Long hair in the Gundam : Part two

Treize looked at his platinum haired lover and sighed. He wondered if it was possible to sneak behind him with a pair of shears as he pulled yet another impossibly long blonde hair off his velvet jacket. It could not be borne. The hair spread as quickly and efficiently as a virus.

He had actually, though he'd deny it if pressed, built the Epyon to see if there was a way to stop Zechs' amazing hair. He had to admit it was amazing, but it was also unstoppable.

There were many things he loved about the hair, the look of it when the light hit it and Zechs turned to look at him that made his heart turn to jelly in his chest and his breath caught. He loved playing with it. He loved brushing it and listening to Zechs purr almost like a kitten.

There were many pet hates about hair, the cloud of noxious hair spray he left behind him in the morning, where he had scraped it back and expected it to stay before he pulled on his mask to prevent what he called helmet hair. There was also the fact that because he liked to shower in the morning he had to be up at five to allow Zechs enough time to deal with his hair and be at work on time, and as Treize couldn't drive he had to shower first which meant he had to be up before dawn on icy cold mornings and brave the bathroom which felt like it held some portal to Antarctica. Of course it was lovely and warm for Zechs when he got up.

Then there was the helmet hair tantrums, why did Zechs care that when he took his mask that his hair was flattened, no one else ever saw it.

And God help any opponent he ran across if the day was humid, he would just obliterate them because his hair had gone frizzy. Treize didn't even know what frizzy meant. He woke up, washed his hair, blow dried it, something that Zechs seemed afraid to do, put in a little product, just a little to make it sit right, and that was it, done. He had an idea, judging by the amount of bottles Zechs had in the bathroom that he was like a mad scientist first thing in the morning.

It also meant that Treize did most of the household chores, he made breakfast and made sure that Zechs ate before leaving for work, because Zechs was too busy taken care of his mane. He knew that princes were supposed to be blonde and handsome but Zechs did take it a little far.

His hair brush was bigger than Treize's hand.

And there were other, more annoying, niggles. Nothing was bad enough to be an actual complaint, they were just little things that niggled away at him, waking him up at two o'clock in the morning to remind him that he was annoyed.

First and foremost he was pretty convinced Zechs loved his hair more than he loved Treize, he certainly spent more time on it, but Treize loved Zechs' hair too, sometimes, so he could forgive him for that.

Long white blonde hairs littering every dark item of clothing he owned. He didn't like that.

The fact that the length of Zechs' hair attracted other people's attention to his wonderful butt annoyed Treize no end, Zechs was his and the idea of other people looking at his wonderful butt caused him to consider invading countries, usually the countries the person with the offending eyes was from. Even though Treize was willing to concede it was the hair at fault more often than not.

The bangs. They were a whole pet peeve all by themselves, Zechs got home, took off his mask and Treize still couldn't see his face. Sometimes it was like living with Cousin It from the Addams' family, though Treize suspected he didn't spend as long in the bathroom.

He left soggy pink towels all over the house, from where he had wrapped them around his hair, and if he was having a lazy day he would leave it wrapped in the towel for upwards of an hour. It made him look like a camp sheikh.

He never tied it up which meant more often than not Treize turned over in bed to snuggle to his platinum blonde head and was attacked. Often violently with a kicking snarling yowling creature squalling he was lying on his hair. It wasn't his fault it was all over the pillow, and the mattress. Yet heaven help him if he turned over in the night and his arm fell on Zechs.

Suggesting to Zechs that he had a beautiful forehead and should show it off around the house usually resulted in a scowl that could strip paint and worse mentioning it might be an idea to braid his hair before going to bed usually was answered with "Do I look like a hyperactive Gundam pilot?" And you never heard him yowling when he lay on his hair.

Of course Treize had laughed his head off when he had heard Relena Peacecraft talking with Dorothy Catalonia about how you should never sleep with a man with better hair than you. Dorothy had just smiled and said she had perfect hair, the hussy. Then he had gotten annoyed when self same Dorothy suggested that Treize had usurped Relena's throne because he had wanted to be Queen of the world. He swore being snippy came with the hair. However he took a great deal of pleasure knowing that the pink princess would never have the man of her dreams as he had his own hair bear to take care of.

Lady Une never had these problems, she might have had a split personality and a little bit of a crush on him but you never heard her whining that her hair was frizzy just because there was a single drop of moisture in the air somewhere in the world.

He looked at where Zechs sat in the window seat, lost in his book. The crisp line of pale blonde hair with the sun gleaming behind him. They were alone in the house so his mask was hanging by the door. He took a moment to appreciate Zechs' beauty, a beauty it would be much easier to appreciate if all that damn hair wasn't in the way.

He was beautiful, even his hair was beautiful, it wasn't fair. Treize knew he wasn't bad looking but all anyone ever did was stare at his eyebrows, it wasn't his fault that his father thought it would make him evil to pluck them in the middle as a child and they'd never grown back right. Then to make matters worse Dorothy of all people decided to copy him. That girl was strange, and according to Zechs, not a natural blonde.

It was all to do with the hair, Treize thought for a moment, but why doesn't mine grow like that?