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Gale: in case you are wondering why Yume's hikari is more violent than she is, I don't have a clue either. All I know is that they have er, mixed up personalities.

Aya: turns chibi and hides behind hikari Gale please don't hurt me! please don't hurt me! Ahh!!! He's gonna kill me!!! runs around the room screaming

Kura: you bakas are giving me a headache!!! takes out sennen ring you deserve to go to the shadow realm!!!

Everyone: oh no!!! we have to hide!!! Yume grabs random passerby and shields herself causing the poor unknown person to be sent to the shadow realm

Unknown person: what the... ahhhhhh!!!

Everyone: sigh of relief

Ryou: suddenly pops out of nowhere what happened here?

Yako: your fucking yami just almost sent us all to the shadow realm!

Ryou: o.O erm... sorry 'bout that...

Yugi: suddenly arrives with Yami hey you guys!!! What's the commotion all about? And why are Ryou and Bakura half- naked? points to the two white- haired boys

Ryou: blushes anou...

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Destiny As We Make It

Summary: Shounen-ai/yaoi so for those who don't like this, please don't read and don't waste your time. Ryou Bakura is in love with his Yami but his other half just won't show his true emotions. Hurt and confused, Ryou begins to fall in love with another man because he thinks that Bakura doesn't really care for him. But when Bakura notices that his beloved hikari no tenshi falls in love with Seto Kaiba, he starts to show Ryou that he really cares. Now that he knows that both love him truthfully, who will Ryou choose?

Chapter 1: Masked Feelings and Hidden Bruises

Ryou's POV

I felt the blow on my stomach. I fell to the floor, retreating to the wall wow!!! Ryhmie!!! Floor and wall!!! Hehehehehe!!! Okay, shutting up now... , cowering in fear. Two cruel eyes glared at me. Why does he have to do this to me? If only he knew how much I love him... he dragged me to my feet by my hair. I wanted to run away but I couldn't... another blow to my already bruised abdomen. Tears fell down from my eyes. I love you, Bakura! Why are you doing this to me?! Why are you hurting me?! Naze?!? Naze?!?! Naze??!! "You pathetic human! You're weak! You're helpless! I hate you!!!" growled the ex- tomb robber. It's as if a knife plunged through to my heart. He hates me. A third blow hit my numb stomach. I spat out blood. He threw me against the wall. I cried out in pain as I slumped down to the carpeted floor, staining it with my mortal blood. This didn't matter though, for I felt as if my heart has been torn to pieces. He kicked me hard and went out into the cold starless night, leaving me in utter pain. Damn it, why can't I cease to love you, Bakura?

The door closed with a bang. I stood up, bracing myself against the wall, wincing as the pain in my abdomen lingered in my senses. I cautiously went to the nearby couch and sat down. I cried again as images from the earlier incident flashed in my mind. "why do I love you, you fucking bastard?! Can't you see that? Can't you love me the way I love you?" I shouted to the lonely room, yelling hopelessly, desperately. I buried my head under the cushions as I spilled my heart out.

Hot salty tears tumbled down my pale face as I continue to sob. What have I done to deserve this pain? Mother, Amane, where are you? I need you...

I jumped as I heard the phone ring. I looked at the black box and reached out to the handset. Taking a deep breath, I wiped my tears and counted to ten to compose myself to not show, at least in my voice, that I have been crying again. If the caller was Yugi, or Yami for that matter, and he found out that I have been crying again, Yami will surely confront Bakura and... I don't want to think about it anymore. I picked up the phone and heard a familiar voice, not Yugi's or Yami's, saying hello...