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Chapter Five:

The familiar sensation of a yearning pull in the inside of his chest somewhere near the vicinity of his heart and also in lower regions had returned full throttle as he felt cool, dry hands slowly slide beneath his belt and warm breath and lips at his neck. He felt elated, deflated, sick and effervescent all at the same time in a swirling, dizzying cocktail all of its own. Reaching forward he jabbed in the floor number on the elevator control panel and fell back against the cold, mirrored wall, a deep kiss pinning him so strongly the metal hand rail behind him pressed painfully into his lower back. He moaned in pain and only heightened the intensity of the situation, eyes stinging and clamped shut. The hand delved lower. Pulling back from the kiss, Duo regained his senses and shoved Heero back to the other side of the elevator. He held him there, grasping tightly onto his upper arms, panting lightly, anger rising sharply.

Minutes earlier Heero had ordered him furiously out of the bar after their incident and cornered him in the hall outside.

"What the fuck did you think you were doing?" He had hissed viciously. Duo had shrugged carelessly, "You just don't understand do you?" Duo had stared at him impassively and Heero had groaned, "Stop being so naïve, Duo! We're not unrecognisable remember? Especially not me, not now!" He was right. The news of Vice Foreign Minister Darlian's engagement had not remained undercover for long, indeed no longer than most celebrity marriages, for that, Duo supposed, was exactly what it was, "So stop playing around! This isn't a game, you know!"

Before Duo had known what he was doing a palm had lashed out across Heero's smooth, flawless cheek.

"You're a sick deluded bastard, did you know that? This is all just a sordid little game that you've made up and I'm not fucking playing it anymore. You made every single decision along the way; you made the dice to roll. So what card did I pick up? 'Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred pounds'? Well, I'm removing my piece from the board-"

"Shut up." Heero said bluntly then leaned in and pressed his lips roughly against Duo's own, forcing him to stop talking. An icy cold grip tightened against his stomach contrasting with the burning on the inside, "You're acting like a spoilt child." Prussian blue eyes stared scathingly into Duo's own as their noses brushed. The gaze had turned hungry, "How do you always do this to me?" and Heero returned to feasting on his prey.

It wasn't long before they had ended up in the elevator.

Duo's grip tightened on Heero's arms.

"I don't know why the hell I put up with you." He scowled angrily.

"Neither do I." Heero murmured.

The elevator 'pinged' and the doors glided open. They stood in silence, Duo not loosening his grip. The doors began to slide shut.

"If only for tonight…"

Heero reached out his arm effortlessly under Duo's slackening clutch and held the door open.

"After you." He growled. Duo closed his eyes in acquiescence, let go of Heero and stepped over the elevator threshold, past the point of no return. Why didn't he feel guiltier about it? Heero joined him and reached up to touch the back of his neck as they headed down the corridor. The simple gesture sent shivers down Duo's spine.

Because he was mine first. He was always mine.

The realisation filled Duo with a rush of adrenaline and new courage. He reached down and grabbed his lover's crotch tightly.

"Get the fucking door open." He hissed into his ear and bit his lobe. Heero raised his eyebrow through a wince of pain and slotted the card key in the lock of his room. Duo pushed him in unceremoniously. He then softened and pressed Heero up against another wall as the door closed behind him and clicked shut.

"You've got another thing coming if you think I'm going to be Uke tonight, darling." He whispered, entwining his fingers with Heero's as he reached for the light switch, "Leave it off."

"I want to see you." Heero said softly. Duo paused and then removed his warmth from Heero, "What… where are you going?" He murmured anxiously.

Duo crossed the room and drew back the heavy curtains to reveal a dazzling, sparkling cityscape.

"Better?" He smiled, silhouetted against the window. Heero joined him at his side and turned him to face him so the light hit his profile with mysterious angles, brushing his hair out of his face gently.

"Much." He replied hoarsely and Duo took his tie to start undoing it, foreheads touching, "I've missed you so-" Duo pressed a thumb to his lips and discarded the tie, working now at the buttons on his shirt. Heero returned the gesture but continued to talk, "I don't deserve you."

"Of course you don't." Duo purred helping Heero out of his sleeves and then pulling off his own.

"No, I really mean it."

Duo sighed and held Heero's chin, "You don't have me." He pushed Heero firmly but smoothly down onto the bed beside them and straddled the taller man's hips, "Which makes tonight that little bit easier, no?" He leant forward and kissed his bare stomach dexterously making a beeline up to the nape of his neck to breathe the familiar cologne, hands working on the belt buckle beneath him.

"No, it makes it all the more hard." Heero said with inappropriate timing, he groaned. Duo leant up on his knees and pulled off the rest of Heero's clothing. He wriggled into his naked abdomen playfully and pulled his hair over his shoulder.

"Would you care to do the honours?" He smiled in the half-light. Heero fingered the end of the plait fondly before guiding out the band and running his fingers through the woven strands, parting them lovingly. Duo began to feel the extra heat almost instantaneously and adored its closure and sexual familiarity. He forced Heero to lean up against the headboard and stripped off the last of his own clothing a little awkwardly.

"Last night of submission, 'Ro." He sighed spreading his hands up Heero's marble-carved sides leisurely and leant in to press his hot cheek against his amour's own, "It's gunna hurt like hell…"

"You'd love that wouldn't you?" Heero grinned nonchalantly. Duo merely smiled back shrewdly and brushed their lips dismissively before adjusting his position, his hair falling down to brush against Heero's chest and hooking Heero's legs up above his thighs.

I'll try not to feel this moment for real.

"Relax." He soothed, although he himself was trembling, sweat forming in beads and running in rivulets past his navel. He took a breath and gradually eased himself into Heero who caught his breath sharply, "Relax." He hushed again and pulled back a little faster. Heero hissed a string of curses until Duo calmed him with a weak, quivering kiss, bit his lip tenderly and dived in again smoothly. Heero tensed again causing Duo to gasp with the sensation. He tried again, sensitive to the screaming agony of the man in his embrace.

"Faster." Heero choked, sitting further up and wrapping his arms around Duo's neck.

Blind the pain, Duo thought and repeated his motion, increasing his rhythm, loving Heero writhing against him, clawing at his shoulder blades, digging his nails in his flesh and moaning in pleasure and intense pain, the two inseparable. Sweat glistening like dew in the vague illumination, running through Heero's hair, dripping from his partner's. His hands slipped down wet, emaciated ribs and around bony, driving hips, one of Duo's own hands sliding down to aid his lover. Duo leant back and stretched his spine, heightening the pleasure for a wailing comrade who tightened receptively. Tears coursed silently from Cobalt blue eyes, mingling with sweat: salt water with salt water. They came together in a sudden rush, panting like dogs. Duo gingerly removed himself and spread himself against Heero's heaving chest, running a hand across his sticky stomach, cleaning it absentmindedly. They lay in silence for what seemed like a lifetime and wished was an eternity.

As Duo started to tremble again Heero pulled the unused blanket around them and cradled him in his arms.

"You're icy." He breathed, kissing his damp hair.

"I'm not cold." Duo shuddered but knew that Heero knew. He pressed himself tightly against Heero's own warm skin and felt his heart beat with his own. Their heartbeats were always in time. It felt as if nothing could ever divide them, they were indivisible. He loved that feeling the best. Although he knew the promise in sweat was hollow, the vow in their heartbeats was as solid as the diamond on Relena Darlian's finger.

As his shivers subsided his eyes drooped, he was so tired of everything.

"'Ro…" He murmured deeply. His addressee shifted in response but Duo said nothing more. Heero bent his face to his sleeping companion, watched and then softly kissed his closed eyes.

He lay in the dark and prayed that first light would never come, but a rosy glow was touching the painted sky.

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