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Jiraya ran towards Sarutobi with a rasengan. Sarutobi waited til Jiraya was closer. When Jiraya was 2 meters away, Sarutobi tried to jump, but he couldn't move his legs. He quickly looked down and saw a clone of Jiraya keeping his feet bound to the ground.

"Sorry, Sarutobi-sensei." Tsunade said with regret before her old master was killed by Jiraiya's rasengan. Tsunade looked at Jiraiya with a sad face.

"We did what we had to do. He would have been proud." Jiraiya said to Tsunade.

"Yeah. I'm sure he would be. Now let's go help Naruto."

Naruto threw kunai after kunai, and used ever jutsu he could think of, but Orochimaru kept dodging or blocking the attacks.

"Argh, stay still will ya." Naruto ordered.

"Perphaps I'll show you how fast I really am now." Orochimaru said before he increased his speed. Naruto couldn't keep up. Orochimaru slashed Naruto's back, then jumped away and then slashed Naruto's left arm. Naruto jumped away from his location, the top of the Hokage tower, and moved up towards the head statues of the former Hokages. When he was finally at the top, he saw the whole village. He felt some of the love he had for Konoha come back for a moment that seemed to last a lifetime. However, his moment was interuptedy Orochimaru following him up to the top. Orochimaru and Naruto stood still, across from each other.

"Look down and see my army. They will kill everyone in the village. They will-" Orochimaru was interrupted by a cloud of sand that came from behind the enemy jounin army.

"The Sand village! I'm sorry, old man snakeface, we're you hoping that we'd all die or something? Cause we're the good guys. We always win." Naruto said with a sense of hope in his heart.

''No matter. I'll kill you, then the village, then your family." Orochimaru rushed towards Naru

Jiraya quickly formed two rasengans, one for each hand, charged towards the three caskets, and destroyed two. Before he could form a third rasengan for the last casket, the casket opened, and Jiraya jumped away. Smoke came out of the casket. When the smoke cleared, they saw the third hokage, Sarutobi.

"Looks like we're having a reunion," Orochimaru said. "The teacher and his students together again after such a long time." Orochimaru took out a tagged kunai and inserted it into Sarutobi. Sarutobi's eyes became emotionless, as if he had become an empty shell.

"What have you done to him?!" Tsunade said in a loud and angry tone.

"What I did to the first and second Hokage the last time I came to Konoha." Orochimaru answered calmy. "Now, Sarutobi, my puppet, go kill them!"

Sarutobi rushed towards the three defenders of Konoha with Orochimaru right behind him.

"Naruto! You take Orochimaru! Jiraiya and I will take care of the third!" said Tsunade. Naruto nodded.

Back in the country of wave, Temari paced around the living room, while Gaara sat still.

"He'll be alright. He can take care of himself." Gaara said to Temari.

"How do you know that? It's Orochimaru. Naruto could be killed." Temari said.

"Hm. You're his wife, yet I have more faith in him than you." Gaara said with an amused look.

"Maybe you should have married him then." Temari said with a small smile.

"I'd rather marry a woman." Gaara said. Then he stood up and walked towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Temari asked.

"Our home village." Gaara answered. "I want to see if I can get some reinforcements to help Konoha."

"I'm coming with you. I can't just stay here while my husband and my brother are doing something dangerous." Temari said and she grabbed her giant fan and walked towards the door.

Before Gaara could answer, Ichigo blocked Temari's path. "You can't go mommy! Dad told me not to let you leave, and to protect you, so you can't leave. Besides, I can't make food, and I'm hungry." Said the child.

"Just stay here and be safe. This is what Naruto would want. You would just distract Naruto if you went to help him, and I don't want to be burdened with protecting you if Sand decided to try to kill us criminals." Said Gaara. He stepped outside the house and turned around towards his sister and nephew. "I promise to bring him back safely." Gaara slowly closed the door, and began to run towards the direction of the Hidden Sand village.

Naruto and Orochimaru faced each other. Naruto was waiting for Orochimaru to make his move. He kept his eye on Orochimaru while he tried to analyze the situation

"He's just standing there. What is he waiting for? It's not like he's got any backup." He thought. And then it hit him. Naruto quickly turned back to see the Konoha army fighting the sound ninjas. But there were so few ninjas, and most were dead.

"It can't be this easy." He thought. Then he quickly turned back to Orochimaru, but he was gone. Naruto scanned his surroundings to try to find him. He saw his old master, JIraya, and the fifth hokage, Tsunade, fighting the Third. Then he looked up and saw Orochimaru coming down with a sword pointed at him. He quickly by jumped away and landing on a rooftop.

"That was close." Orochimaru said. "It seems that you've gotten better. I had expected you to have dulled somewhat since you gave up your life as a ninja. By now, I assume that you've realized my army is too small." Orochimaru's eyes pointed to the east, opposite of where the Konoha and Sound ninjas were fighting. Naruto turned his head to the east. In the distance he saw something headed towards Konoha. It was an army. A much larger army that outnumbered Konoha two to one, and they were headed for the civilian hideouts.

Then, Naruto heard chatter in the ear piece radio.

"All units! There's a large number of ninjas coming from the opposite side! All Jounins regroup on the East side! Everyone else assist them once the sound ninjas on the west wall are taken care of!" Shikamaru said through the radio.

Naruto looked east and saw a large army inbound for Konoha. He looked west and saw Jounins going East to engage the ninjas coming to reinforce Orochimaru.

"My new army is made of Jounins. Konoha will fall!" Orochimaru said with a sense of victory.

Gaara was running in the desert. All that surrounded him was rocks and sand. He slowed down and stopped once he reached an area. He looked around.

"You can come out now." Gaara said to his empty surrounding. Then a group of sand ninjas came out of the sand and behind the large stones.

"What are doing here?" asked the squad leader.

"I came to ask for help. Konoha is under attack." Gaara told him.

"We know. We're mobilizing right now. We're almost ready to leave. But you won't be gong anywhere. You are an S rank criminal. You will be killed." Said the squad leader right before he and the squad attacked.

Gaara released the sand in his gourd. Using the sand, he disabled the ninjas and bound them. Then he walked up to the Squad leader.

"I can here to ask for you help in saving my brother in law and his people, not to kill you. I know what happened years ago. It was an accident. And I'll have to pay for it. But this is about Konoha. I'm offering you help. You have a chance to save the lives of many ninjas by allowing me to help." Gaara said to him. Then he released the ninjas.

"I'll go talk to my superiors." the leader said before he retreated to the village.

"Tell me Naruo, why do you fight for these people?" Orochimaru asked. "They are the same people that banished you from the village and tried to kill you."


Naruto was in Tsunade's office. He looked out the window and saw the village making preparations for war. He didn't want to be there. He didn't want to leave Temari and Ichigo alone in the village while he was in Tsunade's office, unable to keep them safe. He turned around and realized he was standing right behind the Hokage's chair. He hesitates, but then he took a seat in the chair.

Then the door opened and Tsunade came in, holding a file with her right hand. "Comfortable?" She asked.

Naruto jumped out of the chair. "I was just, keeping your seat warm." He replied.

Tsunade chuckled a bit. before handing Naruto the file she was holding. "You can have the seat after this war if you help." Tsunade said to him. She tried to bribe Naruto using his past goal of wanting to be a hokage.

"That dream is dead. What's this?" Naruto asked as he accepted the file.

"Something your father left behind. I found it after you left the village."

Tsunade walked over to her chair and sat down. Naruto sat in the chair across from her and looked over the contents of the file.

"I'm not sure if you know this already or not, but you're father was the fourth hokage, one of Jiraya's students, and Kakashi's teacher. He's also the reason you've got a demon in you." Tsunade explained.

"Is that why I've got the demon? Because I'm his son? Why didn't anyone tell me sooner. All my life, I thought I was chosen to contain the demon because I was just some abandoned orphan. That's how everyone treated me while I was growing up." Naruto continued to look through the file. He found a note attached to the end of the file. He detached it and read it. It said:

"Dear Naruto, if you are reading this note, then he means that my seal has succeeded and you are the carrier of the nine tailed demon. I'm sorry to place this burden on you, but, this demon holds much power that could be used to protect the village if and when it is attacked by Orochimaru or another village. You're mother is gone, and soon, I will be too. We wish we could be there with you, to watch you grow up to be a great ninja. No matter what, please protect the village. I love you son, and I'm proud of the man you will become, well, have become. "

"Your father entrusted you with the fate of the village. We need your help Naruto. If you don't help, your friends will die, and Orochimaru will eventually see you as a potential host now that Sasuke is dead. Also, you're still a marked criminal so you never know who's going to go after you and your family. You may be one of the world's greatest ninjas, but you're no watch for a whole village. If you won't fight for us, fight for your family. Stop him here and now, and keep your family safe." Tsunade said to him.

end flashback

"I figure I'd kill you now so that I won't have to deal with you later in life." Naruto said casually. Naruto jumped towards Orochimaru with a kunai. Orochimaru drew his sword from inside his body and stab Naruto in the heart with it, but Orochimaru realized that it was a decoy and jumped away from his position looking all around for Naruto.

Kakashi was rushing towards the West gate to intercept the Jounins headed for the village. He jumped from one rooftop to another until he saw Kabuto, and stopped. Kabuto stood on a slightly higher rooftop facing him.

"I'm afraid you won't be going to the west gate anytime soon" Kabuto said with an overconfident look on his face. Kakashi lifted his headband to reveal his Sharingan. He then made the hand heals necessary to form his Chidori.

"You really think your little lightning ball can stop me?" Kabuto asked, still being over confident. Then Kabuto felt something sharp hit his chest.

"Actually," Kakashi said from behind. "I do."

"Your…Sharingan." Were Kabuto's last words just before he fell off the rooftop he was standing on.

"That was a lot easier than I thought." Kakashi said to himself before he began jumping towards the west again, followed by all the other Konoha Jounins.

Jiraiya and Tsunade were fighting their old master, Sarutobi, who had risen from the dead and turned into a puppet. Jiraya charged at his master with a Rasengan while Tsunade followed Jiraiya from behind with her right first ready to strike. Jiraya missed his attack and Tsunade came from behind and tried to hit Sarutobi, but she missed him as well.

"The old man's fast." Said Jiraiya.

"Indeed. Jiraya, do you remember attack pattern D1?" Tsunade asked.

"Attack pattern D1….oh right! Oh! That's a good idea. I'll take point." Said Jiraya.

Tsunade ran towards Sarutobi with Jiraya right behind her. Tsunade tried to hit him, but Sarutobi evaded and then grabbed her arm, which made Tsunade smile. She quickly grabbed Sarutobi and went behind him, binding his arms with her super strength.

"Now!" Tsunade ordered.

to head on with his sword. He stabbed Naruto in the lower abdomen and twisted the sword while watching Naruto scream in pain until, Naruto started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Orochimaru asked.

"Look." Naruto said, titling his head down. Orochimaru's head also titled down, just like Naruto.

"I used Shikamaru's shadow technique to catch you. This is the end for you. You won't hurt anyone else anymore." Naruto formed a Rasegan with his hand while Orochimaru's arm mimicked Naruto's.

"Now die." Naruto commanded as he hit Orochimaru with his Rasengan. Naruto released the shadow bind and Orochimaru's body dropped to the ground. Naruto turned back and looked towards the village and the retreated sound army. He walked closer to the edge of the cliff, feeling weak. He was beginning to doubt that he would survive. Naruto pulled the sword out and dropped it, which fell down the cliff.

"Can't die…Temari'll never forgive me for dying." Naruto said before he fell on his knees, which cause him to lose his balance, and he fell off the cliff.

Tsunade and Jiraiya wer rushing towards Naruto's location to help him fight Orochimaru. They saw Orochimaru die and came to a stop.

"He did it!" Tsunade rejoiced.

"Good job kid." Said Jiraiya. Tsunade saw Naruto lose his balance and fall.

"Naruto!" both Tsunade and Jiraiya rushed to catch him. Jiraiya jumped from tower to tower hoping to reach Naruto in time. Jiraiya landed on the Hokage tower with one foot, but lost his balance and began to fall. Tsunade, from behind, grabbed Jiraiya's hand and tossed him towards Naruto. Jiraiya caught Naruto, and headed back to Tsunade immediately. He placed Naruto on the ground to let Tsunade check his pulse and chakra flow.

"He's alive, but we've got to get him to the hospital." Tsunade informed Jiraiya.

Jiraiya carried Naruto on his back and rushed towards the hospital. Tsunade went ahead to prepare the emergency room.

The old leader burst into the main lobby and yelled out, "Prepare an ER immediately!" The nurses complied. A couple rushed to the ER to begin setting up for an operation, while two others fetched a stretcher to carry Naruto in once he arrived.

"There's no time for a stretcher! Just let Jiraiya carry Naruto! It'll be faster!" Tsuande said to the nurses.

When they all arrived in the ER, Naruto was placed on the operating table, and looked at Tsunade. "Do your thing." He said to her. Then he looked at Naruto. "Don't let me outlive you kid." He said before leaving.

It had been days since Gaara left to help Konoha. Temari stayed strong for her son. She tried not to show any weakness in front of him. She watched him play outside while crying her heart, and when her son was asleep, she'd cry quietly in her room, so that Ichigo wouldn't know.

One morning, She went outside to the market near the village entrance with her son. She tried not to think of her husband as brother since it would only bring tears to her eyes. She felt the wind blow against her, and heard the wind chimes make their sounds. Ichigo turned his head right, towards the village entrance. He then hugged on his mother's hand.

"Mommy look!" Ichigo said. Temari complied. She turned her head and saw her husband accompanied by her brother and some ninjas. She ran towards Naruto and hugged him til he let out a small cry of pain.


"Are you okay?" Temari asked.

"Yeah. Got stabbed again, so, just the usual injury." Her husband answered. Temari gave Naruto a kiss.

"I missed you. I thought I'd never see you again. I thought-"

Temari was interrupted by Naruto's lips on hers. Gaara walked over to Ichigo and picked him up, and walked towards their home. "C'mon kid, let's go. You're too young for this."

"So, I killed the bad guy, got our names cleared, and saw my family again. All I need now is a bowl of ramen and I can die happy." Naruto said with a smile. "Oh, right. By the way, I told Tsunade we're staying here. She was sad to see me go, but, she'll get over it."

"Are you sure you don't want to go back?" Temari asked.

"I'm fine here. I just want to be with my son, and my beautiful wife." Naruto said with a kiss. Then he grabbed her hand and said to her, "Let's go home."


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