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Pokemon Forest Viridian City

Pokemon are being captured by the dozen. A giant machine with a big red R on it is the cause. In the machine two grunts are at the controls. "Why are we capturing all of these Pokemon?" One grunt asked. "Master Giovanni ordered us to get all different types of Pokemon for his new cloning operation. We are to obey his orders without question." the other grunt replied. Beedrill and Butterfree come down and do their best to defend the forest. Their attacks are worthless and are captured. In the shadows a tiny pink creature is watching. "Mew." it said quietly.

Ketchum Residence Pallet Town

Ash has just finished the Johto league and is on a temporary vacation. He hasn't seen Misty or Brock in months.

Ash is sitting on the couch watching the TV. "In other news Pokemon habitats from all over the world are being disturbed. Officials believe Team Rocket is behind the scheme." a news reporter says on the TV. Ash watches the segment and scowls. "What are they up to now?" Ash asked himself angrily. Mrs. Ketchum comes into the living room with a list. "Ash can you run down to the market and pick up a few things." she asked. "Sure thing mom." Ash replied. He took his list and headed out. Pikachu hopped up on his shoulder as he left.

As Ash walks to the market he notices that everything is much quieter than usual. "I don't hear any Pokemon. Do you Pikachu?" Ash asked. Pikachu shook his head. "Must be Team Rocket." Ash replied scowling. Ash gets to the market and goes inside. He comes back out ten minutes later with a bag full of supplies. "Boy mom sure gave me a big list." Ash said carrying the bag. He was on his way back to Pallet when he heard a weird noise. It sounded like a machine. Ash walked towards the noise. He turned a corner and gasped. He was at the entrance of Viridian Forest.

That wasn't what surprised him. All of the trees had been torn down and beaten Pokemon were lying on the ground. "What could have done this?" Ash wondered. As if on cue a giant metal machine appeared. It had a big red R on it. "Team Rocket." Ash said. "Hey that's the kid the boss told us about." one of the grunts said. "Let's catch his Pokemon." the other said. A claw from the machine reached forward to capture Pikachu. It shocked the machine but had no effect. It grabbed Pikachu and threw it in the back. "That does it. Go Charizard!" Ash commanded. He threw a Pokeball and Charizard appeared. It was a good five inches bigger than the machine and the grunts were frightened. "Fire Blast!" Ash yelled. Charizard let loose a giant blast of fire incinerating the machine and melting the back of it. The Pokemon hopped out the back and Pikachu hopped back on Ash. "Pikachu Thunder!" Ash yelled. Pikachu shocked the two grunts and blasted them off.

"Here I thought only Jesse and James could do that." Ash said smirking. Ash went back to his home. Surprisingly the front door was locked. "Why did mom lock me out?" Ash wondered. He went around the back and came in through the kitchen. As soon as he entered the lights flipped on and a whole crowd of people appeared. "Happy Birthday!" they all yelled. Ash was totally surprised. Mrs. Ketchum ran over and gave Ash a tight hug. "Happy birthday honey." she said. "Mom can't breathe." Ash said gasping for breath. "Oh sorry." she replied. She let go and left. Misty and Brock approached him. "Hey Ash it's been a while." Misty said happy to see him again. "Yeah long time no see." Brock replied. "I'm getting ready to go on another journey soon you guys up for it?" Ash asked.

"My dad can handle everything at the gym for now. I'll go." Brock said. "My sisters are to lazy. I think I'll let them run the gym. I'm in." Misty replied grinning. They were about to talk more when suddenly a special report came on the TV. "This just in. An unknown Psychic force is disrupting signals all over the world. Sabrina has been called in to investigate but even she is stumped. Updates will be delivered whenever possible." "I wonder what that could be." Brock said. "Probably something to do with Team Rocket." Ash relied angrily. Ash turned off the TV and did his best to ignore the report. That night he slept restlessly.

Team Rocket Base New Island II

Giovanni is sitting in his base. In front of him is hundreds of Pokemon each with a different type. "They can try any trick they like. Nothing will stop Mewthree."

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