hope that it would help to keep too many people from trying to talk to him.

As the beads from the floor were set back into the container his chocolate eyed gaze was captured by Bakura's dark cinnamon and Ryou froze at the sincere look in them, trying his hardest not to deepen the light pink gracing his cheeks when the thief's hand cupped one side of his face. "I want you to promise me something Ryou."


"If someone asks you out and you think you might like them in even the slightest way, agree and go out with them."

"B-but why?" The hand withdrew and Ryou bent his head before going back to scooping up the beads from the bed while still on his knees on the floor.

"Because you need to date. You're too damn shy." When the teen gave no response immediately, Bakura was obviously impatient and his sudden outburst made his light jump. "Well?"

"Um… All right I suppose, but only if I think it might actually be worth the time. I do not want to end up out somewhere with someone who only wants to make out…" When Ryou found his hands were shaking too badly to properly work on the shirt, it was gathered up and set on the desk along with the beads that had been completely put back where they belong.

The teen sat on the edge of the bed, his cheeks pinking yet again when he was pulled down with his back to Bakura's strong chest and a long leg was forced between his own entirely too far above his knees. Lithely muscled arms wrapped around his chest and abdomen while the thief's face pushed aside the collar of his shirt once more and nuzzled the junction of his neck and shoulder.

"Good. Though you need to make sure you wear the ring so I can keep an eye on you. Can't have anyone trying to hurt my little angel light…" Ryou's breath hitched at the possessiveness and the teen had to sternly remind himself that Bakura was taken and only overprotective because it had become habit from when he'd still been the spirit's host.

"I'll make sure to wear it like always Bakura…" Ryou colored red when Bakura held him even tighter, so tight, that he could feel the spirit's hipbones pressing into him. "Why do you act this way Bakura?" His voice was quiet, and Ryou was half hoping the other just wouldn't hear him.

The dark's face nuzzled up under his chin and Ryou squeaked, "Act what way? The idiot pharaoh acts like this with his light all the time, why does it matter?"

"B-but th-they l-like each other."

"So? I like you." There was a serious tone beneath the stifled sound created from his face being pressed into the teen's throat.

Ryou's heart skipped a beat at that but knew that Bakura must have just mistaken what he meant, "N-no I-I m-meant-"

"I know exactly what you meant. They like each other as in they want to date, kiss and all that crap."

The teen gasped and shook his head, pulling away from the spirit and hurrying out of the room to go into the kitchen. Ryou started cooking dinner almost automatically; his mind having just shut down at that piece of information, Bakura was taken already! Despite his trembling hands Ryou managed to get it going, only making something small since they'd eaten a lot earlier with their friends, doing menial tasks always seemed to help calm his nerves and it would have worked this time if Bakura had not come in to hold him from behind.

Ryou jerked away sharply, then cried out in a suppressed whimper since Bakura used to hate it when he made noise, as a pot and the boiling water that spilt over the edge burned his hand. Tears came unbidden, but they were held back as the teen turned the stove off and ran his hand under cool water from the tap, wincing at the pain it caused.

"Here, let me see it." Bakura pressed to the light's back and took the wrist of the injured hand, pulling it from beneath the water to examine it, then held his other hand over it. His hand glowed a soft golden color, as did Ryou's, when it faded the burn was gone and the thief yawned in the teen's ear. "There. I need to go lie down now, I'll eat later."

Ryou turned to look at Bakura, blinking at how sleepy the dark looked, "Are you alright?"

A slender hand waved, "I am not very skilled when it comes to healing so my energy was drained, I just need some sleep."

On impulse the shy teen went up slightly on his toes and brushed a quick kiss across the thief's cheek, promptly blushing crimson before turning back to the stove. "Thank you Bakura. I'll save you some if you want it later."

Arms wrapped around his waist and the air squeaked from his lungs as Bakura pulled him back, speaking in his ear, "You're too cute you know that? I doubt you'll have any trouble getting a date tomorrow." With that the former tomb robber left, leaving Ryou behind an even darker shade of red as he finished cooking and sat to eat the small meal.

Ryou had a lot of things tumbling through his mind at the moment, and groaned a little when he realized something else. His costume still needed to be finished, not only the shirt but also the wings had a few touches that were needed as well.

The teen muttered while stirring through his plate, "What in the world do I do now?"

-To be continued-

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