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Mewthree looked up and saw Mewtwo, Mew, and all the clones. "So brother you have returned." he said smirking. "Don't insult me by saying we're related. You're just some kind of mutant freak that has no purpose but to destroy." Mewtwo said angrily. "Talk is cheap. Prove yourself by beating me." Mewthree replied. "It'll be my pleasure. Attack!" Mewtwo ordered. They all shot forward and launched their strongest attacks. The combination covered the arena in a thick layer of smoke. Mewtwo launched a Shadow Ball right at the smoke. Mewthree saw it coming and avoided it. He flew up and was about to counter attack. A sharp pain suddenly flew through his body. Mew was behind him and had used a close ranged Hyper Beam. Mewthree fell to the ground in pain.

From the sidelines everyone was watching. "Mewtwo and Mew are really giving it to him." Ash said watching. "Come on guys. While they distract Mewthree we should go and rescue my Pokemon." Gary replied. They ran off in to the cloning room.

Back on the battle field Mewthree was having a tougher time then he imagined. He was surrounded by the clones and they were preparing to launch their strongest attacks. They all fired at once. Thinking quickly Mewthree put up a Counter attack and reflected the attacks. They all bounced back and collided with the clones. "Pitiful. I can't believe I have your DNA in me." Mewthree said looking at Mewtwo passed out. "Where did those kids go?" he wondered.

In the cloning room Ash and co. were looking for Gary's Pokemon. When they walked in they saw hundreds of tubes. Each had a different Pokemon in them. "These must be the Pokemon Team Rocket captured." Ash said. "Mewthree is probably trying to clone them all." Brock replied. Gary looked over and saw his Pokemon also in tubes. He ran over. "He even cloned my Pokemon." Gary said looking at them. "But where are his Pokemon?" Ash wondered. They looked around and found them on a table. "Great we found Gary's Pokemon. Now how are we going to stop all of these clones?" Misty asked. Brock ran over to the control panels and pushed a few buttons. He grinned slightly. "Hey guys. I got a plan.

Back in the arena Mewtwo and the others were still knocked out cold. Mewthree was preparing to finish them. He lifted them up using psychic energy and was preparing to finish them. Suddenly a blast of lightning came and zapped him just strong enough to make Mewthree lose his focus and drop the others. He looked over and saw Ash standing in the doorway with Pikachu. "Do you really think your stuffed rat can hurt me alone?" Mewthree said smirking. "He's not alone." A voice said. Mewthree turned around. A door behind him opened. Misty was standing there with a whole bunch of Pokemon behind her. "Were going to take you down." Another door opened up to the right of Mewthree and Gary stood there with his original and cloned Pokemon. "Prepare to lose." Brock said as he opened the door to the left.

Mewthree was completely cornered from all sides and by his clones. "What did you do?" he asked angrily. "Brock messed with your little clone machine. It appears you just cloned regular Pokemon enhanced them and took all feeling away from them. We gave them feelings and now. Well lets just say they aren't to fond of you." Ash said ready to fight. "You really think you can beat me? Those clones are nothing. First I'll eliminate that pathetic excuse for a Pokemon." Mewthree said pointing at Mewtwo. He charged forward. He was quickly pulled back. A group of Bayleef was pulling him back with Vine Whip. Then a bunch of Charizard got in front of him and prepared to use Fire Blast. At the last minute the Bayleef let go and ran. Mewthree couldn't move out of the way and was severely burned.

He fell on the ground in pain. Mewthree started to use Recover. Suddenly a group of Snorlax came and dog-piled Mewthree in a group Body Slam. Everyone was watching with joy. "Ok keep the Pokemon coming." Ash said. Gary and his Pokemon stepped forward. "Ok guys lets get some revenge." Gary said grinning. Mewthree had tossed the Snorlax off of him and was starting to recover. He didn't have time however because Gary's Umbreon and the clone charged forward and knocked him back with a team Faint Attack.

Mewthree flew back and crashed into the hard stadium walls. He managed to use recover and heal himself. Mewthree was about to counter attack when he heard Ash. "Thunder!" Mewthree looked in front of him and saw the original and clone Pikachu in front of him. They launched a double Thunder and gave Mewthree quite a shock. Mewthree's eyes glowed blue. He was very angry and had enough. He picked up the two Pikachu's using psychic energy and launched them towards the ceiling. A pink bubble appeared and saved them. Mew floated up to them and giggled slightly. She popped the balloon and the Pikachu's fell again but were safely carried to the ground.

Ash stepped forward. "Ok let's end this." "Everyone stop!" he yelled. All the Pokemon stopped and looked at Ash as did Misty, Brock, and Gary. "Mewthree I challenge you." he said. Everyone looked at him confused. "What are you crazy? We got him on the run. Don't let your love for battling get you killed!" Brock touched Misty on the shoulder. "Let him be Misty. Even though this is a mutant evil Pokemon Ash still wants to have a fair battle." Brock said calmly.

"So what do you say? It'll be me against you. My regular Pokemon vs. you." Ash asked. "I agree. Though I see no point and giving up such a big advantage. Mewthree stated. "I have my reasons." Ash said to himself fingering a Pokeball. "Let the battle begin!" Mewthree yelled. "Go Heracross!" Ash yelled. Heracross appeared. "Why did Ash use Heracross? Doesn't he know Heracross is weak against psychic?" Misty asked. "I think he has a plan." Gary stated.

"What a poor choice. I can easily beat that puny bug." Mewthree gloated. "Mega Horn!" Ash yelled. Mewthree's eyes widened in shock. Heracross's horn glowed white. He shot forward and slammed it into Mewthree. A combination of fire, lightning, and ice all collided at once with Mewthree. Mewthree was damaged but still managed to use one Psychic fainting Heracross. Ash returned it. "Good job Heracross you deserve a good rest." Ash said smiling. "Go Bayleef!" Ash yelled.

Bayleef appeared and tackled Ash happy to see him. "Bayleef let me up." Ash said laughing. Bayleef hopped off of Ash and stood ready to battle. Mewthree stood up in pain from the Mega Horn attack. "Your pathetic plant doesn't scare me. Take this." Mewthree launched a Flamethrower at Bayleef doing major damage. She stood back up weakly. "Use Razor Leaf!" Ash yelled. Bayleef launched one final attack before she passed out from exhaustion. The attack hit but did minor damage. Ash returned her.

"Ok Pikachu you're up." Ash said. Pikachu jumped into the arena ready to battle. "So you're using your first Pokemon to end your final battle. Very well I will make it quick and painful." Mewthree said as he shot a Solar Beam at Pikachu. "Jump!" Ash yelled. Pikachu stood on his tail and hopped up with it like a trampoline. The Solar Beam missed him harmlessly and Pikachu landed on the ground taking no damage.

"Use Thunder!" Ash commanded. Pikachu charged up and launched a huge bolt of lightning right at Mewthree. The attack hit and did major damage. Mewthree recovered and launched a Shadow Ball at Pikachu. "Double Team!" Ash said thinking quick. Suddenly a group of Pikachu's appeared and the attack flew threw the copy's harmlessly. Mewthree searched for the original but to no luck. "Where is that rat?" Mewthree asked looking around. "Let's finish this. Thunder Wave!" Ash commanded. Mewthree felt a small bolt of lightning hit him from behind. He was about to turn around but couldn't move. All the damage was catching up to him and he fell on the floor.

"What's Ash up to?" Misty wondered. "Doesn't he know he can't beat a Pokemon by paralyzing it?" Gary asked. His eyes widened. "Unless he isn't going to beat him at all." Gary replied catching on to Ash's plan. Ash pulled out a Pokeball. "Mewthree you're mine. Pokeball go!" Ash yelled. He tossed the Dark Ball that was meant for Pikachu and captured Mewthree. The ball shook for about a minute but then stopped. Ash walked over and picked it up. He smiled and held it up. "I caught a Mewthree." he said doing his victory pose. Pikachu hopped on him and shocked him happily. Ash was so happy that he forgot he was standing and fell down.

"Ash does know that Mewthree is one of a kind right?" Misty asked. Brock just smiled. "To those two I don't think it would matter if Ash captured the last Caterpie on earth." Mewtwo walked up to Ash and helped him up. "Thank you Ash. Because of you the Earth is safe once more. I will erase only the memory of Team Rocket so that you can keep the memory of this battle. I have a feeling I haven't heard the last of you." Mewtwo said smiling. Ash handed the Pokeball to Mewtwo. "Here take this. I'm sure you have a safer place for it than I do." Ash said. "Yes I will hide it and keep it closed." Mewtwo replied. Everyone was just about to leave when suddenly.

"Ash Ketchum!" A familiar voice yelled. "Oh no not now." Ash thought groaning. He turned around and saw a very angry Mrs. Ketchum along with Prof. Oak. "How dare you leave the town to go battle some famous trainer. Not to mention you lied to me and worried me sick." she stopped yelling grabbed Ash and hugged him tightly. "I missed you so much." she said happy. "But you're still grounded." she added. Ash groaned and everyone laughed. Ash pulled back. "How did you find us?" Ash asked. "I checked the garbage. You never took it out. But that old Cheeseburger was gone." she said. They all looked at Gary. "Hey I was hungry." he said embarrassed.

"What kind of Pokemon is that?" Prof. Oak asked pointing at Mewtwo and Mew. "Mewtwo quick erase their memories." Ash yelled. Mewtwo's eyes glowed blue and Prof. Oak and Mrs. Ketchum were completely clueless of anything. He quickly teleported them home. "Thanks." Ash said. "No problem." Mewtwo replied. "Well we have to get going. Take care Ash." Mewtwo said and they left.

"Well that's done." Misty said relieved. "How are we going to get home? Pidgeot can't carry us all." Ash asked. They all looked at him clueless.

2 years later

Ash and co. returned to Pallet Town and relaxed. Ash became known as the greatest trainer alive after the Mewthree battle. Mrs. Ketchum and Prof. Oak had a slight memory loss and still couldn't remember anything. Misty started to date Ash and moved in with him. She is on every super model cover world-wide and Ash has to use Pikachu to get rid of all the drooling guys that like Misty. Gary became the leader of Viridian Gym and has remained unbeaten. Well unbeaten at the Gym anyway. Brock took over Pewter Gym again and has settled down with Suzie. The battle with Mewthree may be over but Team Rocket will never quit. Luckily Ash is never going to give up the fight either.

The End.

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