18 year old Uzumaki Naruto held a blood kunai in his hand while standing under the rain. It was drenched with the bloody of 50 civilians of Konoha. They had been on his nerves that night. It happened after he left the ramen restaurant. 50 guys started following Naruto while he was going home and said things to provoke him.

"Hey demon boy, leave this village, no one wants you. Go die you freak. Demons aren't welcome in Konoha."

"You'll never become a Hokage."

"I can't believe you have friends. Who'd want to be friends with a demon."

The insults kept coming until Naruto's anger just burst. The 50 villagers charged at him with any type or weapon or tool. The seal which trapped the kyuuni in Naruto was breaking. The Kyuubi's charka was leaking from Naruto and a red charka could be seen. The men started to panic, but Naruto rushed towards them with a kunai. They tried running, but they couldn't run far from Naruto. When it was all over, Naruto held his bloody kunai. He dropped his kunai and started trembling.

He looked at his bloody hands. "What have I done?" Naruto said.

"You! What happened here?" an ANBU asked.

"I didn't mean to. It just happened." Naruto tried to explain.

"You killed them all?"

"No. It's not like that. I didn't mean to."

"Don't make excuses murderer. I always knew you'd end up killing someone in Konoha." The ANBU said as he drew his sword. He jumped and swung his sword at Naruto but Naruto dodged and pushed his kunai into the heart of the ANBU ninja. Naruto couldn't believe what he had done. He had just killed an ANBU.

"I have to run. If I don't, I'll be executed."

In the hidden village of sand, a very similar event was occurring. Gaara was standing in the middle of the street with his brother, Kankurou, and his sister, Temari. Gaara was being tormented by the villagers. Then a large mob came and tried to kill him, but the sand automatically killed them. The Kazekage came to the scene with all the jounins and chuunins available.

"Gaara! You've killed them all. You're no longer welcome in this village. Kill him!" The kazekage ordered.

"Wait! It's not his fault. They were provoking him. And the sand killed them, not Gaara. It was an automatic defense." Temari tried to explain. Unfortunately, it was futile. The jounins and chuunins threw their kunais and shurikens at Gaara. Temari parried them with her fan. "We have to get out of here!" Temari said.

Kankurou stepped in front of Temari and Gaara. He pulled out his puppet and said to his sister and brother, "Get out of here. I'll keep these guys busy."

"But you'll get killed!" Temari said.

"Just shut up and get Gaara out of here. I made a promise to mom, and I'm gonna keep it. Now go!" Kankurou said as he prepared to fight the ninjas of the hidden village of Sand.

Temari tried to hide her tears, but she couldn't. She knew this would be the last time she'd see her brother.

"Good bye, brother. Thank you."

"Yeah whatever. Now get going."

Gaara and Temari began to run as fast as they could while Kankurou tried to hold them off. He tried his best to buy them some time, but he was killed quickly and was unable to buy any time for his sister and brother.

After seeing Gaara and Temari flee. The Kazekage quit pursuing them and labeled Gaara as an S-rank criminal. In Konoha, Tsunade and several ANBU stood over the many bodies of the villagers killed by Naruto. One of the ANBU picked up the kunai which was stuck in the chest of the dead ANBU and showed it to Tsunade. That kunai was different from the normal kunais. It was made of platinum.

"Naruto...why?" Tsunade whispered.

"It was Uzumaki Naruto. I officially declare him as an S-rank criminal."

"How do you know it's him?" one of the ANBU asked.

Tsunade showed him the kunai. "This is the platinum kunai presented to the winner of the Chuunin selection exam. He won, and I presented this to him."

"Send two ANBU teams to search for him."

"Damnit! I didn't want to kill them. But, they got what was coming. Crap! ANBU!" Naruto increased his speed. "Where can I go now? I can stop by the hidden village of sand and visit Gaara."

Gaara and Temari had been running for hours until the reached the forest in the country of Fire. They could no longer sense the sand ninjas so they stopped and rested. Temari curled up into a ball and let the tears run down her cheeks. "He's gone. He's really gone." Temari said.

"We won't forget his sacrifice." Gaara said. Then he turned his head to the right where he sensed chakra. "I sense a familiar chakra. I'm going to investigate. Stay here." He said as he left.

Gaara ran towards the source of the chakra. He heard a clash of metal and a scream. Then he saw red chakra surrounding a blonde ninja. It was Naruto. He was fighting off a bunch of ANBU. Gaara went to help out.

"Rasengan!" Naruto hit one of the ANBU with the technique that Jiraiya taught him. The ANBU screamed in pain and was left dead with a hole in his chest. "This isn't the Naruto I know from 6 years ago."

"Desert funeral." Gaara killed 3 ANBU with that one technique. The rest of the ANBU fled. Naruto looked at Gaara with a smile. "I was just on my way to visit you."

"Me too."

Gaara and Naruto jumped through the trees to meet up with Temari. Temari had finally stopped crying. The three were now discussing what to do now that they were all s-rank criminals. "Let's explore the world. We'll just travel from country to country eating ramen." Naruto suggested. Temari and Gaara looked at Naruto strangely.

"Well, we have no other plan, so let's do that." Gaara said. Temari agreed. The three ninjas were now going to travel around the different countries.

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