Chapter Seven

Kiyo knew he was staring as Kal came back down and sat on the cushion next to him, grinning, "You look shocked."

"Well, you said, I mean earlier, when we were talking about the host- you, you said…" Kiyo was blinking rapidly as he cut off the rambling and the lilac sprite laughed.

"What? I said he was strange looking. I think I am from the few glimpses I got in the mirrors around here." Grinning, he reached a hand up to the lilac colored butterfly wing mask he wore, "What do you say Kiyo? Ready to see?" Nodding, the little angel reached up to his own mask, more than a little nervous.

On an unspoken signal their masks were removed and both gasped at the same time. "You!"

Then the sprite laughed, "Yes, me."

Ryou blushed faintly and hit the other teen lightly on the shoulder, accent returned, "I cannot believe it was you this entire time Malik!"

"Hey! You are not the only one shocked here you know, when did you learn how to speak without that wonderful little accent of yours?" The lilac colored teen grinned when Ryou's blush deepened a shade, laughing when the Briton hid behind his hair.

"I practiced speaking without it is all. It's not too difficult…" The pale teen squeaked in surprise then blushed a bright pink when he was pulled to Malik's chest by the teen's strong arms, the other light's face right in his own with half lidded eyes when he looked up startled.

"I think we should finish what that mob so cruelly interrupted before don't you?"

"B-but…" Dark lashes fluttered in his surprise as Ryou looked into those startling lilac eyes with his own still blue ones. Malik still wanted to kiss him? Even though they knew who the other was now? But then, did that mean… his feelings were returned?

"But what, Angel?" A long finger came up to trace Ryou's soft lips as the other teen spoke, "Why would I not want to finish what we were so close to completing earlier when it is something I have desired to do for a long time now?"

"You mean…?" The still blushing teen trailed off, almost unable to believe it.

"Yes, I have liked you for a good deal of time now…" That lilac coloring had once more changed shade on Malik's cheeks, a sign that he was blushing as he asked in a soft voice, "May I kiss you, Ryou?"

The white and silver haired teen nodded numbly, his eyes slipping closed as Malik's did and the Egyptian gave him his first kiss.

Watching up from the balcony once more, Bakura snorted a bit as he pulled off his mask, clonking Tristin with it when he spotted him in the crowd, "About damn time."

"You're just saying that because now you can kiss him without feeling guilty for taking his first kiss." This was from a smirking Marik as his purplish black mask was removed and tossed down to hit Tristin as well, making the teen curse loud enough to be heard over the music.

"Shut up." Bakura really liked it better when Marik just stuck with silent groping; the other dark was surprisingly intuitive at times.

"So, shall we go down and say hello to our lights?" Marik was smirking as he watched the two teenagers separate and immediately look away from each other, both obviously blushing. Bakura gave a brief nod and they began making their way down to the two.

Ryou was hiding behind his hair and Malik finding the floor very interesting, both trying to sort out how they felt at the moment after that kiss. Well, they were at least until a purplish black tail wrapped around the lilac colored teen's waist and lifted him up, a yelp of surprise falling from his mouth, making the other teen giggle.

Lilac eyes slanted a dirty look Ryou's way before Malik twisted around and began to beat his dark over the head, "Marik! Put me down! Only you and Bakura would have such disturbing costumes, I should have guessed!" He yelped again as Marik shook him a bit, glaring when Bakura snickered along with Ryou's giggles, "Shut up!"

It was the Egyptian's turn to laugh though when Bakura made his light squeak by slipping his tail up under the back of the teen's shirt, making him blush for making the noise and try to squirm away with little luck. "Bakura! I thought I asked you not to do that!" The dark merely snorted, flopping down on the couch behind him and wrapping an arm around his waist, pushing the angel wings farther away on the sofa when they began to irritate his arm.

Malik meanwhile was being carried off by his own personal, and more than slightly demented, demon, continuing to hit him in the head, not that Marik paid this any attention, "Where are you taking me?"

"I am tired of watching you walk around purple, we are going to put you back to normal."

"I'm lilac!" Ryou laughed softly as he watched the pair move away, Malik still hitting Marik and still getting ignored.

The pale light's laughter quickly tapered off into another small squeak as strong arms wrapped around him and Bakura's voice purred in his ear, "So little light, enjoy your first kiss?"

"Bakura!" Ryou was colored crimson and hiding behind his silver and white hair while staring intently at his hands, not answering, though he had enjoyed it.

The demon chuckled, "I'll take that as a yes. Though I cannot believe you two honestly had no idea who the other was."

Still blushing, Ryou turned, his eyes accusing, "You knew then didn't you? Why did you not say anything?"

"Where would the fun have been in that?"

Ryou was about to start scolding the amused looking dark when Malik was plopped next to him on the sofa and he turned, the Egyptian had his tan skin back, his hair was still lilac but no longer spiked up, instead down in it's usual way. The wingless angel could not hold his gaze for long and instead began looking around, "I wonder where the others are…?"

"The two idiots are gorging themselves on the food, friendship freak is still passed out on that couch over there and the pharaoh and his pet are making out on the sofa on the other side of the room." Both lights gaped a bit as Bakura rattled this off nonchalantly before Ryou began to scold.

"Why can you never call any of them by their names Bakura? Is it really that hard?" The teen sighed as this just got a fanged grin.

"Wait, still passed out on the couch? That was Téa stripping?" Malik stared for a moment when Bakura nodded, then burst out laughing, ignoring Ryou when the Briton smacked his arm lightly, only because the pale teen was obviously trying not to laugh as well. "Oh Ra! That's too funny!" The Egyptian light got a wicked grin, "Guess that means she owes us then, right, Ryou?"

"You are not thinking of doing something mean, are you?" Malik just snickered at the suspicious look Ryou was sending his way, absently brushing Marik's tail from off his arm before it could curl around.

"Me? I wouldn't dream of it Ryou." The tan teen stood and took Ryou's hand, pulling him up and pretending not to see the cute little blush that graced his pale cheeks, "Why don't you put your wings back on and then we can go collect the rest of the group?"

Ryou nodded, jumping a little when Bakura was suddenly there with the wings against his back, then reaching back for the straps, managing to get them through his shirt and redo them without revealing too much, though he could feel Malik's eyes on what skin he did accidentally show.

Once they were fastened he looked up from the buckle and into Malik's eyes briefly before turning his own to the crowd, missing the Egyptian's pout, "Can you take those weird contacts off? Your eyes are much nicer."

The pale angel blushed a little again and nodded, taking the little case for the contacts from his pocket and having Malik hold it as he carefully took the colored lenses out and put them away, Ryou blinked rapidly a few times as he snapped the individual containers closed and put the whole thing away in his pocket.

"Much better! Let's go!" Tan fingers once more encircled the more slender and pale digits of his companion as Malik dragged Ryou off towards the refreshment table, the two demons following right behind them being enough to part the crowd so the two lights did not get knocked around. "Look! There's Joey again." Yes, the formerly lilac sprite had known exactly whom he was speaking to earlier, he also knew who he had pointed the normally blond teen towards, but he wasn't telling.

Both of the other teens turned as they approached, sending nervous looks to the darks before Joey greeted cheerily, "Heya guys!" The black dragon looked Malik over for a long moment before something seemed to click for him, "Wait, dis is your house!"

Malik grinned, "Uh huh, I had a lot of money left over from what I collected during Battle City and Ishizu wanted somewhere nice to live here, so she let me pick out the place and I chose here! It's nice to be in some place big after living underground like we had."

"Don't you think it's overkill though?" Lilac eyes just blinked uncomprehendingly at the brunette, who was dressed as the Cyber Commander, his mask currently hanging around his neck so he could eat, and Tristin suddenly began 'choking' and had to excuse himself when lavender eyes sent him a mild glare. Well, mild for Marik, terrifying for most.

The light Ishtar shrugged after him, "Anyways, we are going to go find Yami and Yugi now, want to come with?"

"Sure. Jus' lemme grab a few more snacks..." Ryou laughed softly as the other three rolled their eyes, all watching as Joey piled some food onto a paper plate before turning around with his usual grin, "Der, all set!"

"Honestly Joey, it is a wonder that you are not overweight."

Joey just waved Ryou off with a grin, speaking between mouthfuls of chips as they walked towards where the pharaoh and his light supposedly were. "Fast metabolism."

When they found the pair, Joey managed to swallow his mouthful of food fast enough to get out a wolf whistle to accompany Malik's clapping and the two demon's snickers. Ryou just blushed and politely looked away as the two sprang apart, Yugi flushing crimson and hiding behind Yami, who looked unruffled and more pleased with himself than anything.

There was a brief bit of golden light and then Yami was sitting there with his normal hair, though his skin was still tan and he was still dressed as a sphinx. He turned to Yugi, his voice calm as he smiled down at the blushing teenager, "You have nothing to embarrassed about."

He looked ready to say more, but broke off, as he had to twitch his lion like tail out of the way when Marik tried to grab it, most likely meaning to pull, and the pharaoh glared at his fellow dark, "What is it you think you are doing?" Marik just flared his wings a little and childishly stuck his tongue out, his own tail wrapping around Bakura's leg as he made a hissing noise at Yami. The sphinx looked disgusted, "You act like such a child." He sighed when Yugi giggled and Marik smirked because of it, speaking dryly over his shoulder at his other half, "You are not helping."

"Sorry." Though he really did not look it as he continued to giggle.

"I am sure." Yami's tone was dry and he yelped when he turned back towards Marik only to have Yugi tug on his tail, glaring at the giggling teen, "Yugi!"

"What? It looked like fun…"

Yami yelped again when Malik tugged on his tail this time, "Hey! That is fun!"

All three lights were giggling now, and the other two darks snickering as Yami attempted to glare at them, his tail tucked protectively up against his body, not that it did him any good since Yugi pulled on it again anyways, "Yugi! Stop that!"

The petite duelist pouted adorably, "But it's fun."

"Not for me it isn't." Yami was melting under the light's large eyed gaze, odd cat eye contacts or no, and he just sighed, not protesting at all when Yugi picked up his tail and began to pet it, ignoring the renewed snickering from the two demons. The pharaoh then arched an eyebrow as his gaze settled on Malik and Ryou's joined hands, "I see Yugi and I were not the only ones to find someone during the course of the party…"

Pale and tan cheeks alike flushed, but the winged pair did not pull away from each other, just looked shyly away from one another to their preferred places, Ryou the floor and Malik the ceiling.

"Aw, cute!" Yugi's exclamation only had their blushes darkening and the smallest hikari giggled quietly, hiding behind Yami when Malik sent a mild dirty look his way over his color tinted cheeks, not stopping in his laughter one bit.

Malik 'hmphed' and turned away, pulling Ryou along by their joined hands, "Come on, Angel, we'll just go dance instead of staying here and being made fun of."

Looking almost terrified, Ryou tried to dig in his heels a bit, but was just inexorably pulled along by the Egyptian as he protested weakly, "But Malik… I really do not know how to dance…"

"It's easy! I'll teach you!"

Ryou sent a 'please save me' look back at the others, staring before the crowd of people blocked his view, when they all just smiled and gave mocking waves. So he went back to trying to convince Malik and slow their progress at the same time, "Malik, I am so clumsy though, I would never be able to manage without tripping over my feet…"

"That's okay, I'll just catch you if you do trip… I don't mind." The tan light sent a grin back that had Ryou blushing all over again and looking shyly at the floor, making him easier to pull along.

"But Malik-"

"Too late! We're already on the dance floor."

The angel looked around with something akin to mild horror when he saw they were in fact among the people in the area that had been designated for dancing and began trying to pull away from Malik to get out, "Please Malik, I honestly have no clue about dancing…" Ryou squeaked a little and blushed crimson for the noise and how he found himself pressed against Malik's chest when the other teen pulled him back by their joined hands.

"Like I said, I'll teach you." The Egyptian grinned down at Ryou as he held him close, eyes skating over the adorably blushing face of the smaller male.

Ryou's new protests died on his lips as he looked down shyly, trying to hide the blush with little success, especially when it darkened because Malik's hands landed on his slim hips to begin forcibly moving him, "Malik! What are you doing!"

"Teaching you to dance, Angel, just relax."

"B-but-!" The pale Briton was plainly mortified as he was made to move, his embarrassment induced stiffness making what Malik was doing, awkward.

"Ryou!" The sprite whined a little, "Stop being so paranoid and relax! I'm sure you'll do fine once you do!" Malik pouted and just pulled Ryou close when he shook his head, the white and silver locks of his hair fluffing out then resettling lightly on his shoulders, "I don't see why you're so nervous, you're so cute I doubt anyone would even notice if you were a horrible dancer…" Ryou blushed even hotter at the mumbled words, hiding his face with his hair.

"Really Malik, I am just not comfortable with dancing around so many people…"

"Fine, but you're going to dance with me later, when we can be by ourselves." Malik nodded firmly and began pulling Ryou back to the others, the poor Briton blinking numbly at the lilac-eyed teen.

Only one thought ran through his head as he let himself be dragged along, 'What in the world have I gotten myself into now…?'


AN: Okay, this is all I have finished for this story, I don't know if I'll be able to pick it up again as I haven't written in a while and I'm sure my style has changed by now. Plus, on top of that, I injured my wrist not too long ago which makes typing very difficult. At least you got the rest of the reveal, right? Thanks for guessing for anyone that stuck with it or just joined in on the story! I hope you liked it!

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