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Chapter 1: After Dinner

Mulan finished helping her mother clean up what was left of dinner, while the men stayed in the living room and chatted. Mulan smiled at her mother who gave her a look of happiness for her daughter. "Go honey.... Take him in the back through the gardens." Mulan grinned at her mother and Granny who were egging her on to go talk to Li Shang. Mulan gave the dish to her mother and made her way to the living room. Mulan found her father and Li Shang sitting down, but once Shang saw Mulan his face lit up and he stood up and bowed. Mulan gave a little of a blush and walked forward towards Shang. "My daughter...we were just talking about you." Mulan got redder.

"Oh.... Well um...I was wondering if Captain Li would like to see the gardens in the back?" Fa Zhou smiled and turned his head to Shang.

Shang nodded, "I would love to."

"This way..." She led Shang out and into the back, and as they began to walk through the garden it became silent. "So...How was your journey getting here?" She asked not knowing what to say.

"It was good.... Yours?"

"Good." Mulan paused not knowing what to ask or say or comment on. She looked over at Shang and noticed that his attention was at her. Mulan blushed and looked away.

Even Shang felt his nervousness through his body even just looking at her made him melt and tremble. "You know I came here and wasn't sure if you were even going to let me stay after what happened and how I treated you through the war."

Mulan stopped and stared at Shang. "No....it's over. Besides if it wasn't for what you did I wouldn't be here. You always welcome here."

Shang nodded in approval and thanks. He took this chance and moved a piece of hair that was in her face away from it and put it behind her ears. He knew that it was forbidden to touch a woman if she wasn't married to you but he didn't care or really even think about what he was doing. "Now that I look at you I wonder how I could be so blind and not notice who you really were."

Mulan was now blushing even more; she bent her head down and smiled. 'He thinks I'm cute.'

Shang smiled back at her and released his hand from her face. "So what are your plans now that you're home?" He asked.

"Not sure.... Probably doing chores again."

Shang laughed. "Sounds like my house."

"Really? You still do chores?"

"Yeah...well most of the time I just help around the house to keep me busy."


"But in the army nothing really changed I had to everything myself plus I had lots of training that I went through."

"Fun...." Mulan said sarcastically.

"Oh...yeah...But besides chores you have anything else important or fun that you are planning on doing now that you're home?"

"Um.... I don't think so.... Hopefully my parents will give me a little more of a break and let me sleep in." Mulan and Shang both laughed.

They began to walk up the small little bridge and stopped in the middle of it and both leaned on the railing and looked down into the water. 'What should I say next um....' his thought studied what to say next to her. "You have a beautiful home."

"Oh...thank you...was dinner ok."

"Are you kidding it was great that was the best meal I had in years." Mulan giggled.

"Well that's good then.... I suppose you have to go home soon."

Shang looked over and frowned, 'I don't want to go...' "Yeah...probably, My mother is probably wondering if I made it or not."

"Here I'll show you the way out...."

"Thank you...." Mulan led Shang out near the side of the house and back to where Shang's horse was. "Should I tell your family that I'm leaving?"

"I'll just tell them that you had to leave in a hurry because your mom might think that you're dead." Mulan answered. Shang smiled and untied his horse that placed the reins over his head, and was about to get onto of his stallion when he looked at Mulan and noticed that she was staring at him. He stopped and began to walk over to her again. He was trying to get the words out but couldn't, "Um.... I.... Thank you for dinner."

'That's it?' She told herself, a little disappointed that he didn't say more. "Your welcome." Shang smiled and turned to his horse again and got on. He took the reins in his hands and gave a nod to Mulan; Mulan nodded back and smiled. He turned his horse around and began to walk away and out of the huge wooden doors. Mulan listened and watched once he became out of sight. Mulan ran over to the doors and leaned on them watching him trotting away. "Bye" She whipsawed.

Fa Zhou watched from the front door, Fa Li walked up to him and noticed that he was holding a letter in his hands, she leaned over her husband and began to read it. She gasped and placed her hand over her mouth and looked at her husband then at Mulan. "What are we going to do?"

"We have to tell her and train her again, she won't like it but she has to."

"But look at her..." She pointed to her daughter. "She has something for that young man. And it seems to me that he has something for her."

"I know Li..... But that can not matter now, she has to go through this...you know that."

"Well if you tell me.... I think she is better off at what she is doing now." Said Granny who butted in.

"Enough...It's final, get everything ready for the morning...her training will start in the morning." Fa Zhou announced.

Fa Li frowned and bowed down then looked one more time at her daughter, then walked away with Granny.

Fa Zhou watched his wife and Granny then turned his attention back to Mulan who was still standing by the door watching Shang as he made his way back home.

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