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Heart OF Dragon Gold: Epilogue.

By Tora Macaw.


Sanada had no idea what was happening. He... along with many others... had been present at Tezuka and Fuji's mating flight and stimulated by all the blatant sexual activity, he and Yukimura; like so many other couples, had rushed off to find a private place to indulge in their own erotic celebration.

Remembering the intimacy that he'd once shared with Kirihara, the dark haired Demi-Dragon had invited him along and a few hours, the trio had swirled in the loving depths of a fiery embrace.

As the undisputed dominate of the threesome, Sanada had passionately kissed Yukimura as he took the Draca-demon while the beautiful half elf had moaned from the way the groaning Kirihara had pleasured him with his mouth. Once release had taken place, Yukimura and Kirihara had changed places and the surrounding woods had continued to ring from sweet rhythmic music of their ecstatic cries.

A week later his love mates had started complaining of lower abdominal pain and six months down the track, Rikkadai's tough vice captain now found himself wondering just how in all the known realms that his two MALE lovers could be about to deliver his children.

Giving Sanada a reassuring smile, the Hikari healer about to cut into Yukimura's surgically numbed body then turned to nod to his colleague. Lifting his glittering scalpel, the other angel man made a bold sweeping incision into Kirihara's swollen belly.

Thanks to the powerful epidural block in their spines, neither of the patients felt any pain. However, they did experience some minor discomfort as their internal organs were carefully pushed about.

Moments later, a tiny baby bearing black feathered wings was lifted from Yukimura. It was swiftly followed by the arrival of a small draconian offspring.

As the new 'mothers' were being stitched closed, the two beaming Hikari midwives attending the births bought the babies to Sanada for his inspection. Gazing upon the two tiny bundles laying in the women's arms, the Demi-Dragon's normally fierce orbs softened as he held out his hands.

Cradling Yukimura's child, he named the boy Kano. For a long moment, he held the youngster close to his heart before handing him back to the Hikari and turning his attention to his other son.

The creature looked like a fairy dragon except that it had no antennas and its wings were solid black. It had his stern golden-brown eyes and his mother's curly black hair. Kissing the new born, he named him Jomei as he lit up in a bright glow of transformation.

Moments later, a dragon winged baby smirked up at him and greeting his now fully healed healthy love mates, Sanada sighed his happiness as the family gathered close for a loving group hug.

Elsewhere, other members of his team welcomed their own children into the world. All of them knew that a normal human pregnancy lasted nine months. However, the Hikari sent to oversee the births were quick to point out these incubations were far from normal and thanks to the magic powers that each member of the Brotherhood possessed, the pregnancies had been accelerated in order to bring the babies formation to completion more quickly.

Anxiously wringing his hands as a tall white haired healer cut into Jiroh, Atobe found himself wishing for the umpteenth time that that day that Kabaji was by his side. But the towering hidden bronze who had always been there to offer his silent reassurance was away seeing to his own hatchlings and with twenty rambunctious offspring to deal with, he was highly likely to be absent for some time.

The loud squeal of a new born taking its first breath jerked him out of his thoughts and smiling, he gazed tenderly upon his son. The long legged, lanky foal shivered in the cool morning air as it shakily lifted its tiny head. Like all Kirin's, the new arrival boasted a slender branched horn sprouting from the center of his brow. But unlike the rest of his kind, Jiroh's child had large dove grey feathered wings sprouting from his shoulders.

Stroking the foal's fine wet silvery mane, Atobe reverently whispered the name that his life mate had chosen: Toshihiro.

Meanwhile, Shishido and Gakuto also delivered sons while far away in the upper realm, Raikiri gave an ecstatic Sengoku his own flame haired baby boy.

Hidden within the depths of Thleer, Tachibana sweated nervously while Mori delivered a child. In another room, Shinji sat in silent anticipation of a baby from Akira. Right throughout the world and all the known realms of the Brotherhood, the scene was repeated as other soon to be fathers eagerly awaited the arrival of their offspring.

Yuuta's egg hatched to produce a beautiful son while David from Rokkaku rejoiced over the sight of his pretty crossbred Sphinx cub.

Even those of team Jyousei Shounan had their own little surprises with the result of Dachi and Ota's unforeseen, soul bind induced union. The two males and two females of the clutch were doing well as were the children of Seigaku's Kaido and Inui.

The two males were golden eyed basilisks like their father but the two girls were sharp eyed hissing naga like their mother and as Jinnai fashioned magical glasses for the boys, the grinning lord of the angel folk couldn't help but wonder just what kind of impact the children would have on the mortal world once they had tennis rackets in their hands.

"Probably the same reaction that Kunisuke and Kunitake will have." he mused as he thought of the dragon king's twins. "They'll be strong, but so will Takashi's children."

Thinking of the young red dragon, Jinnai couldn't help but chuckle a little.

The male was a lot like his mother but the female was without a shadow of a doubt her father's daughter.

"And thinking of children being like their parents, I wonder how young "ponta" is progressing."

Visualizing the hatchling in his mind, Jinnai laughed as he held up the first pair of very special squared off glasses that he'd made and his mind drifted back in time.

He'd been there just over three years ago when the egg had cracked open and Ryoma's strange reaction to the wondrous event still made him smile with bemusement.

A moist little dragon all covered with bristly, gold tipped black fur and a lot of spiky dark hair on his head had spilled out to stare at its mother out of large purple eyes. Momo' had instantly gone into welcoming raptures of delight, but Ryoma had glared then turned away while giving a disdainful sniff.

Sitting on his haunches, the Demi-Dragon had folded his arms across his chest then stuck his nose in the air while declaring in his bratty best tones that he didn't a darn as to what his son's name would be.

"Call him 'Fluffy' or Rex, I don't care."

"But Ryoma!" Momo' had wailed while keeping his arms wrapped warmly around the precious hatchling. "He's your son! You should love him, not treat him like a tennis rival!"

"He will be my tennis rival!" Ryoma had sneeringly replied. "Just like I was to my father! Now call him "Racket" or "Love 15". Just don't bother me with the details! He'll quickly grow up to be a thorn in my side soon enough!"

"Ryoma, how could you?" sighed Momo' in despair. "How can hate your own son?"

"I don't hate him." Turning around, Ryoma lowered his head until he was gazing directly into his child's eyes for the first time. "I'm young and I have a life." Glaring accusingly at his life mate, Ryoma sat up then raised his voice. "I have places to go, tennis matches to win; I don't want to be tied down to a baby! I want to conquer Wimbledon and dominate tennis wherever I go! I have STUFF I want to DO!"

Just as a deeply sorrowing Momo' was about to reply, Jinnai decided to step in; not just for the hatchling's sake, but for Ryoma's as well.

"Echizen Ryoma; great grandson of the mighty gold, I understand you and wish to point out that you do not need to give up your life. There are many Hikari within my realm that will gladly help to parent your son during those times that you cannot be with him."

"Its true." added Chidori with a smile. "I myself am more than happy to care for him."

"I would also be happy to help." declared Shaya as she arrived on the scene with Kerin.

"You see Ryoma?" said Momo' as hope and gratitude shone brightly in his eyes. "You can be a mother and play tennis!"

"I am NOT a MOTHER!" growled Ryoma. Snorting through his nose, he abruptly became calmer as he spoke again. "I'm more like a big brother."

Suddenly sweeping the hatchling into his arms, Ryoma held him up to smirk at the grinning dragon child.

"Mada, mada, da ne. We'll be best friends and best enemies; right Ponta?"

"PONTA?" spluttered Momo', his eyes bugging as his mouth hung open. Recovering enough to speak, he screeched that his life mate couldn't possibly be serious. "You can't name our son Ponta!" Closing his jaw, he then loudly whined that he wished to call his son Momoryu.

"Well, he is "ponta" to me." Ryoma answered brightly.

And so the child's nick name had stuck.

Starting work on the second pair of glasses, Jinnai's mind sobered as his thoughts drifted onto Eiji.

Of all the pregnant males, the young cat lord had suffered the most. Even with a constant halo of worried Hikari ringing him every second of the day and night, Eiji had known nothing but intense pain as his belly swelled to incredible dimensions and the baby kicked so vigorously that he couldn't even sleep. Covered in sweat and drowning in misery; his haunted eyes surrounded by dark circles as he moaned non stop like the damned, Eiji had just started begging his panicking life mate to let him die when his attending healers abruptly announced the child was ready to be born.

But once the master healer Yasashiku had cut into Eiji, the single large baby he had expected to see turned out to be three sturdy cubs. There were two boys; their short coats like a mixture of dawn and dusk while their smaller sister boasted fur the color of fire.

With the offspring removed, Eiji at once started to feel better and his belly was quick to resume its normal flat shape. The youth's abdomens was like a popped balloon and with his pain gone, the young master of felines joined his life mate in happily welcoming their triplets.

His work completed, Jinnai's thoughts returned to the here and now as he gracefully rose to his feet. Walking through the sparkling barrier of a magnificent crystal bead work curtain, the rightful ruler of the upper realm strolled out onto a small balcony set near the towering eastern spires of his great castle.

Below him, the vast magical landscape of Varrock Jirakee laid spread out like a giant multi colored cloak as the entire realm rang from the happy sounds of creatures that hadn't been allowed to set foot within its boundaries for thousands of years.

A huge crowd of assorted Mythics had gathered on the shore of the upper realm's sapphire lake for a special celebration to honor new life. The cat lord and moon dog's cubs had thrived and grown into happy, healthy three year olds along with Takashi's offspring and the young crossbred Demi-Dragon affectionately known as Ponta.

Atobe, Jiroh and the rest of their friends sat eating and drinking beside a huge table as a little winged Kirin joyfully played with a wide assortment of other young creatures. Everywhere else, all those whom team Seigaku had once competed with at tennis now partied as friends and looming over the entire festival like a huge golden mountain was the proud, regal form of the dragon king.

Sitting comfortably on top of his large head, Fuji laughed as he swung his bare legs between his life mates's swept back horns and kept his eager gaze fixed upon the sky. Soon, the sun would begin to set and when that happened, Tezuka had winked while promising him that something truly wonderful would take place.

Knowing that time was drawing near, Jinnai spread his huge wings. Flying from his balcony, he swooped down to glide low over the gathering until he'd found the very Mythics that he'd been looking for.

Inui and Kaido stood with their team mates in the shadow of Tezuka's raised left wing; their four children engaging in an active game of tag with Kunisuke and Kunitake.

Touching down in a loud flurry of wing beats wed to a small cloud of loose feathers, the proud angel man smiled broadly as the youngsters broke off their play to rush towards him. Seeing him arrive, other children were quick to converge on the scene. Moments later, the air rang too many childishly delighted cries of; "Uncle Jinnai!" as each and everyone one of them excitedly jumped up and down around him.

"Here now!" he laughed while carefully, but firmly peeling away the mass of little fingers now clinging to his robes as the youngsters all transformed into human or halfling forms. "I have treats for all of you, but you'll have to behave!"

Instantly, all the children backed up to obediently sit in a loose semi-circle and with peace restored, the ruler of the Hikari was able to quietly beckon for two of the boys to approach him.

Moving almost as one, a pair of spiky haired identical twins walked out to stand before him. They were so much like their sire that they may have well been his clones and slowly kneeling, Jinnai tenderly gazed into their eyes. Two sets of beautiful golden snake eyes stared back at him. Armed with the secure knowledge that young basilisks didn't start gaining their killing powers until they'd seen the end of their fifth summer, the proud angel man was able to look upon their naked faces without fear.

Reaching into his white-gold robes, Jinnai smiled warmly.

"Yakuso, Shiru, I present to you a gift."

Drawing the two pairs of enchanted glasses from within the folds of his clothing, Jinnai gently gave them to the wide eyed children.

"Although you both have time before your powers grow in strength, its best for you to get used to wearing them now."

"Yes." Yakuso solemnly replied as he took them. "Father told us that we would always need to have them."

"We understand the importance of their function." stated Shiru as seriously as Inui did whenever he delivered one of his intense "data" speeches to his team mates. "We shall always wear them."

As one, the twins placed the glasses upon their faces and with their eyes hidden, they turned to smirk wickedly at the watching crowd.

"Just like their old man nya!" laughed Eiji as the boys returned to their place. "They'll be scaring us with their juices next!"

"Funny you should say that." chuckled Inui evilly as he toyed with his own glasses. "They are very young, but are already showing great promise."

Back snapping ramrod straight, Eiji's hair rippled wildly as a cold shiver lanced down his spine. Beside him, a sweat dropped covered Oishi muttered: "My poor sons." just as all those about him cheered then pointed at the sky.

A huge red dragon had appeared; its hauntingly beautiful song reverberating around the heavens as it glided in a wide circle then proceeded to land close to Tezuka.

Briefly bowing his head, Tezuka formally welcomed the new comer before introducing her to his life mate.

"Syusuke, this is Nioe suuhmuhk; Ruji Moonsong in human tongue. Of the all of dragons first born from the first ever great clutch of dragons ever hatched upon the mortal realm, Nioe is the only one who has never spent time in the shadowed realms of the afterlife. She is not much younger than Healing Flames and has long been revered as Hysanubdta auihk; The namer of the young. I asked her here today to bestow our children's secret dragon names upon them."

"I see." grinned Fuji as he lovingly rubbed the underside of Tezuka's large muzzle. "Will we know what they are?"

"Of course." Tezuka sounded strangely smug as the red female turned her attention to their twins. "She will whisper their hidden names then they will whisper them to us. Remember..." he added gravely as his sons strolled towards her. "...the names will belong only to this family."

"I know."

Recalling that first magical moment when Tezuka had finally revealed his hidden true name, Fuji sighed happily as he leaned against his lover's lowered head.

Jaws curved into a benevolent smile, Nioe whispered to Kunisuke. Straightening, she nodded her satisfaction as the excited hatchling raced over to tell his parents. Standing in the center of his father's upraised palm, the youngster then reverted back to half human form as his brother received his own private name.

Head bobbing, Kunitake then spun about and galloped up to his parents. Whispering the name, he then trotted straight to Yuki. Gesturing for his guardian to kneel, the hatchling whispered in his ear and judging from the wondrous expression filling the tall Hikari's face, the child had confided the truly rare gift of his true self.

Licking the startled male's incredulous countenance, the little dragon transformed to throw thin yet strong arms around his neck then lovingly press his cheek against Yuki's.

Standing, Yuki led the boy back to his parents and standing beside the beaming Fuji, his golden orbs glittered with love and pride as he watched the twins join in a cheerful stampede for the basket of treats that Jinnai had bought forth.

With their hands full, all of the youngsters ran down to the lake's edge. At the front of the pack, Kunisuke and Kunitake stopped then stood as if frozen time; for they had remained the same while the others had aged. However, Kerin had reassured Tezuka and Fuji that once their age mates had caught up with their three year old appearance, the enchanted time lock that held them would be broken and they too would grow normally along with the rest.

Gazing across the tranquil waters, they nodded greetings to the sons of Eiji and Oishi who smiled as the rising night wind tugged at their long hair. They were swiftly joined by Inui's twin boys, Takashi's male child and Ponta.

Enjoying the dazzling display of a serene sunset, the boys stood apart from the others as they silently communicated among themselves.

Thirteen years later, they stood in the same formation; the morning sun slanting across their beautifully handsome teenage faces as their blue, white and red uniforms rippled in the fresh breeze. Preparing to take on the challenge of tennis, they gazed determinedly at their waiting rivals before taking a tight grip on their rackets. Following their captain Kunisuke like their parents had once followed Tezuka, they strolled out onto the hard courts to battle in the harsh arena of ball and string.


The End.


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