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Chapter 16:

"Are you sure you want to do this Mushu?"

"Mulan…this is the only way, China has lost way too many men and solders, If WE do this you will have a greater chance of winning this war." Mushu explained. "Now you have to gather Shang, Jang and the others to a tent and explain what we are doing along with who I am too." Mulan nodded even though she still looked and felt wary about this plan, but she trusted her friend. Mushu nodded as well and climbed up Mulan and hid himself behind her neck.

Mulan walked out of her small tent and over to the fire where she waited for Shang, Jang , Yao and Ling to come back from the towns, hopefully with more men with them too. After awhile Jang and Ling came back with 20 some men, and not long after Shang and Yao came back with 40 men following them, Mulan watched as they all greeted each other and dismounted their horse they all seemed a little pleased with finding more men to gather in our cause to save the men and women of China, as well as China her self. Mulan smiled a little with more hope. She bit her lower lip thinking about her and Mushu's plan, she was nervous. Chien Po came back and sat close to Mulan while Shang, Jang Yao and Ling came to join them by the fire.

"I want to say that was pretty successful…"Jang said making his way to Mulan, She glanced up as he came closer to her. He grabbed her hand in his and kissed it. Mulan let a smile creep on her face, but she looked worried. "What's wrong?" He asked. Mulan looked at Jang then at Shang and the others who looked concerned.

Mulan sighed heavily and spoke, "I have to talk to all of you…I have a plan but I need to explain some things first…" Mulan got up and began walking to the large tent where Shang, Jang and the gang were going to share. They all looked at each other with confused expressions upon their faces but all got up at the same time and followed Mulan into the large tent. Mulan sat down in front of them all while they themselves made themselves comfortable and sat watching her every move, interested in what her new clever plan was going to be this time. She looked up and began…"I need you to stay calm and not freak out…His name is Mushu he is and has been my guardian dragon."

"What are you talking about?" Asked Ling.

"Have you been into the rice wine while we were gone?" Jang asked teasing. But before anyone else could say anything Mushu slipped out from behind her and walked in front of the men. They all seemed to jump a little and all grabbed their swords or the handles, getting ready to strike. Mulan and Mushu looked up at all of them.

"Hi…." Mushu spoke. Now all the swords were on Mushu.

"Mulan what is that?" Yao screamed out.

"This is Mushu, He is my dragon guardian, I know it's a little bit of a shocker but…"

"You didn't say he…or it could TALK!" Ling blurted out.

"I'm not going to hurt you….we just need to talk." Mushu said calmly.

Mulan got up and picked Mushu up. "I need you ALL to remain calm, he has been with me even when you didn't know."

" He was with you at camp?" Shang asked. They all began to lower there weapons.

"You're a dragon?.." Ling

"Aren't Dragons' supposed to be bigger?" Yao asked.

Mushu sighed and looked up at Mualn who smiled down at him. "Alright so since I've been introduced Mulan and I will explain what our idea is, now its going to sound even more crazy but it's our best chance for defeating the Mongols, and saving everyone. So everyone needs to sit back down." Everyone did as they were told and listened in to what Mushu was going to say next.

"Alright…I'm just going to jump in and say bluntly that I will be giving Mulan my powers…she will…"

"What!?" They all seemed to say in unison. "Are you sure that's the greatest idea?" Shang asked. "Or that it will even work?" Jang objected as well.

"It's the only way…even though we have a group of men fighting along side there are still a thousand or more Mongols at the wall, holding men and women captive, besides its only temporary…right Mushu?"

"Yes but its tricky and even dangerous for both you and me…But seeing as you are much stronger then any other girl here in China…I think it will work!" Mushu said with confidence.

"Should one of us…?" Jang began.

"No…only Mulan, I'm HER guardian, only within the family can one do this."

"Has this ever been done before?" Shang asked concerned.

"Well…No…not really…."

"I don't think this is a good idea…" Shang objected. "I agree…" said Jang.

"I think Mulan is capable…." Said Chien Po.

"Yeah…besides I think it be cool to see the Mongols run there asses away when Mulan comes tearing through!" Ling said with excitement.

"Yes but…" Shang began but Mulan cut him off. "Shang….its the only way." Mulan knew Shang was worried about her safety, she tried to reassure him, but he and Jang looked at her with such care and concern that it was hard for her to even sound convinced about her fait.

"Are you ready Mulan?" Mushu asked. Mulan nodded. Mushu then took out a small dagger from behind him and gestured for Mulan to give him her hand; He gently grabbed it in his tiny little claw and cut an X through her hand. She winced with the sharp pain. She looked up at Shang who kept his eyes on her the whole time. He breathed in and out with slowly but heavily. The gang watched in awe and Jang watched what Mushu. Mushu then gathered a teardrop from his own eye and placed it in the cut.."Ahh.." Mulan let out a little cry of pain, "Mushu…I feel ….AHHH' the pain was getting worse.

"Stop!" Shagn shouted. They all seemed to worry and panic for their dear friend.

"It's normal…sorry Mulan…I have to do this too…" Mushu blew a tiny flam on her hand to seal the wound up." After it had sealed the cut began to glow with a golden light that outlined it. Mulan curled over holding her one hand in the other. She looked down at the ground, eyes shut she could feel the power of her guardian flowing through her. She felt warmth within herself as well as being lighter and stronger.

"Mulan?..." Shang asked, Him and the others were on their feet waiting for Mulan to reply, look up anything. Mulan looked up slowly, her eyes were glowing with a golden ring around them, she slowly began to stand up. She felt super…she examined her hands one after the other and then looked at everyone in front of her individually..Yao…Ling…Chien po….Shang then Jang….

"How do you feel?" Ling asked.

Mulan breathed in and out and slowly began to smile. "Great…." With her response the golden ring around her eyes faded and eyes were her own again. "Mushu…" she whispered looking down at her friend, Mushu looked pale in color and weak, she frowned and picked her tiny friend up in her hands. "Don't worry about me…I'll be fine, go now you don't have a lot of time before my powers wear off." She nodded and placed him down on one of the beds and kissed the top of his head before looking at her friends, who seemed more amused now then earlier.

"So should we see what you can do?" Jang asked suggesting she try it out before they saddled up and left.

"You don't have the time…you must leave now…Mulan, you'll know what to do when the time comes for you to fight. It will flow through you as if its second nature, your in control…good luck."

"Thanks Mushu."

They all looked at each other and nodded. The gang smiled at Mulan and left the tent to get ready, while Jang and Shang stayed with Mulan before soon parting out of the tent themselves. But before Shang was out of the tent he looked back at Mulan, his eyes were dark and showed so much, his love, his concern and even fear but not a cowards fear a fear that everything was going to change or that something bad was going to happen to her. "Shang…" she whispered his name, and after doing so he began walking back to Mulan and placed his hand on her warm face. He studied her eyes for a second then slowly lowered his head and kissed her softly and slowly as if were to be the last kiss they were to share with each other. Mulan closed her eyes and felt his kiss. They parted and Shang began to smile, he nodded and headed out.

Mulan couldn't help herself to smile. She felt a mixture of hope but worry, she was there to fight but also to protect everyone, and everyone she loved as well. She took a mental note that she would not leave any ones side and would fight as hard as she could. She felt strength and courage within herself again. She smiled knowing this now. She was ready.

Everyone was now ready and started heading out, only they knew what Mulan possessed now but ay the same time really didn't know what kind of powers she now had. Shang announced the plan to all the men, they cheered each other on, ready for what ever fait was theirs to come. Before they parted and made their way to the wall a man in the back shouted for 'the great Mulan to speak' they stopped and turned around to face them again. Mulan looked at her friends and then Shang; she didn't know what really to say… She cleared her throat and began, " I know many of you when you first heard of my tale didn't believe it or probably even thought badly of me for doing what I had. I don't blame you, I wasn't even sure about it myself, I was scared….but what kept me going was knowing that I had to keep my strength for my father…my family…they are what mattered most, and I couldn't let anything happen to them. I believe you all have the same strength and courage that drives you to fight for your loved ones! Keep them close to your heart when you are out there and let nothing stop you! They are leader less and weak there might be many but we fight for the ones we love and when they see all of us they WILL tremble!" Everyone shouted and cheered once again. Mulan turned Khan away and made her way down the path that would lead them to battle. The gang of three would be in charge of sneaking in and gathering all the hostages and taking them to safety all while Mulan, Shang and Jang would lead the men into battle.

They all had reached the hill top and everyone looked down at several hundred Mongols from below, they were everywhere, fires, screams of hostages, destruction lay everywhere before there eyes. This only fumed all of them even more. They were ready, Shang looked at Yao, Ling and Chien Po and nodded and parted from the group riding away to find another way through in order to save all the hostages. Mulan stood up tall on her horse, her hair blew through the wind, she looked strong and ready. Jang smiled at Mulan, giving him more confidence. He got his bow and arrows ready. Shang would ride on Mulan's left and Jang on her right. They could now hear all the Mongols below yelling and shouting at each other, they knew they were here. Mulan smiled a mischievous smile, she held up her sword high and yelled out!