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--Takes place nine hundred years in the future

--Canard's insane. And immortal.

--Mighty Ducks descendents:

Wildwing -- Drakewind (And yes, dear beta-mine, we'll say he's cute!)

Mallory -- Natalie

Tanya -- Tanya (Same name, different person)

Grin -- Chrism

Duke -- Saber

Nosedive -- Ø (Dead! Waah!)

Dragaunus -- Tsukiyo

On with the story!

"One bright day"

The sky grew dark.

Storm clouds threw themselves across the sky in a frantic, racing effort to merge at the centre of the city. Lightning began to flash erratically, levelling innocent buildings, and the ominous rumbling of thunder almost drowned out the pained scream.


((Five hours earlier))

Natalie smiled as she walked through the clean hallways, humming to herself. It was such a nice day outside … for a change. The rain had finally let up, so the sun was shining, and the plants – because of the excessive precipitation – were as green and as tall as she'd ever seen them. Not only that, but mere moments ago, one of her favourite songs had come on the radio, one she hadn't heard in way too long. And, as if that weren't enough, the guy she'd been secretly eyeing had been checking her out today, too!

Her smile broadened as she reflected over the day's events. It wasn't even noon yet – plenty of time for her to hit the mall or something. She'd seen a dress there the other day that she just knew would make her look as if she'd stepped off the catwalk.

She turned left to go into the Ready Room, eager to share her gal-type news with anyone who would stay in the room long enough for her to speak. The triangular door whispered open once it detected her presence, and she sauntered through.



And promptly burst out laughing.

"It's not FUNNY!" yelled one very flushed, very irate Saurian descendant. Of course, that only made her laugh harder.

Drakewind was a ball of laughter on the floor, shuddering helplessly in a fit of humour. To his credit, he was trying to get up, but then something would set him off again, causing him to collapse once more.

The kitten mock-growled, too absorbed in her hunt to notice the behaviour of the humanoids around her.

Behind Natalie, the door whisked open once more, admitting Tanya. The blonde scientist hurried through, also eager to share some exciting news she had just uncovered. She, too, stopped and stared at the chaotic scene ahead of her.

"Wh-what's going on?"

Upside down and somehow entangled in the ropes of a restraining puck, Tsukiyo dangled from the ceiling. His shoulder-length red hair barely brushed the floor as he swayed hypnotically to and fro. The constant movement, however, was fascinating the Mighty Ducks' newest addition, Cupcake, who was stalking the hair. Occasionally, the kitten would "mew" and reach out to bat at the red strands.

Tsuki scowled and tried to cross his arms in a huff, but was too restricted and ended up only ensnaring himself further.

"This is NOT funny!"

Tanya began to giggle as well, "No, no, of course not… Mmph!" She covered her mouth with her hands to stifle the bubbling hilarity within.

Natalie tried to get herself under control. "How in Puck's name did this happen?"

Drakewind could only laugh harder, yet managed to gesture weakly in the direction of his abandoned puck launcher.

Natalie blinked in confusion and went to help Tsuki out of the makeshift bonds. The fact that she was snickering all the while probably did nothing to alleviate matters, and when she looked down, Tsuki's right eye had begun to twitch.

In turn, her eyes widened, and she lunged forwards, grabbed Cupcake, and rolled hastily under a nearby table. "Hit the deck!" she screamed, well aware of the dangers of an infuriated Saurian.

Tanya and Drakewind both looked up and froze. Then they, too, dove for cover behind the couch. A second later, two sets of eyes appeared and peered cautiously from behind the makeshift defence.

Ahead of them, Tsukiyo snarled and, with a burst of black fire, burned away the rope that encircled him. Then, 2 millimetres from the floor, he stopped his inevitable fall and flipped himself over. His feet landed on the ground, and he straightened himself, brushing his bangs out of amber eyes in a last-ditch effort to regain control of the situation.

"Now that that has been dealt with…" he growled at the three that were emerging from their various hidey-holes. Suddenly, he stopped and put a hand to his head. "Whoa."

Drakewind dashed forwards, catching the Saurian just as he fell backwards. He let a smirk appear as he rolled his eyes. "The amazing Tsukiyo: master of a myriad of fighting techniques and Saurian magic, yet unable to conquer the dreaded vertigo." Drakewind shook his head, still amused beyond capacity, and gently placed the dizzy boy on the nearby couch.

"Well, you know, that is a conse-conse-cons…result of flipping over too fast after you've been hanging upside down."

Natalie nodded in agreement at Tanya's statement of the obvious. She peered closer at the flushed face. "He is all right, though. Right?"

Drakewind stopped his perusal of Tsuki at her question and turned around, blinking. "Wha-? Oh, yeah. Nah, this guy's fine. Right as rain in matter of minutes, huh?" His good mood carried over once more and he reached over, ruffling the red hair even further.

On the couch, Tsuki groaned and feebly attempted to swat the hand away. "You are the epitome of dead, dastardly duck," he muttered.

Drakewind snickered. "And you'll be getting yours, you evil Saurian, you."

Natalie smiled and then turned excitedly to Tanya to gossip all about her morning.


The scream turned raw, and a black beam shot upwards to create a funnel cloud. The sporadic lightning changed form, mutated into a more ominous, serpentine shape. Halfway through a lightning bolt, a black dragon arched through the sky. In a flash, it was gone, leaving only an imprint on the eyes of obsidian scales and blood-red eyes. Soon, more and more started appearing, then disappearing, multiplying until they seemed to overrun the place. Their twisting movements grew more and more frenzied as the pained cry grew stronger, more desperate and more agonized…

((Five hours earlier))

Saber leaned back against the shingles of the Pond's roof, enjoying the way the sun warmed his skin. A gentle breeze wafted across his body, ruffling his hair, and he smiled, relaxing further. His right hand idly twirled his shining sword in random patterns, automatically going through the slowed-down motions of his deadly strokes.

He stretched and sighed, relaxing further. Absently, Saber stared ahead, his mind poking through his memories. He sifted across the knowledge he'd gained about Duke's history. Saber smirked as he recalled some of the better one-liners the great thief had invented after his battles. He, too, resolved to come up with some witty lines…

Suddenly, his eyes caught a flitting motion in the corner of his sight. Frowning distractedly, he reluctantly turned his attention away from the aerial acrobatics of the seagulls above.

Using his sharpened senses that had been honed as precisely as was humanly possible, he peered over.

There it was again: a black shadow amongst darker corners.

How very, very odd. Groaning, he rose gracefully to his feet. If there was something out there – and he was sure there was – then they were going to have a chat with the edge of his sword. No one interrupted his downtime.

Like a cat, he leapt off the roof. Time to tell the others.


The flashing dragons of dark light halted in their rampage as the scream was abruptly cut off. The funnel clouds collapsed, and the storm clouds lay there as if stunned.

In the suddenly-too-quiet silence that followed, one could have heard a pin drop. Instead, however, there was the distinctive sound of:

A step.

A body collapsing on the street.

And a strangled sob.

Then, the cackling laughter began, in an altogether new voice…

((Five hours earlier))

Chrism's eyes shot open with a jerk. The normally calm pool of life had developed into a raging sea of black-tipped tsunamis.

Something was horribly wrong.


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