Author notes: Magus's thoughts of vengeance, written as a poem.


I am a fool for vengeance,

It binds me with invisible chains.

Those who have haunted my sleep

Will one day know my pain.

There'll be a price for everything,

There's always a price to pay.

And to obtain the vengeance that I thirst for so

I'll throw my life away.


First, I'll start with Ozzie,

A useless pawn of mine.

He'll see the mystics worship me

A figure most divine.

Next, I'll see to my mother,

Who knows nothing but mindless greed.

She thirsts for power endlessly,

Using Lavos to slake her needs.

Soon, when she, too, finds her death,

I'll hunt the third foe on my list.

Sir Froggy will meet with my scythe,

And experience death's beautiful kiss.

Lastly, I'll challenge Lavos,

The parasitic beast.

And when he finally falls

I can, at last, rest in peace.


All my life has been filled with hate,

Never has there been a drop of hope.

But once I slay all who've wronged me,

I'll have no where else to go.

My existence has been meaningless,

I am no more than a slave.

For the vengeance that still drives me on,

Has bound me with these chains.